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Jerome's encounters with interesting people doing interesting things. Expect wildlife and conservation, artists and activists, people fixing the planet, and the beautifully eccentric.


Jerome's Bumblebee Challenge
I set myself a challenge of photographing as many species of bumblebee as I could find in one day.I trekked through fields, a former golf course, nature reserve and country park in Silverdale, and along a trail into Newcastle-under-Lyme town centre.These are my thoughts and observations recorded along the way.Can we do more to help our bumblebees? Where are they doing best? How many species did I manage to photograph?Take a look at the photographs from the day here:
29:02 08/08/2022
Artist Semaan Khawam is inspired by the freedom of birds
“My nickname is Birdman. So, I use birds in all of my work. For me, birds can travel the world without thinking of borders, you know? Something I don't have the luxury of.”Semaan Khawam is artist-in-residence at Allison Lochhead’s ‘Art for Peace’ exhibition, showing at Appetite’s Astley Walk arts space in Newcastle-under-Lyme.He tells me more about the inspiration for his sculptures and paintings, and why he can never return to the place of his birth, Syria.More about Appetite's Art for Peace exhibition here: the show
11:08 06/16/2022
Appetite Maps in March, artist Kidda Kinsey
"It turns out with Newcastle-under-Lyme that the market's been one of the main things for the culture of the place," says Kidda.Kidda Kinsey is one of five artists and illustrators commissioned by Appetite to create 'Maps in March'."These maps will build on our original town centre map created by Chloe Breeze and explore the specific themes of nature, independent businesses, markets, food and drink outlets and feeling safe within the town centre," says Appetite.Kidda was talking to Jerome Whittingham. Jerome has been commissioned by Appetite to report on activities at their Newcastle Common arts space.Find out more about Appetite's Maps in March project here: to North Staffs News email bulletin here:
03:42 03/25/2022
Appetite Maps in March, artist Su Hurrell
"My interest in Maps in March is looking at the green spaces in Newcastle-under-Lyme town centre, and uncovering some of the stories about some of the trees in particular that are around the town centre, and in the parks and along the walkways, to bring out people to just appreciate what's around them," says Su.Su Hurrell, Ladybird Su, is one of five artists and illustrators commissioned by Appetite to create 'Maps in March'."These maps will build on our original town centre map created by Chloe Breeze and explore the specific themes of nature, independent businesses, markets, food and drink outlets and feeling safe within the town centre," says Appetite.Su was talking to Jerome Whittingham. Jerome has been commissioned by Appetite to report on activities at their Newcastle Common arts space.Find out more about Appetite's Maps in March project here:  to North Staffs News email bulletin here: the show
03:14 03/25/2022
The Depository of the Dull
Siobhan McAleer, artist and community curator, is the creative force behind The Depository of the Dull. It’s a project delivered jointly by Appetite and the Brampton Museum, and it’s inviting you to ‘bring in your objects and tell us your stories’.Siobhan said: “The Depository of the Dull was made as a virtual museum in lockdown last year. I invited people to tell us about some everyday objects that they had been looking at while they'd been in their houses. We called it the Depository of the Dull. It's kind of a play on words or a joke, I guess. The thing is,neverything is supposed to look as though it's not very interesting, but then has a really interesting story that goes along with it.“For this project, the Depository of the Dull, I'm working at Newcastle Common, which is Appetite’s base in the town centre, and alongside the Brampton Museum, and what we're doing is asking people to bring in their everyday objects, with interesting stories associated in some way to Newcastle.”Listen to Jerome's full chat with Siobhan, ‘Shiv’, in this podcast. She tells us what’s already been offered to the collection, gives examples of the stories attached to some of the items, and explains how we can get involved.You can also find out more about The Depository of the Dull by visiting Appetite’s website, here: in-touch with Shiv and the Depository of the Dull with details of your deposit at depodsub@gmail.comJerome has been commissioned by Appetite to report on activities at their Newcastle Common arts space.Support the show
11:19 02/11/2022
Appetite presents Light Over Winter photographic exhibition
Light Over Winter is Appetite’s latest offering at their Newcastle Common venue, in Newcastle-under-Lyme town centre, North Staffordshire.It’s an exhibition of photographs by 14 local photographers who’ve taken part in workshops lead by Grain photography hub.I went along to a bustling preview event (Thursday 6th January 2021) to meet some of the workshop leaders and a number of the photographers who were clearly very excited to see their images on a gallery wall.The Light Over Winter exhibition is open for visitors at the Newcastle Common space on the High Street in Newcastle-under-Lyme town centre.It runs until Saturday 29th January, 11am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday.Find out more about this exhibition and  Appetite’s work by visiting their website - has been commissioned by Appetite to report on activities at their Newcastle Common arts space.
