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We get to know our guests behind their public image, so that you can get to know them beyond their Social Media presence. Mental health awareness and inclusivity across the human spectrum (especially with the LGBTQ+ community) is near and dear to us. We share the beauty of vulnerability. Our conversations are candid, sincere and fun! The Getting Jewcy experience is raw and completely unscripted. WE RARELY EDIT ANYTHING OUT. Thank you for finding us. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to continue supporting us... yes, you can WATCH these episodes as well! Follow us on Instagram @getting_jewcy and on Facebook @gettingjewcy. *Theme music by Matcha Dacha.*


The Last Sip with Rachel & Hiiro - Episode 10 - Entering Year 2!
With everyone "back to school", your favourite Jewcy Duo is back in business and ready to pump up the content with a fresh Last Sip catch-up edition!We talk about what we've been up to this Summer, while on hiatus, and our mental health journeys throughout that time. The transition from Summer into Fall can be an emotional roller coaster for an anxiety and depression sufferer. We share our strategies we hope to have in place in time for this years' seasonal transition. Also, Hiiro opens up about some very specific reflections he's made about his mental health and neurodiversity.There are definitely a lot of heart-felt, candid and raw exchanges in this conversation, which is pure, OG Getting Jewcy! Thanks for watching, folx. xoGetting Jewcy Links:Watch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)Website
47:21 09/13/2022
Episode 98 with Geoffrey Mac - Project Runway Season 18 Winner, Incredible Human
This is one of the most emotionally moving episodes we've recorded to date. We cover some sensitive mental health topics, such as medication, as well as suicide. If you're in Canada and you or someone you know is in crisis and needs immediate help, please visit If you're in the United States - 18 Project Runway winner, Geoffrey Mac says hello from Brooklyn, NY and open heartedly shares his inspiring journey. His life experiences include being an "army brat" and living with severe social anxiety/dyslexia, as well as being an empath. He had challenges with education, however realized he had an affinity for geometry and aligned with sewing and pattern making! He was always a creative empath and found his way to fashion design and art programs. He also courageously opens up about his sobriety, as well as his resilience through the loss of his partner from Covid.We can't thank Geoffrey enough for welcoming us into his heart. Be sure to keep an eye out for his upcoming collections!Geoffrey's Links:Instagram (@geoffreymac)WebsiteGetting Jewcy Links:Watch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)Website
73:38 07/02/2022
Episode 97 with Cody Candelario - Chef, Hell's Kitchen Season 19
Cody Candelario blows our minds with many stories behind his journey and self discovery of becoming the chef he is today. Far beyond his fame from season 19 of Hell's Kitchen, he started working in the kitchen as a teenager and gradually moved up the ladder across different restaurants.Cody opens up about his media production brand and how it is the gateway to showcase the what he has brewing. He also shares some life lessons and learnings around resilience and mental health, which we found profoundly refreshing. This human is on a mission and only just starting his empire!Cody's Links:Instagram (@createdbycody)WebsiteGetting Jewcy Links:Watch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)Website
77:59 06/19/2022
Episode 96 with Leon Elias Wu - Founder & Creator of SharpeHaus, Asian-American Gentletransman
Leon Elias Wu, Founder and Creator of SharpeHaus joins us for a down to earth discussion about his journey as an Asian-American Gentletransman and his achievements so far within activism, fashion and lifestyle.A true advocate for the LGBTQ+ communities, Leon is only getting started with his initiatives and opens up about his visions and aspirations with SharpeHaus. SharpeHaus is a collective of artists, creators and innovators empowered by visual activism that promotes women, people of color and the LGBTQ+ community.In this episode he takes a trip through memory lane and points out key moments which he knew of his identity and his exposure to being a drag king in the LA scene.Leon's Links:WebsiteInstagram (@leoneliaswu)SharpeHaus on Instagram ( Jewcy Links:Instagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)Watch This  Episode on YouTubeWebsite
