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Patriot Games will take listeners on a journey to explore different disciplines of intelligence, technologies, and fascinating people whose lives are intertwined with the intelligence community. Patriot games will explain the methodologies used by operators, teams, and researchers to execute, exploit and disseminate effective information ops. The show will explore different intelligence types, techniques, spycraft, and technologies. We will introduce people who have spent careers in the intel community and have incredible stories to tell. We will also let the audience join us in our Fusion Center and operational briefings as we actually execute the use of technology in real-world applications and operations in the US and abroad.


Rallying Alabama (ft. Caroleene Dobson)
Caroleene Dobson storms into our latest Patriot Games discussion, offering a raw and insightful look at Alabama's political turmoil. As we grapple with redistricting chaos and eye the prize of a majority-black district, Caroleene lays out her plan to rally conservative support in the face of electoral bedlam. Her passion is palpable; she's not here just to claim victory but to ensure the values of our Southern stronghold are echoed in Congress, safeguarding a prosperous future for her children and all of Alabama's 2nd Congressional District.As the conversation unfurls, we cast a spotlight on the bedrock principles that define rural Alabama: unwavering hard work, nurturing humility, and an unshakeable faith in God. These aren't just quaint notions but the lifeblood of the community Caroleene aims to represent. We dissect the challenges these heartland regions face, from feeling neglected by the political elite to the dire need for fiscal restraint and economic revival. It’s a candid look at the unique tapestry of culture that binds these towns together, and the leadership required to honor and elevate their standing on the national stage.We round out our dialogue with the weighty issues of border security and the leviathan of government spending, topics that resonate from the local diners to the hallowed halls of Washington. Drawing from my own experiences in Mississippi and Texas, we trade tales of triumph over government bloat and explore the intricacies of foreign policy that ripple back to our own backyards. It's a potent mix of grounded, Alabama insights and the larger puzzle pieces of American safety and prosperity, all shared here on Patriot Games with the indomitable Caroleene Dobson.Support the Show.
38:30 4/12/24
Diamonds and Determination (ft. Sam Phillips) #teamEli
PLEASE GIVE TO ELI: my grandson Sam Phillips joins the conversation, we don't just talk baseball; we explore the very essence of youth sportsmanship, perseverance, and communal strength. As host Gregg Phillips, I take immense pride in sharing stories from the Vipers' baseball diamond, where teamwork creates champions and our young athletes, like Sam, find the courage to rise above adversity. His tales of drawing positivity from Bible verses and the broader life lessons learned through each pitch, catch, and swing breathe new life into the age-old adage that sports are more than just games.We delve into the mental gymnastics of competitive sports, where the will to win is as vital as the skills honed in practice. Sam's strategy for maintaining focus – taking a breath or zeroing in on the next play – echoes the tactics I used in my own athletic endeavors, underscoring the universality of these lessons. Beyond the field, this episode encompasses a candid look at a fourth grader's world; from the complexities of schoolyard politics to the hopeful musings of a young mind yearning for a future in Major League Baseball, or perhaps amidst the prehistoric wonders of geology.In a poignant reflection, we broach topics that shape our very identities: politics, faith, and the importance of community support, especially when rallying for causes close to our hearts, like Eli Barnes' battle against cancer. And as we navigate these heavier musings, we also celebrate the lighter moments – the joys of "Papa's School," the competitive spirit in PE class, and the simple yet profound pride of watching your family grow and thrive. Join us on this touching journey that captures the heart of childhood, the impact of sports, and the lessons that last a lifetime.Support the Show.
45:40 3/30/24
Defiant Faith: Nicaragua Christian Persecutions
When the skies opened with relentless rain over Nicaragua, it wasn't just water that poured down—it was also a deluge of prayers from a million voices united in faith. In our latest episode, we recount the stirring saga of Mountain Gateway and Shake the Nations, whose prayer crusades became a beacon of hope amidst political turbulence. Yet, even as their spiritual fervor withstood the storms, the hearts of local pastors were tested by the claws of persecution, leading to a trial that shook us to the core. With a dear friend among the imprisoned, we lay bare the personal connections and the devastating impact of a regime intent on silencing the devout.As these courageous pastors face an uncertain future, echoes of support resound from the halls of the U.S. Congress, with leaders like Congressman Barry Moore and Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio standing in solidarity. We unveil the international efforts to champion their cause, sharing plans for an imminent journey to Central America to strengthen the cries for justice. Our voices merge in a solemn prayer for the convicted and their kin, holding onto hope for a swift resolution. Join us as we navigate the tumultuous waters of legal battles and political strife, standing unwaveringly with those who have risked it all for their faith.Support the Show.
