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Which early-stage fintech startup will become the next big thing? How do VCs pick the right startup? Join Todd Anderson, Chief Product Officer of Fintech Nexus, each week as he interviews the next class of fintech startups, the venture capitalists that invest in them, and has some fun along the way.


Weekly News Roundup - September 22, 2022
The Fintech Nexus weekly news show covers the top stories in fintech.Get ready for this week by catching up on last week's top stories. FTX in talks to raise up to $1 billion at valuation of about $32 billion, in-line with prior roundStash debuts its own core systemBinance and FTX Make Top Bids for Bankrupt Lender VoyagerAdyen Selected as Fintech Platform to Introduce Cash App Pay Outside Square EcosystemNasdaq Starts Crypto Custody Service for Institutional ClientsSardine raises $51.5M led by a16z to sniff out fishy fintech transactionsCFPB to Unleash BNPL Rules that Would Also Impact Data MiningDigital Bank Marcus, Part of Goldman Sachs, Being Queried by Federal Reserve: ReportSynctera announced the first Baas industry line of credit product. Celsius Network: the flaming car wreck that keeps on burning
31:51 09/26/2022
PitchIt Podcast 65: Archie Ravishankar, Founder, and CEO of Cogni
On episode 65 I talk with Archie Ravishankar, Founder, and CEO of Cogni. Cogni is a next-gen platform that combines banking, commerce, and lifestyle.Cogni's mission is to offer personalized banking products suited to the lifestyles of those 18-to-35. Too many banking products talk with a single voice for all customers; Cogni is aiming to change that dynamic.Archie and I discuss how he's building a financial platform that is suited for people's lifestyles, why he thinks it's now more attractive to build on web3 than web2, and his vision for the company and advice to young entrepreneurs just getting started.We also touch on bank partnerships, reducing carbon footprints, FDIC insurance, raising capital, and much more. Without further ado, I present Archie Ravishankar, Founder, and CEO of Cogni. I hope you enjoy the episode.Episode discussion points include:Archie's journey to CogniWhy building for people's lifestyles is so importantWhether or not focusing on 18 - 35-year-olds is a riskHow they came to launch the digital gift card productHow Cogni navigated the pandemic to surviveWhy Web3 is so attractiveThe importance of reducing carbon footprintsWhether or not FDIC insurance is a must-haveLessons for fellow foundersRaising capitalAnd much more…
31:31 09/22/2022
Weekly News Roundup - September 15, 2022
The Fintech Nexus weekly news show covers the top stories in fintech.This week's list of top stories includes:Ethereum switches to proof-of-stake consensus after completing The MergeMilk, Diapers and Checking Accounts: Banking Comes to WalmartEmbedded Finance Transactions Predicted to Jump to $7 Trillion by 2026: ReportVaro’s CEO Addresses Missteps & Reveals the Neobank’s Rebuilding PlanAmid a market of faltering crypto platforms, EDX Markets is bornFintech Ramp Introduces Network for SMB LendingJPMorgan Chase acquires payments fintech Renovite to help it battle Stripe and Block
31:19 09/19/2022
PitchIt Podcast 64: Lily Liu, Founder & CEO, Piñata
On episode 64 I talk with Lily Liu, Founder & CEO of Piñata. Piñata®, the reward and credit building program for renters, lets you earn rewards, save on everyday expenses and boost your credit score for a sweeter rental experience. The rental market is changing. There is still a large segment that wants to own a home eventually, but more people than ever before want flexibility.Piñata comes in and helps them get credit for the rent they're paying. Piñata reports rental payments to the bureaus and offers rewards so renters can shop or save.Lily and I discuss some of the misconceptions about renters, the credit scoring system, her time politics, the psychology behind rewards for renters, raising capital, surfing, and a whole lot more.Without further ado, I present Lily Liu, Founder & CEO of Piñata. I hope you enjoy the episode.Episode discussion points include:Lily’s journey to PiñataHer background in the public sectorThe problem Piñata is solving for rentersLily has paid more than $350,000 in rentThe different renter cohortsTransparency is the biggest problem with the credit scoring systemRewards are the primary reason renters sign up for PiñataHomeownership is better solved by the private sectorHomeownership is not the dream it once was$20 or $30 in cash back can be a big deal for consumers"You don't know what you don't know""Stay persistent"Recommended watching - The Offer on Paramount+