63:18 06/06/2022
Episode 95 with Elaine Mensah - Founder/CEO of Showroom Etc, Fabulous Mama
The incredibly talented fashion entrepreneur and founder of Showroom Etc, Elaine Mensah, sways into the podcast for a fun and insightful chat about all things motherhood, entrepreneurialism and fashion/beauty from an African perspective. Showroom Etc is a business development and multi-brand showroom dedicated to redefining how the world experiences African luxury.Originally from Ghana and raised back and forth from Ghana and Washington DC, Elaine is a wealth of information and wisdom with a lot to say! Learn how she does it all while raising her two children and then some. Fun fact, Hiiro met Elaine back in 2008 when he was a guest on her podcast, Fashion BS Radio, where he profiled Vancouver's fashion community at that time.Elaine's Links:Instagram (@elainemensah)Showroom Etc Instagram (@showroometcetc)WebsiteGetting Jewcy Links:Watch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)Website
75:42 05/29/2022
Episode 94 with Juice Boxx - Drag Artist, Your Gaymer Girlfriend, Podcaster, CrossFit Princess
Our very own Juice Boxx from Canada's Drag Race and the Semi-Qualified Queens Podcast joins your Jewcy Duo for a fun and close up look at their journey.Juice was on Season 1 of Canada's Drag Race and made a huge impact in the time on the show, establishing their brand and presenting across the country and beyond, including DragCon!Learn about their childhood and all the processes that led to becoming the anime, gaming and CrossFit superstar you see today!Juice's Links:Instagram (@juiceboxxofficial)Semi-Qualified Queens PodcastGetting Jewcy Links:Instagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)Listen to our podcastWebsite
71:14 05/14/2022
Episode 93 with Cesar Abreu - Artist, The Metropolitan Opera Dancer, Menudo Almuni
The effervescent and fiercely down-to-earth Puerto Rican dancer/producer, Cesar Abreu, joins us from NYC for a deep dive into his life story, from growing up in Puerto Rico to planting roots in NYC. Cesar is known for his initial fame on a Puerto Rican TV series and for being a part of the infamous group, Menudo!He grew up in a large and expressive family that supported his journey into performing arts and ballet, with a couple hiccups that told him to move to Florida and live with his mother. He then found a permanent home in NYC and developed his tenure as a dancer with The Metropolitan Opera for the last 17 years and counting!Cesar opens up about mental health, gender expression and sexuality through the intersection of performing arts and entertainment through all phases in his life. He explains all about his current production, Art Bath, an experiential multi disciplinary experience, showcasing all mediums of artistry with a rotational roster.You'll also have to wait until the very end for Cesar's philosophy on life and how he continues to remain humble and gracious through the whole adventure.Cesar's Links:Instagram (@cesarny)WebsiteGetting Jewcy Links:Watch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)Website
64:15 04/30/2022
Episode 92 with Charlie David - LGBTQ+ Media Producer, Actor, Creator, Storyteller
Charlie David is a tried and true Queer Canadian producer and has been part of LGBTQ+ media for over 2 decades. A couple of his well known credits include being a lead role in Dante's Cove and for 10 years was the host of OUTtv's gay travel guide show, 'Bump!'He is the founder or Border2Border Entertainment in Toronto, Canada and is currently working on multiple productions. His most recent project, Dating Unlocked, debuted this year and a 2nd season is in the works!Charlie opens up about his earliest days and memories as a child and the key moments that led him to his start in performing arts. This includes his coming out journey and establishing his community of folx that evolved into the career he now flourishes in.He lives in Toronto with his partner and fur baby, and also opens up about how they met and became the partnership they are today.There are Jewcy nuggets for all demographics that are sure to leave you inspired to keep pursuing your goals and dreams!Charlie's Links:Instagram (@mrcharliedavid) - - Jewcy Links:Instagram (@getting_jewcy) - (@gettingjewcy) - to our podcast - -
