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Midwife Marley's Bumps, Birth, Boobs & Babies

A weekly podcast by Midwife Marley on all things pregnancy, birth and beyond! Each week there will be a new episode with experts & special guests discussing a wide range of topics including twins & multiples, natural birth, C-sections, complementary therapies, maternal mental health, postpartum care, breastfeeding, birth stories and much more! You can follow Marley for updates via her Instagram page @midwifemarley and website


Improving Care For Pregnant Asylum Seekers & Refugees With Katherine Letley 48:53 01/10/2022
Midwife and Racial equality Lead Maggie Myatt Talks The R.E.A.L Strategy 43:52 12/27/2021
In conversation with Mars Lord, doula educator 53:14 11/23/2021
What's a Birthkeeper? Physiological Birth & Protecting the Birth Space With Kemi Johnson 34:00 07/29/2021
Dr Orin, founder of @blackerinatalmentalhealth chats to me about her experiences as a perinatal mental health counsellor 32:45 06/04/2021
Female Genital Mutilation: Protecting Women & Girls With Hibo Wardere 43:00 05/23/2021
Maternal Mental Health with Christina & Ayshen 'A womans journey' 37:24 05/09/2021
Kemi aka Professional Aunty - What's missing with Postnatal Care? 33:14 05/01/2021
Infant Feeding Support Worker Leanne Jeffery - Supporting Breastfeeding Within Marginalised groups 30:26 04/26/2021
Transracial adoption, motherhood and birth empowerment with Jeena Wilder 46:32 09/16/2020
Coping with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) Louise shares her story of severe sickness in her pregnancy 42:12 09/07/2020
Jamaican TV host Jodi Stewart-Henriques talks to me about the birth of her children 19:16 08/31/2020
Vicki Broadbent aka Honestmum talks about her traumatic birth and how it lead to the birth of her digital blogging career 45:46 08/24/2020
Induction of labour in a pandemic - Lydia tells me her birth story 40:43 08/17/2020
Supporting Breastfeeding with Vanessa Christie 40:48 04/24/2020
Managing expectations of the postpartum period with Becca Maberly 33:54 04/13/2020
Complementary therapies for pregnancy & birth with midwife Kate Doyle 32:17 04/07/2020
Lets talk Positive Birth - Milli Hill founder of the Positive Birth Movement joins me for an insightful chat 43:34 03/31/2020
When childbirth needs a helping hand - Dr Will Dooley talks to me about assisted births & Induction of labour 34:43 03/28/2020
Dr Lucy joins me to talk about twins! 27:31 03/24/2020
Welcome to the Bumps Birth Boobs & Babies Podcast! 02:46 03/24/2020