28:52 09/15/2022
PitchIt Podcast 63: Brendon Kensel, CEO & Founder, PrimaHealth Credit
On episode 63 I talk with Brendon Kensel, CEO and Founder of PrimaHealth Credit. PrimaHealth Credit is a fintech company that's working to democratize access to healthcare by improving financing options available to patientsHealthcare is one of the top reasons why people go bankrupt. People do not always understand the terms they agree to take on, and providers typically hide fees within these plans.PrimaHealth Credit aims to solve this issue by making healthcare financing simple and straightforward. Brendan comes from the dental industry and has first-hand knowledge of the issues patients face.Brendon and I discuss the simplicity of their model, what procedures are covered through their platform, the complicated world of insurance, bank partners, how they approve close to 90 percent of borrowers, raising capital, and a whole lot more.Without further ado, I present Brendon Kensel, CEO and Founder of PrimaHealth Credit. I hope you enjoy the episode and be prepared to learn:Brendon's journey to PrimaHealth CreditWhat it's like to produce 50-plus rodeosThe inequities in healthcareThe problems with patient financingHow to move beyond the prime plus borrowerLesson's learned from his time in the dental industryBank partnershipsHow PrimaHealth is able to approve 89 percent of borrowers"Business plans typically don't survive contact with reality"Recommended reading: Amp It Up by Snowflake CEO Frank SlootmanRaising CapitalAnd much more…
28:50 09/08/2022
Weekly News Roundup - August 25, 2022
The Fintech Nexus weekly news show covers the top stories in fintech.This week's list of top stories includes:The 30-Year-Old Spending $1 Billion to Save CryptoGoldman may tap brakes, again, on consumer unit's next big thingGoldman Sachs Should Kill Its Planned Marcus Checking AccountFintech Ramp Dives Into ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Market With New ‘Flex’ Offering For BusinessesAs Crypto Slumps, Goldman Sachs Aims for a Wall Street Built on BlockchainA showdown is coming over who is liable for P2P payments fraudCoinbase CEO says crypto exchange has ongoing plans to cut costs and is actively engaged with regulatorsAndreessen Horowitz Says Crypto Can Shift Power Away From Big Internet Companies: ReportBank of America Beefs Up Tech Offerings as Digital Logins Rise to a RecordTornado Cash sanctioned by US Department of Treasury, OFAC.Seedrs Tops £2 billion
33:07 08/27/2022
PitchIt Podcast 62: Charles Phillips, Sawa Credit
On episode 62 I talk with Charles Phillips, Founder & CEO of Sawa Credit. Sawa Credit is creating a community debt servicing technology platform to help the underserved pay their bills so they don't lose their homes.Keeping people in their homes can have a profound impact, not only on the individual household but also on the community. Sawa ensures people stay in their homes with the help of the community.The concept dates back to Charles's childhood when his father ran the local church. He was able to offer help to his local community through the church. That sense of community is what drives the mission of Sawa. Charles and I discuss the impact of George Floyd's murder on Sawa's founding story, why the community should be the 5th C in accessing credit, paying it forward, credit scoring and the credit systems, raising capital, and a whole lot more.Without further ado, I present Charles Phillips, Founder & CEO of Sawa Credit. I hope you enjoy the episode and be prepared to learn:Charles's journey to Sawa CreditThe meaning behind the word SawaThe impact of his father and how he ran the local churchThe importance of communityThe 5 C's of creditThe credit scoring system and characterThe partnership with Comment Cents LabThe underserved debt market is $140bn annuallyHelping to crowd out predatory lendersHow to get people talking about money with good informationRaising capital"Be quick but don't hurry""Plan B is no plan"Recommended reading: The Once and Future King by T. H. WhiteAnd much more...
