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Learn How to Win the Mortgage Game when Buying, Selling or Refinancing MLO (Modern Loan Officer) one of the fastest growing Financial Podcasts. MLO focuses on assisting everyone in winning the Mortgage game. If you are planning to Buy, Sell or Refinance your Home this is Podcast to follow. Hosted by Licensed Mortgage Advisor Addison Nett (Addy Nett) NMLS 1542184 © License # ML-3547 New American Funding. New American and New American Funding are registered trademarks of Broker Solutions Inc. dba New American Funding (NMLS #6606). All Rights Reserved. Corporate Office is located at 14511 Myford Road, Suite 100, Tustin CA 92780. Phone (800) 450-2010.


5 Tips To Combat Inflation 32:06 02/25/2022
I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me About These Costs... 14:18 02/20/2022
How to Be a Cash Buyer & Not Have to Sell Your Home to Buy 19:02 02/12/2022
This Number Will Determine Your Financing Options 24:34 02/05/2022
Im Stuck 29:37 01/28/2022
Younger Generations want a New Financial Language 23:25 01/23/2022
Buying a Property Virtually 32:16 01/21/2022
How Much Mortgage Payment Should I Budget? 34:11 01/13/2022
Where Would Everything Go If You Died? 45:23 01/05/2022
What Would You Do If Your Home Was Destroyed Overnight? 32:55 12/21/2021
FOMO or FOMJ 42:47 12/15/2021
Who Is To Blame for Increased Interest Rates? 38:54 12/12/2021
Most Homeowners Are Broke 34:20 12/09/2021
2022: The Major Role Your Credit Score Plays in Buying a Home? (Even If You Have Great Credit) 35:05 12/06/2021
We Were Never Taught to Own a Home 47:42 12/03/2021
How Does the Economy Impact Mortgage Interest Rates? Special Guest Tony Blodgett 43:25 09/13/2021
The Risk of Switching Mortgage Lenders While Buying A Home 31:16 08/27/2021
Buyers Advantage? Has the Largest Real Estate Shift in the Market Started? 33:05 08/21/2021
Part 2: Relocating from Out of State - Special Guest, Heather Listy 33:57 08/12/2021
Preparing For An Out of State Relocation - Special Guest, Heather Listy - Part 1 of 2 39:53 08/05/2021
How Can The Average Joe Own Multiple Properties 29:37 07/23/2021
Biggest Mistakes When Getting Pre-approved in 2021 31:54 07/08/2021
3 Advantages to Community Lenders over Internet Lenders 30:08 07/02/2021
Whistle Blower 2021 | Calling Out Deceptive Mortgage Propositions 26:42 06/23/2021
Accepted Offer Success Stories with VA Loan Buyers 28:58 06/21/2021
Biggest Mistakes Home Buyers Make 2021 | How to Prepare to Compete 29:23 06/16/2021
What Mortgage Companies Don't Tell Clients About Refinancing 38:24 06/10/2021
Submitting Good Offers & Bad Offers In This Real Estate Market 27:33 05/27/2021
Wait...My Interest Rate Has Changed? The difference between Locked & Floating your interest rate. 09:44 05/24/2021
How Do We Budget Your Finances Before & After Buying a Home? 29:19 05/20/2021