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Rabbi Greenberg is the founder and director of the Jewish Discovery Center in Buffalo, NY. Rabbi Greenberg is an internationally renowned Judaic scholar, author of several books, and of hundreds of scholarly and popular articles. Rabbi Greenberg has reached and touched the lives of tens of thousands of people through his weekly TV program and the thousands of hours he has spent teaching and lecturing. He has brought the highest of ideals to the broadest of audiences. His lectures and classes may be found on


Rambam In-Depth I When Poverty Leads to Idolatry
What happens when poverty leads a Jew to sell himself into idolatrous service? Rabbi Greenberg examine the Jewish laws around this tragic case according to Maimonides' Mishneh Torah. We'll explore the disputes between Rambam and Tosafot on whether intent matters if the outcome further distances someone from Judaism. Can we redeem those who stray far from the path? How do we balance justice and mercy?This in-depth look at Jewish ethics reveals timeless wisdom for our lives today. Join me as we delve into the mind of Maimonides, one of history's greatest rabbis. Gain fresh perspective on assimilation, excommunication, repentance, and our duties to those who lose their way.Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
07:02 1/30/24
The Life and Legacy of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn - The Previous Rebbe - Part II
Discover the untold history and mystical meaning behind the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Learn the covert spiritual battle encoded in its construction. Uncover the transcendent madness of Biblical prophets and how it relates to your soul. This mind-blowing discourse from the Lubavitcher Rebbe reveals profound kabbalistic truths about creation, sin, and humanity's relationship with the Divine.Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
43:17 1/29/24
Discover the secret power of birthdays according to Jewish wisdom. Learn why your birthday is the day God says "This world cannot go without you!" Gain insight into how to tap into your spiritual energies on your birthday. Understand the importance of knowing your Hebrew/Jewish birthday.Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
31:16 1/29/24
Unbelievable Miracle: Rebbe Dollar Saves Lives!
See the incredible story of how one dollar from the Lubavitcher Rebbe miraculously healed a man after a devastating stroke. This unbelievable tale of faith and divine intervention will restore your hope and belief. Learn how the rabbi's blessing and a single dollar led to a miraculous recovery that stunned doctors. Don't miss this emotional journey about the power of prayer and a holy man.Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
16:47 1/29/24
The Life and Legacy of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn - The Previous Rebbe
Discover the astonishing life story of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson, the legendary Previous Rebbe of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. Learn how he transformed Jewish life in Soviet Russia, miraculously escaped the Nazis, and built a global Jewish revival from America. This video takes you on a riveting journey through the Previous Rebbe's daring underground activities, remarkable teachings, and tireless efforts that saved countless Jewish lives. From transforming American Jewry to giving cryptic blessings that warded off Nazi bullets, the Previous Rebbe's unbelievable exploits will inspire and mystify you!Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
55:03 1/23/24
The Rebbe's Blessing
Incredible stories of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's blessings and how they protected his followers during World War 2. Hear how the Rebbe miraculously stopped an anti-Semitic decree in Russia. Discover the spiritual power behind the Rebbe's guarantee that "Every bullet has an address. You are not the address."Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
16:27 1/21/24
Escaping Egypt Daily
We're still slaves in Egypt today. How do we break free? Learn how the Exodus story applies to liberating your soul daily. Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
23:31 1/19/24
Rambam In-Depth I Land Sales Gone Wrong
Crazy disputes between Jewish scholars over land and date palm sales - what happens when you sell land and crops but don't deliver on the crops?! We dive into an intense 2000 year old debate over contracts and sales between the Rambam and Rabbeinu Tam.Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
05:26 1/16/24
Torah's Hidden Wisdom
Discover the mystical secrets hidden in the weekly Torah portion and uncover profound insights into spirituality, God, and the meaning of life. Learn how the exodus from Egypt contained four stages of redemption that we celebrate today. Gain a deeper understanding of the Ten Plagues and their mystical purpose beyond simply punishing the Egyptians. This mind-expanding lecture reveals a whole new dimension to the Torah and Judaism that will blow your mind!Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
39:44 1/12/24
The Secret to Winning Every Argument
Learn the timeless Jewish secret to winning debates and having your opinions endure forever. Discover the key to healthy disagreements that strengthen bonds. Find out what destroys relationships and reputations. Watch now and transform the way you argue!Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
40:27 1/11/24
The Life and Legacy of Maimonides
