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Inter:views | Cracking The Entrepreneur Bottleneck

100% of Entrepreneurs will eventually be the bottleneck in their business. Not just once, but several times! The hardest bit? Identifying you're being one. The easy bit? Getting out of it. And that's all about awareness. This podcast is dedicated to getting you unstuck as an entrepreneur. In each episode, I invite seasoned entrepreneurs to speak candidly about how they overcame being the bottleneck in their business. I don't just hype up their success. I ask the questions you want the answers to but wouldn't dare ask! By listening to these episodes, you'll discover what it means to be a bottleneck, how it manifests, and most importantly, how to get out of it. This isn't fluff. We dive deep, get under the hood, and learn what it really takes to blast through the bottlenecks and scale a business. Join me every week; subscribe now. How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Take the Bottleneck Index scorecard to find out >


Unlocking Business Velocity: The Power of Delegation and Team Building with Joe Rare | Ep 139
Creating velocity in your business requires the bold step of relinquishing your grip on the daily operational grind. Letting go, delegating, and entrusting key responsibilities to capable individuals can set the stage for remarkable acceleration of growth and progress.     By freeing yourself from the minutiae, you gain invaluable space to focus on your strengths, strategic endeavors, innovation, and long-term planning.     Removing yourself from the day-to-day and building a team is a transformative process that allows your business to operate with increased efficiency and adaptability, ultimately propelling you toward personal freedom. In essence, it’s the catalyst for unleashing the full potential of your business and charting a course toward greater success.     Join the conversation with Joe Rare as he shares his entrepreneurship journey and how to remove yourself from the daily operation equation and scale your way to freedom.    Joe is an underground serial entrepreneur, investor, and outsourcing expert. He began with a door-to-door product sales business, which grew from a team of two to forty employees in under two years. He later sold the company after 27 months. His passion for sales was never deemed, but he discovered what his life’s work would be: building digital businesses.     Joe has built seven figures for multiple companies and a strong and growing real estate portfolio. He owns four digital companies today, including Level 9 Virtual, five wedding venues, and real estate investment properties. Joe focuses on helping small to medium-sized businesses worldwide while working from the comfort of his home.    Tune in now!    Key Highlights From The Show  [01:37] Intro and a quick bio of the guest, Joe Rare   [03:50] How the question “What happens if Joe dies” has inspired his journey  [05:46] How Joe removing himself from his business gave him freedom and money   [09:33] Building teams: the fastest way to build velocity in your business   [11:26] Inability to let go and how it suffocates money flow and growth    [15:24] What Joe does with his time after delegating everything   [18:08] How long it took Joe to build a business around his lifestyle   [22:03] The dust and potholes Joe's encountered in his entrepreneurship path  [26:14] The advantages of hiring a virtual assistant as an entrepreneur   [31:15] Joe’s one recommendation to entrepreneurs “Go Fail First.”  [33:24] How to reach out, connect, or learn more about Joe  [33:40] Ending the show    Notable Quote  ·        Removing yourself from your business is all about putting teams in place, and it’s not easy; it takes strategy.  ·        The fastest way to freedom is financial and time resources; it’s easy to grow your business if you have time, but if you’re busy and don’t have time, you are the bottleneck.   ·        Self-realization and understanding of who you are, and your strengths are one of the most fundamental things if you are going to operate a company.   ·        The fastest thing you can do to create velocity in your business is to put somebody in place to take your weakness on.  ·        By providing opportunities to other people, you increase your own opportunities.  ·        Go fail first, make mistakes, and learn the lessons.    Connect With Joe Rare  Website:  LinkedIn:    ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now!
34:11 9/26/23
How To Build Your E-commerce Value Proposition with Liam Patterson | Ep 138
Building Your E-commerce Value Proposition is about recognizing successful retail's fundamental pillars. Whether in the physical or digital realm, having a good product, a great price, understanding the trends, and understanding your customers are the core of your business success.     Your customers are the bedrock upon which your business stands, and asking the right questions will help you to draw out their needs, pain points, or challenges to craft a solution that resonates with them at the deepest level and get your messaging right.     In addition to value proposition, the adept use of technology sets thriving e-commerce businesses apart. Leveraging the right technological tools and strategies is paramount to gaining a competitive edge in the evolving digital market.    Join the conversation with Liam Patterson as he shares how to build great products in e-commerce, stay on top of your customers' minds, prospect for the right customers, and move from startup to scale.     Liam is the CEO and Co-Founder of Bidnamic, a marketing technology platform that helps retailers unlock the full potential of Google Shopping out of Leeds in the UK. He started his first business at age 14 and ran several successful e-commerce ventures before co-founding Bidnamic. Liam is a knowledgeable speaker on topics including e-commerce, digital marketing, advertising, retail, tech, business, startups, and Google Shopping, and he speaks at global e-commerce events.    Tune in!    Key Highlights From The Show  [01:37] Intro and a quick bio of the guest, Liam Patterson   [02:53] What inspired Liam to start his first business at age 14   [06:21] The trends Liam has seen in the ecommerce over the last 20 years  [09:39] The two sides of ecommerce and the rules that will never change   [13:40] How Liam makes sure that he is on top of the customers’ mind  [17:41] What attracted Liam to get into the Google shopping niche   [21:50] Surrounding yourself with the right people   [23:00] Value preposition: What keeps Liam’s customers coming to him    [26:36] How prospecting for the right customers reduces your cost and increases your wins   [31:07] Liam's benchmarking strategy that they use to qualify clients    [33:11] What Liam has learned about himself as an entrepreneur   [37:21] Liam’s biggest bottleneck that he had to overcome in his business  [40:07] The journey from a bootcamp startup to becoming a scale-up  [45:04] Liam’s one recommendation to entrepreneurs, “trust your instinct.”  [46:17] How to reach out, connect, or learn more about Liam   [46:49] Ending the show    Notable Quote  ·        Technology is not the end; it is just the means to an end  ·        The great question reveals the direction and true problem the business wants to have solved.   ·        Don’t just do something; do it to improve it; don’t just execute the same thing; execute and stop to reflect on how you can do it better.   ·        Naturally, we are drawn to people who think, communicate and have attitudes similar to us.  ·        Pitching your product or solution to someone who's not a good fit will have a much lower win rate, not resonate often, and when they close, they will do it for less.       Connect With Liam Patterson  Website:  LinkedIn:      ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now! 
47:07 9/19/23
Strategies for Building a High-Performing Business with Jeremy Ryan Slate | Ep. 137
As entrepreneurs, we often wear many hats and juggle roles we could delegate, inadvertently constraining our businesses' growth. To overcome this bottleneck, we must establish effective hiring and training strategies.     By taking people along with us and entrusting tasks to individuals wholly dedicated to their roles, we can gradually build a business that isn't solely reliant on our own personality and identity. This shift in approach enables us to concentrate on what truly matters to foster growth and scalability while establishing a robust presence in the market, building our public relations, and expanding our reach.     In this episode, Jeremy Ryan Slate offers invaluable insights into the art of embracing challenges, leveraging podcasting as an entrepreneur, making judicious hiring choices, and nurturing a team that can help you create a business that transcends you as an individual.     Jeremy is the CEO and co-founder of Command Your Brand, a podcast public relations agency that harnesses the power of podcasting to help make industry leaders become legends. Jeremy has also hosted a podcast that has ranked in the Apple podcast's top 100, called Create Your Own Life, since 2015, which saw 10,000 downloads in its first month. Command Your Brand was launched in 2017, and today, it has a team of 17 and has booked nearly 5,000 podcasts for its clients.    Tune in!    Key Highlights From The Show  [01:00] Intro and a quick bio of the guest, Jeremy   [02:54] What Jeremy means by “Audacity has not been my enemy; it has formed me.”   [06:06] How Jeremy thrives through suffering and finds positivity in it   [07:24] Jeremy's career Journey and how he came up with ‘Command Your Brand’   [09:14] How Jeremy became successful quickly and what has changed today  [10:52] The benefits of being in podcasting as an entrepreneur   [12:11] Why podcasting is becoming the best and most popular form of communication   [14:25] Some of the lessons Jeremy has learned in his entrepreneurship journey   [15:56] Getting better at hiring and training people to get out of the bottleneck   [17:00] The intrapersonal skills to look for in people’s social media when hiring    [18:30] How Jeremy realized he was becoming the bottleneck in his business  [19:58] Taking people with you and building a company that is not tied to your personality   [22:02] What inspired Jeremy to address his overwhelm to grow and scale his business  [25:33] Establishing your company's PR and how to build your PR skills  [28:28] Jeremy’s big dream for his company and what they are working on right now  [31:48] One practical recommendation from Jeremy that you can start implementing today  [32:42] How to reach out to Jeremy and get his book  [32:59] Ending the show    Notable Quotes  ·        The difficult things in your life make you who you are; if life was easy, you wouldn't have to be stronger, think faster, or have skills.  ·        Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we insert ourselves in places we don’t need to be, and because of that, we keep our company and what we are doing small.  ·        Getting out of the bottleneck is all about hiring the right people and ensuring that training is there for them.   ·        If people are highly critical of others, they don't take responsibility for a lot of things in their personal lives; they blame a lot.  ·        You are so much better off having somebody who is even 90% as capable as you are in a position that gets 100% of their attention than giving 3.5% of your attention to 50 different things.  ·        The best place to have your message right now is on podcast, so always be building your PR strategy for your brand.           Connect With Jeremy Ryan Slate  Website:,  LinkedIn:      ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now!
