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The Product-Led Sales Podcast

The Product-Led Sales Podcast brings together the world's best leaders in sales, GTM ops, customer success, and revenue, to share their insights around closing deals and growing revenue at product-led companies! 🚀


Uncommon lessons scaling Hubspot from seed to IPO | Mark Roberge, Founder & MD of Stage 2 Capital, former CRO of Hubspot 29:23 05/03/2022
How Very Good Security made PLG its competitive edge | Mahmoud Abdelkader, Co-Founder & CEO of Very Good Security 30:36 04/19/2022
Perpetua’s approach to building an outstanding user experience | Joe Rideout, Co-President at Perpetua 32:51 04/12/2022
Expanding into a new market via an internal startup | Vojtech Boril, VP of Growth & Marketing at Kontent by Kentico 27:13 03/28/2022
How LaunchDarkly equips its Sales and CS teams with PLG signals | Sydney Ziegler (Customer Success), Kevin Gemulla (Sales), Joe Ryan (Chief of Staff - Revenue), LaunchDarkly 35:28 03/17/2022
PLG secrets to drive monetization and expansion | Rajan Sheth, Partner at Hypergrowth, fmr VP of Growth and Self-Service at JumpCloud 33:13 03/16/2022
How to survive on 2 sellers while serving tens of thousands of users | Alex Younes, Enterprise Business Lead at Dovetail 29:44 03/14/2022
Shogun's CRO on how you should structure your revenue org | Kristen Habacht, Chief Revenue Officer at Shogun 39:19 03/09/2022
Who says you can’t do both outbound sales and PLG? | Jim Norton, Chief Revenue Officer at Flowcode 30:15 03/07/2022
Can you really get away with zero outbound sales or marketing? | Christopher Reuter, Head of Growth at Prefect 25:15 03/04/2022
A masterclass in pricing and packaging SaaS products | Georgios Gatos, Chief Revenue Officer, Toggl 37:11 03/02/2022
What do you do if customers prefer a sales-led approach | Rohan Bairat, SVP Sales, CS & Professional Services, Spreedly 31:10 03/01/2022
How do you merge 2 successful self-serve products? | Christof Jaritz, VP Marketing & Growth, Bitly 30:01 02/28/2022
Growing a bootstrapped startup to millions of customers | Bulut Akışık, VP of Growth, Jotform 31:05 02/25/2022
Vercel’s edge: a killer product advocates team | Kevin Van Gundy, Chief Revenue Officer & Morgane Palomares, Senior Director, Growth & Revenue Marketing, Vercel 31:36 02/23/2022
How to use experimentation to add sales-assist to PLG | Pranav Piyush, VP of GTM & Product, Invoice2go 27:45 02/10/2022
How to build a free tool to generate tons of leads for your product | Sadra Boutorabi, Head of Growth, Tiny 37:57 02/08/2022
Free trial vs freemium: how to decide which is best for your product? | Chang Chen, Head of Growth and Marketing, 23:50 02/03/2022
The trick to getting passive users engaged | Allen Liao, Group PM, Lucid 34:22 01/27/2022
How commercetools moved from pure self-serve to selling to the enterprise | Kelly Goestch, Chief Product Officer, commercetools 39:29 01/25/2022
PLG only works when your market is sufficiently educated | Shrikant Mudliar, Product Lead - Growth at Airmeet 34:06 01/19/2022
The rigorous approach to growth that took Sprout Social to $200m in revenue | Peter Soung, Co-Founder & Director of Growth, Eng. & Product at Sprout Social 28:44 01/13/2022
The metrics ClickUp uses to align its PLG teams | James Labastida, ClickUp's Chief of Staff, Growth 24:01 01/11/2022
How to build a hyper-efficient product-led sales org | Alex Kudelka, VP of Sales, Bitrise 30:24 01/06/2022
Product-Led Sales Teams Should Put On Their Marketing Hats | Pete von Burchard, VP of Sales at Wistia 27:54 12/30/2021
The growth secrets that helped scale Heroku | Christopher Lauer, Head of WW Online Sales at Heroku 27:19 12/29/2021
Mastering the Art of Product Growth with Partho Ghosh, Senior Director of Product, Growth at Hootsuite 29:34 12/21/2021
How Bubble acquired its first 1m+ users by building a devoted community | Emmanuel Straschnov, Founder of Bubble 33:09 12/16/2021
Why PLG Revenue Operations Teams Need to Work Closely With Product | Sophia Francis, Dir of RevOps at Dooly 21:09 12/10/2021
When to adopt product-led growth and when to ditch it | Troops founder Scott Britton 29:51 12/02/2021