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Shifting the Law

Shifting the Law is a podcast that hosts discussions about innovative attorney-client partnerships. Join host Johnny Merritt, an attorney with over three decades of experience, as he interviews top business leaders and sheds light on how we can work towards shifting the legal paradigm.


Finding Your Purpose Through a Learning Mindset 46:53 05/03/2022
Cheers to One Year of Shifting the Law! 08:11 04/19/2022
Lawyers with Heart: Discussing the Family Law Profession 34:56 04/05/2022
Why People-Driven Businesses Succeed 35:02 02/22/2022
Teamwork is at the Heart of Great Achievement 45:42 01/25/2022
Shifting to 2022 06:46 01/11/2022
Solving Conflict Through Stories 42:20 12/14/2021
Walking the Tightrope: How to Best Partner with CEOs 33:38 11/23/2021
Optimizing Business Operations for Success 33:58 11/09/2021
Busting Through the Concrete Wall 44:47 10/26/2021
The Book of Walt: The Intersectionality of Law and Religion 62:24 10/05/2021
Navigating Job Loss: Hunker Down to Get to the Hoorah! 52:50 09/21/2021
An Exciting Announcement 11:37 09/08/2021
Executive Coaching and Leadership Development with Sky-High Results 54:30 08/17/2021
Bankruptcy Law with a Dose of Compassion 51:26 08/03/2021
Infallible Positivity and Intellectual Property 52:14 07/20/2021
The Importance of Outlining Principles for Effective Leadership 70:03 07/06/2021
A Very Special Father's Day Edition of Shifting the Law 43:34 06/22/2021
How to Serve Your Clients With Passion, Honesty, and Integrity 45:55 06/08/2021
The Business of Healthcare 70:19 05/25/2021
The Power of Storytelling in Leadership 34:16 05/11/2021
How to Better Serve Your Clients, Team Members, and Community 45:45 04/27/2021
The Value of Innovating Your Business Model 38:52 04/13/2021
Navigating Leadership: How to Build Your Foundation and Maintain Success 33:02 03/30/2021
Evolving Your Business During Uncertain Times 50:26 03/16/2021
Leadership Lessons From Successful Family Businesses 37:36 03/02/2021
What Leaders can Learn from Attorneys about Assessing Risk & Building Trust 34:33 02/17/2021
Shifting the Law Starts with Building Better Relationships 26:26 02/02/2021
An Introduction to Shifting the Law 02:35 01/30/2021