16:05 3/23/24
The Real TikTok Problem
Are your children safe in the invisible playground of cyberspace? Join me, Gregg Phillips, as we pull back the digital curtain on the TikTok controversy that's sweeping the nation, questioning the ethics of app-based geo-tracking, and delving into the shadowy dealings of data brokers. This episode of Patriot Games isn't just about the headlines; it's a deep dive into the unsettling truth behind the pixels and the urgent call for legislation to safeguard our kids. With seasoned intelligence veterans sharing their insider perspectives, you'll come away with an understanding of the high-stakes games played with our data, and what it might mean for the future of our privacy and security.Prepare to have your perspectives challenged as we confront the questions everyone's asking: Is banning TikTok the solution, or should we aim for stricter youth policies? I'll also shine a light on the complicity of tech behemoths like Google and Apple in the geolocation data market. Our guests, including intelligence professionals like John David, offer riveting accounts from their careers and insights into the tech that tracks more than just your steps. We're here to arm you with the information you need to navigate this digital landscape, discussing tangible steps that could alter the game for social media and its youngest users. Don't miss this episode of Patriot Games, where we reveal what's really at stake when the next generation logs on.Support the Show.
16:13 3/15/24
Unseen Forces (ft. April Moss)
April Moss, the brave whistleblower who made waves by exposing her former employer CBS Detroit, joins us with a story of defiance and truth-seeking that promises to keep you riveted. Through her eyes, we'll witness the remarkable journey Open.Ink has traveled from its wiki roots in 2016 to the powerhouse of transparency it is today. Our platform's enhanced search capabilities and special collections are just the start, as we continue to challenge the mainstream with a treasure trove of reliable information for thinkers, families, and educators alike.Feel the anticipation build as we celebrate the enigmatic John G. Trump and his clandestine contributions to physics, alongside a peek into his historical intrigue. It's not just about looking back; our episode brings forth discussions on central bank digital currencies and sheds light on once-classified NSA documents, revealing technologies that could reshape your understanding of the military's past capabilities. We're not just about sparking curiosity—we're also nurturing tomorrow's truth-seekers with a learning management system for ethical data scraping and a collaborative chat room to solidify a community dedicated to honesty and transparency. Thanks to our partnership with Greg and Catherine, this podcast stands as a testament to our commitment to lift the veil on the untold stories that shape our world.Support the Show.
24:36 3/7/24
Alabama Showdown (ft. Rep. Barry Moore)
Unlock the secrets of Alabama's high-stakes congressional race with Congressman Barry Moore, our esteemed guest, walking us through the political maze of his re-election campaign. From redistricting chaos to unprecedented PAC involvement, Barry gives us a firsthand account of the challenges he faces as a staunch Trump supporter erroneously accused of aligning with the opposition. This episode of Patriot Games isn't just about politics; it's a frontline report from the battleground of American democracy.Prepare for a candid conversation where Congressman Moore exposes the perplexing dynamics of running in a newly configured district, the influence of never-Trumpers, and the bewildering attacks from political action committees with histories of supporting unlikely allies. With his deep roots in Alabama politics and an unshakeable commitment to Trump's vision, Barry dissects the allegations against him and highlights the critical role of the House Freedom Caucus amidst the political pandemonium. If you're fascinated by the strategic maneuverings within our nation's capital, this episode will rivet you to your seat.Support the Show.