33:25 9/12/23
Entrepreneurial Superpowers: Harnessing Your Sage Mind And Overcoming the Saboteur Within with Georgina Halabi | Ep. 136
As business owners, we possess great superpowers to help us build a successful business, but saboteurs can dilute them and hinder our progress.   Saboteurs often manifest as self-imposed barriers that impede growth and innovation, arising from our inner critics fuelled by self-doubt, fear, imposter syndrome, excessive perfectionism, or an insistence on micromanaging every aspect of the business.   The path to triumph over these saboteurs involves a transformative shift to a Sage mind, which embodies positive intelligence, champions self-discovery, and embraces challenges as opportunities with resilience.   As an entrepreneur, recognizing and silencing the Saboteur is pivotal for unleashing the power of the Sage mind.   In this episode, Georgina Halabi shares strategies to cultivate positive intelligence, nurture a Sage mindset, and innovate on your superpowers as a business owner to move past saboteurs' limitations, get out of your way, and stop being a bottleneck in your business.   You are not your saboteurs, so don't allow them to interfere in your entrepreneurial journey; step out and scale your business beyond you.   Georgina Halabi is a mother, speaker, and professional certified performance and well-being coach with 23 years of senior roles in marketing and technology and a lifetime of experience in meditation and self-discovery. She is also a certified positive intelligence coach. Today, she helps overwhelmed executives step into peak performance and well-being.    Tune in!   Key Highlights From The Show  [01:52] Intro and a quick bio of the guest, Georgina Halabi [03:36] Why the term success always brings happiness is a myth [06:05] Hyper achiever saboteur survival mechanism [07:15] Positive intelligence and shifting from a saboteur to the SAGE brain [08:29] The top entrepreneurs' saboteurs and how they impact our path [15:10] How to identify your saboteurs and innovate your superpowers to reframe them [24:03] Listening to your SAGE brain and tapping into your creative resourcefulness [27:15] How to use physiology to flex that muscle to shift from saboteur to SAGE brain [34:26] What Georgina has learned about herself since she became an entrepreneur [36:26] Getting out of your own way to build something beyond yourself [37:35] Georgina’s one recommendation to entrepreneurs, “Listen.” [38:35] How to reach out, connect, or learn more about Georgina [39:46] Ending the show   Notable Quotes ·        Success does not lead to happiness, but happiness leads to success.  ·        We can’t control the world, we can’t control people, but we can control what we think and do.   ·        You are not your saboteurs; they are just trying to keep you safe and small.  ·        If people don't feel acknowledged or heard, they are not going to receive what you have to say.  ·        Our bodies fix our minds, and when we change our posture, it has a physiological effect on everything.  ·        As a good coach or business owner, you need to get out of your own way; it’s not about you, so stop being the bottleneck to your business.   Connect With Georgina Halabi  Website:  LinkedIn:    What’s Your Bottleneck Score? Take The Bottleneck Index > 
40:09 9/5/23
Creating and Capturing Luck: Secrets to Business Success with Mark Lachance | Ep. 135
In the business world, the pursuit of growth is constant and is fueled by the desire to become bigger, better, faster, and stronger. This relentless drive pushes entrepreneurs to challenge themselves continually.   Entrepreneurs should understand that personal development and nourishing their minds with success are crucial elements of this journey.   In addition, entrepreneurs are leaders, and true leaders know the importance of casting a compelling vision in inspiring others to join them on their entrepreneurial adventures.   In this episode, Mark Lachance discusses how you can create luck and capture great opportunities to ensure your businesses flourish and reach new heights. According to him, your company influences your success, and successful people surround themselves with a can-do mindset while avoiding limiting influences from media and negative people.   Mark Lachance is a serial entrepreneur, strategic thinker, and investor. Having owned and operated several businesses that have experienced hyper-growth through creative business development and lead generation, Mark is a master of sales and marketing and continues to apply and grow his expertise through current projects.   He is the CEO and lead investor of Maxy Media Inc., the number one advertiser for monthly spending on the TikTok platform in Canada and the top ten in North America.   In 2016, Mark successfully Sold EVO Payment International Canada after guiding the company from its inception with one employee to over 200 employees across Canada.    Before founding EVO, Mark was one of the founding members and president of VersaPay Inc, a payments solutions provider, which became public in 2010.   Tune in!   Key Highlights From The Show:   [00:01] Intro and a quick bio of the guest, Mark Lachance [02:37] About Mark's mastery in blitz scaling companies [04:32] Mark’s drive, build big things or don't, and a story behind it [06:00] Mark’s big dream and goals with Max Media Inc [06:44] How Mark ended up as an entrepreneur and stepped up in the game [08:03] What it means to Mark to be an entrepreneur [08:43] The can't mentality and Mark's drive that keeps him in possibilities [09:56] Mark’s recipe for success: Enhancing and building on your leadership skills [13:24] How to create and will luck and keep capturing great opportunities [19:04] The entrepreneurship dilemma and how Mark overcomes this bottleneck [24:29] The biggest challenge Mark has faced in his journey  [27:13] What Mark has learned about himself from his entrepreneurship journey [28:34] Wartime versus peacetime leadership and what it means to the business landscape [31:14] A quick recap and Mark's final recommendations on doubling down on your strength [33:31] How to reach out, connect with Mark and get his book [33:48] Ending the show   Notable Quotes:   ● Business is about getting bigger, better, and stronger all the time and continuing to challenge yourself. ● Entrepreneurship is about growth and stepping up to the next level mentally, physically, and financially. ● To be a leader and an entrepreneur, you must have the ability to cast your Vision and bring people along with you for the ride. ● Feed your brain with personal development and stories about how success happens and get off from mainstream Media.  ● You are the average of the five people you hang around with; if you hang around a can’t-do mindset, you will not do anything, but if you hang around a can-do mindset, you will be successful.  ● Do what you are best at and let other people do what you're not best at, and your business will continue to roll.   Resources Mentioned   ● The Lucky Formula by Mark Lachance  ● Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin  ● The Luck Factor by Richard Wiseman  ● The Millionaire Mind by Thomas Stanley  ● The Road Less Stupid by Keith Cunningham  ● The Sales Bible by Jeffrey Gitomer  ● Who Not How by Dan Sullivan  ● Good To Great by Jim Collins    Connect With Mark Lachance:   Website: LinkedIn:   ----- Help me inspire more (wannabe) entrepreneurs. Leave me a 5-star review. Go to  and follow the simple instructions. 
34:16 8/1/23
Avoiding the Busyness Trap: Direct Your Energy towards What Matters Most with Aytekin Tank | Ep. 134
In today's fast-paced world, it's all too common for business owners to become consumed by busyness without genuinely focusing on the crucial aspects of their businesses.    Entrepreneurs must prioritize their time and energy wisely, dedicating themselves to the most significant endeavors that will propel their businesses forward.   It's easy to get caught up in unimportant tasks and distractions, and become the bottleneck in your business. However, growth and success come from identifying and devoting your most productive hours to the essential elements driving your ventures.   By carefully managing your time and consistently aligning your efforts with your long-term goals, you can ensure that you make substantial strides in your entrepreneurial pursuits and you avoid getting stuck.   In this episode, Aytekin Tank shares insights on automating your busywork, and systematically eliminating unimportant things to focus on what matters most for your business and build a successful product or service.   Aytekin Tank is the pioneering WYSIWYG online form builder, CEO, and founder of Jotform, which Entrepreneur Magazine named one of the "Best Privately-Owned Companies in America" in 2016, 10 years after it was founded.   Today, Jotform has grown to serve over 20 million users worldwide and employs a team of more than 500. In addition to his role as CEO, Aytekin is also a productivity and automation enthusiast and has recently authored the book; Automate Your Busywork. Do Less, Achieve More, and Save Your Brain for the Big Stuff.   Let’s jump in!   Key Highlights From The Show:   [00:01] Intro and a quick bio of the guest; Aytekin Tank [02:34] How our to-do list is sabotaging our true productivity and the Hunter Strategy [10:47] Aytekin's to-do list technique, how long it is and why [13:32] Bottlenecks that are most common to entrepreneurs [17:41] The idea behind Jotform and Aytekin's strategies for building a successful product [27:12] A time when Aytekin was the bottleneck to his business [31:14] What inspired Aytekin to shift from busyness to start doing business [33:01] Strategies Aytekin gives in his book, Automate Your Busywork [37:48] How to reach out and connect with Aytekin and get his book [38:24] Ending the show   Notable Quotes There are two kinds of problems: urgent but not important and important but not urgent, but we are always working on the urgent and unimportant ones. When you are busy with all the unimportant stuff, it's hard to do the important things because you can get lost in them. You can build the best product, but no one will come and find it for you; you need to promote and market your product. When people are angry at your product, they are telling you something you should listen to because they want your product. You should grow from your business, not in your business; you should be designing the system, not be part of the system.   Resources Mentioned   Automate Your Busywork by Aytekin Tank The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal by Julia Cameron:    Connect With Aytekin Tank:   Website: LinkedIn:   ----- Help me inspire more (wannabe) entrepreneurs. Leave me a 5-star review. Go to and follow the simple instructions.  