74:15 04/24/2022
Episode 91 with Chef Christina Wilson PART 2 - Gordon Ramsay VP of Culinary, Hell's Kitchen
You can catch Part 1 with Christina on Episode 48!You asked for it, and we couldn't have agreed more that we NEEDED her back on the show! Culinary badass, Chef Christina Wilson, returns for an extra Jewcy catch-up where all subjects are truly up for discussion including the current state of the culinary world, gender/sexuality, lifestyle/culture, reality tv and personal/career development!Joining us from her hotel room at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, we learn that Christina has been up to a lot since we last spoke, which includes relocating to Dallas, Texas and now owning the role as the VP of Culinary for GRNA. She speaks about some of the plans for restaurants expanding across North America! Want to learn what else is squeezed into every drop? You'll have to watch to find out!Christina's Links:Instagram (@chefchristinamwilson)Getting Jewcy Links:Watch This Episode on YouTube!Instagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)Website
113:11 04/20/2022
Episode 90 with Erika Casupanan - Survivor Season 41 WINNER
The very first Canadian to win Survivor (Season 41), Erika Casupanan, fills us in about her life before the show, during the unique Survivor process and the aftermath of production. Erika is an incredibly eloquent, sincere and captivating human that isn't afraid to share from her heart and inspire other folx. Coming from a career in PR, Erika explains how she entered the industry, and in a way you may not presume right off the bat, how that also provided her certain tools and awareness to compete and successfully create her own script on Survivor.She speaks to the grieving process of being on the show and how it changed her perspective about life and being around others that are watching in real time, as she navigated herself emotionally and psychologically. Erika opens up about leaving her PR career of 10 years and how she has been embarking on a post Survivor winning lifestyle, which includes her new weekly spot as a correspondent on Entertainment Tonight Canada, debriefing Season 42 episodes.Erika is a brand influencer, public speaker, media personality and overall lovely human being.Erika's Links:InstagramGetting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
61:55 04/10/2022
Episode 89 with Jimbo the Drag Clown & Brady Taylor - Drag Superstar & the Man Behind the Clown
*Jimbo & Brady pop into the conversation around the 25 minute mark.*Jimbo the Drag Clown and his partner, Brady Taylor, ZOOM'd in from across the pond while touring all over the UK following Jimbo's successful run on RuPaul's Drag Race: UK vs the World! Jimbo and Brady have done their fair share of interviews separately, but this is the very FIRST dual interview! We get the clown AND the man behind the clown. Getting Jewcy has officially popped their cherry!Jimbo and Brady open up about their lives outside the drag and artistry industries. They reflect on their past experiences prior to Canada's Drag Race's spotlight and the inception of their own brand "House of Jimbo". We learn about the relationships with their former partners and how the two of them met and co-parent Brady's two children from his prior marriage. Jimbo explains more about the philosophy and evolution of his drag clowning and Brady speaks to the processes that it entails, both as a hair stylist and recently transitioning from being an engineer for 20 years!This dialogue really touched on the hustle and pure work ethic that we as humans and creators experience, how much goes into being your own brand and identity, and navigating through the many obstacles that present along the journey.As we aim to in all episodes, this one covers mental health and gender/sexuality, specifically within the 2SLGBTQIA+ spectrum.Jimbo's Links:Instagram (@jimbothedragclown)WebsiteBrady's Links:Instagram (@mrbradytaylor)WebsiteGetting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)*Thumbnail Photo by Helene Cyr (@helenecyrfotos on Instagram)*Hold Music by
89:37 04/03/2022
Episode 88 with Mike Yerxa - Storyteller for Canada's Biggest Reality Shows, 1 Girl 5 Gays Alum
