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Building Learning Experiences | JackrabbitLX Founder Jason Gorman
 On this episode we speak with Jason Gorman, Founder of Jackrabbit Learning Experience, a company envisioning, designing, and scaling extraordinary online learning experiences tailored to the clients needs.  Find Jason at Support the show
61:05 8/24/22
Developing and Executing A Roadmap | Will Nitze Founder of IQBar
 On this episode we speak with Will Nitze of IQBar, a nutrition company selling plant protein bars and hydration mixes, all keto, vegan, clean label, and designed to boost your brain and bodys performance. " You’re probably evaluating risk the wrong way. The riskiest thing you can do in your entire life is to be unfulfilled. "Find Will at eatiqbar.comSupport the show
59:23 8/3/22
How Little Pickins is Showing Love Through Healthy Food | Co-Founders Jenn & Kelly
 On this episode we speak with Jenn and Kelly of Little Pickins, a company making nutritiously dense, organic meal bites for kids, while empowering parents to give their young children healthy food with ease and peace of mind.  " I think if people have an idea they should go for it. Keep your day job, you can do it at night, you can do it on the weekend. Even if you have little kids you can pursue that dream and see if there’s anything there. But I think regret has got to be the worst feeling so at least try it and see. "Find Jenn and Kelly at littlepickins.comSupport the show
50:31 7/22/22
How Coils to Locs is Disrupting A Disparity in the Healthcare Industry | Co-Founders Dianne & Pamela
 On this episode we speak with Dianne Austin and Pamela Shaddock, Co-Founders of Coils to Locs, a company disrupting a healthcare disparity by providing high quality coily, curly synthetic wigs to women of color suffering from hair loss.  "Wigs are not just a vanity product. The women in particular who are going through hair loss don’t want a wig just for aesthetic reasons. It helps with your sense of self, your dignity, it helps you to be able to look in the mirror and say I recognize that person and I like what I see."Find Dianne and Pamela at coilstolocs.comSupport the show
49:14 7/15/22
Will Harris Founder & CEO of Boston Brew Company | The Cold Brew that Powers Boston’s Tech Industry
 On today’s episode we speak with Will Harris, Founder of Boston Brew Company,  a company roasting and brewing their signature blend of incredibly smooth yet strong cold brew coffee. Will shares how he built a client base using LinkedIn, and how he goes above and beyond to provide next level service to his clients. “I always have open communication with all my customers, I don’t leave anyone in the dark, I tell them where I am, what I’m doing, when I’m going to be there, and if there’s a problem, I fix it and I fix it fast.” Find Will at bostonbrewcompany.comSupport the show
46:00 7/8/22
Simple Sips Founder Elaina Repucci | Creating A Fresh Product & Being A Connector
We speak with Elaina Repucci, Founder of Simple Sips, a company making delicious, fresh cocktail blends. We talked about product development, networking, and bringing joy to the customer.  “At the end of your life when you look back on what you’ve done it’s about who’ve you’ve impacted, how have you helped people, how have you enhanced other peoples lives” Find Elaina at drinksimplesips.comSupport the show
61:13 7/1/22
WeHero Co-founder Andy VandenBerg | The Power of Giving Back
 This episode features Andy Vandenberg Co-Founder of WeHero, a company partnering with businesses to create volunteer initiatives. We spoke about entrepreneurship, cheddarwurst, and how companies of any scale can have a positive social impact through volunteer work.  “All the data shows that companies who have better social missions and more sustainable practices attract better employees and more millenial customers.” Find Andy at or andyvandenberg.comSupport the show
52:41 6/24/22
Flare Co-Founder Quinn Fitzgerald | Entrepreneurship, Product Development, and the Meaning of Safety
Stefanie & Oz speak with Quinn Fitzgerald of Flare, a smart bracelet and app-based communication system giving you immediate help with the press of a button. They discuss entrepreneurship, product development, and the meaning of safety. "Safety is agency, it’s having the permission to be your full self, to be confident and in control of what’s around you, to know that you’re never alone, that you’re always connected, you have a system of support behind you, and to operate with that peace of mind.” Find Quinn at getflare.comSupport the show
49:34 6/17/22
Fairmarkit Co-Founder & COO Tarek Alaruri | Motivation, Leadership, and Scaling
On this episode we speak with Tarek Alaruri, Co-Founder & COO of Fairmarkit, an intelligent sourcing platform that helps improve processes for procurement organizations. Tarek shares his thoughts on motivation, leaderership, and self development. Find Tarek at Visit Our Website ► founderthought.comSUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST ► Founder Thought ON INSTAGRAM ► ON:ITUNES: PODCASTS: #jajupierogi #businessadvice  #entrepreneur #bostonbusinessSupport the show
28:37 6/10/22
Jaju Pierogi - Vanessa and Casey
 On this episode, Stefanie and Oz speak with sisters Vanessa and Casey, Co-Founders of Jaju Pierogi, a quickly growing food brand featuring their grandfather's time-tested Pierogi recipes. Find Vanessa and Casey at jajupierogi.comVisit Our Website ► founderthought.comSUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST ► Founder Thought ON INSTAGRAM ► ON:ITUNES: PODCASTS: #emmaguardia #realestate #entrepreneur #bostonbusinessSupport the show
71:48 5/27/22
Emma Guardia Real Estate
