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A weekly show for purpose driven high achievers who are ready to embrace a more balanced approach to business. This podcast is for you if you've ever wished online business could feel easier. That you could do it without the need to hustle or constantly be on the hamster wheel trying to make progress. We'll be exploring all things cycle awareness and intuition, combined with the more practical aspects of business like systems, workflows, planning, and tech. Because we need the balance of both energies to reach our goals. The show will be a combination of short sharp and value packed episodes designed to educate and empower you to change the way you plan and run your business, and guest interviews with other inspiring people from the online business world. I'm your host Laura from Business with Flow. Cyclical Business Mentor, and Systems and Planning Queen. Over the last few years I have been on my own journey from corporate burnout and adrenal fatigue, to online business consultant, learning to do business in a way that feels easy, grounded, organised, and most importantly fun. This is an inclusive community for ALL women and menstruators. If you don't have a menstrual cycle you can apply all the principles we discuss using the phases of the moon. Hit 'Follow' in your favourite podcast app now to make sure you don't miss out on an episode. And share the podcast with your friends. The more we have open conversations about our bodies and our cycles the more we can own and embrace our natural superpowers!


Let's talk about tech
When it comes to tech and apps in your business, its true that there is an app for everything. In fact there is usually about 100 different ones to choose from. And that is where things can get messy, complicated, and sometimes expensive. So how do you know what ones you need? That’s what we’re chatting about in this episode.
16:52 3/27/23
Ellen Ronalds Keene - Maximising your podcast experience
Today I'm chatting with my friend and podcasting mentor Ellen Ronalds Keene all about maximising your experience with podcasts, whether that is hosting your own, or being a guest on other podcasts. Ellen is our first repeat guest, previously appearing on Episode 25.
42:28 3/20/23
How often are you wearing your CEO shoes?
How often do you wear your CEO hat in your business? It can be so easy, especially if your business is just you, or you and a small team, to get stuck in the detail of the day to day. Of dealing with what is right in front of you, of doing the doing. But if you think about CEOs, they don’t do a lot of the day to day doing, they get paid the big bucks to make the hard decisions, to be the visionary, to determine the strategy, to manage risk. When you don’t take the time to wear your CEO hat, it’s easy to lose sight of why you started your business in the first place, to feel directionless.
08:46 3/13/23
The core systems every online business needs
In this episode we're exploring the different systems every online business should have. Depending on your niche or how you work with clients, there will be others as well. But the systems we discuss in this episode are the core systems every online business needs. Key points in this episode: * Systems are the strong and stable foundation that support your business to grow, without hustle and hard work. * Systems are not the tools and apps you use, these are one part of your overall system * The core systems every online business needs include sales and marketing, client management, content management, operations management, and financial management. * Don't try and fix everything all at once, start with one thing, get that working well, and then move onto the next. * You'll always be looking for ways to streamline things and make them better, don't wait till you have it perfect to start creating systems. Do it now and let them grow and evolve with your business.
10:02 3/6/23
Does the behind the scenes of your business stress you out?
If you were to have a social post go viral and have a massive influx of people wanting to work with you, how would that make you feel? And how well would your business cope with that? If the behind the scenes of your business is a bit disorganised or messy, growing your business is not going to magically fix that. It will just create a bigger and messier mess, with more stress and frustration. So if the behind the scenes of your business is stressing you out, this episode is for you.
12:46 2/27/23
The direction you're moving in is more important than the pace you're moving at.
We all dream of the overnight success and big influx of cash into our business. But a business built on hustle and hard work alone will always require that to keep going. The majority of my clients have super successful businesses before they come to work with me.​​​​​​​​​ What they don't have, is the strong foundations to support and ground their business. They're so damn good at what they do, that making money is easy. They've spent the majority of their time working with clients, focusing on sales and marketing (which is of course crucial for a successful business). But getting things in place behind the scenes is an after thought. And as time goes on, things get complicated, messy, and unstable. And the longer you leave it, the worse it seems to be to fix.
07:32 2/20/23
What is sprint planning and how can we align it with our cycles?
