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Christian vs. Agnostic

A Christian and an Agnostic (and former Christian) talk about dealing with life situations and how different points of view would approach these situations. We discuss matters such as abortion, substance abuse, pop culture, politics, and every other aspect of normal life.


Covid Experience
In this episode we discuss our own experiences with Covid (the disease and the pandemic) and why we think it changed the world.
51:07 03/05/2022
Immigration Nation
As descendants of immigrants, we have a unique perspective on why illegal immigration is a problem and what can be done to stop it.Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):
26:00 02/11/2022
The Gender Agenda
Should Gender Studies be a part of our K-12 curriculum? In this episode we discuss why there is a sudden push for alternative gender and lifestyle lessons in our K-12 schools and in the entertainment industry.Are we better off becoming a "woke" society?
45:59 02/02/2022
Should abortion be legal?  Our thoughts.
17:44 12/08/2021
Is The Metaverse Evil?
We discuss The Metaverse and it's possible effect on society.
18:58 12/08/2021
Who we are.
An introduction to our podcast, who we are, and how we think.
81:16 11/08/2021