38:54 7/25/23
Inter:views, Cracking The Entrepreneur Bottleneck | Teaser
Why does this podcast exist? 
01:08 7/18/23
Humanizing Business: The Power of Authentic Connections | Angela Heise | Ep. 133
As a business owner and leader, building trust and rapport within your organization is crucial for cultivating a thriving team in an ever-evolving business environment.   Building relationships goes beyond focusing solely on work and task-related effectiveness. It entails creating time and fostering connections with the people we work with, whether directly or indirectly.   Relationships contribute to a positive culture and a cohesive team. When faced with challenges or setbacks, strong relationships within your business prove invaluable, enabling swift and effective problem-solving.   On the other hand, lacking such relationships can significantly hinder navigating difficult situations. So instead of being judgmental, it is essential to approach our staff with curiosity, fostering a mindset of flexibility, emotional management, and collaboration.   Ultimately, the key to building a successful team is actively building meaningful relationships throughout the organization.   In this episode, we are joined by Angela Heise to talk more about building relationships and emotional intelligence as business owners. Angela is a leadership development expert, emotional productivity coach, and global village skill trainer.    Angela is a Certified Learning Professional (Fellow, ILP), Accredited Master Coach (ANZI), and Certified NLP Trainer. She supports the growth of highly productive individuals and teams in a diverse, rapidly changing world. She also strengthens leaders in emotional, social, and cultural intelligence competencies and teaches people in organizations of all sizes how to balance task effectiveness with building trust and rapport.   Let’s jump in!   Key Highlights From The Show:   [00:01] Intro and a quick bio of the guest; Angela Heise [02:02] What is wrong with the leaders today [04:46] What we need to adopt as business owners to become better leaders [07:49] Building relationships with people you don’t work directly but have touchpoints with [08:58] Angela's backstory and how she got to where she is today [11:54] What Emotional Productivity means and how to treat your emotions [16:23] Perfectionism and where to start in managing your emotional productivity [19:36] Limiting emotions you should pay more attention to and how to vent them [25:34] What Angela does as a global village skill trainer [28:41] How to cultivate emotional intelligence in working with different types of people [33:42] What Angela has discovered about herself since she started her journey [38:48] How to let go of things in your business and set yourself up for success [39:41] How to reach out and connect with Angela [40:08] Ending the show   Notable Quotes:   ●            Leaders need the ability to build trust and rapport in a constrained environment. ●            Progress is better than perfection, and as a leader, you need to recognize the difference between procrastinating, digesting, and integrating. ●            You have the right to be frightened, frustrated, or angry, which is perfectly okay; we are all allowed to have these emotions; it is what we do with them that matters. ●            Be curious, not judgemental, because this allows you to be flexible and manage your emotions when working with others. ●            Building a team is about understanding who they are and building relationships.    Connect With Angela Heise:   Website: LinkedIn: ----- Help me inspire more (wannabe) entrepreneurs. Leave me a 5-star review. Go to and follow the simple instructions.  
40:21 7/18/23
Character Codes: The Key to Building a Strong and Cohesive Workforce | David Carter | Ep. 132
Hiring smart means going beyond candidates' qualifications and assessing if their character and values align with your company culture.   While technical skills are essential, character codes contribute to a positive work environment and can significantly impact your business culture, team dynamics, and productivity.   As a business owner, hiring smart is also about hiring smart people who can tell you how to get where you want to be as an organization. Don't become the bottleneck to your business by making all the decisions and telling people what to do all the time. Instead, empower your team and help it develop a character code that aligns with your vision and culture.   Character sets the foundation for building a strong and cohesive workforce that can drive long-term success for your organization.   In this episode, we are joined by David Carter, the world's leading CEO mentor, chairman, and founder of Entelechy Academy in the UK, to share insights on hiring smart, fostering inclusion, and avoiding common business bottlenecks.   With a remarkable 40-year-plus track record as a serial entrepreneur, David has left an indelible mark on innovative business creation. His extensive experience as a mentor and influencer has shaped leaders globally, making him an invaluable source of wisdom and guidance.   Entelechy Academy, named after the concept of "entelechy," meaning the realization of potential, is a testament to David's illustrious career and legacy. As a hub of exceptional minds in education, coaching, and professional organization, the Academy aims to empower individuals to reach their fullest potential.   David's book, "Breakthrough: Learn the Secrets of the World's Leading Mentor and Become the Best You Can Be," further encapsulates his expertise, offering invaluable advice for personal and professional growth advice.   Let’s jump in!   Key Highlights From The Show:   [00:01] Intro and a quick bio of the guest; David Carter [02:18] How to become the best you can be [03:56] Why David thinks of entrepreneurship as a curse [08:52] What becoming an entrepreneur means and the different levels [11:11] How David became the world’s leading CEO mentor [13:57] David's mentoring career and how he has been applying it in his business [15:30] How David helps companies to become a “company of character.” [23:38] The discrepancies that David sees in how well entrepreneurs know themselves  [25:53] Recruiting and promoting people based on both skills and character  [29:05] Why organizations focus on technical skills and what they need to change [30:56] What Entelechy means and how character determines our destiny [32:40] The last time David was a bottleneck in his business and how he resolved the issue [38:36] How to reach out and connect with David or get his book [39:40] Ending the show   Notable Quotes:   ●            Anyone who employs themselves is an entrepreneur. ●            We should not only recruit and promote people solely based on their technical skills but also their character. ●            Don't hire just for skills; hire somebody who fits into your team, culture, and customers. ●            The character code you need from candidates is not in the CVs; you have to get them to talk about the character they bring to the world, not just their technical skills. ●            Character determines destiny; wherever we end up in life is the direct function of our character. ●            We don't hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people who can tell us what to do, Steve Jobs.   Connect With David Carter:   Website: LinkedIn:   ----- Help me inspire more (wannabe) entrepreneurs. Leave me a 5-star review. Go to and follow the simple instructions.
39:59 7/11/23
Outsourcing Your Way to Freedom and Business Growth | Linh Podetti | Episode 131
Imagine a world where you could focus solely on the core aspects of your business while all the non-essential tasks magically get done with precision and efficiency. A world where you could reclaim your time, energy, and sanity.   Welcome to the realm of outsourcing, the secret weapon behind countless thriving businesses. Outsourcing is not just a buzzword but a game-changer that can propel your business to new heights of success.   Join this conversation with Linh Podetti, the founder of Outsourcing Angels, as she has mastered the art of leveraging outsourcing to liberate business owners and professionals.   She is known as the "original" Outsourcing Angel because of her expertise in creating freedom for working professionals. Linh is a beacon of positive energy and enthusiasm, always striving to live a fulfilled life and inspire others to do the same.   In this episode, Linh shares valuable insights and lessons from her journey. She unveils the transformative power of outsourcing, offering a roadmap to take control of one's business and life.   Let’s jump in!   Key Highlights From the Show   [00:01] Intro and a quick bio of the guest; Linh Podetti [01:39] How Linh ensures she is constantly joyful, happy, and smiling [02:20] Linh’s backstory into how she got the entrepreneurship of outsourcing [05:12] Why she focused on an outsourcing company and not any other [07:35] Linh’s advice to entrepreneurs who wish to follow a business path like hers [08:49] Why some entrepreneurs lose their sense of direction and Linh’s experiences [10:41] An overview of Linh’s company staff and the significant milestones since she started [16:03] Where Linh dreams of taking her outsourcing business [17:13] Opportunities within the outsourcing space [19:37] Valuable entrepreneurship lessons she has learned along her journey [21:29] What Linh has learned about herself from the business [26:19] Linh’s self-care routine of journalling and why it is important to her [29:00] How Linh describes herself as a leader [32:17] Episode’s golden advice from the guest [33:27] How to reach out, connect or learn more about Linh Podetti [33:45] Ending the show   Notable Quotes   ·       Always align your business with what you care about. You will have so much motivation when your business hits rock bottom because entrepreneurship is generally hard. ·       Most entrepreneurs lose their sense of direction and track the moment they deviate from their purpose. ·       The longer you stay in business, the more clarity you gain and the more success you get. ·       Just because you have been in business for a long time does not mean starting a new one will be easier. ·       Running a business means indirectly working on yourself. You get better at character as you work in your business. ·       Business is not about starting something to make money. It is about solving a problem in the society. Resources Mentioned Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear   Connect With Linh Podetti Personal Website: Company’s Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: Tik Tok: YouTube:   ----- Help me inspire more (wannabe) entrepreneurs. Leave me a 5-star review. Go to and follow the simple instructions.    