16:27 01/09/2022
Nature's Poetry with Jennifer Spice
Poet Jennifer Spice invites children and others to take a walk and to talk about nature.She’s been engaging with children from Crescent Primary School, Stoke-on-Trent, in a series of workshops to “feel a bit of nature, pick up a stone, connect with nature, read some poetry in nature, do some breathing in nature.”In this podcast episode Jennifer tells how the children respond to new experiences of the natural world, and how they’ve been inspired to write poetry together. She also shares several of her poems.“Nature, thinking, then writing prose, journaling and poetry, have been my mainstay to self-help therapy, to get well, maintain well, and grow well,” said Jennifer.Jenn is a wave of infectious energy. She delights in the shape of clouds, the buzzing of insects, the vibrancy of Nature’s palette. She aims to live in each moment, to enjoy each moment, mindfully and fully. Her writing helps her to record the moments that a camera would miss.Support the show
13:05 10/29/2021
Our Burslem. Angels, love, and affection.
June and Annette are challenging company. They challenge us to think positively about Burslem.We met in the Market Place Cafe, just opposite the former Burslem town hall.For about an hour they spoke passionately about their home town – the ‘mother town’ of the potteries – its history, its characters, its architecture, its future.“Annette calls me mother,” said June.The friend that introduced me to June and Annette calls them both ‘the mothers of the mother town’. They speak of Burslem with both love and affection.“We have an excellent community,” said June. “It always comes together for anything. It’s a beautiful old town.”June and Annette are leading members of ‘Our Burslem’, a community action group which promotes Burslem, putting on events in the town, and co-ordinating a large and vocal social media presence, on facebook in particular.Their mission is not political, or rather not ‘party political’. Actually, the group demonstrates a ‘pure’ democracy, being a movement of diverse people uniting in action and voice to affect change in their community.“It’s not about politics,” said Annette. “It’s about doing the right thing.”Maybe that is politics?The Our Burslem group’s aim is to tell others that the town is something worth shouting about.Annette said: “I think we need to reinvent ourselves as a town, as a destination town… In Stoke-on-Trent people need to be proud of where they come from, it makes a difference… I want people to realise there’s beauty in this town, it just needs some love, care, thought, and innovation – that goes back to Wedgwood… What are we going to do with it, to make it the place to be?“Would you know this is the place where Wedgwood was born? Is that not the easiest solution to get tourism into the city?”Annette, on behalf of the Our Burslem group, has recently nominated three of the town’s buildings to be considered for the Victorian Society’s ‘Top Ten Most Endangered Buildings’ list, in the hope of attracting regeneration and renovation funding.In our on-street podcast interview she talks about the three buildings she’s nominated: The Wedgwood Institute; the indoor market; and The Central – all on Queen Street.“There’s no harm in trying to make it – Burslem – better again,” concludes Annette.We’d be fools to disagree.Support the show
16:21 10/19/2021
Audio Drama: Murder in Lockdown II
Featuring themes of domestic violence and attempted suicide...It’s been five months since Bella Hickson killed her husband Connor and Police Constable Sean Cargill is still suffering the consequences. Meanwhile, Detective Inspector Alice Farmer is on Sean’s trail. Murder in Lockdown II tells a twisted tale of love, danger, and murder, against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.Murder in Lockdown II sees the return of Sean Alton as PC Sean Cargill and also stars Georgina Garton as DI Alice Farmer. Includes a cameo appearance by Zoe Hughes (Bella).Murder in Lockdown II was written by Josh Whittingham, and produced by Jerome Whittingham @photomoments for HULL IS THIS.The first episode can be heard on HULL IS THIS here: by writer Josh Whittingham here:
13:35 01/27/2021
The Hull Together Survey, have your say, and make a difference
