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The Successful and disABLED Podcast connects you with people with a disABILITY who identity as successful and leaders/influencers from the success building community. Every episode Chris Mitchell (host and founder of #DefineYourself) and his guest discuss the mindset that is needed to succeed including addressing the unique challenges members of the disABLED community face internally, aka internal ableism, and from society.


Writer Larry Berger overcomes depression and Scitzo effective disorder to self-publish books
Larry Berger, a man who survived eight car accidents that should have killed him.  Larry has been hospitalized several times due to depressive bipolar like symptoms from Scitzo effective disorder.Larry discusses how writing helps him get through the challenges his disABILITIES by acting as a coping mechanism to help him work through difficult times. Larry shares how a comment made by Rush Limbaugh inspired him to write a book that he was able to self-publish.Larry’s book, “Instant Poetry (just add words)” is available on Amazon at can connect with Larry and purchase his books on LinkedIn at and on Facebook at
28:33 09/29/2022
Successfully living with invisible disabilities with Amber Myren
Amber is a full-time high school history teacher and is the founder/owner of Myren Education, LLC, where she serves as an organizational coach and tutor.Amber discusses, why she started her business Myren Education, LLC and how she helps students via tutoring and helping students and adults organize their lives.Amber lives with Scoliosis, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and PTSD.  Amber shares how these diagnoses impact her life and how she overcomes the challenges and continues her career as a teacher.You can connect with Amber at
31:02 09/27/2022
We can see without sight with Imbar Golt
Imbar Golt, a public speaker, writer, healer, spiritual coach, and mentor who has been blind since birth, chats with Chris about how we can “see” without having sight.Imbar shares how she “sees” the world without sight including aspects of life that most people do not ever see.Imbar sees her blindness, aka her different ability, as a gift that she cherishes and how it has given her access to certain aspects of the world that a sighted person never experience.You can connect with Imbar by vesting her YouTube channel, Earth Friendly at on Facebook at
33:08 09/22/2022
Mandy Edwards Beautiful Chaos over ADHD, Bipolar and more
Mandy Edwards is a super mom who lives with ADHD, Bipolar I and general anxiety, who does not let those differences stop her from raising her three children who have their own differences including ADHD, Bipolar and level 2 autism and homeschool them.Mandy shares hoe she does homeschool them all through her challenges and her children’s challenges to create a successful life for all.You can connect with Mandy by visiting her website at
28:52 09/20/2022
Senior Director of Development for a nonprofit and visually impaired Michael Wojcik
Michael Wojcik, Senior Director of Development for the American Red Cross and visually impaired discusses his work including how he established the ability network within the Red Cross, and how the ability network assists the disabled volunteers and employees of the Red Cross succeed within the organization.Michael and Chris discuss and share their respective experiences growing up visually impaired and living with the disability as adults.Michal also shares the many ways the Red Ross helps those impacted by disasters.  Michael also shares how everybody can support the red cross by volunteering in person or virtually, as well as how you can make a donation to the organization.You can connect with Michael on LinkedIn at or by email at To connect with the Red Cross visit
46:27 09/12/2022
Shane Thrapp, life coach helps create systems to overcome ADHD
Shane Thrapp is a Certified ADHD Life, Relationship, and Career Coach.Shane has​ ​15 years of servant-based leadership experience​ and, through his business, Creating Order From Chaos, has helped hundreds of people find their paths through the chaos of life to find their order and purpose.Shane is a board member of the Inattentive ADHD Coalition Non-profit, runs one of the largest Men’s ADHD Support Groups with over 10k members on Facebook, and works to be a voice in advocacy for Adult ADHD Awareness.Shane discusses how his disabilities: ADHD, Autism, PTSD and Fibromyalgia impacted his life and how he has overcome them to start his own business, Creating Order from Chaos.Shane also shares with what he had to go through to get diagnosed with adult ADHD.Shane shares how the Facebook group, ASHD men’s support group - can help adults with ADHDYou can connect with Shane by visiting
36:04 09/06/2022
Win Charles and overcoming multiple disabilities
Win Charles, an incredible woman who lives with and overcomes the challenges from multiple disabilities.  Charles has Cerebral Palsy, Asthma, PTSD, SCI, Scoliosis, and a Brain Injury.Win discusses how each disability challenges her and how she rises to each challenge and overcome the disabilities to create the success she wants in her life.You can connect with Win and her podcast, Ask Win by going to
29:10 08/30/2022
Surgeon, Founder, Author, and Speaker Samantha Pillay
Dr, Samantha Pillay, a Urological Surgeon specializing in Surgery for Urinary Incontinence is also a Business Owner and Director and a health Advocate.Samantha was born with bilateral congenital hip dysplasia, diagnosed at age two when she failed to walk.  Samantha underwent several surgical procedures, started school in a wheelchair and gradually progressed from callipers and crutches to walking unaided. Samantha mobility was impaired, and she managed chronic pain which deteriorated over the decades. Finally, a hip replacement in the worst hip at age 48 gave Samantha a degree of mobility she had never experienced before.Samantha and Chris discuss how Samantha uses distractions to overcome the pain from her challenges in life and focusing in achieving her goals in her professional and personal lives.You can purchase any of Samantha’s books on Amazon by visiting can connect with Samantha by visiting her web site at 