Maimonides, also known as "The Rambam," lived over 800 years ago but left an indelible mark on Judaism that is still felt today. Some consider him one of the 10 most influential Jewish sages in history. We dive deep into the immense accomplishments of Maimonides across philosophy, law, medicine and more, while also covering the many controversies surrounding his ideas. From his struggles against forced conversion of Jews, to his efforts to reconcile faith with reason, to his voluminous writings that reformulated Jewish law, Maimonides led an incredible life filled with tragedy and triumph.Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
74:30 1/9/24
Love That Never Ends
Discover the hidden truth about the misunderstood concept of love with this profound teaching. Gain wisdom from Jewish scripture and Chasidic insight to transform superficial relationships into eternal bonds of unconditional intimacy. Learn to cultivate selfless bonds free from judgement—in marriage, family, friendship, and even your connection to the divine. Find fulfillment through the secrets of genuine union, revealed.Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
46:27 1/4/24
The Secret to Living as a Jew - Part VI
What are the kosher laws? Rabbi explains the Jewish rules around food, including forbidden foods like pork, mixing meat & dairy, blood, insects, and more.Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
61:54 1/2/24
Ancient Blessings for Modern Success
Unlock the secrets of ancient Jewish wisdom to manifest blessings and achieve your goals in life.Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
37:08 1/1/24
Lost Wife Found Down Under
A Chassidic woman flees to Australia and disappears. See how a chance encounter on a plane leads to her being found and returning to her faith.Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
18:31 1/1/24
Rambam In-Depth I Injure and Atone the Torah Way
If you hurt someone, you'd think you simply have to pay for their losses - medical bills, lost wages, etc. But the Torah says there's more to it. According to Jewish law, causing harm is a sin that demands atonement between you, the victim, and God. Paying damages ransoms your body from further punishment.In this video, we analyze the ethical reasoning behind these laws. While most assume they're about compensation, the 12th century Rabbi Maimonides (the Rambam) unlocks the mystical side. Since our bodies belong to God, payments act as repentance for the injury you deserve in return. Through debate of Biblical verses and Talmudic stories, the Rambam reveals Judaism's underlying spiritual basis for civil damages.Join us as we explore this ancient teaching on taking responsibility beyond just legal and financial realms. The truths of atonement, forgiveness, and our relationship with the Divine can transform how we approach conflict, justice and relationships.Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
07:01 1/1/24
The 4 Types of Students
What kind of student are you - the super soaker sponge, the forgetful funnel, the negative strainer, or the focused sieve? Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each in this insightful lecture.Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
39:18 12/28/23
Broken Trust Resurfaces
Years after reuniting, Joseph's brothers fear he will seek revenge with Jacob gone. What happens next?Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
11:50 12/27/23
Rambam In-Depth I Torah Prohibits Fraud of Any Size
Join us as we dive deep into the Torah's prohibition on inaccurate weights and measures - is even the tiniest inaccuracy forbidden? What is the true nature of this law?Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
08:46 12/26/23
The Secret to Living as a Jew - Part IV
What's the deal with the mezuzah? Learn the truth about this mysterious object - from what's inside to where to place it, why it matters, crazy stories, how to check if it's kosher, and more. Get the inside scoop on the mezuzah!Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
42:45 12/25/23
The Secret to Living as a Jew - Part VI
What happens if you turn on a light switch on the Jewish sabbath? Rabbi Greenberg explains the 39 forbidden Melachot (types of "work") that are punishable by death! We break down sewing, writing, cooking, and more activities banned on Shabbat.Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
61:33 12/25/23
The Secret to Living as a Jew - Part II
Learn the truth about a Jewish woman's G-dly role from Torah sources. Discover her noble purpose and how she ushers in light according to Jewish wisdom.Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
53:31 12/25/23
The Secret to Living as a Jew - Part III
See the mystical Jewish hand washing ritual a Rabbi uses each morning involving pouring water, alternating hands, and intense blessings.Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
48:35 12/25/23
The Secret to Living as a Jew - Part I
What is the key to authentic Jewish living? Learn the 3 essential pillars and how to apply them in this life-changing talk.Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
53:30 12/25/23
Where is Life's RESET Button - Part I
Discover Judaism's formula for resetting and recalibrating our lives.Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
52:49 9/3/23
Where is Life's RESET Button? - Part II
Discover Judaism's formula for resetting and recalibrating our lives.Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
57:56 9/3/23
ABC of Kabbalah Part: 5 Zayin Chet, Tet and Yud
Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
79:58 7/11/23
ABC of Kabbalah Part 6: Kaf, Lemed and Mem
Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
67:07 7/11/23
ABC of Kabbalah Part 7: Nun, Samech, Ayin and Pei
Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
65:54 7/11/23
ABC of Kabbalah Part 8: Tzadi, Kuf, Reish, Shin and Taf
Let's Connect!Website: https://www.rabbigreenberg.comInstagram:
68:59 7/11/23