11:34 2/28/24
Saving Nicaragua (ft. Britt and Audrey Hancock)
Embark on an extraordinary journey with Audrey and Britt Hancock, founders of Mountain Gateway, as they recount their life's mission from the heart of Latin America to the challenging landscapes of Mexico and Nicaragua. Witness the inception of a movement dedicated to conquering adversity and spreading hope, where thousands of children are rescued from the clutches of human trafficking, and communities are united under faith. This episode is not just a tale of missionary work; it's an exploration of the human spirit's boundless potential when driven by unshakeable conviction and love.Within the Hancock family's story lies a rich tapestry of inspiration woven through their adaptation to a life less ordinary in Mexico. Imagine a home constructed from market crates, homeschooling adventures that defy conventional settings, and the profound bond forged in the crucible of living without modern comforts. Their experiences illuminate the remarkable resilience of a family whose unity becomes their greatest strength, revealing the transformative power of embracing challenges with creativity and grace.In an unexpected shift to the struggles facing religious freedom, the narrative takes us deeper into the political turmoil of Nicaragua. The Hancock's relentless fight for justice amidst government oppression and wrongful imprisonment of local pastors paints a vivid picture of courage in the face of adversity. Listeners will be moved by their call to action as we explore how collective advocacy and support can ignite change and uphold human rights in this complex and politically charged arena. Join us in this profound dialogue that underscores the essence of community and the significance of standing firm for one's beliefs.Donate to Mountain Gateway: Gateway: the Show.
67:39 2/23/24
Border Bill Betrayal: Misdirected Millions
Can America afford the hefty $118 billion price tag on the Senate's latest border bill, especially with funds diverging to foreign interests? Join me, Gregg Phillips, as I unravel this financial enigma and expose the startling reality behind where our nation's borrowed dollars are headed. This episode of Patriot Games wades into the stormy waters of the controversial border legislation, revealing the disheartening truth that a mere fraction of this colossal budget is targeted at strengthening our borders. With 1.5 million illegal crossings potentially sanctioned annually, we dissect the profound consequences these financial choices may have for illegal immigration and the enticements offered to undocumented entrants.Feel the heat of a nation's concern as we tackle the urgent matters of immigration and border security, questioning the effectiveness of a border bill that seems to favor foreign aid over domestic protection. We spotlight the advanced technologies lying dormant that could seal the breach of illegal tunnels in San Luis, Arizona, while expressing indignation at the government's apparent inertia. As the episode unfolds, you'll hear a fervent call to arms for fellow citizens to stand with those congressmen boldly opposing the bill, deeming it a betrayal to American interests. This isn't just about numbers; it's about our country's future—tune in to Patriot Games for an impassioned debate and my bold solutions to these pressing challenges.Support the Show.
21:19 2/16/24
Voices of Freedom Rising
Discover the insider revelations from political filmmaker extraordinaire, Jason Meath, as he joins us to unravel the emotional and political depth behind creating "King of Bain." This groundbreaking film dissected Mitt Romney's tenure at Bain Capital, leaving an indelible mark on the 2012 presidential campaign. Our collaboration unveiled the complexities of narrative crafting and its potent effect on public opinion. With Jason's expertise, we further explore the burgeoning projects that are set to invigorate the political filmmaking landscape.The dialogue then ventures into the aftershocks of Mitt Romney's campaign and the emergence of Donald Trump. We dissect the seismic shift within the Republican Party, tracing the roots of America's political reawakening and the palpable desire for change that coursed through the nation's veins. Our conversation highlights the powerful documentary 'Switchers,' which encapsulates the sentiments of lifelong Democrats turned Republicans, and we confront the pressing issue of illegal immigration, peeling back the layers of its impact on the fabric of trust in American leadership.As we wrap up, the spotlight shifts to the tactical battlefield of political campaigning, voter engagement, and the inception of a super PAC aimed at championing pro-freedom candidates. Reflecting on previous campaign tactics and their effectiveness, we underscore the need for innovation to remain at the forefront of political strategy. And to sweeten the pot, Jason Meath not only adds his voice to our Patreon Games community but promises a synergy of ideas, stirring anticipation for fresh, resonant content that speaks directly to the heart of America. Keep your ears perked and your minds open for what's on the horizon in this ever-changing political saga.Support the Show.
30:06 2/7/24
From Data to Dominance: 2024 Plans
In this episode, we delve into various subjects surrounding the 2024 election season alongside the efforts of our teams and projects. The introduction of Ground Fusion is a key topic, a data collection and analysis instrument refined over time. Its functionalities and application in voter micro-targeting and communication are explored in detail. Furthermore, we announce the inception of a new Political Action Committee (PAC) and elaborate on the growth of the Patriot Games broadcast. The episode also unveils OpenInc, a pioneering platform for enhanced search and specialized collections, and discusses the creation of Red Wave as an alternative to Stripe. Conclusively, the significance of privacy is underscored with the introduction of Klok, a privacy hub designed to shield against tracking.Support the Show.