1 Girl 5 Gays alum, Mike Yerxa, joins us from Toronto, Canada for a candid dialogue about mental health, LGBTQ+ living and storytelling through reality TV production. Yerxa grew up in a very creative family, which influenced his love of movies, theatre and Olympic sports (figure skating!). He opens up about his childhood and high school years.We got to learn about his experiences being behind the story of some of Canada's most beloved reality show productions, including Canada's Drag Race, The Amazing Race Canada and the NEW and upcoming Ultimate Challenge Canada!Mike's Links:Instagram (@mikeyerxa)Getting Jewcy Links:Watch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)Website
73:28 03/26/2022
Episode 87 with Daniela Dib - Fitness Trainer, Dancer, Actor, Creator of DibFit
Daniela Dib is a Vancouver, Canada based fitness instructor with a long history of being a professional ballet dancer, motivational speaker and the former senior instructor for Soul Cycle's Yaletown location. She joins us to open up about her journey from the start and how she wound up being able to pivot her platform of teaching fitness through her members only service: DibFit.Daniela also shares key tips for building your social media presence, which include establishing an authentic brand image that aligns with your ethics, values and services.Daniela's Links:Instagram (@danieladibfitness)WebsiteGetting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
70:48 03/20/2022
Episode 86 with GloZell Green - OG YouTuber, Comedian, Actor
Is you good? Is you okay? Because we wanted to know!The OG of YouTube, GloZell Green, is the quintessential force of viral videos. She is a former stand-up comedian, mother, voice actor and continues to make waves in media and entertainment in North America. Originally from Orlando, Florida, GloZell currently lives in LA, California with her daughter. She opens up about balancing her life as a parent and working on her own brand.GloZell tells us about accidentally launching her fame through YouTube when it was brand new and how her image wasn't present elsewhere, making it easier to initially stand out to her fans. She also chats about being a musical theatre graduate and her experiences with stand-up comedy.From her viral videos and memorable characters she created, it continued to evolve into generating a multi-million fan base, producing her own book, "Is You Okay?" and being a part of the voice cast for the Troll's show!Learn about GloZell's natural introverted nature, despite how her fans may perceive the her on YouTube banner and much more!GloZell's Links:YouTubeInstagram (@glozell)Getting Jewcy Links:Watch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
68:14 03/13/2022
The Last Sip with Rachel & Hiiro - Episode 9 - Chat Roulette, Sex & Drag... Oh My!
Sex... Sex... S.E.X?What isn't talked about in this raunchy Last Sip that isn't somehow sexually charged? We get as raw and as candid as ever with throwback references in social cultural platforms, including Chat Roulette! Rachel settles on her prospective drag persona that seasons both sweet and a little spicy 😈. Last Sip editions are up close and personal 'after dark' vignettes that are reserved for the Jewcy Duo to let it truly all squeeze out to the last drop.And.... we're so happy you found us! In order to continue making Jewcy content for you we'd love if you'd Subscribe, Like, Comment, Share, Tag, Save, Post, Review, Tweet, Toot, Tit, Tat...Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
31:04 03/09/2022
Episode 85 with Synthia Kiss - Drag Artist, Canada's Drag Race Alumni
Keep those engines revved as we are joined by Vancouver Drag Artist and Canada's Drag Race S2 alumni, Synthia Kiss! Synthia, originally from Ontario, moved to Vancouver, BC to follow the fashion design industry with Kit & Ace. From there she dove into drag performance and competed in a drag competition, which led to being a part of Vancouver's Brat Pack!Synthia shares her upbringing, growing up in Ontario, and navigating adversity for sexuality and femininity as a man, discovering creative outlets in performing arts and how it led to graduating from Ryerson University in Toronto in Fashion Design! She explains more in detail the process of becoming Synthia Kiss, as Covid ultimately affected her professional career with Mountain Equipment Coop, and encouraged her to apply for Canada's Drag Race S2.Synthia is also the co-host of Semi-Qualified Queens with fellow Drag Race S1 alumni, Juice Boxx, where they focus on breaking down the RuPaul's Drag Race franchise. You can tune into their podcast every Friday for fresh episodes with incredible guests to boot!Synthia's Links:WebsiteInstagram (@synthiakiss)Semi-Qualified Queens PodcastGetting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
