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POPS! The People Ops Podcast

POPS! shares stories of pivotal people moments in small businesses while answering your human resource questions with one thing in mind: people first. Work has changed. Have you? Hear from the best while gaining access to exclusive content and a community of people leaders.


Q&A: Why a Safe Harbor 401k might be the right fit 08:04 08/11/2022
[Rerelease] What are strategies I should use to retain my people? 08:30 08/04/2022
[Rerelease] Is it better to upskill or replace my people? 16:10 07/28/2022
Q&A: Who is HR's HR? 07:00 07/21/2022
Q&A: How do I support an employee through a health crisis? 22:43 07/14/2022
Q&A: When 80% of people hate performance reviews, how can we make them better? 04:09 07/07/2022
Q&A: Why you should consider the imperfect candidate 05:01 06/30/2022
Q&A: Does your PTO measure up to the summer vacation season? 13:22 06/23/2022
[Rerelease] What your small business should know about Juneteenth with Isaac Vaughn 21:34 06/20/2022
Q&A: How to help your employees make the most of their Juneteenth holiday 06:38 06/16/2022
Q&A: How do I prevent cultural mismatch? 05:52 06/09/2022
Q&A: How to get your summer intern plan in order 04:39 06/02/2022
Q&A: Should I give raises to match inflation? 02:49 05/10/2022
Q&A: It’s not the years, it’s the mileage 03:52 05/04/2022
Q&A: Can I create a people pipeline during the Big Quit? 07:29 04/28/2022
Q&A: How can I easily offer a retirement plan? 05:56 04/26/2022
Q&A: The War on Workplace Anxiety 10:52 04/20/2022
Q&A: How to ensure your equal pay day is just that 02:26 04/14/2022
Q&A: Why exit interviews are a waste of time 03:15 04/12/2022
Q&A: Are four-day work weeks just a trend? 02:51 04/06/2022
Q&A: Should we rehire someone who quit us? 04:45 03/31/2022
Q&A: Assess yourself! And learn how to lead POPS plans 05:07 03/29/2022
PIVOT: Relentless Resilience: Building the Next Entrepreneurs with Natasha Miller 13:13 03/23/2022
[Rerelease] What's the best strategy for when to update our handbook? 04:00 03/17/2022
[Rerelease] What's the advantage of People Ops vs. HR? 06:20 03/15/2022
PIVOT: "Main Street Values" for Small Biz Success with Kimberle Seale 19:44 03/09/2022
HR Headaches: When should HR play a role as mediator? 08:59 03/03/2022
Q&A: How to make remote internships work 04:42 03/01/2022
Author’s Cut: Losing people? Do the math before you refill a position 15:49 02/23/2022
Q&A: Are we responsible if an employee contracts COVID at our workplace? 09:19 02/17/2022