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Audio Theatre Central is a podcast that explores family-friendly audio drama. We will follow the new releases from series such as Lamplighter Theatre, Adventures in Odyssey, Focus on the Family Radio Theatre, Heirloom Audio, Jonathan Park, and more. But will also introduce and discuss other productions that we feel would be of interest to our listeners. We also feature exclusive interviews with cast and crew members of the top radio drama productions.


ATC153: Our Top 5 Favorite Audio Dramas of All Time 61:25 09/06/2021
ATC152: 4th Annual Seneca Awards Replay & Winners' Speeches [Bonus Episode] 109:53 08/21/2021
ATC151: Review of Dashed to Pieces from Lamplighter Theatre 48:42 08/02/2021
ATC150: Review of Jonathan Park #16: Legend Unleashed & Introducing Dramafy Audio Drama Streaming Service 113:14 07/05/2021
ATC149: Review of Adventures in Odyssey #70: Finding A Way 85:59 06/07/2021
ATC148: Review of The Adventum Vol. 3 from Wise King Media 68:08 05/03/2021
ATC147: Interview with Patch the Pirate’s Adam Morgan & Industry Updates 52:56 04/05/2021
ATC146: Interview with Will Ryan and Katie Leigh, the voices of Eugene and Connie 83:04 03/01/2021
ATC145: Review of Adventures in Odyssey #69: Best Kept Secrets 77:01 02/01/2021
ATC144: Review of Jonathan Park #15: The Defining Moment 76:04 01/04/2021
ATC143: Review of Brinkman Adventures Season 8: The Wild Way & Interview with Base Camp Adventures Creative Director, Evan David 83:48 12/07/2020
ATC142: Recap of Sonic-Con 2020 [Bonus Episode] 145:07 11/30/2020
ATC141: Interview with Cindy Finley from RiverCross - Live from Sonic-Con 2020 54:40 11/02/2020
ATC140: Interview with Voice of Princess Leia, Ann Sachs [#WorldAudioDramaDay Bonus Episode] 32:21 10/30/2020
ATC139: 10th Birthday Celebration & Review of AIO #68: Out of the Blue 119:15 10/05/2020
ATC138: Review of The Legend of Quetzalcoatl & Chad Reisser Interview 86:05 09/07/2020
ATC137: Tidbits and Top 5 AIO Multi-Part Episodes of the Last Decade 38:21 08/03/2020
ATC136: 3rd Annual ATC Seneca Awards Broadcast [Bonus Episode] 90:13 08/02/2020
ATC135: Review of Unsinkable from the AIO Club and Behind the Scenes of the ATC Seneca Awards 74:50 07/06/2020
ATC134: Chris Anthony Lansdowne Interview & Top 5 Mistakes Indie Audio Drama Producers Make 126:22 06/01/2020
ATC133: Review of Jonathan Park #14: The Greatest Power 55:43 05/04/2020
ATC132: Review of My Golden Ship from Lamplighter Theatre 49:47 04/06/2020
ATC131: Review of Adventures in Odyssey #67 More Than Meets the Eye 70:11 03/02/2020
ATC130: Review of The Adventum: Vol. 2 77:04 02/03/2020
ATC129: Audio Drama Post-Production with Todd Busteed of GAP Digital 114:17 01/06/2020
ATC128: A Conversation with Audio Drama Scriptwriter, Darby Kern 69:32 12/16/2019
ATC127: Review of Quicksand: Getting to the Bottom from Lamplighter Theatre 53:03 12/02/2019
ATC126: Review of Jonathan Park Series 13: Light in the Shadows 52:26 11/04/2019
ATC125: The Six Shooter and Adapting Novels [World Audio Drama Day Bonus Episode] 55:52 10/30/2019
ATC124: Review of Jake Muller Adventures: Unidentified 68:38 10/07/2019