36:07 08/26/2022
Weekly News Roundup - August 18, 2022
The Fintech Nexus weekly news show covers the top stories in fintech.This week's list of top stories includes:Federal Reserve Finalizes Guidelines for Access to Its Payment SystemsWhat Would A Bank Account From Apple Look Like?Can the Visa-Mastercard duopoly be broken?Affirm CEO Says Next Recession Will Silence Fintech Lender’s DoubtersRising Interest Rates Put the Squeeze on Fintech LendersBitGo seeks $100M in damages from Galaxy Digital for calling off $1.2B acquisitionPoW vs PoS and why you should careCrypto Is Taking a Few Small Banks on a Wild RideFederal Reserve issues guidance for banks considering crypto activities
31:40 08/20/2022
PitchIt Podcast 61: Stefanie Sample, Fundid
On episode 61 I talk with Stefanie Sample, Founder & CEO of Fundid. Fundid is driven by a mission to empower business owners on their growth journeys by simplifying business finance and access to capital.I have to say this might be my favorite episode thus far. Stefanie was incredibly candid and engaging, she is as passionate a founder as I’ve come across.The smallest of small businesses have never been served by banks, and as Stefanie points out, they really haven’t been served by fintechs yet either. Most of these companies have fewer than 10 employees, and many have 1 or 2.Stefanie and I talked about some of the main barriers these small business owners face when looking to raise capital, why it’s a myth you cannot serve these companies, how her marketing background played a crucial role in raising capital, and much more.Without further ado, I present Stefanie Sample, Founder & CEO of Fundid. I hope you enjoy the episode and be prepared to learn:Stefanie's journey to starting FundidHer extensive small business experienceWhy the problems with the PPP mobilized herHow she used her marketing expertise to solve CACBrex never served, nor were they focused on small businessesWhy the "can't make margins on SMBs" argument falls flatWhy coming from a small business is a differentiatorFailure rate metrics are misleadingTrust your gutFundraising: "I prepared for it as if I was like preparing for a battle."Play your own gameStefanie prefers reading email over booksAnd much more...
44:02 08/19/2022
Weekly News Roundup - August 11, 2022
The Fintech Nexus weekly news show covers the top stories in fintech.This week's list of top stories includes:Plaid deal lets Wise customers use fintech apps bank-freeInside Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon's struggles to right his Marcus consumer banking unitU.S. Sanctions Crypto Platform Tornado Cash, Says It Laundered BillionsAlso thisFigure Teams With Visa to Improve Banking in a Box PlatformCFPB fines fintech Digit $2.7M over ‘faulty’ savings algorithmCoinbase Under SEC Scrutiny Over Its Crypto-Staking ProgramsCoinbase Reports 63 Percent Drop in Revenue Amid Industry SlumpMarqeta Seeks New CEO, Founder Looks to New RoleUpstart earnings disappoint
33:19 08/12/2022
PitchIt Podcast 60: Carlos Antequera, Novel Capital
On episode 60 I talk with Carlos Antequera, Founder & CEO of Novel Capital.Novel Capital provides software entrepreneurs with non-dilutive capital and resources to accelerate growth. Non-dilutive is the key term as many entrepreneurs focus on traditional loans from banks or venture capital, which can come with various terms.Founders, especially first-time founders can get caught in the echo chamber of Silicon Valley. We need to raise capital from this big-time fund or that big-time fund. The reality is founders need to raise money that best suits their business and their situation.Carlos and I discussed his journey to Novel Capital, the challenges founders face trying to raise capital, resources beyond capital to help a company’s growth trajectory, the potential impact a recession might have on capital sources, and much more.Without further ado, I present Carlos Antequera, Founder & CEO of Novel Capital. I hope you enjoy the episode and be prepared to learn about:Carlos's journey to Novel CapitalWhy the bank fired Carlos as a customerLessons he learned from his time as an Angel InvestorWhy do founders focus so much on traditional debt and equity capitalThe importance of advice and services alongside capitalThe potential impact of the looming recessionHow challenging it is to change the capital mindset of entrepreneursResist the easy pathRecommended reading: The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben HorowitzRaising CapitalAnd much more...
