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Zúme is a community of practice for those who want to see disciple making movements. Our vision is to saturate the world with multiplying disciples in our generation. This podcast interviews the practitioners of the community around the world. Learn more at Zume.Vision and be equipped at Zume.Training.


Trip Nine – Digital Evangelism with DT and Zúme
Description: Cyber security job by day and digital evangelism by night, Trip Nine uses Disciple Tools and Zúme to reach people in closed nations. He first began sharing the gospel broadly until learning that he could follow up using these simple tools and now has several teams connecting with people who are reached through digital means. Hear as he shares stories of powerful healings and salvation as well as the process he takes from digital ads all the way to in-person discipleship. Check out a resource mentioned at the end, that shows how many people are on Facebook in different 10/40 window nations - click here. For more resources, check out or
23:28 08/31/2022
David Arney – Prayer, Posture, and Prisons
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32:02 07/28/2022
Chad – Zúme Training – NEW Book Release
Zúme Training Multiplying Disciples is now available as a published book! The entire training is in this printed book with interactive QR codes and other engaging features to use with people, with or without internet access! Order your books today at (use code ZUMEPREORDER for 40% before July 15, 2022). If you would like to help with translations into other languages, you can email us at:
14:36 06/27/2022
The Sawyers – Zúme Coaching With S.O.A.P.S.
In this episode, we interview a couple who has been sharing their experiences with Zúme and how they can reach people worldwide.  William and Beth Sawyer have been involved in ministry for several years.  They were first introduced to Zúme about 10 years ago by Curtis Sergeant, but they did not explore its potential for reaching the lost until recently when they began using Zúme Training to coach disciples to lead their discipleship groups.  In the last 3 months, they have coached Christians in North America, Africa, and Asia.  One of the primary tools they have used in the training resources is the S.O.A.P.S program which familiarizes new Christians with the scriptures and the disciplines of Christianity.
27:55 05/27/2022
Reaching Neighbors and Nations Using “3/3rds” Discipleship Pattern in Zúme Training
Actively reaching disciples for Christ over the last six years, it is exciting to hear how this guest uses Zúme Training to mentor new disciples with minimal background in the Bible.  He describes some interesting life experiences that took him to a foreign mission field briefly before COVID.  While returning to the U.S. was disheartening, God opened multiple doors through active prayer and evangelism to reach his neighbors from the nations. Then a minor setback became a major outreach opportunity through online and international avenues.  One of the primary online tools being used for disciples, no matter the background, is called “3/3’s.”  This tool walks new disciples through the process of sharing their testimony with others, acknowledging God’s role in our lives and leading to making disciples who make disciples.
27:33 04/27/2022
Michael Sove – Pray4Movement to Discipleship
Michael has used the “Pray4Movement” as a platform to involve others in regular and deliberate prayer for target areas.  This tool enables a untied effort to focus on a county, state, country, or larger area such as North America, and can be used by others in any nation.  Michael has a goal to set up 1,000 prayer focus groups within Maryland, addressing each of the state’s 24 counties and covering its communities.  Prayer teams go out within the community and pray for each home, and distribute door knockers to let residence know they are being prayed for.  This has proven to be greatly effective and has yielded a wonderful response with people in the community.  Not only does prayer work to enhance evangelism, but it also helps each believer’s relationship grow deeper with God.  The power of prayer becomes evident when evangelists work in unison with God. Michael is involved with outreach ministry in Maryland, and he actively uses the Zúme tools and “Pray 4 Movement” to evangelize and impact the world for Christ.  He fervently believes that prayer is the foundation of any productive discipleship effort, and he gives tips and experiences that can help others reach the lost.  Michael encourages a strengthening of individual prayer life as well as joining with others locally and globally in corporate prayer to break down barriers to evangelism. Resources:
24:29 03/30/2022
Shawn Walden – Reaching a City of Multiple Languages Through Zúme
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25:08 03/16/2022
David Jones – Lessons from Life and Zúme
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46:45 03/02/2022
Curtis Sergeant – Train Yourself to Train Disciples
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29:19 02/16/2022
Tim Ahlen – How to disciple people & plant churches that multiply
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38:22 01/27/2022