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Appraisers are in a struggling profession. Dustin Harris has discovered a way to buck the current trends and be a successful business owner despite the challenges. In this podcast, he shares his secrets with other appraisers and helps them to be more successful as well.


787 Tax Planning in September?
Many of us wait until April 14 to even think about taxes, but the time to plan ahead is the last quarter of the previous year. Now is the time to get your books and business in order so that you can be prepared for April 15.
17:53 10/02/2022
786 How are you weathering the slow down?
Many of us have experienced a bit of a slow down the last few months. Listen as Dustin tells us about one mastermind student who is only getting busier. What is the secret? Attachments area
09:17 09/28/2022
785 Bulletproofing Your Appraisal Business
You have heard of bulletproofing your reports, but can you do the same thing with your appraisal business? Jim Stafford joins Dustin again this week to break down some of the things you should be doing to make sure your appraisal business stays strong.
18:35 09/25/2022
784 Getting to your Goals Sometimes Requires Major Sacrifice
Goals are never easy. At least, goals that are worth it requires sacrifice. Dustin tells about a recent major decision he made in order to accomplish his biggest goal.
15:20 09/21/2022
783 The HARD and the EASY way
Jim Stafford joins Dustin to talk about two acronyms HARD and EASY. There is a hard way to run your appraisal business and, of course, an EASY way. These acronyms will make it easier to put in place the processes which will make your business run more smoothly.
22:47 09/18/2022
782 Creating diversity in the Appraisal profession
There was much talk of the Valuation Expo this week concerning diversity in our profession. How do we create it. Dustin has been putting forth an answer for many years and it was good to hear it from some others.
11:38 09/14/2022
781 So You Want To Start An Appraisal Podcast
What does it take to do an appraisal (or any other topic) podcast? What about equipment? Where do you find content? Is it worth it? Dustin breaks it all down.
19:48 09/11/2022
780 Cubicasa: What is all the Hype?
By now, you have heard of Cubicasa, but what is it really, and can it be beneficial to appraisers? Jeff Allen, President of Cubicasa is here to answer all of the tough questions about this technology. You can find out more by going to www.cubi.cassa.
23:42 09/07/2022
779 Being Chased By A Man With a Gun for Taking Comp Photos
Mark Skapinetz joins Dustin to talk about a recent, scary encounter with a man and a gun. He also will update the listeners on his progress, why he focuses on private over mortgage work and announces The Contributory Value Podcast.
30:48 09/04/2022
778 The Lake and the Bridge Analogy
Sharpen the saw. Get off the bike. It has been called by many names, but the principles are the same. Sometimes you have to slow down to go faster.
10:50 08/31/2022
777 The Bias Thing is Really Not That Big of a Deal
Lot's of media attention has been placed on the racial bias issue. But, is it really a big deal and what is an appraiser to do about it? Tim Andersen, The Appraiser's Advocate, is here to discuss that and neighborhood boundaries.
21:19 08/28/2022
776 Successful Steps to Get More Private Work
With the market slowing, some appraisers are looking to private work. However, what might have worked in the past, may not work so well today. Dustin shares some surefire methods to building your private appraisal work. He also welcomes a new sponsor, Cubicasa.
10:00 08/24/2022
775 The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Approach to the Ultimatum Meeting
Sometimes your hired help just is not working out. Before you let them go, you need to have a sit down meeting with them. It is very important that you take the right approach to that meeting.
20:25 08/21/2022
774 Why Is An Office Manager Essential To Success?
The term Office Manager can have many different meanings. Dustin breaks down why it is an umbrella term and why you should consider a great office manager - even in the slow times.
08:14 08/17/2022
773 The Sales Used Are The Best Sales Available
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
21:17 08/14/2022
772 One is None
When it comes to tech or human resources, or a number of other important things, remember that if you only have one, your one can become none very quickly.
10:18 08/10/2022
771 What To Know Before You Become An Appraiser
There are many individuals who would like to become an appraiser, but where do you start? Macaile Hutt joins Dustin to talk about commonly asked (and answered) questions regarding entering the appraisal field. Here is a link to the Appraiser Diversity Initiative:
27:51 08/07/2022
770 Cutting Through The Daily Noise
From text messages, to email inboxes to to-do lists (not to mention just living life and interacting with the world), daily noise can be overwhelming. How do you find peace of mind and what systems does Dustin employ to get things done and stay on top of the constant onslaught of messages?
09:40 08/03/2022
769 Now, More Than Ever, You Should Be "Touching" Your Clients
Interest rates have gone up and mortgage applications have gone down. While some appraisers may still be waiting for the fax machine to ring, you shouldn't be. Here are a few things you can do to be an appraiser who is always busy.
19:07 07/31/2022
768 Finally, an Appraiser of His Word
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
09:16 07/27/2022
767 How To Survive A Down Market
Appraisers are experiencing the largest slow down in volume since the housing market crash of 2008. What is going on and what should you be doing to survive this change? John Liss, Founder and CEO of True Footage, Inc. joins Dustin to discuss.
16:26 07/24/2022
766 "If Everyone Was Wearing Cowpies On Their Heads..."
It is a phrase my dad used to tell me. I think it has a lot to do with whether or not you are successful as a business owner.
08:20 07/20/2022
765 Structuring Your Tech to Get Ready To Hire
Before you hire someone to help in your appraisal business, make sure you set up the right technology in the right way to accommodate them and succeed with them.
16:42 07/17/2022
764 Can You Be Close-nit as a Long-Distance Office?
It is hard working from home. Can you really stay connected as an office if you are not in the same workspace?
08:03 07/13/2022
763 "Based on my 30 Years of Experience As An Appraiser..."
Helpful hint: If you are before the state board and are asked how you came up with that adjustment, do not say this. What can you do, however, to get to where you feel like your adjustments are supported?
14:09 07/10/2022
762 Those Damn Email Notifications
Inevitably, they are going off all day long. But how do you get away from them without losing business?
08:39 07/06/2022
761 How Do You Know If You Can Afford To Hire Someone
Most appraisers get it when it comes to the principle of delegation. But, are you stuck in a rut because it feels like you can't afford to hire? Let's talk about how to get out of that hole and on to success.
18:24 07/03/2022
760 In a World of Apples, Be An Orange
Though people are comfortable with consistency, we are drawn to unusual things. When you are searching for that perfect employee, stand out above the crowd.
09:21 06/29/2022
759 Everybody is Different
We tend to think others think like and are drawn toward the same things as us. But, that is just not true. Get to know your people so you can get them in the right seats.
18:44 06/26/2022
758 The Good Ol' Boy Ain't So Good Afterall
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
13:28 06/22/2022