27:08 08/12/2022
Weekly News Roundup - August 4, 2022
The Fintech Nexus weekly news show covers the top stories in fintech.This week's list of top stories includes:Coinbase partners with BlackRockRobinhood Markets Cuts 23% of Staff in Sweeping OverhaulRobinhood, PayPal, SoFi earnings show fintech distinctionsPush to Give Derivatives Regulator More Sway Over Crypto Trading Gains SteamJPMorgan Is Building a Giant Travel AgencyRon ShevlinEquifax Sent Lenders Inaccurate Credit Scores on Millions of ConsumersSuper Apps Aren’t Going To Make It In AmericaRising household debt has more Americans struggling: NY FedA pair of hacks rattle an already jittery crypto industry
31:23 08/08/2022
PitchIt Podcast 59: Ravi Sandepudi, Effectiv
On episode 59, I talk with Ravi Sandepudi of Effectiv. By using AI to help detect anomalies and patterns quickly, Effectiv’s fraud and compliance solutions reduce operational costs and protect your account holders while enabling risk teams to customize goal-based risk thresholds.Ravi and I discuss where fraud stands today and how much the last two years has impacted the space.We also discuss his time at Simility, the types of fraud he is most worried about, finding the right friction balance, why fraud is more than just an on-boarding problem, raising capital, and much more.I hope you all enjoy the show and be prepared to learn:Ravi's journey to EffectivWhy his time at Simility was so importantWhere fraud stands todayFirst-party fraudThird-party fraudSynthetic ID fraudWhy being a no-code, out-of-the-box solution is importantHow good actors can be enabled more.Cooperation amongst institutions and fintechsHow a recession can impact fraudRaising CapitalMuch much more...
45:16 08/05/2022
Weekly News Roundup - July 28, 2022
The Fintech Nexus weekly news show covers the top stories in fintech.This week's list of top stories includes:Apple Accused Of Potential Consumer Data Misuse With Its ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ ServiceCoinbase shares tumble 21% after report that it’s facing SEC probeHouse punts on stablecoin bill after Yellen raises flags over key provisionKraken, a U.S. Crypto Exchange, Is Suspected of Violating SanctionsBarclays Expected to Invest 'Millions of Dollars' in Copper's Funding Round: ReportUpstart Stock Tumbles 94% As End Of Stimulus Pulls Rug Out From Under Fintech LenderHow fintechs are responding to their falling valuationsQuadrata launches Web3 passport NFTShopify laying of 10 percent of staff
31:45 08/02/2022
PitchIt Podcast 58: PitchIt at Fintech Nexus Semifinals Round 1
On episode 58 I bring to you a special episode, the PitchIt at Fintech Nexus Semifinals round 1. The semifinals took place on May 11 and May 12.Our PitchIt startup competition features the next generation of fintech founders. Semifinalists were selected from a larger group of more than 100 applicants.Companies squared off in a rapid-fire round of 7-minute pitches followed by 3 minutes of grilling from our judges, which featured some of the leading fintech venture capitalists.Semifinal round 1 featured the following startups: KonduitNetswitchNew SilverSilaSivoUpswotOur judging panel included:Andrew Steele, Activant CapitalHillel Olivestone, Cross RiverKeira Moon, Translink CapitalGeorge Ravich, Ravco Marketing, LLCRakefet Russak-Aminoach, Team8.Without further ado, I present PitchIt @ Fintech Nexus Semifinals round 1. I hope you all enjoy the show.