34:11 7/4/23
Challenging Leadership Norms and Disrupting the Status Quo | Rachel Rider | Episode 130
In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, entrepreneurship has become a catalyst for challenging leadership norms and disrupting the status quo.    Entrepreneurs are challenging the usual ways of leading and shaking up how things are done. Instead of following the old rules, they come up with fresh ideas and take risks to make their businesses successful.    Entrepreneurs are bold leaders who inspire others to break free from the norm, try new things, and make a positive impact. They're changing the game and showing that being a successful leader means being open to new possibilities in the ever-changing business world.   Rachel Rider joins us in this episode. She's on a mission to change the way things are done. She encourages us to question the rules we follow in the corporate world and see if they're always true. Rachel tells us to look inside ourselves and think about our beliefs and thoughts because they affect how we lead.    Rachel L. Rider is the author and owner of MettaWorks LLC, a company that helps top leaders in the technology industry through executive coaching. Her book, "Who You Are Is How You Lead," shares her expertise, experience, and insights using the MettaWorks Method, which has been successful for many leaders.   Let’s jump in!   Key Highlights From The Show:   [00:01] Intro and a quick bio of the guest; Rachel Rider [01:46] What is Somatic Experiencing and Polarity Therapy [02:57] Rachel’s backstory into how she got into this area of specialisation [05:23] How Rachel helps unconventional leaders disrupt their status quo [06:48] Common corporate patterns and norms that should be revisited [08:50] Why people change jobs and leave companies  [15:25] Is being a leader for everyone? [17:33] Recipe to becoming a better leader [29:14] The kind of a leader Rachel is [32:01] What it means for Rachel to be an entrepreneur [35:36] Valuable lessons Rachel has learned in changing from corporate to entrepreneurship [39:32] How to reach out, connect or learn more about Rachel Rider [39:52] Ending the show   Notable Quotes: Your attitude and how you think will determine how you present yourself as a leader. Many people quit their jobs because of their bosses, not the company itself. Most successful business leaders didn't learn interpersonal skills initially; they climbed the corporate ladder by focusing on their technical abilities. Just because someone excels at closing deals as a salesperson doesn't mean they'll be a competent leader as a sales manager. If you want the world to change, be the one to initiate that change. To improve as a leader, begin by introspecting and better understanding yourself.   Resources Mentioned:   1.Who You Are Is How You Lead by Rachel L. Rider   2.Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek   Connect With Rachel Rider:   Website: LinkedIn:   ----- Help me inspire more (wannabe) entrepreneurs. Leave me a 5-star review. Go to and follow the simple instructions.
40:16 6/27/23
Investing In Your Capacity To Adapt To Stress | Erik Korem | Episode 129
There are many stressors in our path as entrepreneurs. Whether these are financial, relationships, physical, projects, work, or chemical, increasing our capacity to adapt to more stress with less cost is critical to our productivity and wellness.  Unexpected things will always happen in our businesses, and in such situations, we need a fuel reserve to get ourselves to the next landmark, and when we don’t have it, we will get stressed, overwhelmed, sick, and make poor decisions.  Building your adaptive capacity as a business owner will help you improve your performance, longevity, and ability to adapt to stress. Learn how to invest in adaptive capacities to be your best and reach your destination without burning out.   In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Erik Korem, the founder and CEO of AIM7, which brings world-class wellness to anyone with a wearable device. Before founding AIM7, Eric spent over 15 years as a sport scientist and a high-performance director in collegiate and professional football.  Erik also hosts the Blueprint podcast, where he interviews scientists, coaches, elite athletes, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and exceptional people to discuss actionable science and practical skills that you can implement to become the most healthy, resilient, and impactful version of yourself. Let’s jump in! Key Highlights From The Show: [00:01] Intro and a quick bio of the guest; Dr. Erik Korem [03:15] How Dr. Erik transitioned from sports science to entrepreneurship [09:27] How Dr. Erik's experience in sports has helped him in his entrepreneurship journey [13:50] Leveraging allostasis to enhance your wellness as an entrepreneur  [16:57] Five pillars to building your adaptive capacities  [18:06] Why self-care is counter-intuitive and how to shift your mindset to long-term change [25:46] Practices to help you enhance your sleep in the modern society [30:14] How Dr. Erik jungles with the five pillars as a busy startup founder [35:57] How entrepreneurship has transformed Dr. Erik [17:50] DR. Erik’s one recommendation for founders and entrepreneur [38:12] Typical burnout symptoms to look out for  [39:02] How to reach out, connect or learn more about Dr. Erik [39:32] Ending the show Notable Quotes: Great teams are aligned from top to bottom; everybody is aligned and pulling the rope in the same direction, has a clear vision, and understands their purpose. Bad teams are chaotic. If you are well, you can adapt to physical and psychological stress; if you are unwell, your body cannot adapt to physical and psychological stress, which is when you get burned out, injured, and sick.  Stress in itself is not a bad thing; it is the gateway to growth.  You need to invest in things that make you a high performer; if you don't, you’ll pay the price. The key to long-term change is not intensity; it’s consistency. Small things, over time, will create radical changes. Connect With Erik Korem: Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: ----- Help me inspire more (wannabe) entrepreneurs. Leave me a 5-star review. Go to and follow the simple instructions. 
39:52 6/20/23
How To Pitch Your Business To Investors | Brett Martin | Episode 128
Preparation, confidence, and belief in your ideation are essential when pitching your business to investors. As a founder, you should know your business better than anyone else because they will scrutinize your faith in what you are doing. Start by clearly articulating your business idea, focusing on its unique value proposition and the problem it solves in the market. Be concise and confident in conveying your vision and mission and demonstrate a deep understanding of your target audience, competitors, and industry trends. Winning investors is not all about pitching your idea and waiting for a response. You must do it strategically to attract the right VC, build credibility, and ensure a smooth and engaging delivery. With a well-crafted pitch, you can capture the right investors' attention and secure the funding you need to bring your business to fruition. Join the conversation with Brett Martins as he shares his entrepreneurship journey and how you can leverage VC and build your desired business. Brett is the co-founder and investor at Charge Ventures, and he defines himself as an entrepreneur, Angel investor, pragmatist, and optimist. Having spent most of his career in the start-up trenches, he now focuses on supporting other entrepreneurs as the managing partner of a small seed-stage venture fund: Charge Ventures. They invest 200-500k at the earliest stages of company formation and then help founders take things from 0 to 1. Brett is also the founder of Kumospace, the world's most immersive video platform, and an adjunct professor at Columbia business school, where he reaches product strategy and entrepreneurial finance.  Let’s jump in! Key Highlights From The Show: [00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Brett Martin [01:45] Brett’s entrepreneurial journey and how he got to where he is today  [03:58] When Brett started Charge Ventures and his mission [05:15] Being a VC company and how Brett's day-to-day looks like [08:07] The right strategy for pitching your business to an investors [10:50] The WHY behind Kumospace and what Brett wants to achieve [13:22] What being an entrepreneur means to Brett [15:09] Key lessons about success in entrepreneurship [17:48] Confidence and why it’s important in fundraising and winning VC [20:59] What Brett would do differently looking back at his journey [23:26] Brett’s strategy of integrating work and life together [31:02] Brett’s one recommendation to aspiring entrepreneurs and start-up founders [32:30] How to reach out, connect or learn more about Brett [33:16] Ending the show Notable Quotes: Being an entrepreneur is a calling, don’t do it unless there is nothing else you can do; there will always be easier and less stressful ways of making money. Failure is inevitable in the entrepreneurship path. As a founder, you should know your business better than the investor because they will scrutinize your confidence in what you are doing. Sometimes we overestimate the uncertainty and underestimate the importance of the people we work with. You need to be synchronous to collaborate; collaboration is the product of two people riffing off each other. Get the best people, but don’t wait for them to start. Connect With Brett Martin: Website: LinkedIn:  ------- Help me inspire more (wannabe) entrepreneurs. Leave me a 5-star review. Go to and follow the simple instructions.
