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Party Shirt's X & Ivy bring you their takes on two different conundrums troubling Redditors each episode. Whilst they might be known as 'America's Most Trusted Journalists' for their Fact or Cap series, IDK Tho is just two 20-somethings navigating life, love, and the pursuit of happiness in a crazy, mixed-up world.


10: Disney Wedding + Nintendo Switch
The boys discuss if catering at a wedding is required and when to treat yourself. 
06:24 06/20/2022
9: Taxes, Tipping and Designated Drivers
The boys are back to discuss America's 'unique' approach to taxes + tipping, and also should the designated driver be compensated? 
10:04 06/17/2022
8: Dating After Breakups + Secret Butt-Plugs
2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months? When can you date post-breakup? Is it different for the breakup initiator vs receiver? The boys discuss. Plus, ever thought about how many butt-plugs you walk past daily? 
09:58 05/09/2022
7: No Vacation? No Problem + Fired For "Surprise" Birthday Party
The boys discuss the changing relationship between the employee and the employer, and who holds the power in discussions around work-life expectations.
09:14 05/03/2022
6: Retail Karen + Twin Bed Red Flag
X & Ivy discuss does every retail argument create a Karen, and the societal norms around bed size and age. 
09:04 04/25/2022
5: Masturbating at Work & Alcoholic Mother-In-Law
The boys chat about if it's okay to 'relieve' yourself at the workplace and how to deal with an alcoholic mother-in-law who wants alone time with a newborn. 
10:39 04/11/2022
4: Bilingual Babies & Gym Crush Etiquette
The boys chit chat about raising babies and if it's acceptable to talk to your gym crush
06:54 04/08/2022
3: Male Birth Control Pill & GF Clubbing with Tinder Match
X & Ivy discuss the 'male birth control pill' &  if it's okay for a significant other to party with a former Tinder match. 
13:02 04/02/2022
2: "The Slap" & Secret Tattoo
The boys discuss the infamous Oscars slap and the ethics around the artist and the tattoo. 
13:02 03/29/2022
1: Body Count Board & How To Friendzone Someone
The boys explore dealing with 'weird' roommates and unrequited love
09:54 03/24/2022