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Meet Q is a unique and real conversation about LGBTQI+ mental health hosted by experts in the field. Based on a fictional client, “Q”, Dr. Dave Demmer and Dr. Jamie Byrne (clinical psychologists), and Dr. Thomas Dickson (GP), discuss the science and research around various topics of mental health including self-worth, attachment, gender dysphoria, relationship difficulties, and managing emotions, all within an LGBTQI+ affirmative framework. The trio will take you through what’s new in understanding and supporting your mental health in a Pod that’s fresh, informed, and engaging.


Here I am: Living positive
Meet Q, a gay man living with HIV who's still navigating himself. Join Dr. Dave, Dr. Jamie, and Dr. Tom on World AIDS Day as they talk all things HIV history, stigma, and the changing landscape of what it means to be living with HIV.
31:39 11/30/22
Nothing taboo about it: Let’s talk sex
Meet Q, a 19-year-old who is trying to figure out sex as a queer person. Join Dr. Dave, Dr. Jamie, and Dr. Tom as they talk all things sex ed; exploring sex, orgasms, and connections, while debunking some myths about sex along the way.
34:24 11/17/22
Making space for two
Meet Q, a 35-year-old woman in a relationship with someone who is struggling with their own mental health difficulties. Dr. Dave, Dr. Jamie, and Dr. Tom look at making space for yourself and your relationship when you have a partner who needs support.
30:04 11/3/22
Yearning for connection: A tale of avoidant attachment
Meet Q, a 40 year-old lesbian who feels she’s just not made for relationships. Join Dr. Dave, Dr. Jamie, and Dr. Tom as they chat about avoidant attachment, what emotional availability means, and how to be brave in the face of vulnerability.
38:20 10/21/22
Needy, meeny miny, moe – Normalising needs
Meet Q. He’s a mid 30’s gay man struggling to express his needs in his new relationship. Dr. Dave, Dr. Jamie, and Dr. Tom chat about understanding and expressing needs in relationships, ethical non-monogamy, and how to address criticism and defensiveness in relationships.
33:07 10/7/22
Kinky consent is cool
Meet Q, a gay man who doesn't know where his limits are with sex or how to communicate these to his partner. Dr Tom, Dr Dave, and Dr Jamie chat about consent, erotic themes, and kink. The gang cover strategies for navigating communication in the bedroom (or alternate locations if you're so inclined). They talk about how trust, play, and consent are essential for sex no matter if it's vanilla or kinky. Join them on an exploration of what it is for us to be erotic.
39:09 9/23/22
Body image: Mirror mirror on the wall
Meet Q, a gay man who's struggling with the way he looks and how others see him. Join Dr. Dave, Dr. Jamie, and Dr. Tom as they chat about body image, bingeing, and the gym scene.
37:40 9/8/22
The game of Hide & Speak
Meet Q, a young person who is ready to speak his truth.   Kicking off season two of Meet Q on Wear It Purple Day, Dave, Jamie, and Tom chat about repressing your identity, self-acceptance, coming out, and the lasting impact of shame.
40:14 8/25/22
That’s a wrap for season one!
Thanks for joining the gang for season one of the Meet Q podcast. Please send through your ideas for the topics you'd like Dr. Dave, Dr. Jamie, and Dr. Tom to chat about in season two to Until then, stay well! The Meet Q Gang xx
00:58 5/21/22
Sex: what’s drugs got to do with it
Meet Q, a 42-year-old gay man stuck in a cycle with crystal methamphetamine. In particular, he's struggling to engage in sober sex. Dave, Jamie, and Tom chat about drugs in the gay community, chemsex, the importance of connecting rather than shaming, and life (and sex) after addiction.
34:40 5/2/22
When love is locked down
Meet Q, a 30-something single woman wondering where the last few years of her life have gone after COVID. Dave, Jamie, and Tom chat about the impact of the pandemic on mental health, the shared grief, and ways to support ourselves as we look forward to a new normal.