On this episode Stefanie and Oz speak with Emma Guardia, a real estate agent in Cambridge Massachusetts. they discuss her business partnership, the inspirations that drive her, and what she does to stand out in a saturated market.Find Emma at emmaguardia.comVisit Our Website ► founderthought.comSUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST ► Founder Thought ON INSTAGRAM ► ON:ITUNES: PODCASTS: #emmaguardia #realestate #entrepreneur #bostonbusinessSupport the show
38:21 5/13/22
Beckon Ice Cream - Katy Flannery
Stefanie & Oz speak with Katy Flanner, Co-Founder of Beckon Ice Cream, the first premium, lactose-free ice cream that is completely made from real milk and cream. Instead of using dairy alternatives, they add the lactase enzyme to make lactose-free ice cream that is luscious, irresistible, and crave-worthy. They discuss how Katy built the business, the challenges and successes along the way, and what it takes to live the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Find Katy at beckonicecream.comVisit Our Website ► founderthought.comSUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST ► Founder Thought ON INSTAGRAM ► ON:ITUNES: PODCASTS: the show
44:31 4/22/22
Knight Moves Cafe - Devon Trevelyan
Stefanie & Oz speak with Devon Trevelyan of Knight Moves Café, a board game café in Brookline Mass. They discuss the many unique aspects of the business, as well as the importance of building community. With an ever growing collection of games, delicious food and drinks, and an atmosphere that makes you feel at home, Devon created a place for friends, families, and loved ones to gather, slow life down, and come together face to face.Find Devon at knightmovescafe.comVisit Our Website ► founderthought.comSUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST ► Founder Thought ON INSTAGRAM ► ON:ITUNES: PODCASTS: #BoardGames #BusinessownerSupport the show
34:28 4/1/22
Real Zepeda Tequila - Oscar Zepeda
Stefanie and Oz speak with Oscar Zepeda, Co-Founder of Real Zepeda Tequila, a small-batch, family-owned tequila company with a mission of bringing an authentic and unique tequila experience from our home of Jalisco, Mexico, to the rest of the world.  Find him at realzepedatequila.comSupport the show ( the show
28:25 2/11/22
Smoodi - Pascal Kriesche & Morgan Abraham
Stefanie and Oz speak with Pascal Kriesche and Morgan Abraham, Co-Founders of Smoodi, a company empowering healthy habits with their proprietary self-service smoothie maker. Healthy Smoothies without prep or Clean-up.Find them at getsmoodi.comSupport the show
32:54 10/15/21
Zuboot - Stefanie Daneau & Oz Ahmad
Stefanie Daneau and Oz Ahmad, founders of Pepper Gang, discuss the challenging and rewarding experience building the lifestyle brand Zuboot during the pandemic.  They break down how they used and applied their extensive knowledge and experience building and marketing e-commerce brands, and recall the challenges and triumphs building a brand from the ground up. Not only is their company all about quality, but they focus on customer service and giving back. In Oz’s words, “What I feel really makes us different is - we’re not just in it for the money, we have a mission, a vision, and a voice.”Support the show
29:13 9/10/21
Nutley Auto Kia - James Russomano
Jim Russomano never thought he’d be in the car business. He was 29 when he began working at a dealership and quickly realized a new passion and career direction. At the time, customer satisfaction was unknown in the auto business and Jim decided to make this a priority. Today his wife and he are the owners of a successful Kia Dealership in Nutley New Jersey where he has built a company of conscientious, hard-working individuals that will always place customers' needs ahead of personal achievement.Support the show
28:25 3/31/20
Sticker Quicker - Mo Ghatala
Mo Ghatala was involved in the IT side of his family's business from a very early age. He remembers accompanying his father on computer upgrade trips to Sony at the age of 6. He knew he didn't want to do IT as an adult but found it so easy that he ended up in school for it. He soon realized his passion for fixing problems and streamlining processes. Today, he is the co-founder of Sticker Quicker, an online platform that simplifies and expedites the DMV process. Support the show
22:43 3/24/20
Aneufit - Jennifer Brine
Jennifer Brine is a young entrepreneur and founder of Aneufit, a movement curriculum for the aging population, with the mission of improving physical wellness and reducing the risk of falling. In her words “My fondest and most precious memories are with my grandparents. They gave me freedom and dared me to dream allowing me to pursue life to its fullest. In their home, I was allowed to be myself and was loved unconditionally. I have been up close and personal with the process of aging and experienced what it means to care deeply for someone whose life extends well into their 90s."Support the show
23:39 3/17/20
Sticker Quicker - Faraz Saiyed
As a boy, Faraz Saiyed would mow lawns to earn money for the newest sneakers. As a young man, he continued to use this entrepreneurial spirit and passion and started a real estate firm with his father. When the real estate crash of 2008 hit, he realized he'd need to figure something else out. Today, he is the co-founder of Sticker Quicker, an online platform that simplifies and expedites the DMV process. Support the show
28:25 3/9/20
Do Good Marketing - Michael Haviland
Michael Haviland was pursuing a phd in clinical psychology when he decided to pivot into the advertising world. He’d realized his work studying what motivates people would inform his marketing work. In 2007 he founded Do Good Marketing, a virtual agency which was “the culmination of his dream to use his business to do good things”. Since then he’s had a focus on supporting good causes and non-profits with “a group of carefully selected individuals and independently-owned companies who are accomplished experts in their respective field and share our philosophy of doing good for others”.Support the show
25:01 3/3/20