34:02 2/1/24
True the Vote Victory Lap
In this episode, we dive deep into the heart of crucial moments that define our nation. I'm joined by the dynamic Catherine Engelbrecht, president of True the Vote, as we dissect a new J6 video,, and celebrate a monumental court victory against leftist heavyweights like Stacy Abrams, Marc Elias, and the Biden DOJ.Buckle up as we unravel the layers of the January 6th events, exploring the twists, turns, and poignant revelations that shape our understanding. From the misconceptions that fueled the chaos to the repercussions on dedicated patriots, we leave no stone unturned.We shine a spotlight on the tragic loss of Ashley Babbitt, delving into the injustice and absurdity surrounding her death. The conversation extends to the treatment of patriots, emphasizing the heartbreak and gravity of their situations.But that's not all—join us as we discuss the cinematic capture of these events, revealing the power of storytelling in encapsulating the truth. Plus, we tackle the vital topic of election transparency, examining challenges to voter rolls, trial experiences, and the courtroom's unbalanced dynamics.This episode is a rollercoaster of insights, revelations, and hard-hitting discussions. Don't miss out on the pulse of Patriot Games!Support the Show.
61:29 1/5/24
Unveiling the Truth
In this gripping episode of Patriot Games, we sit down with Catherine Engelbrecht, the visionary founder of True the Vote, and sharp-eyed investigative journalist Heather Mullins. Together, we unpack a treasure trove of insights from the 2020 election cycle. Although a snippet of our conversation was featured in "2000 Mules," we dig much deeper here. Don't miss the riveting testimony of a whistleblower, brought to the forefront by the NRSC, who sheds light on the mysterious happenings at ballot dropboxes in Columbus, GA. This is an episode you won't want to miss.Support the Show.
44:24 8/31/23
Unmasking the Shadows
In a must-listen episode of the Patriot Games podcast, we're honored to host former Navy SEAL Jared Hudson. Going beyond tales of military resilience, Hudson delves deep into his relentless fight against human trafficking. Drawing from his experiences with Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) and inspired by movies like "Sound of Freedom," Hudson shares chilling accounts of the dark world of child trafficking, prostitution, and even organ harvesting. But his mission didn't stop overseas. Witnessing systemic issues firsthand, Hudson founded the Covenant Rescue Group in Alabama. Together with a team of experts, they've battled human trafficking right here at home, making impressive strides in a short span. Yet, as the movie highlights and Hudson confirms, the fight against human trafficking isn't without challenges, especially from unexpected corners like bureaucratic red tape. Listen as Hudson exposes the shocking realities, offers vital advice for parents, and calls for unity and action against the black market's horrors. Learn how you can contribute to the cause and stand up for justice.Support Jared's Group Here: the Show.
53:37 8/18/23
Triumph & Tribulations
Triumph & Tribulations: New Studio, Lawsuits, John G. Trump, and an Unforgettable Journey in NicaraguaIn this riveting episode of Patriot Games, join Gregg as he unveils the highs and lows of his journey. From building a new studio, overcoming legal challenges, and launching the fascinating collection on John G. Trump, this episode promises to captivate the listeners. A particular highlight includes their memorable appearance at Alabama's largest fundraising dinner alongside President Trump and a moving account of a two-day Prayer Crusade in Nicaragua. Stay tuned for personal updates on Gregg’s health and more in this not-to-be-missed episode.Support the Show.
32:57 8/10/23 and the Freedom of Information
In this podcast episode, we explore the revolutionary platform known as From its inception in 2016 to the release of its beta version in January 2023, has faced numerous challenges from those who seek to suppress information and data. Despite these obstacles, the platform has persevered and emerged as a powerful tool for researchers, writers, and readers.One of the key features of is its advanced indexed search engine. This innovative technology enables users to easily and precisely access curated content from open records, research papers, and media articles. Additionally, writers can create and publish their articles directly on the platform, making them available to a wider audience. The platform also features an archival library of historical documents, videos, and images that mainstream search engines have overlooked or suppressed.The community is also an important aspect of the platform. Users can connect with other researchers, writers, and readers, fostering collaboration and discussion. The platform's mission is to provide an unparalleled experience for those seeking authentic and relevant information from diverse sources. Join us as we explore the history, features, and impact of in this episode of the podcast.https://open.ink the Show.
