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Welcome to Million Dollar Memos. You have just entered the weirdest marketing podcast on the internet, because we'll be exploring how we use these simple 325 word daily memos to generate over $2 million per year in sales and blow up high ticket calendars for our clients, without using scarcity, funnels or anything tricky or weird. Your host Peter Visser is joined by Linus Rylander, Frankie Frenna, and Zack van Niekerk and together they are the Memomen.


Episode 6: How To Sell A $60k Copywriting Service (The Daily Memo)
Copywriting is a difficult game, oversaturated with competition, you probably spend hours creating different content for your clients. In this episode Peter and Zack explain how with just 350 words a day you can package your services for your clients and make $60k a year. Not only this, but you can get paid for testing the angles on this and collecting that all important data - all while unlocking the un-fire-ability power up!
77:15 5/3/22
Episode 5: The Best Paid Copywriters Throughout History
High ticket sales guru Zack makes his first appearance in this episode as the Memomen delve into Linus’ past and how him and Franky are now so invaluable to Peter’s business that he literally cannot fire them! Not only that, but they only do 30 minutes of work a day. Find out how this is possible by clicking play!
90:58 4/26/22
Episode 4: Fortune Cookie Marketing
How do you create drama and intrigue when writing your daily memos? In this episode of Million Dollar Memos, Pete is joined by Franky and Linus and they discuss the importance of creating a story loop when writing memos. They find out how the analogy of the fortune cookie is really impactful and also how a Swedish DJ moved to Bangkok to sell pickles.
38:58 4/19/22
Episode 3: The Messaging + Offer x Frequency Formula
How effective is your messaging? How effective is your offer? How often are you getting in front of your audience? These are the 3 key levers to pull to 2x, 3x, or even 10x your business in a short time. Here’s how we did it to go from $100 to $200k a month.
43:04 4/11/22
Episode 2: How to mail your list every day without pissing them off
Most business owners shoot themselves in the foot with deadline funnels, scarcity and fear-based marketing campaigns. We got rid of all of that and just focused on 1 thing: How to send emails people love to read while putting our offer in front of them over and over again. Our high ticket sales calendars are booked out month-round.
47:49 4/11/22
Episode 1: How it started
Peter was losing his mind trying to come up with new campaigns and marketing angles every month. The whole business was so unpredictable. Until one day they figured out how to send 1 simple “daily memo” to their audience and take all the stress out of the business. In fact Peter now spends about 10 minutes a week managing this business while enjoying consistent and predictable $200k months in his high ticket course and coaching business. Peter is joined by Linus and Frankie and they are the Memo Men.
33:36 4/11/22