73:34 03/04/2022
Episode 84 with Cory Wade - Musician, Model, Activist, America's Next Top Model Alum
Wanna be on T O P? The one and only, fiercely real, Cory Wade tunes in from NYC for a raw and inspirational dialogue, rooted in mental health. Cory opens up about the power and complexities of being an empath... need we say more, given your Jewcy Duo didn't blink an eye when the discussion dove deeper? Cory is fondly known for being the very first gay/non-binary contestant on cycle 20 of America's Next Top Model, where they placed 3rd and paved the way for all folx who also identify with them. They're an artist through and through, currently producing music in NYC and performing at an upscale piano bar!Cory shares about their projects and initiatives, which includes being a spokesperson for the LGBTQ+ community. They have toured the US to speak at multiple colleges & universities on effective allyship, inclusion, equality and human understanding.They are also part of the Phluid Project, based in NYC, which makes gender-free apparel and accessories available worldwide. Hiiro resonates strongly with this, feeling that image and branding in the fashion retail landscape needs to continue to head towards gender neutrality as we move forward as a society.Cory's Links:WebsiteInstagram (@corywadeofficial)The Phluid ProjectGetting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
73:00 02/26/2022
Episode 83 with Kendall Gender - Biracial Drag Superstar, Activist
Hold your Jewce boxes close to your jugs hennies, Canada's Drag Race Season 2 Runner-Up, Kendall Gender, struts by for a sincere and candid hangout with us! Born in beautiful BC, Kendall is more than a drag artist, she is an activist and advocate for the 2SLGBTQQPIA+ community and their allies. Kendall opens up about the initiatives and inspirations which have evolved throughout her career over the last 8 years and counting.She is the creator of 'Visible', which is a fundraising event highlighting fellow BIPOC folx and their Drag excellence. It generates funding for organizations and people within the community. Kendall was the winner of Vancouver's Next Drag Superstar which helped to launch the career she has established presently. She performed for the halftime show at the Rugby 7s, is an ambassador for Marriott Hotels and is committed to bringing Drag to all ages to inspire the next generations of empowered beings to embody their true identities!Kendall's Links:WebsiteInstagram (@kendallgender)Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
61:08 02/18/2022
Episode 82 with Trevor Boris - Executive Producer & Showrunner for Canada's Drag Race
Trevor Boris is a Canadian television producer and is the current executive producer and showrunner for Canada's Drag Race! He started initially as a stand-up comedian in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. From there he moved to Toronto after performing a successful show at Yuk Yuk's and 3 months later he landed his spot as a comedian for Much Music's legendary show - Video on Trial. Trevor has a love of reality TV shows and dives into his time with getting Big Brother Canada off the ground and being a key influence to the success it is today. This led him to further production work across the USA and UK for Big Brother, performing in comedy festivals across Canada and, also a spot on Conan as a special comedic guest!Canadian modesty is a topic of discussion and how it is significant in how it isn't always prevalent in American show business. Trevor also sheds some insights on how one may get into the industry and different ways to build relationships and therefore, maintain them long term to continue building a solid network.This discussion is a great exploration on Canadian Television Production and Reality TV. Thanks for your time and support Trevor and we can't wait to see your continued success with Canada's Drag Race!Where to Find Trevor?Instagram (@trevorboris)Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