32:40 4/28/23
5GW with General Mike Flynn
Welcome back to the Patriot Games podcast, where we discuss the latest developments in technology, intelligence, strategy, and tactics. In this episode, we have a very special guest, my friend General Mike Flynn - former United States National Security Advisor and retired United States Army, Lieutenant General. Today's discussion will center around Fifth Generation Warfare and the fight for freedom. In recent years, Fifth Generation Warfare has gained prominence in military circles. It is a form of asymmetric warfare that seeks to target the critical vulnerabilities of an opponent and exploit them to gain strategic advantage. This type of warfare is driven by technological advancements and requires a deep understanding of the enemy's ideology, culture, and decision-making processes.During our conversation, General Flynn will share his insights on how Fifth Generation Warfare affects national security and how patriot teams should be prepared to counter these new threats. We will also discuss the impact of technology on modern warfare and how the internet, social media, and other digital platforms are being used to promote propaganda, disinformation, and cyberattacks.General Flynn will also talk about the sacrifices and the challenges involved in fighting for freedom and how patriots are adapting to meet the demands of this new era of warfare. He will share anecdotes from his illustrious military career and provide valuable insights into how leaders can motivate and inspire their teams in times of crisis.Mike and his colleague, Boone Cutler, have authored Episode One of their guide to 5GW. You can purchase the Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare here: I urge you to purchase and study this guide and those that follow. Support the Show.
38:12 3/15/23
Standing Up to Tyranny
When Truth Social launched 12 months ago, President Trump declared one of its purposes was to “stand up to the tyranny of big tech.”Standing up with him were the TS OG’s. One of the main guys is Justus Eapen, @justuseapen. Product managers and senior engineers make any new app hum. Justus is all that and much more!Join us in a wide-ranging conversation that covers the wild ride that was Truth Social, the state of the movement, and a long-awaited explanation of why I believe Telegram is a danger to privacy.Note to Listeners: this is the last episode recorded in December using our old sound system and board. From now on you will have a much improved experience.Support the Show.
70:00 2/6/23
Condemned USA
Treniss Evens led the National Anthem in the Capitol and drank a shot of whiskey in Pelosi’s office. He was arrested with 700 more Americans in the aftermath of January 6, 2021. Treniss joins Patriot Games to discuss the entire fiasco, his arrest and his interviews with hundreds of patriots arrested. the Show.
54:15 1/6/23
Stealing Your Vote
Christina Bobb joins Patriot Games to discuss her new book, “Stealing Your Vote.”Many of us know Christina as an insider with the Trump teams. In addition, she is an attorney with America First, an author, a journalist, and a Marine. They say half of the game is just showing up. Christina always shows up and engages in the fight. You can preorder Stealing your Vote here:Stealing Your Vote: The Inside Story of the 2020 Election and What It Means for 2024 the Show.
35:18 12/16/22
Still in the Fight
Catherine Engelbrecht joins Patriot Games to discuss the blowback from our adventure in prison, the fight in Arizona, and the nonsense that is the Republican National Committee. Since this episode was filmed, voters in Mohave County, Arizona, sued Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County for using illegal software and process to disenfranchise the voters across the rest of Arizona. Read the True the Vote Statement on the lawsuit. the Show.
37:12 12/14/22
Overtime with Kari Lake
 Kari Lake joins Patriot Games to discuss her ongoing fight in her quest to become the Governor of Arizona. We also discuss the source of her strength and courage in addition to the chaos created by the Maricopa County elections group. You will enjoy this discussion with Kari as we explore these and related issues. Support the Show.
35:30 12/9/22
Bring Passion to the Fight
Garry Monroe is a street fighter from Fifth Ward in Houston. He took his passion for kids into a race for School Board in Harris County (Houston), Texas. He watched them cheat and brings that story, in its rawness, to this Episode of Patriot Games. Sorry for the technical difficulties with the sound of my voice, but don’t worry, Garry is full-throated. Support the Show.