In this podcast episode HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham chats to Pippa Robson, Deputy Chief Officer of Forum.Pippa explains the work of Forum, and talks in detail about the Hull Together survey, and opportunity for all residents of the city to shape policy for years to come."If you’re a Hull resident aged 16 or over, you can make a real difference in your community by taking part in a new survey throughout January 2021. Whether you were born in Hull or you’ve recently arrived in the city, your opinions, praise, concerns and grumbles about the issues that matter in your community – safety, employment, education, migration, integration and more – are needed to contribute to positive change.Your opinions matter and will ultimately help shape a new plan for Hull, with the aim of uniting our communities, and encouraging equality and safety for everyone."The Hull Together survey is now live and is available online at until Sunday 31 January, 2021.Paper copies, in any language required, can be requested by contacting Pippa Robson at on HULL IS THIS here: the show
17:03 01/11/2021
For The Record
An audio drama.Josh Whittingham, writer, said: “Starring Jackie Rodgers, For The Record tells the story of Detective Chief Inspector Jane Raven, a detective whose last case is hampered by the early onset of dementia. While her memories of the past are strong, Jane is having trouble remembering her last case as a detective before she was forced to take early retirement. However, one name keeps circling around in her mind: Lydiard. But what significance does it have to Jane’s final case?”At the end of For The Record, HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham talks to June Cooke, the director of Hull-based dementia charity Butterflies Memory Loss Support Group, about early onset dementia in the workplace.Writer: Josh WhittinghamJane Raven played by Jackie RodgersProduced by Jerome WhittinghamMore on HULL IS THIS:
14:45 01/07/2021
Wintry poems and reflections upon a year with spoken word performer Michelle Dee
HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham chats with writer and spoken word performer Michelle Dee.Michelle shares three poems, all written recently: Routine, Ice Queen, and Mercy. She explains the inspiration and background to each.We chat about the year in the arts, and reflect upon not just the challenges it has presented - but also the opportunities.Michelle makes a recommendation for a wine to enjoy with bacon steaks.HULL IS THIS: the show
22:09 12/22/2020
Hull Freedom Chorus - Light of a Guiding Star
In this podcast episode Clare Drury, Musical Lead at Hull Freedom Chorus, chats with HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham about the choir's song for Christmas 2020 - Light of a Guiding Star.Clare tells how the year has helped shape the song, and how this performance 'together but apart' blends traditional Christmas themes with  messages for a pandemic year.The choir share their performance of the song.Performance video available on HULL IS THIS here: the show
10:34 12/18/2020
Rooted in Hull's artist in residence reveals what's in the big red box
In this podcast interview Fiona Caley, artist in residence at Hull's urban agriculture project Rooted in Hull, reveals what's in store for artists visiting the site.She talks to HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham about opportunities for collaboration with other artists - visual art and photography, poetry and spoken word, performing arts and musicians.Website: Rooted in HullRead full article on HULL IS THIS here: the show
13:17 12/18/2020
The Hull Library of Stuff
In this podcast HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham pays a visit to the Hull Library of Stuff. He meets the library's founder and director, Alan Dalgairns.Alan explains how making a purchase on an online auction site some years ago got him thinking about how he could help people save money, and help reduce the environmental impacts of manufacturing, owning, and disposing of 'stuff'.Read article at HULL IS THIS here: the show
11:20 12/10/2020
Every time we look into Graham Graham Beck's eyes it's Christmas
In this podcast HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham chats to theatrical musician Graham Graham Beck.Graham tells us how a 2020 calendar clear of festival appointments may lead to a greater offering of his genuinely unique, often surreal, musical performances in 2021.Graham shares his freshly knob-twiddled Christmas single 'Every time I look into your eyes it's Christmas'.He reveals how he'll be spending Christmas Day.And, the editor prays there'll be no fireworks.Check out Graham Graham Beck on twitter @BeckGra, and take a look at his website: photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments Support the show
12:43 12/07/2020
Support the WISHH charity's National Elf Service this Christmas