68:36 02/13/2022
Episode 81 with Rogue - Vancouver, Canada's Premier Non-Binary Jewish Drag Artist
Rogue is a Vancouver, Canada born and raised, Jewish, Non-Binary Drag Artist taking the local scene by storm! We dive into Rogue's journey through their gender, sexuality and self-expression which ultimately led them to the medium of drag. Rogue always loved being on stage and began their drag career in 2017, refining over the last 5 years especially in their makeup artistry.They explain more about how they learned to be more confident as a person through drag and opens up about mental health and addictions with drugs and alcohol. They are also very productive and always needing to be working on several projects at once, which we contemplate the parallels with Jews/Gays by nature to be more ambitious and strive for the best results (or perhaps the never-quite-achieving idea of perfection).You can support Rogue at The Junction on Davie St in Vancouver, at their weekly show, Rated R, Thursdays at Midnight. They also just launched a series of makeup tutorials, where you can learn how to paint your face just like Rogue!Rogue's Links:Instagram (@itsjustrogue)Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
72:17 02/04/2022
Episode 80 with Mary Murphy - Ballroom Champion, Choreographer, So You Think You Can Dance Judge
The #HotTamaleTrain joins us for episode 80! Mary is known by most fans as the beloved ballroom expert judge/choreographer on FOX's So You Think You Can Dance. As always, we do our Jewcy diligence and get to know Mary beyond what you might know her as on television. She opens up about her childhood and upbringing, as well as her background within physical education and athletics, which eventually led her to ballroom. One momentous story Mary shares is about when she was first starting out in ballroom. Her teacher brought her to a very prestigious ballroom dance competition in the US to show her what is possible within the industry. Mary took one look at the dancers and vowed to herself right there and then that she would be a ballroom dance champion!She goes into the experiences she had and what eventually led her to opening her own dance studio in San Diego, California. She reflects on the contrast of the dance industry and what has changed with kids/teens coming up in the world of dance. Mary also speaks about the impact the industry has seen due to COVID, including halting the most recent production of SYTYCD and the unknowns for when it will be green-lit to resume.We also have an in-depth and thorough exchange about the future of dance, including what types of changes are happening to traditional dance culture when it comes to the emergence of advocacy for gender/sexuality, neutrality, diversity and inclusion.This discussion truly had so many topics and insights that words can't fully summarize. You'll have to watch/listen to the full episode to learn more!Mary's Links:Studio WebsiteInstagram (@hottamaletrain)Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTube!Instagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy) 
93:21 01/29/2022
Episode 79 with Daniel Alexander Jones (Jomama Jones) - Acclaimed Theatre Artist
Daniel is an American born and raised creative visionary that is known for performance artistry, including his inner embodiment that is, Jomama Jones! In this dialogue topics cover the nuances of mental health, racism, gender and sexuality and their intersectionality throughout the decades from the 1960's to today. Daniel is also a fellow Aquarius, like Rachel and Hiiro, which made for a fluid and profound exploration about humanity and the creative spirit which lies within everyone.Daniel exemplifies the artist-as-energy worker. His wildflower body of original work includes plays, performance pieces, recorded music, music theatre events, essays, and long-form improvisations. Hailed for his transformational and transcendental performance and writing, Jones continues to change lives with his mere presence. And my oh my, did we feel that!Daniel's Links:Main WebsiteRecent Project WebsiteInstagram (@danielalexanderjones)Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteListen to our PodcastInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
74:07 01/23/2022
Episode 78 with Alice Starr - Canada's Only Drag Queen Wrestler!