33:20 6/13/23
Enhancing Entrepreneurial Performance: The Power of a Good Night's Sleep | Mariana Babas | Sleep Therapist at iDream Hypnotherapy | Inter:views 127
Most entrepreneurs overlook the importance of sleep and fail to prioritize it, despite it being a fundamental aspect of life and existence.    We have been conditioned to believe sleeping fewer hours is a virtue of honor. Yet, depriving ourselves of sleep negatively impacts our health and affects our employees and businesses. Sleep deprivation can lead to moodiness, heightened reactivity, impaired cognitive function, and compromised decision-making abilities. These consequences can prove detrimental to both our businesses and employee relations.    A good night's sleep goes beyond having a big chunk of sleep at night to combining quality and quantity in your sleep cycle. As entrepreneurs, we are responsible for overseeing businesses and employees, and prioritizing a good night's sleep allows us to wake up refreshed, invigorated, energized, and ready to face the day. A good night's sleep will set you up for success.     Join the conversation with Mariana Babas as she shares more about the sleep cycle, sleep deprivation, what a good night's sleep looks like, and how you can improve your sleep to make yourself more successful in your business.    Mariana is a clinical hypnotherapist, sleep researcher, and dream seer living in the UK. She offers a personalized service designed to help people by guiding them on why, how, and when to incorporate healthy habits into their daily routine to ensure they wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day   Let’s jump in!   Key Highlights From The Show:   [00:01] Intro and a quick bio of the guest; Mariana Babas [01:50] Mariana backstory and what inspired her to hypnotherapy [11:18] What a good night's sleep looks like, sleep quantity or quality [14:13] Biphasic and monophasic sleep patterns  [15:30] Why sleep is so important but so much underrated  [19:47] The power to 25 to 30 minutes naps and how they work [22:23] Sleep deprivation warning signs and a case scenario  [25:21] Mariana’s personal experiment on sleep deprivation and her findings [28:13] The effect of sleep deprivation to entrepreneurs [32:56] How and where to get started in improving your sleep [38:30] Lessons Mariana has learned in her entrepreneurial journey [40:15] What it means to Mariana to be an entrepreneur [41:52] How to reach out, connect or learn more about Mariana   [42:17] Ending the show   Notable Quotes:   A good night's sleep is not one-size-fits-all, It is a personal experience. Not sleeping is not a virtue or a strength; sleep is important.  Sleeping between 7 to 9 hours in a 24-hour cycle is crucial for our well-being.  We are more prone to obesity and becoming ill when we're sleep deprived. We are not sleep-educated, but sleep is a pillar of life and existence. It is important to have your last cup of coffee 7 to 8 hours before you sleep to allow it to get out of your system and natural melatonin to be produced.  Never give up on your dreams and goals, and find your true purpose because nobody will come knocking at your door saying here it is. You have to find it.   Connect With Mariana Babas:   Website: LinkedIn: Facebook:   ----- Help me inspire more (wannabe) entrepreneurs. Leave me a 5-star review. Go to and follow the simple instructions.
42:37 6/6/23
Strategies for Raising Capital for Your Business | Ran Aroussi | FOUNDER OF TRADOLOGICS | Inter:views 126
As a founder, having a well-thought-out strategy is paramount when raising capital for your business to ensure that you target appropriate investors for your business's stage and funding requirements.   It is also crucial to balance enough funding and your business needs. Asking for much money without considering the value investors bring to your business can make them flee or undermine your vision.   Venture capitalists (VCs) don't just bring funds. They also bring valuable expertise and guidance to the table. Building a solid pitch deck highlighting your unique vision, market potential, and growth plans is vital. Not every investor is right for your company.  Learn how to employ effective strategies and position your business in the best possible light to attract the right investors, raise capital, and fuel your business's growth and development. Join the conversation with Ran Aroussi as he shares his journey of building his company, the importance of passion, and strategies you can use to grow your business and raise capital from scratch. Ran Aroussi is the founder of Tradologics - a cloud platform that helps traders, investors, and firms worldwide scale their programmatic trading strategies in the cloud without worrying about broker connectivity, data management, infrastructure, or other boring stuff. Tradologics is Ran's first adventure, and he moved from a one-person show to a vast boom business, building a team and raising 3 million U.S. dollars along the way. Ran enjoys using his decades of software development and data science experience to study the financial markets and find anomalies worth exporting for fun and profit. He also released several popular open-source financial libraries for Python developers and algorithmic traders. Let’s jump in! Key Highlights From The Show: [00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Ran Aroussi [01:47] Ran’s journey and how his love for computers started [06:29] What inspired Ran to build something big and shift from solopreneurship  [10:25] Ran’s vision for Tradologics and what it will take to get there [15:20] Ran strategy and plan to raise more money [16:41] How Ran was able to find investors and convince them to invest  [20:11] Ran's recommendation to startup founders raising funds  [23:13] The value that Ran’s investors brought to his business [25:40] Key lessons that Ran has learned from his entrepreneurial journey [28:18] How Ran manages the risk of his business going bust  [29:57] Ran's one recommendation for founders and entrepreneurs  [32:55] How to reach out, connect or learn more about Ran  [33:16] Ending the show Notable Quotes: Sometimes you have to go big or go home. Ensure you contact investors who are appropriate for your cheque size and stage and don't ask for too much.  VCs don't just bring money; they also bring value to the business. As a founder, you must love it to enjoy it; do things you find interesting and can own.  Using money as the driving force to keep going will not sustain you in the long run. If you keep looking at the alternatives, then you have less motivation.  Make sure you love what you are doing. Starting a company is not a promise of a better work-life balance but a promise to do what you love and create a product that will impact people's lives. Connect With Ran Aroussi: Website: LinkedIn: ----- Help me inspire more (wannabe) entrepreneurs. Leave me a 5-star review. Go to and follow the simple instructions. 
33:42 5/29/23
Exploring the Unknown: A Journey to Transform Your Mindset | Mark Wood | Speaker, Author, Explorer | Inter:views 125
An exceptional episode with an exceptional guest!    Expeditions have the power to ignite a profound mindset shift. They open up new possibilities, urging you to think beyond conventional boundaries and encouraging the birth of fresh and creative ideas.    These ventures allow you to examine your own aspirations with honesty and find inspiration within them. Mark shares that as an entrepreneur, balancing financial stability and pursuing your dreams is crucial. Earning money is necessary to sustain your livelihood, especially if you want to venture into expeditions, and incorporating this need into your sponsorship package is imperative.    However, the key to success is creating a remarkable product or service that genuinely benefits people. Your brand is synonymous with the business you represent. When others resonate with your energy, passion, and the path you're pursuing, they will be more inclined to support and sponsor you, forging a powerful alliance.   Join the conversation with Mark Wood, an established speaker, author, and explorer who has completed over 30 major expeditions worldwide. Mark's expeditions include: Guiding film crews to the Magnetic North Pole. Leading two trips to the Geomagnetic North Pole. Completing solo journeys to both the Geographic North and South Poles.   Mark is also an accomplished mountain climber and has peaked Mount Everest two times and narrowly missed a third peak to save another climber's life. He has been a part of major BBC and Channel 5 documentaries and, over the years, has trained and led people in the extremes of the planet.    Mark's has created extreme classroom environments on Mount Everest involving over 1.2 million students and is ranked among the top 5 communicators in the world on the Skype platform.   Let’s jump in!   Key Highlights From The Show:   [00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Mark Wood [02:41] When Mark discovered his passion for being an explorer  [08:09] Mark’s key driver to his expeditions and exploration of the world [10:57] A very key moment that Mark is proud of in his path [14:56] Four things Mark teaches to young people all over the world   [19:54] Taking time to create, appreciate and have fun with your world [21:02] Mark's most intense situation that he had to deal with in life and exploration [27:38] How Mark translates his experiences in extra-ordinary situations to his audience  [31:29] Mark’s experience on solo expeditions that last for many days [43:17] About Mark's next 100 days solo expedition [49:47] The planning and preparations that go into solo expeditions [51:19] Why Mark consider himself an entrepreneur  [53:52] Ending the show   Notable Quotes :   The key to everything you do is to have total respect for yourself, respect for the environment, think differently about life and take time to appreciate and have fun.  Focus on the moment and take one step at a time; the moment is the key price to use. The core of adventure is inspiration; if you do it for ego, you will fail because it is freaking hard-bearing extremes.   Preparation for expeditions is paramount. Nothing is a failure; it is only an obstacle that you have to pass through; as entrepreneurs, we gain energy from each failure.   Connect With Mark Wood:   Website: Instagram: Latest expedition:  Mark’s Books:    ----- Help me inspire more (wannabe) entrepreneurs. Leave me a 5-star review. Go to and follow the simple instructions.
