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slut is a derogatory term for a female sex worker. the use of "slut" is an attempt at irony- because my podcast is all about trying to break the stigma that society places on the sex industry and my aim is to pay homage to all those amazingly intelligent and savvy escorts and sex workers and to try to shed a light on their amazingness in an attempt to start to change society's very negative and judgemental attitude towards what is a very important job. This is done through the lens of someone (ie me) who is new to escorting (literally turned my first trick this evening)


on being the other woman 30:23 07/27/2022
how my looks have helped and hindered me 09:56 07/24/2022
dick picks are do not have the same power as pussy pics. sorry guys 24:31 07/23/2022
shoving things in your dick hole- urethral sounding 19:25 07/14/2022
misogyny in the sex work industry 18:00 07/10/2022
the art of kissing 09:30 07/09/2022
what drives me wild in bed- my biggest turn ons! 14:38 07/09/2022
My biggest turnoffs in bed! 25:09 07/08/2022
Things about men I find sexy 04:28 06/27/2022
Roe Vs Wade over turned in USA! What is the legality of Abortion in Australia? 30:19 06/25/2022
Falling in love (unexpectedly) with a client 23:41 06/24/2022
cheating my views and approach 17:53 06/15/2022
a client's wife contacted me- this is what I said 26:27 05/27/2022
masturbation- it will not make you go blind 31:34 05/15/2022
erectile dysfunction a sex workers perspective 20:54 05/03/2022
body image as a sex worker 18:18 04/23/2022
Good Will Hunting- I respond to Will's two cents tweets about time wasters 26:28 04/08/2022
part 2 rough sex- face fucking 19:53 04/01/2022
part 1 rough sex- choking/ strangulation 23:34 03/24/2022
My Personal message to you, Mr Timewaster 14:48 03/14/2022
Episode 2- Pornography- is it harmful and is stigmatisation of those who create justified? 33:21 03/09/2022
Episode 1-Taboo and stigma of creating and publishing Pornographic content- intro 16:04 03/04/2022
PART 4- motherf****er series- epilogue- interview w Keith from Full Marriage Equality blog 16:46 03/02/2022
PART THREE- consaguinamory- the consensial sexual relationship between related individuals 15:43 02/27/2022
PART TWO- Exploring the non-consanguous MILF fetish 44:42 02/25/2022
PART ONE- Is it ok to have sex with your mum? Exploring the mum fetish 44:42 02/23/2022
clients who ask "do I party" 04:18 02/18/2022
rape and violence against sex workers 19:44 02/14/2022
cuckholding- do you fantasize about watching your partner have sex with another person? 35:37 02/07/2022
how to eat pussy 20:09 01/25/2022