KaPow! Alice Starr (AKA Canada's ONLY drag queen wrestler) joins us from Toronto, Canada. Alice tells us all about how and why she began blending the two industries that are Drag and Wrestling, and shares that she had never done drag prior to introducing Alice Starr to the wrestling ring! We also learn about how mental health challenges and healing has been a part of the Alice's life process along her journey.She began her wrestling career in 2019 right before Covid hit the world, and was able to squeeze in a few wrestling matches prior to lockdown, and since then has continued creating a social media presence and expanding the awareness of her unique brand/platform. She talks about juggling a full-time day job in marketing, while also training full-time for wrestling.Alice educates us on her realm of wrestling and how it's definitely NOT a fake sport, contrary to what some people may think. This was a delightful and multi-faceted discussion between your Jewcy Duo and Alice. It's the perfect episode for those wanting to learn more about the world of drag and how it relates to a typically male dominated industry, which could benefit from some glitter, heals and a mighty fierce take down!Alice's Links:Instagram (@officialalicestarr)Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
76:18 12/26/2021
Episode 77 with Sam Led Part 1 - Mindset & Transformation Coach, Author, Podcaster
What happens when you put 3 Jews on a podcast slated for an hour? You get MORE than an hour! Sam Led, no-nonsense mindset and transformation coach, stops by for a mental health focused discussion about overcoming his anxiety and neurodiversity and empowering others to do the same.The subjects we cram into this episode vary within the mental health realm, such as the process of diagnosis when identifying what is happening in the brain, and sometimes not finding out what's happening after dealing with certain conditions for an extended period of time. We also touch on our shared Jewish ancestry, and the link to intergenerational trauma. We could tell right away in our conversation that Sam has a gift for helping people see that they are far more powerful than their fears, anxieties or bad habits.Here is an official BIO from Sam himself:Combining his studies from the University of South Florida and Nova Southeastern University, Sam shares a groundbreaking new understanding that has helped thousands of people tap into their natural innate health and resilience so they can overcome anxiety, fear, and unhealthy habits without strategies, techniques, or willpower. Sam has become a powerful conduit for those wishing to recover and flourish successfully from any major life setback or loss in their lives.After being misdiagnosed multiple times by well-meaning mental health professionals, he was final diagnosed with ADHD and experienced severe anxiety for over two decades.He was suffering silently. Then in 2005, after a series of traumatic events that lead him down a rabbit hole, he finally began to “see” that the nature of his suffering was made up and illusory. That he was one thought away from mental wellbeing (as we all are). That we are not living in a world of our outside circumstances, but we are living 100% in a world made up of thought. That the truth to who we are is below the noise.Sam's Links:WebsiteInstagram (@samledconsulting)PodcastGetting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTube!Instagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
96:57 12/21/2021
Episode 76 with Mike Zaremba - Float House Co-Founder, Entrepreneur, Family Man
Mike Zaremba, co-founder of Float House Vancouver (Canada's premier sensory deprivation tank facility), drops into the Jewcy tank with us! We discuss all things health and self care through floatation therapy and the many benefits it provides. Additionally we chat about small businesses ownership, healing through psychedelics and exploration through herbal medicines. Mike also goes back into his childhood and upbringing alongside his brother, who happens to be his Float House co-founder! Growing up with parents who were small business owners themselves, influenced Mike and his brother Andy to have the chutzpah (look it up) to build their Floating empire.We learn about how Float House was able to survive Covid, thanks to the generous support of their Float community who helped to fund their survival. In addition to this, new services were brought in... hot-cold contrast therapy and infrared sauna treatments.As always, mental health is highlighted in our discussion. xoOhhh... and there's a holiday sale on NOW until the end of December, 2021 = CLICK HEREMikes' Links:WebsiteInstagram (@float_house)Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
74:16 12/15/2021
Episode 75 with Shawn Antonio Part 2 - Life Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Happy Human