Business is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to play the long game on strategy, there is no such thing as an overnight success. But at the same time, you do need to be moving forward, taking action, and sometimes the marathon analogy can make it feel like you don't achieve anything until you get to the very end...And without those wins you can lose motivation and momentum. One of the concepts I worked with in the corporate world was agile and sprints. Sprints are a short defined period of time, where you break down the end goal into small chunks that can be achieved inside that sprint, and so while you are focused on the end goal, you're also focused on making progress each and every sprint. Over the holiday period I realised that our cycles are perfect for implementing sprint planning. In this episode I'm sharing more about what sprint planning is, and how we can use it with a cyclical approach.
09:34 2/13/23
Is your business sustainable?
There are so many ways you can define a sustainable business. Sustainable income is crucial. This is where you want to look at your marketing and selling processes and make sure they working for you. Now this is not my zone of genius, so I'm leaving that bit to the experts. The kind of sustainable I am talking about, is how you run your business. The behind the scenes foundations. And why is this important? So you don't burn yourself out in the pursuit of success. In this episode I am exploring some of the signs you're business isn't sustainable
09:17 2/6/23
My vision, mission, and core service pillars
Before doing anything in business, you need to get clear on why you're here and what you want to create. And if you've been in business for a while, reviewing it and refining your vision and mission can help you to keep moving forwards in the right direction. In this episode I'm sharing my vision, mission, and core service pillars.
14:14 1/30/23
Easing into 2023
As soon as January arrives there is so much content filling your inbox and social media feeds about planning the new year. For me December has felt a lot like a luteal month, slowing down, wrapping things up. And January very much like a menstrual month, a time to reflect, get clarity on my vision and goals. In this episode I share my process for easing into the new year slowly and purposefully.
13:05 1/23/23
Cycle alignment and working with clients
In this episode we explore how you can structure the way you work with clients in the different phases of your cycle. This includes project and done for you services, one on one mentoring or coaching, and also group programs.
19:04 12/12/22
Cycle alignment and creating new offers and programs
Sometimes new offers drop in with all the clarity we need to take action and make it happen. More often than not though, we need time to mull things over, get more clarity, work out how all the pieces fit together. In these situations, our cycles and hormones can be helpful in working it all out, and getting the new offer out into the world.
09:55 12/6/22
Cycle alignment and content creation
In this episode we're exploring how we can apply a cyclical approach to how we create content in our business. If you have a blog, podcast, YouTube channel, or create social media content, and you want to cycle sync your content creation, this episode is for you.
11:34 11/28/22
What does success really look like?
I've been thinking a lot lately about how we measure success. I love data and metrics, and as valuable as all that stuff is, there are other ways we can define and measure success. It's been a common thread of previous episodes, both solo and with guests, about defining what your version of success looks like, not what everyone on the internet is telling you it should be or what it should look like. Because when you're working towards something that inspires and motivates you, that is creating the life and business you actually want, it feels a lot more exciting than a goal you're not truly aligned within or really give a shit about.
13:51 11/14/22
Is your Business a Prison? with Chenae Carey
In this episode I chat with my good friend Chenae Carey about entrepreneurial freedom, and her new book 'Is your Business a Prison?'.
29:09 11/7/22
What Taylor Swift can teach us about business and launching
I've been feeling really disillusioned with the online business world lately. It started to feel like some massive business coaching pyramid scheme... no one seems to care about the impact they can have on the world, it's just how much money you can make. So I've been looking to other industries for inspiration in how they market and sell their products and services. Two of the industries I love and have looked to are music and movies. So it's been great timing to observe Taylor Swift launch her new album Midnights. And whether you love or hate her, you can't deny she's did an amazing job with this album launch. In this episode I share my key business and launching learnings from Taylor Swift.
10:33 10/31/22
How do you decide what is important?
There is so much to do when you run a business. Some of it you knew you were in for before you started out, other things take you by surprise. Add in all the things people all over the internet tell you that you have to do in order to have a successful business, the plethora of different platforms you could be on, all the different ways you can serve clients, market your business, and it can get pretty overwhelming quickly. In this episode I'm sharing some ways you can decide what is important for you and your business.
12:34 10/24/22
Why does slowing down feel so damn hard?
For many of us, learning to slow down, learning to rest when we need it, learning to listen to our bodies cues, doesn't come easily. We've been conditioned to believe that life is about doing more and having more, and that you have to work your butt off to get it. But for women, we aren't built that way. Biologically we cannot go at the same level day in and day out, we need time to slow down and rest. In this episode we explore why slowing down can be so damn hard.