104:26 07/29/2022
PitchIt Podcast 57: Chris Aguas, CoreChain Technologies
On episode 57, I talk with Chris Aguas of CoreChain Technologies. CoreChain is the only network built for scale and security on enterprise blockchain to streamline the exchange of B2B payments transaction data and funds.The B2B payments space still uses paper checks; 60 percent of B2B payments are done via paper checks.Chris and I discuss the issues behind B2B payments and why moving to a blockchain-based system would unlock more value for companies and B2B payments networks.We also discuss current market conditions in crypto, fears that companies have when moving to a blockchain-based payments network, misconceptions around blockchain technology, raising capital, and much more.I hope you all enjoy the show and be prepared to learn:Chris's journey to CoreChain TechnologiesWhy 60 percent of B2B payments are still done via paper checksThe impact of the Crypto Winter and why it's necessary for the long-term health of the marketWhy the conversation about blockchain needs to be separated from CryptoHow CoreChain struggles when using  the word blockchain in marketing materialsThe importance of regulatory clarityThe Gartner Hype Cycle & cryptoEasy button easyHow CoreChain embeds payment functionalityThe blockchain education gapThe all-consuming nature of raising capitalRecommended reading: Steve Jobs by Walter IsaacsonAnd much more...
38:50 07/15/2022
Weekly News Roundup - July 7, 2022
The Fintech Nexus weekly news show covers the top stories in fintech.This week's list of top stories includes:Crypto Broker Voyager Digital Files for Bankruptcy ProtectionAlso thisStart-Up Funding Falls the Most It Has Since 2019FTX Presses for Crypto Derivatives Approval, Agitating Legacy ExchangesCrypto lender Nexo offers to buy embattled rival Vauld as market consolidatesMeta is pulling the plug on its crypto payments wallet, NoviKlarna valuation slashed again to $6.5bn, report suggestsAlso WSJDeFi Is Real, Whatever Happens To CryptocurrencyHow Banks Can Compete In The Post-Neobank EraGoldman Sachs people are quitting en masse for this fintech
32:15 07/08/2022
PitchIt Podcast 56: Pat White, Bitwave
On episode 56 I talk with Pat White of Bitwave. Bitwave unlocks digital assets for enterprise finance.Bitwave combines tax and accounting capabilities with workflow and process expertise, allowing enterprises to survive and thrive in the financial revolution made possible by cryptocurrency.Crypto continues to have ups and downs, since this recording many believe we are at the start of another crypto winter. There is a big difference this time, crypto is now believed to be inevitable. How that takes shape is still anyone’s guess.Pat and I dig deep into the current market turmoil, the potential impacts this downturn can have on fellow founders and investors, how a simple transaction can have so many after-effects for an enterprise, raising capital, and a whole lot more.I hope you all enjoy the show and be prepared to learn:Pat's journey to BitwavePat's view on current market conditions Potential impacts of the Crypto Winter on fellow foundersThe challenges of bringing digital assets to enterprisesThe cascading impacts of a crypto transaction on your businessUser experienceDeFi vs. CeFiWhy DeFi is safer and more transparentRaising CapitalRecommended reading for founders: Zero to One by Peter ThielAnd much, much more...
49:01 07/07/2022
Weekly News Roundup - June 30, 2022
The Fintech Nexus weekly news show covers the top stories in fintech.This week's list of top stories includes:FTX closes in on a deal to buy embattled crypto lender BlockFi for $25 million in a fire saleBankman-Fried's FTX says no talks to acquire RobinhoodBehind the Celsius Sales Pitch Was a Crypto Firm Built on RiskNFT giant OpenSea reports major email data breachCambridge Centre for Alternative Finance Publishes Fintech Report, Reviews Industry Resilience During Time of COVIDFintech Amount, which was valued at $1B last year, lays off 18% of staffHow the SEC threw a wrench in bank regulators’ crypto custody effortsBanks’ Bitcoin Holdings Should Be Capped, Basel Committee ProposesHow Apple Will Boost The Apple Card With Buy Now Pay Later
32:58 07/01/2022
PitchIt Podcast 55: Hany Fam, Markaaz
On episode 55 I talk with Hany Fam of Markaaz. This episode was recorded at Fintech Nexus USA 2022, which took place in NYC on May 25 - 26.Markaaz is building the definitive and trusted place for all businesses to connect, small and big, powered by its world's first pre-verified directory of over 100 million businesses.Covid reminded us how work is still needed to help companies of all sizes. From 1-2 person shops to large corporates, all of these companies have very different needs.Markaaz helps connect companies to an all-in-one Dashboard with insights and notifications. Companies are pre-scanned, and all the bad actors have been removed.Hany and I discuss his road to creating Markaaz, the origins of the word Markaaz, the unique problems facing small businesses, the accelerant Covid provided to digital transformation, raising capital, and much more.I hope you all enjoy the show and be prepared to learn:Hany's journey to MarkaazThe meaning of the word MarkaazWhy SMB's are the focus for MarkaazThe importance of dataHow Markaaz amassed so much data and how they keep it up to dateBiggest pain points facing SMBsHow Covid helped accelerate SMB trendsWhy founders need to be all in when building a companyLessons learned since launching MarkaazBuilding with a great teamRaising capitalAnd much more...
