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The Smartest Podcast On The Planet

Your favorite content creators going head to head in a game of General Trivia and Useless Information.


Coming Soon
Tune in Spring of 2022 to hear what happens when Podcasters, Influencers, and Youtubers are forced to navigate my gauntlet of useless information.
01:11 03/11/2022
Casting Call
COMING SPRING 2022Hey there Podcasters, influencers, YouTubers...basically anyone with a fanbase. How would YOU like to join ME as a contestant on my new trivia podcast The Smartest Podcast On The Planet (Hosted by “That Guy” Chad). Every content creator out there wants to be The Best, well, here’s your chance to prove it. I’m calling for any and all content creators out there to go head to head on my show and prove that you are…well, The Smartest. Challenge your friends, challenge your Co-host…you can even challenge you supporters. I don’t care.Email : Or Visit :
01:30 03/11/2022