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Motivational Fasting

Motivational Fasting is a mindset shift that helps you feel better and more empowered, whether you are using an intermittent 16:8 plan, alternate day or extended fasting. Imagine being so motivated to do something that you put willpower and self-discipline out of a job. Sounds too good to be true? Not at all. This is not about getting on a positivity high that is impossible to maintain – however, side effects of this approach do include: excitement due to acknowledging the power you are tapping into, being able to relax into life because of drastic improvements you are making to your health - and turning struggle into adventure. It’s time to unlearn the lessons you've been taught that demotivate you. It's time to change the stories you’ve been telling yourself about harsh perfectionism, failure and toxic guilt that doesn’t belong to you. Fasting is the greatest health revolution of the 21st century, an engine of awesomeness that can reverse diabetes, spring clean your cells, relieve depression, prevent Alzheimers, impact autoimmune disease , help you manage ADHD and kill cancer cells...among many other mind-blowing benefits. Harriet Morris started intermittent fasting in spring 2021, as a response to her own compulsive eating and weight gain that happened in lockdown. She uses a blend of IF as well as other forms of fasting. Two things have surprised her – (1) the amazing improvements in her mobility, mental wellbeing and productivity she has experienced; and (2) the unnecessary misery so many people endure through what she calls Puritanical Fasting. Harriet created Motivational Fasting as a response to (2) and it is her mission to help others experience their own version of (1).