28:03 06/30/2022
PitchIt Podcast 54: Michael Broughton, Altro
On episode 54 I talk with Michael Broughton of Altro. Altro helps you build credit and financial power through the recurring payments and subscriptions you use every day.There are so many different facets and problems with someone’s credit profile. It is still amazing with the amount of data that exists today that a person still needs to go into debt to build a proper credit score and profile.Michael and the team at Altro has begun to change that issue by bringing payments and subscriptions into the core credit profile, a trade line as it is called. Many other firms help bring some of this data as an additive to a profile, an alternative data boost.Altro puts this data into your credit profile as if it were a loan or a credit card. This helps lenders and other financial firms begin to better asses your willingness to pay based on how you live. This type of innovation helps those outside the traditional credit spectrum the most.Michael and I talk about how Altro was able to work with bureaus to create this trade line, where the credit score is today, financial health and inclusion, getting a stamp of approval and meeting Jay-Z, raising capital and a whole lot more.So without further ado, I present Michael Broughton of Altro. I hope you enjoy the show and be prepared to learn:Mike’s journey to AltroMike’s personal story with creditThe meaning of the word AltroThe importance of adding this data as a trade lineThe difference between alternative and trade line dataHow they worked with the credit bureausRevamping the credit scoreThe importance of educationHow much Jay-Z and Marcy Ventures meant to their storyRecommended reading - The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian SelznickRecommended reading  - Principles by Ray DalioAnd much more…
32:19 06/24/2022
Weekly News Roundup - June 16, 2022
The Fintech Nexus weekly news show covers the top stories in fintech.This week's list of top stories includes:Coinbase CEO says it is laying off 18% of its workersAlso BlockFi laying off 20%Celsius Is Crashing, and Crypto Investors Are SpookedPayPal expands its ‘pay later’ options with a more flexible ‘PayPal Pay Monthly’ serviceBuy Now, Pay Later Will Get More Than One Bite at the AppleProptech, meet fintech: HomeLight raises $60M and gobbles up AcceptNYC Mayor Eric Adams Wants State's Governor to Veto 2-Year Moratorium on PoW Mining: ReportAbra and American Express Partner on Crypto CardBucking trend, some crypto firms go on hiring spreeCrypto Winter Is Here. The Weak Will Die, and the Strong Will Eat Their BonesECB Would Limit Digital Euro to Maximum 1.5T, Says Fabio Panetta
31:20 06/17/2022
PitchIt Podcast 53: Dimitry Gershenson, Enduring Planet
On episode 53 I talk with Dimitry Gershenson of Enduring Planet. Enduring Planet provides growth capital for climate entrepreneurs, they offer rapid financing without dilution, personal guarantees, or collateral.Climate has quickly become one of the most interesting topics out there today. There is a lot of discussion around the topic but depending on where you live the action being taken differs widely.For Dimitry and the Enduring Planet team, the climate is not just a job, it's a passion. When talking to Dimitry you begin to understand that a lot has started to change but there is still monumental work to be completed.Enduring Planet is doing its part to help fill the giant capital hole that exists in climate change. There is a chasm of underinvestment overall. Without more firms like Enduring Planet and their portfolio companies, we will continue to see the devastating impacts of climate change increase. There is hope, the momentum is starting to build and there are a lot of exciting founder stories that are all helping to make needed change. Dimitry and I talk about the types of founders they fund, why they decided to structure the firm the way they did, raising capital, and a whole lot more. So without further ado, I present Dimitry Gershenson of Enduring Planet. I hope you all enjoy the show and be prepared to learn:Dimitry's journey to Enduring PlanetLessons from emerging marketsWhy the climate conversation has started to change in the last 10 yearsWe underinvest in the climate between $3 - $5 trillionThey have a broad definition of climate focused fintechWhy the last couple of years has give Dimitry hope about the climateWhy they structured Enduring Planet the way they didBiggest lesson learned - capital education is neededBest advice received - it's a marathon, not a sprintRecommended reading - Dark Tower Series by Stephen KingAnd much more...