54:16 5/22/23
Scaling Your Business: The Importance of Delegation and Leadership  | Aron Clymer| Founder & CEO of Data Clymer | Inter:views 125
Many entrepreneurs get stuck in the day-to-day operations of their businesses and struggle to take their skills to the next level. The reason? They have become the bottleneck in their businesses.   Growing your company and scaling yourself out starts with hiring people and delegating to allow more time for strategy and identifying opportunities in your way. Initially, you must handle most of the work and leverage your network to build strong relationships and expand.   However, to scale your business, you need a leadership team that can take the work off your plate to give you more time to focus on research, strategy, and preparation. As an entrepreneur, time is a precious commodity, and doing too much can leave little room for doing things that matter to scale to the next level of growth. Start hiring a management team, and position yourself for scale. Growth and scale are inherent parts of your vision.  Join the conversation with Aron Clymer, the founder, and CEO of Data Clymer, a Next-gen data and analytic Consulting firm that empower every client's success by unlocking the value of data. The Data Clymer team helps their client get data-driven answers quickly, write data silos, address a lack of reporting capabilities, and provide more data engineering resources.  Aron previously established and built the product intelligence team at Salesforce for seven years to support all data and analytics needs of 400-plus product managers. Then he headed data at PopSugar, where his team democratized data and supported analytic science across the company. Aron has grown Data Clymer over the past six years into a nationwide team of deeply experienced data professionals.  Let’s jump in! Key Highlights From The Show: [00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Aron Clymer [01:53] A bit about Aron's journey and his love for data [05:42] Aron's experience running a company in the service industry [11:18] When Aron knew it was time to take a leap from the corporate [13:40] How to leverage your network when starting your business to grow  [15:06] People that have made a big difference in Aron's company [16:35] When Aron knew that it was time to scale himself out of his company [18:30] Aron's big dream and vision for Data Clymer [20:25] Aron’s entrepreneurship journey stages and his next phase  [24:26] What Aron has learned about himself from six years of entrepreneurship  [27:47] Delegation and empowering your team in decision-making  [29:34] The accomplishment that Aron is really proud of [31:11] The importance of investing in people and relationships in your company [32:00] Aron’s one practical recommendation to all aspiring entrepreneurs [33:12] How to reach out and connect with Aron [33:29] Ending the show  Notable Quotes:  When starting out, you will need your network, and that is how you will succeed at the beginning. When you want to scale yourself out, you need a leadership team and to delegate a lot of what you're doing to start focusing more on strategy. When you start hiring a management team, that’s when you are ready for scale. When you delegate, as long as something can be done 80% well as you could do it,  just leave it alone, It’s never going to be 100%. Failure is where you learn the most, and you're going to fail at something no matter what.  Connect With Aron Clymer:  Company website: LinkedIn: ----- Help me inspire more (wannabe) entrepreneurs. Leave me a 5-star review. Go to and follow the simple instructions. 
33:48 5/15/23
Building a Strong Culture for Scalability and Growth  | Alex Neist | Founder of Hostage Tape | Inter:views 124
When building something that aligns with your passion, work can feel more like a joyful experience rather than chores. However, as a business owner and founder, to ensure that your company continues to thrive, you must take care of yourself, visualize your success, and bring the right people to help you carry your vision forward.  Getting the right people in your team is crucial to your success and scalability. You have to be careful when hiring new team members because if you get the wrong person in your company, they are like a virus and can spread negativity and toxicity very quickly, which is hard to eliminate.  So, ensure you find individuals who align with your desired company culture to enhance your scalability and growth. It's not enough to hire for skills. You need people who are passionate about your vision. Join the conversation with Alex Neist as he shares more about building a business that you are passionate about, taking care of yourself as an entrepreneur, and hiring the right people to propel your vision forward.  Alex is the founder of Hostage Tape and a former American football professional. He used to play in the Indiana football league and has been a football coach since he graduated from college. After football, Alex founded two companies, one of which he exited. Hostage Tape is Alex's new adventure. Their specialty, Mouth Tape, will help you sleep and breathe better. Key Highlights From The Show: [00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Alex Neist [02:03] Alex's journey and transition from sport to founding two successful companies [09:22] How Alex has been able to grow his second company in just 12 months [11:07] Alex’s company culture of hiring and managing people  [14:18] Possessing technical skills versus human skills as a leader [16:39] The secret to scaling that has enabled Alex to scale very quickly  [20:55] Alex's losing himself after he stopped playing and how he changed his identity [27:15] The relationship between being fit, taking care of yourself, and business success  [29:25] Time blocking your self-care and keeping it as a visual reminder to balance [31:28] Visualization: lessons from a story on the importance of visualization  [34:58] Alex’s one practical recommendation to all aspiring entrepreneurs [35:45] How to reach out and connect with Alex [36:10] Ending the show  Notable Quotes: When you build something you are passionate about, it will not feel like work.  Hire the right people that fit the kind of culture that you want your company to have so you can continue to scale and grow. As a leader, you deserve your people and have to ensure they have what they need to do their job; it is not about you telling your work what to do.  Put yourself first in everything you do; put more work into yourself and take care of yourself to increase your output.  Connect With Alex Neist: Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: ----- Help me inspire more (wannabe) entrepreneurs. Leave me a 5-star review. Go to and follow the simple instructions.   
36:30 5/8/23
Special Series The Entrepreneur Alphabet |  Z for Zeal | Episode 26
Zeal stands for great energy or enthusiasm in pursuing a cause or an objective. And entrepreneurs must display great energy and enthusiasm at all times if they want to succeed! In this final episode of The Entrepreneur Alphabet, I discuss ways zeal can support you in your entrepreneurial journey, and I share 6 practical tips to cultivate zeal.  Enjoy!  ----- Help me inspire more (wannabe) entrepreneurs. Leave me a 5-star review. Go to and follow the simple instructions.
09:19 5/2/23
How To Turn Your Expertise into a Business | Stefan Debois | CEO & Co-Founder of Pointerpro | Inter:views 123
Entrepreneurship is about recognizing opportunities and taking risks to solve problems. It all begins by researching customer needs and creating solutions that fill existing gaps in their industry to give them a competitive edge.  With the right strategy, entrepreneurs can develop new products or services that customers need and make money in return.  Join this conversation and learn how Stefan Debois saw an existing gap in companies and how he combined his engineering expertise to come up with a software that solves a critical need of a business.  Stefan Debois is the CEO at Pointerpro. For 14 years, Stefan worked in consulting and discovered that most professional services companies had decently digitized their back-office processes (timesheets, invoicing,…).  However, very few have taken advantage of technology to automate what is perhaps their most important process: delivering advice to clients.  So in 2012, Stefan decided to found a software company called Pointerpro to solve precisely that problem. Pointerpro helps consultants - and any other expert advisor - to automate their advice delivery. This is achieved by converting the consultant's expertise into online assessments that generate personalized reports. Let’s jump in! Key Highlights From The Show: [00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Stefan Debois [02:10] Stefan’s journey into an entrepreneurship  [04:52] How do you know entrepreneurship is for you? [06:31] How Stefan knew he had a market fit for his software product [09:33] Bootstrapping his company and why [12:59] Where Stefan plans to take his business  [16:47] Business culture of unity that Stefan employs in his company [19:20] Valuable lessons Stefan has learned by being an entrepreneur [21:28] The most difficult thing he has had to learn [24:10] The last time Stefan was a bottleneck in his business [26:51] Stefan’s other hobbies, apart from entrepreneurship [31:13] Stefan’s one recommendation for entrepreneurs  [34:17] How to reach out and connect with Stefan [34:57] Ending the show  Notable Quotes: Never say never when you decide to bootstrap your business. Do not log yourself out of partnerships that can level you to the next level.  At the beginning of the entrepreneurship journey, you have to be all-round and involved in every faculty of the business. As an entrepreneur, you have to do something until you find someone else who does it better than you, then hand it over to them. Connect With Stefan Debois: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: ----- Help me inspire more (wannabe) entrepreneurs. Leave me a 5-star review. Go to and follow the simple instructions.   
35:20 4/25/23
The Entrepreneur Alphabet, episode 25, Y For Yarn. 
What’s the relationship between yarn and entrepreneurship? Simple: Just like a ball of yarn, a business comprises many interconnected threads woven together to create a cohesive whole.  Each thread is unique, but they are all connected and contribute to the business’s overall success. Join me on this episode to better understand the analogy between yarn and entrepreneurship and hear a practical example of business interconnectivity.  ----- Help me inspire more (wannabe) entrepreneurs. Leave me a 5-star review. Go to and follow the simple instructions.   
