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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, low-carb blogger Jimmy Moore presents interviews with the movers and shakers in the world of Low-Carb/Paleo science, medicine and living. We’re here to help, encourage, inspire, motivate and rattle some chains.


1737: Danielle Turco On Her Keto Lupus Journey, Positive Mindset, And Dealing With Haters 48:34 06/16/2021
1736: May 2021 Study Shows The High-Carb DASH Diet Increases Hunger And Heartburn 52:57 06/15/2021
1735: Lesya Hozapfel On The Benefits Of Carb Cycling For Optimal Women’s Health 51:38 06/09/2021
1734: Critical Thinking Skills 101 (aka How To Avoid Propaganda) 45:59 06/08/2021
1733: Alyssa Rogers Goes From NAFLD And Obesity To Keto And Health Coaching 44:29 06/02/2021
1732: Keto Research Roundup: Alzheimer’s Disease, Continuous Ketone Monitor, Pre-Fast Exercise Impact On Ketones 28:27 06/01/2021
1731: Anna Vocino Helps You Cook Keto At Home To Grab Back Your Health 33:34 05/26/2021
1730: Keto Research Roundup: CVD/Diabetes Connection, Thyroid Function, Gut Flora Impact On Epilepsy 26:58 05/24/2021
1729: Dr. Linda Anegawa Explains Why Keto May Not Work For You 94:07 05/19/2021
1728: New Research Shows Efficacy Of A Modified Keto Diet On Alzheimer’s Disease 58:47 05/18/2021
1727: Dr. Jen Unwin Helps You Break Your Addiction To Crappy Carbage 56:58 05/12/2021
1726: Study Shows Hypocaloric Keto + Exogenous Ketones Does NOT Increase Fat Loss 57:23 05/11/2021
1725: Ben Azadi Teaches You How To KETO FLEX For Optimal Metabolic Health 34:10 05/05/2021
1724: New Study Finds Low HDL, High Triglycerides Predict 91-DIVOC Severity 52:51 05/04/2021
1723: Dr. Angela Stanton Takes Us To School On Migraines, Hormones, & Keto Carnivore Diets 57:04 04/28/2021
1722: Is It Time For A Lockdown On Sugar For 91-DIVOC Prevention? 44:16 04/27/2021
1721: Chemist Arturo Singer On Functional Nutrition And Exercise To Live Longer Younger 55:11 04/21/2021
1720: Study Finds Cardiovascular Disease Risk In Type 2 Diabetes Patients Improves On Keto 39:29 04/20/2021
1719: Dr. Emily Lipinski On HEALING YOUR THYROID NATURALLY Through Diet And Lifestyle 53:12 04/14/2021
1718: Jimmy Moore Reflects On What He Learned During His 18-Day Water Fast 73:15 04/13/2021
1717: Ben Azadi Shares The Critical Do’s And Don’ts Of Doing The Keto Diet Well 30:22 04/07/2021
1716: New Paper Says New European Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Guidelines Missing Key Research 57:52 04/06/2021
1715: Lesya Holzapfel On How Keto Is Different For Women 26:37 03/31/2021
1714: Jameela Jamil Warns Celebrities Promoting Keto Because “Humans Need Carbs” 44:39 03/30/2021
1713: Suzanne Ryan And Jimmy Moore Shoot The Breeze On Success And Mental Health 51:58 03/24/2021
1712: December 2020 Study Demonstrates Heart Health Benefits From Ketosis 58:42 03/23/2021
1711: Dietitian Shana Hussin From Fast To Heal On Keto And The Power Of Fasting 61:20 03/17/2021
1710: Why Does Big Food Get Away With Peddling Ultraprocessed Foods? 53:18 03/16/2021
1709: Jordan Castrillon Thrives In His WISK Keto Bakery In The Midst Of The Pandemic 40:59 03/10/2021
1708: January 2021 Study Shows Late Eating And Poor Sleep Timing Leads To Higher Body Fat 54:08 03/09/2021