51:11 06/16/2022
Weekly News Roundup - June 9, 2022
The Fintech Nexus weekly news show covers the top stories in fintech.This week's list of top stories includes:Apple is turning your iPhone into fintech service taking on PayPal, Affirm and morePayPal is finally allowing users to move their cryptocurrency to other walletsBipartisan crypto regulatory overhaul would treat most digital assets as commodities under CFTC oversightCrypto Bank Custodia Sues Federal Reserve$40 billion payments giant starts accepting stablecoins in major crypto pushCFPB ends no-action letter with fintech lender Upstart Network‘The mood is very grim’: Once-hot fintech sector faces IPO delays and consolidationThe Fintech 50 2022
31:52 06/10/2022
PitchIt Podcast 52: Alex Porto, Riverwood Capital
On episode 52 I talk with Alex Porto of Riverwood Capital. Riverwood Capital invests in high-growth technology and technology-related companies in need of capital and expertise to scale on a global basis.The growth stage has seen a wild ride over the last few years, especially in 2020 and 2021, the market accelerated to an incredible pace with rounds happening faster and more frequently than ever before.Alex and I talked through this insane ride of the last two years, why Riverwood’s approach is different, why infrastructure is a big focus across their investment portfolio, the differences in investing across different markets like the U.S. and LatAm, board makeup, Formula One racing, valuations, and a whole lot more.So without further ado, I present Alex Porto of Riverwood Capital. I hope you all enjoy the show and be prepared to learn:Alex's journey to Riverwood CapitalRiverwood's investment thesis and companies they targetWhy they like to invest in the "Office of the CFO"How they invest in established markets vs emerging marketsHow the investing landscaped has shifted in the last two yearsWhy they lead rounds and join the boardGreat "founding moments" are surfaced during turbulent timesInfrastructure is a core competency2020 - 21 is cause for some investment soul searching from founders and investorsDo no harmRecommended reading: The Outsiders by William Thorndike  
32:20 06/08/2022
Weekly News Roundup - May 19, 2022
LendIt Fintech's weekly news show covering the top stories in fintech.This week's list of top stories include:Crypto Exchange FTX Expands Into Stock TradingPlaid officially expands into identity and income verification, fraud prevention and account fundingSoftBank-Backed Fintech Giant Klarna Looks for New Funds at Lower ValuationBrazilian neobank giant Nubank reports "strongest quarter" in history as bags 5.7 million customersRobinhood to let users hold their own crypto and NFTs as it reaches for growth beyond stock tradingFDIC, CFPB target crypto firms that make false claims of deposit insuranceKeep Financial raises $9M led by a16z to help employers offer forgivable loans as a retention toolSoutheast Asian payments infrastructure unicorn Xendit banks $300M2022 Online Bank Ranking: Chime At The Top, Current Coming On Strong
31:30 05/20/2022
PitchIt Podcast Special Episode: Fintech Nexus 2022 Preview
We have a special episode this week, our Fintech Nexus 2022 preview show. The first order of business, LendIt Fintech is doing a rebrand to Fintech Nexus.Our PitchIt name will remain, so we will now be PitchIt at Fintech Nexus!We couldn’t be more excited to be back in person next week in NYC, this episode will give you a complete breakdown of the event. Content overview, what parties are happening, how to arrange meetings, and much more.I am joined by my colleagues Bo Brustkern, CEO & Co-Founder, and Peter Renton, Chairman & Co-Founder. We take you through the different components of the event so attendees can get the most out of the show.In this podcast you will learn:What it feels like to be back to in-person events.How we build the themes for the event.How the content is structured.How attendees can take advantage of the networking opportunities.What is involved in the VIP Networking program.Highlights of some of the parties and social events.Details of our Women in Fintech program.The favorite keynotes we are looking forward to.The different breakout track topics.Why we created two pre-conference workshops focused on crypto.A sneak peek on our rebrand to Fintech Nexus.So with our further ado, I present the Fintech Nexus 2022 preview show.
