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One ounce of POWERFUL insight in the morning without the hangover of a drawn out podcast! For busy family oriented business men. Discover how to perform at your highest potential as a husband, father, CEO, executive, business owner, entrepreneur or professional. Backed by proven leadership and business strategies, real neuroscience and ancient wisdom.


The 4 C's To Success
After working with many people over the years, we've identified that these are the four C's that almost everyone craves and are precursors to success!!!
05:17 1/6/23
How NOT To Get Burned By Expecting Things From Others
Do you find yourself getting disappointed by others often? Do they not do the things you expect them to do? It's probably because they haven't done this...
06:41 12/31/22
Why You Don't Have Control Of Your Success If You Have An Executive Assistant
Having an executive assistant can be a huge plus. But it can also be a huge minus if you don't do this with your EA today. Tune in to find out what it is...
05:11 12/22/22
You Must Focus On This In 2023 To Be Successful
There's lots to focus on in the new year. The priorities are endless, but this one thing can help you achieve all of them and more...
06:54 12/22/22
This 30 Minutes of My Day Leads To Massive Succcess
Just like performers set the stage before they perform, so must you. Your performance is dependent on this very important factor. If you miss it, you might as well throw away your performance for the day! Listen now to discover what it is...
05:10 12/14/22
Why Most People Are Not Overworked But Overwhelmed
In this episode, I break the common misconception that people are overworked. There's something even more important that needs to be addressed! Tune in now...
06:35 12/13/22
Caution: Stop Wasting Your Energy Trying To Change Someone
You've spent countless hours and energy trying to help someone but nothing seems to be working! Join the will never work until this happens...
07:21 12/9/22
Here Is The Single Biggest Cause Of Overwhelm
The feeling of overwhelm is normal. Or is it? It's one of the biggest causes of underperformance and anxiety. But overwhelm isn't caused by having too much on your plate; it's caused by something else. Listen now.
06:47 12/5/22
Two of the Most Powerful Yet Underutilized Tools Used by Billionaires
Do you every wonder how billionaires and the most successful people in their industry get things done? They use these two simple tools that most people completely underutilize. Listen now to find out what they are...
04:56 12/3/22
When Is The Best Time To Make Love To Your Wife?
Have you ever wondered if there is an ideal time to make love to your wife? The answer is "YES!" Tune in to find out when that is....
07:38 11/29/22
How To Accelerate Your Learning By 5X
If you want to achieve your biggest goals, you need to enhance your skills. Tune in to find out how to speed up your ability to learn a new skill by 5x. It's a secret you learned in skill but no one taught you why it's so important...
06:03 11/24/22
Sometimes A Simple Tweak Can Change Your Life
It's common for people to use elaborate strategies to overcome their challenges or achieve their goals. But sometimes, all it takes is a small tweak to completely change your life forever!
06:30 11/22/22
The Secret Method To Getting People To Do What You Want Every Time
The most powerful individuals in the world have this skill: it's the ability to get others to do what they want. And they have a specific method behind it. Tune in to find out what their secret is...
06:57 11/17/22
A Cool Way To Get More Done In Less Time
Don't you wish you had more time? Most people do. There's so much to do and very little time left over to enjoy our lives. But what if you could get more work done and still have time left over to do everything else you want in life?There is a way, and I'm going to share one of those with you in this episode. Tune in!!!
06:22 11/15/22
Courage Creates Freedom
Freedom is the single biggest thing that people want more than anything. Some are even willing to put their lives on the line for it. But what does it take to have real freedom? Tune in to find out...
06:59 11/11/22
How Your Mental Models May Be Keeping You Stuck
A lot of us hinder or stop our own progress. It's not your fault but you can do something about it. The first thing to do is know what mental models you operating on. Most of them are probably inaccurate or outdated so that's why you need to listen to this episode. So you can break free of them!
05:59 11/7/22
The Single Biggest Factor For Making More Sales
Are you in a sales role, run a sales division or own a business? Even if you don't, you need to listen to this episode because you'll learn one simple factor that will help you make more sales. It's so simple, yet so many people miss out on it!
05:51 11/3/22
Self-Reflection The Powerful Way
Most people tend to self-reflect but it's not always the right way. Learn how to change your self-reflection method to be 10x more powerful in achieving your goals. Tune in...
05:16 11/2/22
Why Real Confidence Starts From Within
Confidence is a tricky thing. Either you have it or you don't because there is no middle ground. A lot of men walk around presenting themselves as being confident, but much of it is a show. Real confidence comes from this...
07:05 10/27/22
The One Question That Changed My Life
If you're at a point in life where you want change, tune into this episode. There is one question that can change it all for you as it did for me. Listen now...
05:39 10/26/22
Every Day Requires A New Strategy
Nothing in life remains constant. Every moment of every day, things are changing. If you're using the same approach each day, you're heading into a rude awakening. Here's how to avoid that...
05:05 10/24/22
Do This To Boost Your Motivation & Drive
Many men deal with low drive and motivation. Instead, they use grit and will power to get through. That doesn't always work because eventually you burn out. A better way is to boost your motivation and drive by doing this simple thing...
04:38 10/20/22
The Two Part System For Achieving Your Biggest Goals
Start planning your future now because you're more likely you are to achieve your BIGGEST goals if you do! But not all planning is equal. The men we work with use this two-part system and it works! Tune in to find out what it is...
06:03 10/15/22
You Are Worth It
Have you ever doubted yourself or allowed yourself to feel that you're not good enough? It happens to all of us and sometimes we just have to do this. Find out what it is!!
05:51 10/6/22
The Danger of Letting Things Slide
We have a tendency to let things slide. Sometimes they get better, but most of the time they don't. So here's what to do!
04:53 10/5/22
How To Dramatically Shift Employee Performance
Every leader wants high-performing team members, but how do you actually make that happen? There's one thing that stands in the way and once you remove that, their performance will dramatically increase. Listen now...
05:51 9/27/22
The Three Rules Of The Complete Man
The Complete Man is the man who performs at his best, achieves his biggest goals and lives a life of fulfillment. If you haven't read my book "The Complete Man," here are three basic rules. Tune in to find out what they are...
04:41 9/24/22
Why Most Men Are Controlled By Others And How To Overcome it
To be The Compelete Man, you must first choose a path that you want. Not what others want for you! Many men fool themselves into believing that what others want is what they want as well. This is a path to disaster!
05:49 9/22/22
Step Into Your Masculinity
If you feel misaligned in line, a big part of that may be because you haven't fully stepped into your masculinity. It's not your fault. Society is telling men NOT to be men. It's a slippery slope to go down and that's why it's so important for you to step into your masculinity asap!
06:16 9/20/22
Incomplete Men Consistently Struggle And Here's Why
Incomplete men always seem to struggle. Their struggle isn't just worse than The Complete Man, it's much more extended and consistent. Here's Why...
05:44 9/19/22