Listen to Part 1 with Shawn on Episode 70!Shawn Antonio returns to continue his truth bombing extravaganza. His engines are definitely revved up fiercely in this part 2! Shawn imparts further wisdom, as the Jewcy trio pop off like a bucket of sweet and salty 🍿.We have a very raw and candid volley with Shawn covering topics close to their hearts and also relevant to current societal matters, including gender, sexuality and breaking the binary as a whole. Shawn also talks about his 2021 Burn List; writing everything you want to release from the year and physically burning it into thin air and shoot into 2022 with a bang!Shawn is a successful author with a thriving business as a life coach and continues to inspire the humans to be their best versions of themselves! We adore this man.Want to know more about the Burn List 2021? Check out Shawn on Instagram @shawnantonio11Shawn’s Links:WebsiteInstagram (@shawnantoniolifecoaching)Want to Text/Call Shawn? He gives free consults! 310-428-5017Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy) 
65:20 12/09/2021
Episode 74 with Melina Schein - Opera Singer, Jewish Food Chef, Theatre Producer, Vocal Coach
Melina Schein is one of those spirits that is one of a kind. Born in Argentina and raised in Manhattan, NYC, Melina moved for love to a much, much smaller town, Vernon, BC, Canada. She had left the hustle of the Big Apple as an undergraduate in voice and piano accompaniment of The Juilliard School.She is a human of many talents that go beyond (or shall we say behind) the stage. She's a proud mama to a human and to a fur baby and a Jewish cooking maven, inspired by author and chef Leah Koenig. At the beginning of the pandemic Melina was an out-of-work opera singer and decided to make the best of her time by diving into her Jewish roots and cooking through the 400+ recipes in Koenig's 2019, The Jewish Cookbook. Her alter ego? The Saucy Soprano!In addition to chatting about her multi faceted career, we share lots of laughs, Melina opens up about mental health, and we get into our commonality of being grandchildren of Holocaust survivors.This was an amazing dialogue with great takeaways for all folks, regardless their walk of life and.Melina's Links:WebsiteThe Saucy Soprano WebsiteInstagram (@thesaucysoprano)Facebook (@thesaucysoprano)Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
81:45 11/29/2021
Episode 73 with Alicia Antonio - Actor, Author, PR for Hell's Kitchen Alums, Shoe Designer, Cool Mom
Alicia Antonio swings by for a chill and informative chat about her unique gift of storytelling. She is the partner of GJ alum, Shawn Antonio (Episode 70), and Alicia has been a huge supporter of the podcast including the referrer of some of our Hell's Kitchen guests!Originally from Down Under in Adelaide, Alicia established herself as an actor and model, and eventually a key account manager for Jack Daniel's. In 2009 she made the move to LA to pursue acting and writing her own books as an independent author.She speaks about her time being one of the most popular mommy bloggers in LA, and about the realities of marketing, brand management and being an Influencer. We get into the 'double edged sword' of Social followers and who important it is to have an authentic voice as a brand and as a human behind your branding.Be sure to check out the intro, where we have our typical cringe-worthy banter before Alicia joins us. 😂Follow us to be notified when new Jewce drops! xoAlicia's Links:Books on AmazonInstagram (@mamapopsbottles)Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
65:28 11/21/2021
Episode 72 with Chloe Morgan - Award Winning DJ, Radio Show Host, Fierce Mama
Award Winning DJ. Music Artist. Radio Show Host. Dancer. Former UK Pop Star. Dancer. Shining Light of Positivity. Mental Health Warrior. Mom. - These are just a few impressive labels we can apply to Chloe Morgan, our special guest on episode 72 of Getting Jewcy!Chloe joins us from her home in White Rock, BC, Canada and shows us that you can have babies and be a successful, professional entertainer in the music industry at the same time... as you'll hear the lovely sounds of her wee babe throughout our chat! Chloe shares with us how she got to where she is today, from struggling throughout her life with an eating disorder and eventually being able to heal, to finding her success in the DJ world of Vancouver, Canada and newly hosting a radio show on!Chloe's easy-going, optimistic nature is infectious. If you think you can't have it "all" after having children. Think again. This episode is for you! Chloe's Links:WebsiteInstagram (@chloemmusic)Vibes 4 U Show on'Stars' Official Music VideoGetting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
68:00 11/05/2021
The Last Sip with Rachel & Hiiro - Episode 7
On episodes of The Last Sip, you get to know us a little better. We squeeze out that last drop of the convo - never backing down from getting real, open and honest. The chat starts with "growing up Jewcy", as Rachel is recording from her mom's place in Vancouver.We're so happy you found us! In order to continue making Jewcy content for you we'd love if you'd Subscribe, Like, Comment, Share, Tag, Save, Post, Review, Tweet, Toot, Tit, Tat...Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
39:32 10/29/2021