30:10 4/25/22
Deep breaths: exploring the cavern of love
Meet Q, a gay man who's struggling during sex and feeling anxious in the bedroom with his partner. Dave, Tom, and Jamie chat about how common sex anxiety is, the importance of relaxation to combat anxiety, and the ins and outs of bottoming.
32:00 4/18/22
A firm affirm (a gender story)
Meet Q, a gender diverse adolescent who's exploring her gender identity and gender expression. She's trying out pronouns and a chosen name, she's letting her close friends know, but she's worried about how her family might respond. Dave, Tom, and Jamie are joined by leading trans health GP Dr Nate Reid to discuss gender development, what is involved in social and medical transition/affirmation, and the importance of gender affirming care.
32:56 4/11/22
Writing HIStory into the future
Meet Q, a 58-year-old gay man who's struggling with getting older. He's worried about the future, losing his independence, and what life will be like for him as an older gay man. Dave, Jamie, and Tom chat about how common it is for LGBTQIAP+ people to feel lost and disconnected as they age, the importance of cherishing and celebrating the generations who have come before us and the stories they have to share, and connecting with community and your values in order to see ageing as an opportunity rather than a threat.
36:07 4/4/22
The dark room of depression
Meet Q, a gay man who's struggling with depression. He's lost his motivation and energy, he's disconnected socially, and he isn't experiencing any joy in life. Dave, Jamie, and Tom chat about how depression looks and feels, and how sometimes it's hard to know when it's there. They explore strategies including looking after physical health and wellbeing, taking some pressure off, finding moments of joy, and the power of gratitude to help with optimism and low mood.
37:25 3/28/22
Open waters: all aboard the relation-ship
Meet Q, a gay man who's questioning what's right for him in his relationship with his partner. Q is wanting to explore non-traditional options. He's wondering whether non-monogamy might be right for him. Dave, Jamie, and Tom chat the difference between sexual boundaries and romantic boundaries in relationships and define different types of non-monogamous relationships. They also explore the difficulty of vulnerable conversations in relationships (and the importance of these) and provide strategies to help explore what's right for Q in his relationship and how to communicate this to his partner.
30:45 3/21/22
Nobody puts bisexuality in a corner
Meet Q. Her mother is making passive aggressive comments about her bisexuality. Dave, Jamie, and Tom chat about boundaries in family relationships, assertive communication, and the stigma bisexual people sometimes experience in being forgotten or misunderstood in the rainbow community.
33:18 3/14/22
(Knock knock) it’s me, anxious attachment
Meet Q. She struggles with anxiety in her romantic relationships. Q has recently come out of a 12-month relationship where she struggled to feel secure. Dave, Jamie, and Tom chat about attachment styles in relationships and how to build more security and safety in romantic connections, even when your anxiety is screaming at you that something isn't right.
35:22 3/7/22
The Shame Drain (Shut up, Beryl)
Meet Q, a gay man who's never felt enough.  Q is struggling with self-worth, body image, belonging, and a critical internal voice that's always telling him he's worthless. Dave, Jamie, and Tom chat about how they would support Q - including issues with contingent self-worth, moving towards success rather than running away from failure, how to address the inner critical messages, and defusing from unhelpful thoughts and behaviours.
35:56 2/27/22
Meet Q: Your LGBTQIAP+ mental health podcast
Welcome to Meet Q, your LGBTQIAP+ mental health podcast hosted by experts in the field. Each episode, catch clinical psychologists Dr. Dave Demmer and Dr. Jamie Byrne, as well as GP Dr. Tom Dickson, as they have real, informed conversations about 'Q', a fictional character from the LGBTQIAP+ community who's struggling with their mental health. The three experts chat about Q's difficulties, how they would support Q in therapy, and what the science and the research has to say - all with a focus on what's new in therapy and the field of mental health. They will explore topics such as anxiety and depression, self worth, gender dysphoria, relationship issues, and many more, all within an LGBTQIAP+ affirmative approach, while you pick up tips and tricks to support your own mental health in a podcast that is fresh and informed.
01:13 1/17/22