27:53 05/19/2022
Weekly News Roundup - May 13, 2022
LendIt Fintech's weekly news show covering the top stories in fintech.This week's list of top stories include:Crypto and stablecoin meltdown - WSJ, CNBC, CoinDeskUS Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen pushes for stablecoin regulation by end of yearCoinbase Says Users’ Crypto Assets Lack Bankruptcy ProtectionsTiger Global, hit by $17B in hedge fund losses, has nearly depleted its latest VC fundChainalysis Raises $170M at $8.6B ValuationChopra's expansive vision for CFPB authority is facing industry pushbackHow Higher Interest Rates May Upend The Fintech Business ModelVisa’s top crypto executive Terry Angelos leaves for Softbank-backed brokerage start-up DriveWealthRobinhood shares pop more than 20% after Sam Bankman-Fried buys 7.6% stake
29:37 05/13/2022
PitchIt Podcast 51: Henry Yoshida, Rocket Dollar
On episode 51 I talk with Henry Yoshida of Rocket Dollar. Rocket Dollar makes it easy to unlock retirement savings and helps everyone access savings to follow their dreams. Through Rocket Dollar savings can be used to fund a start-up, as a small business loan, peer-to-peer lending, buy real estate, and invest in cryptocurrency.Alternative assets have skyrocketed in the last few years, with the last 18 months seeing greater interest than ever before.Henry and I discuss some of the driving factors behind the alt boom, the definition of alternative investments, the language used to describe the accounts, why a simple fee structure works for the customers, raising capital, and a whole lot more.So without further ado, I present Henry Yoshida of Rocket Dollar. I hope you all enjoy the show and be prepared to learn:Henry's journey to Rocket DollarWhy Henry likes having Dollar in company namesLessons from his days at Merrill LynchThe definition of alternative assetsHow Rocket Dollar works with different partnersThe simplicity of subscriptionsThe education gap that exists with retirement accountsWhy calling them retirement accounts is wrongThe key drivers behind alt boomThe risky nature, or not, of altsThe growth of crypto and why is surpassed the alt definitionRecommended reading: The Sovereign Individual by James Dale DavidsonAnd much more...
42:39 05/12/2022
Weekly News Roundup - May 5, 2022
LendIt Fintech's weekly news show covering the top stories in fintech.This week's list of top stories include:Stripe flexes its fintech muscle with Financial Connections to pull banking data automaticallyThe Yuga Labs Catastrophe Could Have Been PreventedRobinhood Launches Stock-Lending ProgramPayments Startup Affirm Teams Up With Fiserv in Latest ExpansionCalifornia Gov. Newsom Issues Executive Order for Crypto Business RulesBigger Guns: SEC Ramps Up Enforcement Team on Crypto, Doubles Headcount at Crypto Assets and Cyber UnitNFT Sales Are FlatliningSEC Climate Risk Disclosure: What are People Saying About Proposed Rules?
32:14 05/09/2022