11:09 10/17/22
India-Jade Cook - Becoming unapologetically self-expressed
In this week's episode I chat with the truly magnetic India-Jade Cook. India is a marketing & mindset coach for female entrepreneurs, helping you be unapologetically self-expressed to create a magnetic af personal brand.
32:51 10/10/22
What to do when you want to burn your business to the ground
We've all been there, those days, maybe weeks, where you're so over running your own business, you just want to throw it all away, and burn it all to the ground. I know I've been there more than once! In this epsiode we explore what to do when you feel this way.
12:04 10/3/22
Why knowing yourself is vital for a thriving business
Knowing your strengths and talents is vital in running your own business. When you know who you are, what you stand for, and how you work best, you're empowered to create a business that works for you.
10:54 9/26/22
Our businesses are seasonal too!
Like our cycles, the seasons of the year, or the phases of the moon, our businesses are seasonal too. There are seasons where we see growth, and seasons where we focus on sustaining where we are. There are seasons of fast action, and seasons for slowing down. But for many of us, the slower paced seasons feel uncomfortable. We're constantly bombarded with messaging online about growing and scaling your business, hitting that next income goal. And there is nothing wrong with business growth, but its about doing it in a way that is intentional and in alignment with the business that you want to create.
10:29 9/19/22
How to be more intentional with your time and energy
Your time, energy, and brain power are finite resources. If you don't want to be working all the time, and you want to be more intentional about how you run your business, and how you use your precious resources, then you need a plan!
13:23 9/12/22
Is it time for a business spring clean?
We all know how good it feels when you've had a good declutter and tidy up around the house. But do you ever do it for your business? If not then in today's episode I'm sharing 10 different ways you can spring clean and declutter your business.
10:22 9/5/22
Planning vs taking fast action to get results in your business
Some of us (me) are natural born planners. Some are natural born action takers. Most of us probably sit somewhere between the two ends of the spectrum. There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches, which is what we're exploring in this episode.
11:27 8/29/22
Systems might not sound sexy, but what they do for your business is!
Does the word systems make you go ughhhh.... Look I get it, systems don't sound sexy. But it's what they can do for your business that is. If you're looking to make running your business feel easier, more grounded, simpler then you need systems. If you want to work less, and be more intentional with the time and energy you put into your business then you need systems. If you want to get off the hamster wheel and run your business and launches without burning out, then you need systems. Key points in this episode: * Why you need systems in your business * How systems make your business easier to run, so you can work less * How to get started with creating systems the easy way
11:52 8/22/22
Amplify your personal brand with Jane McKay
In this episode I chat with Jane McKay from Jane McKay Communications. Jane is a marketing consultant and coach with more than 15 years' in the business who works with coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs who want to stand out and amplify their personal brands. In this episode we explore the concept of personal branding.
27:45 8/15/22
The balance between structure vs flow in business
One of the biggest misconceptions I see and hear is the belief that you have to choose between having structure in your business and going with the flow. My question is - why not both? Why can't you have the best of both worlds? Why do we view it as one or the other? In this episode we're diving deeper into structure and flow, and how you can embrace both in your business. Key points in this episode: * You can have both structure and flow in your business, it's not one or the other * The importance of having both the space for ideas and inspiration and flow, and also the right foundations that support you to take action. * Why it's important to find your own sweet spot on the continuum of structure and flow.
10:37 8/8/22
Is decision fatigue slowing you down in business?
You've probably heard that your willpower diminishes the more you have to exercise it. But did you also know the same thing happens with decision making? The more decisions you have to make the harder they can become, the more overwhelmed you feel, and the more likely you are to make the wrong one or not even be able to make one at all... In this episode we're exploring how decision fatigue impacts your business. Key points in this episode: * What is decision fatigue and why does it happen * How decision fatigue makes running your business feel hard * Ways to reduce decision fatigue so you can move forward and start taking action on achieving your business goals.
09:54 8/1/22
Are you too busy being busy?
Are you someone who likes to keep busy being busy? Who doesn't know how to switch off from their business? Who feels like the more they do, the more worthy or valuable they are? In this episode we're chatting about our addiction to being busy all the damn time. Key points in this episode: * What does busy work look like in your business * Why you might be busy being busy all the time * How to let go of the busy work in your business
13:41 7/25/22