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Join our expert clinical therapists as they interview psychologists, researchers, and practicing clinical therapists. Learn about the tools therapists use to help their patients with Anxiety, Trauma, Postpartum Depression - and so much more. Watch along on YouTube Disclaimer: Therapy Talks does NOT provide medical services or professional counseling, and it is NOT a substitute for professional medical care. The content found in this podcast is for informational purposes only.


My Journey Through The World of Mental Health with Lauren Mills 38:19 08/12/2022
The Digital Generation: How is Social Media Affecting Our Youth? with Jacob Santhouse 52:50 08/07/2022
Intuitive Eating: Healing Your Relationship with Food with Alissa Rumsey 52:26 07/28/2022
Why We Need To Challenge The Cultural Stigma of Men's Mental Health with Logan Cohen 49:16 07/26/2022
6 Ways to Heal Our Childhood Wounds with Blake Blankenbecler 43:18 07/19/2022
Therapy Talks Sessions Part 6 "Now I Have The Techniques & Tools To Calm Myself Down" with Shelby T. 53:11 07/14/2022
4 Ways To Replace Trauma with Peace - Somatic Healing & The Mind Body Connection with Gabby Ortega 47:16 07/12/2022
Therapy Talks Sessions Part 5 "I Just Need To Breathe" with Shelby T. 60:04 07/07/2022
Let’s Talk About Personality Disorders - YouTube Live (Audio Only) 51:25 07/05/2022
From “Me” to “We”: Creating Compassionate Relationships with Shane Birkel 55:30 07/04/2022
Therapy Talks Sessions Part 4 “Why Am I So Hard On Myself?" with Shelby T. 53:39 07/01/2022
3 Tips For Managing Anxiety - YouTube Live (Audio Only) 60:37 07/01/2022
5 Clear Signs You're With A Narcissist with Brenda Stephens 44:51 06/28/2022
Therapy Talks Sessions Part 3 “I Feel Like I Can Do Anything Now" with Shelby T. 63:34 06/23/2022
Is “The Anxious Mind” Sabotaging Your Relationship? with Sarah Yudkin 46:22 06/21/2022
Therapy Talks Sessions Part 2 “I'm Constantly Afraid of Death" with Shelby T. 49:10 06/17/2022
Unlearning Society's Expectations of Women and New Moms with Christine Champagne 55:46 06/14/2022
Therapy Talks Sessions Part 1 “Opening Up About My Anxiety” with Shelby T. 51:22 06/10/2022
How Growing Up with Emotional Abuse Leads to Codependency with Sharon Martin 58:25 06/07/2022
These 3 Behaviours Are Destroying Your Relationship With Food - Summer Forlenza 46:59 05/30/2022
Using The Mind-Body Connection To Combat Body Image Anxiety and Disordered Eating with Bethany MacGillivray 52:28 05/19/2022
Ways to Cope with Anxiety, OCD, Panic, and Phobias with Clinical Psychologist Kevin Chapman 34:47 05/17/2022
When Anxiety, Depression, and Bipolar Disorder Become Chronic Mental Illnesses with Clinical Psychologist Aimee Daramus 65:17 05/10/2022
How To Avoid A Toxic Family Dynamic with Licensed Therapist Mary-Beth Somich 34:31 05/03/2022
Working Through Grief and Loss with Registered Clinical Counselor Kate Schouten 17:07 04/26/2022
Living with Neurodivergence and ADHD - Registered Social Worker Krista Carlin 48:26 04/19/2022
Overcoming The Pain of Infertility, Miscarraige, and Postpartum Depression with Certified Counselor Jana Glass 45:39 04/12/2022
Normalizing Death, Grief, and Dementia with Therapist Jill Johnson-Young 42:48 04/04/2022
Finding The Right Therapist & Changing Old Behaviours with Hailey Kanigan and Lauren Gaudet 39:20 03/29/2022
The Truth About Therapy & How To Ask For Help with Barb Egan and Hailey Kanigan 37:04 03/22/2022