In this podcast HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham talks to WISHH charity manager Lisa Whitton.Lisa talks about the work of the WISHH charity - working independently to support Hull hospitals. They've had quite a year!This Christmas their popular annual campaign has to be delivered very differently, in order to keep patients safe from Covid-19 - but there's still plenty of opportunity to have some fun, raise some cash, and know you're helping to bring some happiness to those who find themselves in hospital during the festive season.Website: WISHH CharityTwitter: @WISHHcharityYou can also read full details of WISHH National Elf Service campaign here:
09:19 12/04/2020
'Grow Your Own' food project aims to alleviate food poverty
In this podcast episode HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham visits EMS Community Growing Coordinator John Pickles, to hear how this charity is helping people to beat food poverty by having a go at growing their own veg.Read full article on HULL IS THIS here: the show
15:48 12/03/2020
Christmas Trees 4 Ever
In this podcast episode Miranda van Rossum, creative co-ordinator and leader of We Made This Hull crafting group, tells HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham all about their latest large-scale community crafting project - Christmas Trees 4 Ever.On Saturday 5 December 2020, over 140 trees in 85 locations across Hull will be decorated with handmade creations by hundreds of local people.“The theme for this year’s trail is reduce-reuse-recycle. It’s been great to see so many creative interpretations of it in the makes, and the ‘tree identifiers’ on each tree will tell you a little more about how its makers have approached the theme,” said Miranda.Many groups, this year, have decided to take some time off from their regular activities because of the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. Not so for Miranda’s movement of dedicated crafters, they’ve stepped up to the challenge and even taken more ground! This year’s Christmas Trees 4 Ever trail even includes ‘makes’ created by an increased number of care home residents. Fab work!More details about this project - and the Christmas Trees 4 Ever map - can be found on the group’s website here:https://wemadethishull.wordpress.comUse and follow the hashtag #ChristmasTrees4Ever on social media.More on HULL IS THIS here: the show
11:27 12/01/2020
Exploring alcohol consumption and its affect on mental health
In this HULL IS THIS podcast, editor Jerome Whittingham is joined by Laura Jarvis, Senior Development Manager at The Alcohol and Drug Service, and Paul Longley, Mental Health Trainer at Hopen and facilitator of Andy's Man Club in Hull.We talk about the mental health impacts of consuming too much alcohol, how much is too much, what strategies and coping mechanisms we can adopt to take control of our drinking, and what professional help is available to those who are worried about excessive alcohol consumption.Read full article, with links to help and support, on HULL IS THIS: the show
22:38 11/15/2020
Hull Urban Opera, inspirations and dark fascinations
“We’re playing everything by ear, appropriately enough,” said Russell Plows, Artistic Director of Hull Urban Opera.In this podcast we continue our ad hoc series of lockdown conversations with artists.We find out how Hull Urban Opera has responded to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, and its restrictions.Podcast: 24 minutes.Russell tells us about how the collective has made best use of lockdown time, some twiddling of thumbs, but also a lot of planning and even creating new works.Violence seems to be the way forward, it seems. Russell delights in revealing something of what the opera has in store ‘on the dark web’, maybe next year. “It’s an exploration of violence as a means of entertainment.”Intriguing. The Hull Urban Opera collective don’t do opera in a stuffy way, and they don’t shy away from contemporary culture and difficult issues.We discuss the collective’s use of technology, and Russell shares some thoughts about online arts encounters he’s enjoyed this year.Russell Plows was talking to HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham.Produced for HULL IS THISSupport the show
23:35 11/11/2020
Dyslexia, it's a creative gift
Throughout October - Dyslexia Awareness Month - we've been digging a little deeper to explore what dyslexia is, and how it impacts upon life.In this podcast episode, HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham assembles a Creative Briefs panel to recap on conversations we've had this month, looking at how dyslexia changes education, entrepreneurship, emotions, and employment.The panel joining Jerome are: Josh, featured in our video 'Dyslexia Day to Day'; Yasmin, Creative Briefs project manager; and Jason and Rebecca, Creative Briefs directors.Support the show
26:28 10/25/2020
Hull Freedom Chorus responds to pandemic isolation
