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Welcome to Client Attractor with Jacob Ratliff! This show is for aspiring and established coaches and entrepreneurs who want to grow their small business AND make a massive impact on the world around them. In each episode, Jacob shares his biggest failures and successes and the lessons behind each of them. From mindset to marketing strategy to concrete tactics, Jacob shares his personal journey going from a struggling small business owner to six-figure Client Attraction Coach.


Embracing a Values-Driven Business with Jennifer & Stephanie PageWise 31:43 05/24/2022
How to Leverage Virtual Communities in Your Business with Sumaya Owens 34:21 05/17/2022
Curiosity Without Fear: The Art of Entrepreneurship with Brandon Love 32:38 05/10/2022
From Child Actor to The Gay Life Coach: Brian Falduto 31:22 05/03/2022
Lessons Learned From High-Powered Corporate Business Consultant Jerry Hancock 47:51 04/29/2022
My First $20k Month 10:49 04/28/2022
The Simple Business Plan Every Coach Needs 08:17 04/27/2022
Why Content Creation Seems So Complex 12:33 04/26/2022
Building Your Virtual Team with Ashley Torres 24:40 04/25/2022
Get in Front of One Million People in the Next 30 Days 10:00 04/22/2022
Tackling Depression as an Entrepreneur 12:45 04/21/2022
The Jig is Up: How the Online Coaching Space is Shifting by the Minute 12:11 04/20/2022
How to Brainstorm Content Ideas 12:35 04/19/2022
How to Use Private Podcasts to Increase Engagement with Raphie Wagner 36:46 04/18/2022
Failure is the Only Option 12:29 04/15/2022
The Two Types of Lead Generation for Coaches 12:09 04/14/2022
How to Leverage Podcasts for Lead Generation 10:04 04/13/2022
3 Steps to Effective LinkedIn Lead Generation 12:34 04/12/2022
What to Look for When Hiring a Business Coach with Heather Wylde Smith 33:02 04/11/2022
How I Recorded 75 Podcast Episodes in 75 Days 12:52 04/08/2022
Can You Change Your Niche? 09:45 04/07/2022
How I Got Over My Anxiety Around Sales 09:33 04/06/2022
Your Offer Should Never Stop Evolving 09:02 04/05/2022
Sales Aversion with Angela Kristen Taylor 36:05 04/04/2022
3 Steps to Creating a Lead Magnet to Get More Coaching Clients 12:18 04/01/2022
How to Get Better Testimonials From Your Happiest Clients 09:48 03/31/2022
4 Ways to Use Testimonials to Get More Coaching Clients 10:34 03/30/2022
Turn Your Website into a Lead Gen Machine 10:21 03/29/2022
Use Facebook Lead Ads to Get Coaching Clients with Zach Spuckler from Heart, Soul & Hustle 33:14 03/28/2022
How to Structure Your Sales Conversations: Part III 12:14 03/25/2022