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This is an actual play podcast of us nerds playing tabletop games. We make our podcast family friendly, so that everyone can enjoy to our stories and adventures.


Episode 3: The Heist
Blaise is about to head out on a dangerous task for the Cyborg Security. He will discover if the rewards are worth the risk for this black-market job!
35:29 05/08/2022
Episode 2: The Interview
Blaise learns more about his father's last messageand gets contacted by the Cyborg Security to do a highly dangerous job!​This is played using the standard d20 dice system from 5e and the Advantage and Threat mechanic from the Star Wars: Force and Destiny dice system. Cast: Ben Brock & JaidenMusic by: Ben Brock
26:39 02/28/2022
Episode 1: A New Beginning
This is the first chapter in the Blaze Raven Series.  This is a live action RPG, set in the Star Wars Universe, using the standard 5e d20 dice system. 
25:29 02/17/2022