45:46 11/23/22
The Brain
Welcome to the Brain, a data collection tool used by our analyst in the Fusion center to analyze and connect pieces of information often missed in standard research. In the episode, we explore areas of the brain and begin to highlight some of our findings. The public version of the episode will be made available at https://open.inkLearn more: the Show.
38:22 11/8/22
Political Prisoner
Paul Manafort has nearly 50 years of experience in geopolitical operations worldwide. He is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable operatives in the world.One of the first victims of the FBI’s hate campaign against President Trump, Paul was smeared and ultimately imprisoned by America’s Gestapo-esque political law enforcement - aka the FBI.Paul was pardoned by President Trump after being held as a political prisoner by the government.Paul shares his background, story, and opinions on 2022, 2024, and President Trump’s possible run for office.Buy Paul's book on Amazon: Political Prisoner: Persecuted, Prosecuted, but Not SilencedWarpath CoffeeCreating gourmet coffee is what we do, our coffee provides customers with the ultimate satisfactionStratusXStratusX is a Cloud managed Cellular router. Perfect for remote employees, tourists, and students.Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the Show.
35:40 10/14/22
Death of Intelligence
Sam Faddis joins Patriot Games to discuss the decline of the intelligence community and a career dedicated to America.Sam is a retired CIA operations officer, published author, and national security commentator.Sam led the first CIA team into Iraq nine months before the 2003 invasion of that country. He has run large organizations, worked across the U.S. Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense, and been involved in national security matters at the highest levels of our government. He has also spent more than his share of time running sources and covert action campaigns in the field.Support the Show.
46:15 10/4/22
Ground Games
In 2020, we received ground reports and video from San Luis, AZ resident Gary Snyder that led to the development of the hypothesis and geospatial analysis that led to 2000 mules.Clean Elections USA founder, Melody Jennings, joins us to discuss the group’s plans for getting the eyes of 1,500 patriots on the privately funded ballot drop box scams throughout the country during 2022 and beyond.Warpath CoffeeCreating gourmet coffee is what we do, our coffee provides customers with the ultimate satisfactionStratusXStratusX is a Cloud managed Cellular router. Perfect for remote employees, tourists, and students.Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the Show.
35:02 9/30/22
If you’re not first, you’re last. Campaigns are all about winning. Unfortunately, many of the old winning techniques we learned as young political operatives have been lost.Our old friend, Chuck Muth, joins Patriot Games to share some of the patriot games he has won with for decades. Warpath CoffeeCreating gourmet coffee is what we do, our coffee provides customers with the ultimate satisfactionStratusXStratusX is a Cloud managed Cellular router. Perfect for remote employees, tourists, and students.Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the Show.
44:51 9/23/22
Communications Privacy
Patriot Games and the entire team at the OPSEC Group have high level of concern for our colleagues, friends and families. The concern centers around the fact that, while convenient, dark forces are tracking you and everyone you know through their cell phones.From judges to students, no one is safe from big tech, government intrusion, and criminals. Until now, join us as we explain a new global communications security network. If you are interested in more information, please write us at info@patriotgames.comSupport the Show.
31:47 9/16/22
Freedom Update
It’s no secret freedom is under assault worldwide. Michael Yon joins us today to discuss the signs across Europe - from Belgium to Germany - that a self-induced famine is already taking hold. Michael is a former Green Beret, author, photographer, and famine expert. He provides unfiltered recon from the frontlines of the world’s most complex and chaotic global conflicts.Support the Show.
38:33 9/8/22
True the Vote Founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, joins me on this latest episode of Patriot Games. Catherine and I update the Games. We share our travel plans for the coming weeks that will bring actionable intelligence to law enforcement and prosecutors in five key states. We provide new information on the Pit, the Chinese infiltration of our elections, and an urgent plea to both VOTE and work in upcoming elections. Our collective experience in election intelligence spans more than 50 years. I think you will enjoy this week's Patriot Games. Warpath CoffeeCreating gourmet coffee is what we do, our coffee provides customers with the ultimate satisfactionStratusXStratusX is a Cloud managed Cellular router. Perfect for remote employees, tourists, and students.Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the Show.
48:07 9/2/22