10:05 4/18/23
Self-care In Entrepreneurship  | Jeff Greenfield | Founder & CEO of Provalytics | Inter:views 122
As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of running a business and forget to take care of yourself. Taking time out of your day to focus on your mental health, physical health, and emotional well-being can pay off in the long run with improved performance and overall happiness.  Learn how to change the outlook of the table, put yourself first, tell your story more powerfully, and bring more success to your business.  Success is the ultimate goal in business, but many other things matter just as much. Taking a step back to gain perspective and seeking help can be invaluable in helping you focus on what truly matters and break through barriers to find true fulfillment. Join this conversation with Jeff Greenfield shares his entrepreneurial journey, the lessons he has learned, and what helped him to be a success. Jeff is an entrepreneur with three decades of strategy, growth, and marketing experience and building terms emphasizing innovative marketing enabled by new technology. He is the CEO and founder of Provalytics, an ad measurement tool that uses Agile Impact Modeling. Jeff also works with the marketing advisory council of Suffolk University and Sawyer business school in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.  Before Provalitics, Jeff founded several companies, and the last one was called C3 Metrics, a leading MTA platform with clients including JP Morgan, US Bank, Nestle, Peapod, Edward Jones, and Fender. Jeff's technical innovations include real-time digital viewability measurement, integrated linear and OTT television measurement, and creating a cookieless identifier. He has also developed & led all GTM strategies and grew the team to 55 with 171% YOY growth leading to being named to Deloitte's 2018 Technology Fast 500. Let’s jump in! Key Highlights From The Show: [00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Jeff Greenfield  [02:26] Jeff’s journey, magician and chiropractor turned into an entrepreneur   [08:32] Learning on the fly and Jeff's experience from the pre-Google era [10:28] Jeff’s perspective on Chat GTP evolution and job creation   [14:41] How technology is supposed to make our life and business easy  [17:10] Why Jeff didn’t stop when he exited C3 Metrics  [20:10] Jeff’s self-care practices in his journey as an entrepreneur [27:55] How knowing what Jeff knows now about self-care would have impacted C3 [31:11] The importance of having a coach and an outside perspective  [32:53] Key lessons that Jeff has learned from his journey as an entrepreneur  [38:58] Jeff’s one recommendation for entrepreneurs  [39:40] How to reach out and connect with Jeff  [40:08] Ending the show  Notable Quotes: We think we’ve to ramp up the game and intensify, but the reality is we need to step back a little bit from technology to enjoy our lives.   You’ve to get out there, move your body every day and be physically active. What you do in the beginning is entirely different from what you do in the end because they have different requirements. You have to develop and enhance your story and what you are selling. As entrepreneurs, we’re like sharks; if we stop moving, we die. Keep moving, and you will live. Connect With Jeff Greenfield: Website: LinkedIn: ----- Help me inspire more (wannabe) entrepreneurs. Leave me a 5-star review. Go to and follow the simple instructions.
40:24 4/11/23
Leveraging SEO To Get Ahead In Your Business | kyle Roof | Co-Founder of PageOptimizer Pro | Inter:views 121
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential tool for any business wanting to advance in the digital age. It can help your business get more online visibility, drive more website traffic, and improve your search engine rankings.  However, SEO is not as mystical or magical as most business owners perceive, and you don't have to play around with some SEO gods to get the results. SEO is a practice that helps you rank on google, and keywords are a huge part of it. When you place the keywords in the right place, you can win, and with just that, you have done 60% of SEO. Don't overthink it. Join this conversation with Kyle Roof as he shares simple SEO strategies you can implement to increase your online visibility and tips on how to build your business beyond you. Kyle is an American living in Thailand best known for his SEO skills. He has dedicated his life to helping business owners and marketers overcome common SEO challenges using scientifically proven SEO methods. Kyle is the Page Optimizer Pro inventor, built on more than 400 scientific tests he has conducted. Over the years, Kyle has developed a fine-tuner method to test whether single variables are ranking factors in Google's algorithm. This method was officially granted a patent in 2020, validating Kyle's technique and distinguishing him from all the SEO professionals. Kyle is also the co-founder of Internet Marketing Gold, a global community of 3000 + SEO professionals who test and prove cutting-edge SEO techniques. Many SEO Professionals and business leaders follow Kyle's SEO techniques and discoveries. He has been featured in many publications and is a rigorous speaker in SEO and SEO testing at conferences and worldwide. Let’s jump in! Key Highlights From The Show: [00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Kyle Roof [02:22] Kyle’s career background and his entrepreneurial journey   [05:42] Kyle’s exit plan and how he sold his high-voltage SEO agency  [08:41] How Kyle turned their company into a product for sale  [11:02] The challenges that Kyle faced in replacing himself from his company  [15:30] Critical SEO strategies you should know as an entrepreneur  [17:37] How to come up with the keywords for an SEO  [20:58] What the Page Optimizer Pro (POP) offers in the SEO space [22:01] Why POP exists and how it’s different from Kyle’s previous agency  [26:41] Key lessons that Kyle has learned from his entrepreneurial journey  [33:10] Why Kyle moved to Thailand and the community they have built [35:01] Kyle’s one recommendation for entrepreneurs  [39:09] How to reach out and connect with Kyle  [39:19] Ending the show  Notable Quotes: Replacing yourself in your business allows you to build something beyond yourself. The top four places to put a keyword are in the URLs, page title, title tag (H1), and paragraph tags. If you can properly optimize for primary keywords, you can win for secondary keywords. Don't stop people from giving you money; give them the opportunity to pay you the most they want to pay.  If you can acknowledge your mistake and that somebody else can do better, you can put yourself in a better situation. When people are making decisions on partnerships or JVs, the people they will go to first are those around them, so be active and present.  Connect With Kyle Roof:   Website:  LinkedIn:  ----- Help me inspire more (wannabe) entrepreneurs. Leave me a 5-star review. Go to and follow the simple instructions.   
39:44 4/4/23
Special Series The Entrepreneur Alphabet |  X-Factor | Episode 24
The X-Factor is your 10 to 100x underlying advantage. It’s usually invisible to your customers but underpins your strategy and blocks your competitors from trying to copy you. Finding your X-factor can be a daunting task. Still, it's essential if you want to build a successful and sustainable business. Do you have one? In this episode, I'll define the X-factor for businesses and provide practical recommendations for entrepreneurs to find their X-factor. ----- Are You Stuck? Book a FREE call with me now 👉
08:38 3/28/23
Entrepreneurship Coaching and Its Benefits | Paul Baker | Co-Founder of Rapaid Charity & St Pierre Groupe | Inter:views 120
Being an entrepreneur can be a tough job with many ups and downs. Building up your brand, developing a business plan, executing marketing tactics, and managing marketing budgets are all difficult tasks requiring enormous amounts of time and energy.  These demands can lead to burnout and failure in business, but coaching can help you achieve these goals. Coaching provides insight into how to make the most of your time and resources as you set up your business. Join this conversation with Paul Baker, a return guest in our podcast, to talk more about his entrepreneurship journey and the testimonials of the importance of coaching in growing his business, exiting it, and starting a new venture.  Leaving a business you have built and handing it over to somebody else can be emotional. It’s like losing your baby, so you need a coach to help you with a clear path, support, and guidance. Paul Baker bankrupted his first business at the age of 17, and it took ten years before he got back to entrepreneurship. He acquired St Pierre Groupe in 2002 and one day decided to conquer the American market, which he did. He successfully exited it in October 2022.  Let’s jump in Key Highlights From The Show: [00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Paul Baker [01:42] What Paul has been doing since 2021 [04:40] Paul’s entrepreneurship bottleneck necessitated him to seek coaching [08:22] Why Paul exited his successful business [11:58] How Paul was prepared to bounce back after exiting his business [14:33] Benefits of coaching and his expectations in the current coaching sessions [25:45] Why coaching? [26:43] One of Paul’s best “aha moments” in the past two years [35:40] Paul’s advice to anyone who wants to know more about coaching Notable Quotes: Exiting a business you have built and handing it over to somebody else can be emotional. It’s like losing your baby.  You must learn to say NO as a business leader and entrepreneur.  Being an entrepreneur can be a tough job with many ups and downs.  Coaching helps you address the nitty-gritty details of how you think and operate personally. As an entrepreneur, never stop learning. Resources Mentioned: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek  Past podcast episodes with Paul Baker Connect With Paul Baker: Website: LinkedIn: The Business He Sold: ----- Are You Stuck? Book a FREE call with me now 👉
38:03 3/21/23
Taking your Business to the Next Level with Systems | Ben Johnson | Founder & CEO of Partcile41 | Inter:views 119