37:01 08/23/2022
Above and Beyond (disabilities) with Anthony Frisina
Although Anthony Frisina was born with Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus, he has accomplished a lot of success in his life and hasn’t stopped yet.Frisina has two college degrees: one in Enterprise business and the other in office administration.  Frisina has worked for the college the graduated from for the past 17 years and works at a local university.  Frisina volunteers as the director of communications for the Ontario Disabilities Coalition.Frisina is also the founder of his own brand, Above & Beyond.  Through his brand he is an author, actor, speaker, consultant and hosted his own show in Canada.Frisina is also a forward moving ambassador (in the Untied States it is called Accessible Icon Project).Frisina is currently running for city council in Ward 8 in Hamilton, Ontario Canada, and he shares why he wanted to run for office.Frisina talks about how he created all the success he has enjoyed in his life and continues to enjoy today.  He also shares what he sees as changes that need to be made in society to allow other disabled people to create the own success, many of these changes revolve around overcoming ableism.You can connect with Anthony at http://www.anthonyfrisina.caYou can purchase Anthony’s book, Above and Beyond: Anthony Frisina at Amazon by clicking here or going to
36:35 08/16/2022
Founder of Acorn cottage press with CF Kathrine Lockwood
Katherine, aka Katite, Lockwood, shares how she lives everyday life as a mother of 2 and an educator with cystic fibrosis.Katie discusses her experience of being terminated from her job as a counselor at a school over a denied request for continued accommodations for her CF when the delta variant of COVID hit the United States.Katie shares how she pivoted from that setback to write children books and her founding of her own publishing business, Acorn cottage press.Katie also shares about her book, “Why Me Mama” including the story that is within the book and that she wrote it for disabled children, especially children in the Mobius syndrome community, where there are currently no books in this space, and a community that one of her daughters is a member of.You can purchase Katie’s book, Why Me mama, from Amazon by clicking here You can connect with Katie by visiting the conversation with your fellow #DefineYourselfers in the #DefineYourself Community on Facebook at
43:20 08/09/2022
Success over ADHD and Lazy Eye with Charles Chadwick Jr.
Charles Chadwick Jr. author of Chadwick’s College Checklist and Chadwick’s Cultivated Circumstances Experience is Sometimes Priceless not only speaks about how the 44 million Americans who are struggling with student loans can help overcome the debt, he talks about overcoming his disabilities to become successful.Chadwick, who grew up with amblyopia, aka lazy eye, shares how it has impacted his entire life including the bullying he endured in school that he sued to motivate himself to succeed.Chadwick, recently diagnosed with ADHD, and Chris who was diagnosed with ADHD more than two decades ago, share the ways they have worked around their ADHD to succeed in life including how people with ADHD seem to become laser focused into what interests them the most and how distracted they can become when they are not interested in doing a task.You can purchase Charlee’s books, Chadwick’s College Checklist from Amazon by clicking here and Chadwick’s Cultivated Circumstances Experience is Sometimes Priceless on Amazon by clicking here You can connect with Charles by visiting the conversation with your fellow #DefineYourselfers in the #DefineYourself Community on Facebook at
44:06 08/02/2022
Deaf Queen Boss Kellina Powell author of Everyday I am Just Deaf
Kellina Powell, life coach and author of Everyday I am Just Deaf, discusses her life as a deaf person and how she overcomes her deafness to work in a shipping warehouse.Powell, an accomplished lip reader, shares her struggles with mask mandates during the recent pandemic.Powell also tell us about her book and what she does as a life coach for young adults.You can purchase Kellina’s book, Everyday I am Just Deaf: Life in the Hearing World with Deaf Queen Boss, from Amazon by clicking here or going to You can connect with Kellina by visiting her web site at the conversation with your fellow #DefineYourselfers in the #DefineYourself Community on Facebook at the show
28:18 07/25/2022
An Impossible Life with Sonja Wasden
Sonja Wasden, author of An Impossible Life and a survivor of a suicide attempt, speaks about her book and how she is creating success in her life by overcoming Bipolar I, obsessive compulsive disorder and an anxiety disorder.  Wasden share some of the tricks and techniques she uses to control her Bipolar, OCD and anxiety in her everyday life.You can purchase Sonja’s book, An Impossible Life, from Amazon by clicking here or visiting You can connect with Sonja by visiting or Join the conversation with your fellow #DefineYourselfers in the #DefineYourself Community on Facebook at the show
36:11 07/18/2022
Success in a Fortune 500 company and visually impaired With Emily Price
