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Finding meaningful work as a young person in Canada can be riddled with vague instruction and unclear expectations. MyStartr The Podcast - A MaRS Discovery District original, wants to help demystify the process by sharing insights from both our youth council and employer coalition which includes Starbucks, The Home Depot and The Source among others. Whether you are getting ready to apply for your first job or are looking to advance in your professional journey, tune in as our hosts and guests break down the skills you need to succeed wherever you are in your career path.


Episode 10 - Customer Service and Client Focus ft. Tristan and Ana
After a full season of interviewing guests about how their professional journeys reflect the skills on the MyStartr skills ladder, Tristan and Ana dive deeper into their own experiences working in customer service roles. Get to know your hosts a little better in this episode as they share their tips on how to provide great customer service as a server, front desk representative, bartender and much more!
33:19 07/26/2022
Episode 9 - Creativity and Problem-Solving ft. Ismail Mohamud and Katherine Stacey
In this episode, MaRS Discovery District Intern Project Coordinator, Ismail Mohamud and MyStartr Youth and Program Services Manager, Katherine Stacey discuss how creativity and problem-solving have manifested in their professional journeys so far. They also reflect on how their contrasting Engineering and Theatre Arts backgrounds complimented each other to bring the MyStartr Activate event to life!
34:33 07/05/2022
Episode 8 - Knowledge of Business ft. Hassan Hassan from MaRS Discovery District
This episode features Hassan Hassan, the Program Operations Intern at MaRS Discovery District. He shares his unique journey to MaRS, how he stays motivated and how he gains knowledge of business ahead of an interview. Tune in to the full episode to hear it all and be inspired!
32:01 05/31/2022
Episode 7 - Technical Skills ft. Chris Duff from CCYP
This episode features Chris Duff, the Executive Director at the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity. In his discussion with Ana and Tristan, he drops many gems on technical skills, shares about the skills building program he created as a manager at McDonalds, his insights on what meaningful employment truly is and some tips on leveraging technical skills during a job interview. Tune in to the full episode to hear it all and be inspired!
39:30 05/18/2022
Episode 6 - Language and Communications ft. Tasha Ismail from VISA
In this episode, Ana and Tristan are joined by Tasha Ismail, the Director of Government Engagement for VISA.  She sheds some light on language and communications, skills that she has sharpened over the years through delivering results for clients and organizations. Tune in to the full episode to hear it all and be inspired by Tasha!
34:29 05/03/2022
Episode 5 - Professionalism ft. Raj Uttamchandani from MaRS Discovery District
In this episode, Tristan and Ana are joined by Raj Uttamchandani, the Chief People Officer and Chief Operating Officer at MaRS Discovery District. He shares his insights on professionalism and how to prioritize being professional while still showing up as your authentic self at work. Tune in to the full episode to hear it all! 
25:42 04/26/2022
Episode 4 - Teamwork and Collaboration ft. Onyi Odom
In this episode, Ana is joined by Onyi Odom, the executive producer to talk all things teamwork and collaboration. The two of them have worked together on the podcast and they share their insights on what it truly means to be collaborative and what goes on behind the scenes. Listen to the full episode to hear it all! 
36:10 04/19/2022
Episode 3 - Self Pitching ft. Zhané Stimpson
In this episode, Ana and Tristan have a conversation with Zhané Stimpson, a Youth Employment Coordinator at MyStartr. They talk about self pitching skills and everything you need to know to pitch yourself. Listen to the full episode to hear all about it!
24:16 04/11/2022
Episode 2 - Growth Mindset & Resilience ft. Sarah Vickery
In this episode, Ana and Tristan  discuss with Sarah Vickery about what growth mindset and resilience really are, how to work on those traits and how you can translate that to an interview and your work experience. Listen to the full episode to hear all about it!
30:52 03/25/2022
Episode 1 - Confidence Ft. Habon Ali
In this episode, Ana and Khalid have a chat with Habon Ali on all things confidence. They touch on their journey to confidence, what it means to them, hurdles and of course, tips on showing confidence during an interview. Listen to the full episode to hear all about it!
30:06 03/25/2022