It is no secret that staying competitive in the current market requires more than just a good idea. You must have a robust business model, a great marketing strategy, systems, and many other things that can be challenging for any business owner.  Systems are a proven way to grow your business. They can help you increase revenue, reduce costs, and even manage your operations.  But what if you don't know the best system for your company? Can you still take it to the next level? Join this conversation with serial entrepreneur Benjamin Johnson and learn more.  Ben Johnson is the founder and CEO of Particle41, a development firm providing businesses with integral applications development, data science, and DevOps projects.  Finding new talent to execute new projects can be a hassle, but Ben and his team want to strengthen yours, as he explains in this episode.  Ben is also a serial entrepreneur with over $30 million raised across his five startups. He also has over 20 years of experience in software development. He is passionate about applications and modernization. He finds it as much fun as coaching soccer teams. Let’s jump in! Key Highlights From The Show: [00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Benjamin Johnson [02:56] Ben’s entrepreneurial backstory  [06:30] Ben’s definition of an entrepreneur [07:09] Why he loves entrepreneurship [09:10] What Ben means by going back to the basics of entrepreneurship [14:01] Where the name “Particle41” came from, and what is the company about [16:20] Strengthening talents to execute new projects [20:10] Best business practices [24:58] Can too many systems kill a business system? [27:16] Systems are good, but customers have the final say [27:57] What Ben has learned about himself as an entrepreneur [31:41] What would he do differently than when he started entrepreneurship [33:06] The one recommendation Irina gives to all entrepreneurs [36:10] Best ways to reach out and connect with Ben [36:44] Wrap-up and calls-to-action Notable Quotes: Entrepreneurship is the true test of value.  In entrepreneurship, you are only as good as your balance sheet.   You must create business systems that embrace rapid change. If you are not evolving as a business, it will die. Change is natural and normal for growth. Systems are good, but customers come first. Never underestimate the power of mentors and coaches in your entrepreneurship journey. Resources Mentioned: Influx by Daniel Suarez Connect With Benjamin Johnson: Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: #founders #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurmindset #podcast #devops ----- Are You Stuck? Book a FREE call with me now 👉 
37:15 3/14/23
Special Series The Entrepreneur Alphabet | Work-life balance | Episode 23
I know many entrepreneurs who neglect their family, their health, and their life.  Is it worth it, though?  Imagine it’s your last day on earth; what legacy would you like to leave behind you? I certainly don’t want to look at a life spent working.  You need to learn that, despite finding it counter-intuitive, maintaining a work-life balance is crucial for your well-being and business success. Work-life balance refers to balancing the demands of work and personal life. It's about finding a healthy equilibrium that allows you to meet both your professional and personal responsibilities and limiting the sacrifices on both sides of the spectrum. In this episode of The Entrepreneur Alphabet, I explore some reasons why work-life balance is crucial for entrepreneurs.  Let’s jump in now!  ----- Are You Stuck? Book a FREE call with me now 👉
11:00 3/7/23
Leaving Your 9-5 Job for Entrepreneurship | Irina Poddubnaia | Founder of TrackMage | Inter:views 118
Are you feeling unsatisfied in your current job and dreaming of a life of freedom as an entrepreneur? With the right planning, knowledge, and attitude, you can find your freedom through entrepreneurship.  Knowing what to expect and preparing for the journey will help you maximize your chances of success.  Join this conversation with Irina Poddubnaiar and hear her backstory, how she transitioned from a corporate job to entrepreneurship, and the lessons she has learned. Get the insights, tips, and strategies for business success as an entrepreneur. Irina Poddubnaiar is a SAAS founder and business consultant specializing in operations and process optimization. Over the past few years, she has worked with 50+ small and large companies worldwide, helping them design systems that effectively align the right people, processes, and tools to achieve outstanding results. Irina has a wealth of experience in the eCommerce industry, having spent 2.5 years running a fulfillment center in China and launching her own software, TrackMage. Her mission at TrackMage is to make life easier for eCommerce entrepreneurs by automating as many routine tasks as possible. Key Highlights From The Show: [00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest, Irina Poddubnaiar [01:34] Irina’s entrepreneurial backstory and how TrackMage came about [06:23] Why TrackMage would not exist without China [07:39] The power of automating your business systems [09:15] When and why did Irina leave her 9 to 5 job [10:58] Why the experience from the first job made her keep into entrepreneurship [12:58] Freedom is the cornerstone of entrepreneurship [16:20] Key insights before starting your entrepreneurship journey [19:49] Paul’s advice to anyone who wants to know more about coaching [22:10] Why Irina did not give up despite hitting a wall in business [25:42] Has Irina ever thought of going back to a 9 to 5 job [28:40] Why most women entrepreneurs struggle and Irina’s advice [32:41] The one recommendation Irina gives to all entrepreneurs [34:05] Best ways to reach out and connect with Irina [35:20] Wrap-up and calls-to-action Notable Quotes: When you automate systems in your business, then you get the time to focus and work on the things that truly matter.  Entrepreneurship gives one the freedom to be what one wants to be.  If you want to start a successful business, the best way is to start with something small that is manageable and that you can do yourself. Entrepreneurship is a calling and a contagious virus. Start selling first, test your idea in the market, and see people's responses, then build the business around it. Resources Mentioned: Magical Selling: Engineering Enterprise Sales Success on Any Team, in Any Industry, and in Any Economy by Raju Bhupatiraju Connect With Irina Poddubnaiar: Website: LinkedIn: ----- Are You Stuck? Book a FREE call with me now 👉 
36:16 2/28/23
Special Series The Entrepreneur Alphabet | V For Validation | Episode 22
Validation is the process of testing an idea to determine if it's worth pursuing. It's a crucial step in the entrepreneurial journey because it helps entrepreneurs save time, money, and resources on a wrong or irrelevant idea. Entrepreneurs who validate their ideas before they start are more likely to succeed because they better understand their customers' wants and needs. They can then make informed decisions about how to move forward with their business. In this episode, we cover the following: > What is validation? Why is it important? > What are some methodologies you can use to validate your idea?  ----- Are You Stuck? Book a FREE call with me now 👉
10:08 2/21/23
Lessons Learned From 24 Years of Entrepreneurship | Jay Bousada | CEO & Founder of Thrillworks Inc. | Inter:views 117
Entrepreneurship is a lifelong journey and not a destination to aim for. While entrepreneurs exist to solve problems in the world, it is not always a walk in the park. It is a cause that demands a different mindset, behavior, and skills.  Jay Bousada, an entrepreneur since 1999, joins us in this entrepreneurship podcast to discuss his journey, the pivots he has made, his mistakes, and his lessons. He has all the information for you if you want your business to be bulletproof in any environment or market. Jay founded Thrillworks in 1999 to help organizations take full advantage of the potential of digital. He’s a born problem solver, beginning his career as an Engineer before turning his attention to technology. As CEO, he’s now driven by a passion for solving problems others may fail to see. This courage is at the core of who he is and the driving force behind everything Thrillworks creates. Among the things Jay shares in this episode include the power of having a vision as an entrepreneur. You must have a business vision that should also be well ingrained in the minds of the people who work for you.  All entrepreneurs also need to understand the importance of boundaries. Let your employees know the values, expectations, ethics, morals, and culture you uphold and ascribe to. Boundaries are the only ways to create a healthy environment in your business. Tune in and learn more. Let’s jump in! Key Highlights From The Show: [02:26] Jay’s journey of entrepreneurship since 1999 [08:04] The different stages of his business’ growth [14:42] How the covid pandemic demanded a pivot in business [15:43] The bottleneck concept [16:44] Why Jay’s early success in business was both a blessing and a curse [18:40] How losing the original ‘why’ of the business brought failure [23:25] How automation can be a disadvantage to trust building with customers [27:15] What Jay has learned about himself as an entrepreneur [32:00] The future of Jay’s business [35:17] Jay’s takeaway tips for entrepreneurs  [35:24] Achievements that Jay is proud of [37:28] Best ways to reach out and connect with Jay Bousada Notable Quotes: The real power of an organization comes from its people.  Any product or solution you put in place has to include a good deal of quality. That’s not negotiable if you want to stay in business. If the business vision is not clear in the minds of the people working for you, the secret success formula will require you to be there every day. Never assume anything in business. First, seek to understand before you are understood. As an entrepreneur, boundaries are the only ways to create a healthy environment in your business. Resources Mentioned: Rethink: The Surprising History of New Ideas by Steven Poole:  Connect With Jay Bousada: Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: ----- Are You Stuck? Book a FREE call with me now 👉 
38:01 2/14/23