Emily Price is employed full time an Associate Communications Specialist for a fortune 500 company, the hostess of the Blinded Podcast and has been diagnosed with Peters Anomaly, a visual impairment since birth.Emily discusses how she was able to launch her career before she graduated from college and how she disclosed her disability to her employer and weights in on the debate we all face, when should we tell our employers about our disabilities.Emily as discusses how she was able to get her employer to acquire the computer equipment she needed to successfully perform her job as her request fell under the reasonable accommodation section of the Americans with Disabilities Act.Emily also talks about how she overcome the feeling of self-consciousness she experience when she must ask for help from her colleagues to successfully navigate her life, including eating at a buffet.Driving is something that Emily has done that would surprise those who know she is visually impaired.  She shares her driving experience and how her boyfriend, now husband. Taught her how to drive a car.Emily talks about her new podcast, the Blinded Podcast, including why she launched the podcast and how she hopes to use the podcast to educate others about the disabled community.DISCLAIMER: This podcast episode contains views and opinions which are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other author, agency, organization, employer, or company.Support the show
45:33 07/11/2022
Teacher’s aide and author overcoming autism with Kristina Desjardins
Kristina Desjardins is a teacher’s aide at a school that is exclusively for students with neurodiverse issues including autism.  Kristina shares how she lives with autism daily and how she uses her autism to help her work with autistic students at her school.Kristina tells about an experience of being discriminated against during a job search and how she reacted to it.Kristina talks about how she educates people about autism and how it not only helps others learn about the neurodiverse community, but helps her learn more about her autism.In Desjardins’ book, Autism: Life in the Prism, Kristian shares her life as an autistic person to help others understand autism.You can purchase Kristina’s book, Autism: Life in the Prism, from Amazon by clicking here or from Barnes and Noble by clicking hereYou can connect with Kristina Desjardins by visiting Join the conversation with your fellow #DefineYourselfers in the #DefineYourself Community on Facebook at the show
41:08 07/04/2022
Working in theater with a spinal cord injury with Regan Linton
Regan Linton is a Freelance Theatre Artist – Actor, Director, Writer, Educator, Advocate and lives a full life with a spinal cord injury.Regan shares her experiences in the theater as a disabled woman and how she is successfully advocating for more inclusion for the disabled community in the performing arts. You can connect with Regan Linton by visiting her web site at the show
40:30 06/27/2022
Finding Success and Living with a Rare Disease with Jay Trivedi
Jay Trivedi works at a local Wal-mart in his community.  He is very active in the rare disease foundation and it’s community, in particular in the CCHS family network.Jay was born with a rate disease known as CCHS – Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome also known as Ondines’s Curse.  Today Jay lives with tracheostomy in his neck and requires mechanical ventilation when he sleeps at night.Jay shares his personal insights to living with CCHS and how to vie independently with CCHS.Join the conversation with your fellow #DefineYourselfers in the #DefineYourself Community on Facebook at the show
21:13 06/21/2022
Driving with Autism with Andrew Arboe
Andrew Arboe is the director of community outreach for a financial company that is owned by autistics and a leader of driving with autism. Andrew shares the challenges a person with autism may face as he or she learns to drive and as a driver.  Andrew also shares how he is overcoming some of the challenges he faces behind the wheel in traffic as a neurodiverse person.Links mentioned in this episode:·· the conversation with your fellow #DefineYourselfers in the #DefineYourself Community on Facebook at the show
33:18 06/13/2022
Successful and living with a rare disease with Nico Meyering
Nico Meyering, earned a masters in public administration and has worked in charitable organizations across the country.  He is now working in state government in New York and he lives with a rare disease known as Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome or CCHS.Nico has given a Ted talk:· this episode of the Successful and disABLED Podcast Nico discusses the various ways people who are diagnosed with CCHS overcome the challenges of this rare disease and live full and productive lives.Nico talk about he has learned to pace his speaking so he can breathe despite his CCHS.Nico talks about the importance of every person the disabled community being advocates for themselves and why that is important to help everyone in the community create success in their respite lives.Join the conversation with your fellow #DefineYourselfers in the #DefineYourself Community on Facebook at the show
40:03 06/07/2022
Successful and disABLED Podcast Trailer
Hey DefineYourselfer, welcome into the successful and disabled podcast: the trailer.Every week, The Successful and disABLED Podcast connects you with successful people from the disabled community who has created success in their professional, financial, academic and/or personal lives.Every episode my guests and myself will discuss ways you can overcome challenges, obstacles, adversities, limitations, and/or setbacks including ableism that are common for people, like you and me, in the disABLED community. My guest and myself will share how the right attitude, mindset, influencers, actions and more can enable you to create a successful life that you will love living.Guests on the successful and disabled podcast include       entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, business owners, managers, and others who identify as both successful and disABLED.When you listen to the Successful and disABLED Podcast, our guests will share how they created success in their lives, so you know these insights have been tried, tested and proven to work.You can listen to every episode of the Successful and disABLED Podcast via your favorite podcast player platform, or watch them on defineyourselftv.comTo learn more about this podcast, visit  Do it now, your future self will thank youSupport the show
03:03 05/31/2022