The coronavirus pandemic, and its lockdowns and impacts, has challenged those that like to gather together to sing.In this podcast HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham chats with leader of Hull Freedom Chorus Clare Drury.Clare is an Arts Development Officer at Hull City Council.We explore how technology and determination have created solutions, allowing choir members to produce music together.More on HULL IS THIS here: the show
21:16 10/16/2020
Dyslexic Design with Jim Rokos
In a series of features marking Dyslexia Awareness Month 2020, HULL IS THIS has partnered with Creative Briefs to explore how dyslexic people think differently and often excel at creative activities.Throughout October we’ll be looking at how dyslexia impacts upon emotions, education, employability, and entrepreneurship.In this podcast, Creative Briefs introduces HULL IS THIS Editor Jerome Whittingham to designer and entrepreneur Jim Rokos.Jim Rokos curated the Dyslexic Design exhibition which was presented at Designjunction, London, in 2016. The exhibition won a silver award in the 2016 London Design Awards for Pop-Ups, Display, Exhibit & Set Design.Photo: THE LADDER THAT LIKES THE WALL (detail) - Ab Rogers, American hardwood - 2014.See more at HULL IS THIS here:
17:46 10/11/2020
MAGIC Bilton MAGIC Derringham
The editor, Jerome Whittingham, loves the sound of the rain.HULL IS THIS was invited to learn more about a project that’s exploring how rainwater can be managed in urban areas.It’s a project called MAGIC Bilton, there’s a sister project too, called MAGIC Derringham.The MAGIC projects are working with residents in these areas of Hull, UK,  to look at ways that rainwater can be  better managed, and creative thinking is being encouraged.The research project is led by the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at the University of Sheffield, in collaboration with the Hull and East Riding ‘Living with Water’ Partnership, and Timebank Hull & East Riding.They’ve commissioned a couple of community artists to help stimulate the conversation, and gather residents thoughts and ideas.The artists are Rachel Elm and Jemma Brown. We're also joined by Steven Dale, Clerk for Bilton Parish Council.Read more at HULL IS THIS, here: the show
11:20 09/11/2020
Tranby Lodge Gate Clay Creatures
Community and creativity come together as Tranby Lodge Gate woodland and wildlife haven hosts the ‘release’ of over 60 unique stoneware clay animal sculptures, made by Hessle residents during coronavirus lockdown.Project lead Pam Locker tells HULL IS THIS editor all about the project.Full article and photos on HULL IS THIS here:
07:34 08/23/2020
Solidarity & Love, exhibition by Jamie Crewe
In this HULL IS THIS podcast episode, editor Jerome Whittingham visits Humber Street Gallery, Hull, to preview artist Jamie Crewe's exhibition entitled 'Solidarity & Love'.Jerome is guided through the exhibition and its themes by gallery Exhibition and Education Coordinator David Cleary."The exhibition takes inspiration from Radclyffe Hall’s novel The Well of Loneliness (1928), and addresses the provocations of the book, which has had a lasting impact on generations of queer, lesbian, and transgender people."Full show notes and photographs on HULL IS THIS website here: the show
16:22 08/14/2020
Flash fiction writer's Heavenly Body
HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham talks to flash fiction writer Rich Sutherland.Rich shares his latest 300 word flash fiction story, 'Heavenly Body', and we chat in depth about his writing style and inspirations.More at HULL IS THIS here: the show
22:42 08/04/2020
The visual language of Hull's Rex launderettes
Kenn Taylor, former creative director at Artlink in Hull, has a fascination for the city's Rex launderettes. He has visited and photographed each of them."There’s this orange, intense orange thing, and the fact that they look like they just hadn’t changed. They have this visual language, but they’re all slightly different," said Kenn.In this podcast interview with HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham, Kenn reveals more about his interest in this city 'clothes care' chain.You can see Kenn's photographs on HULL IS THIS here:
06:46 07/26/2020
Gillian Godden - NHS key worker & crime writer
Medical receptionist Gillian Godden has been working in her current role for the NHS for 13 years. Early in 2019 she wrote and published her first crime novel, and has quickly established a significant following of admiring readers.In this podcast interview with HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham, Gillian reveals a little about how her gangland characters and stories come about, what other story arcs she's developing, and how she's now balancing two careers she loves.Read more on HULL IS THIS: the show
29:33 07/15/2020