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You want to start a podcast, but you’re not sure where to start. You need advice on how to grow or monetize your show, and stop being so scared that it won’t work! I can help by showing you what mistakes NOT TO MAKE and much more. Subscribe to the show and soak in the 16+ years of podcasting experience from Podcaster Hall of Fame Inductee Dave Jackson


Have I Underestimated the Power of Apple Podcast Reviews? 41:09 06/14/2021
Behind the Scenes of Podcast Movement Nashville 41:51 06/07/2021
Editing Your Podcast Interview For Content 34:05 05/31/2021
Nobody Gets On a Bus Without Knowing Where It's Going - Your Podcast's Intro 39:49 05/24/2021
How to Make Key Decisions For Your Podcast 36:24 05/17/2021
Will You Trust Your Baby With Apple? 38:49 05/10/2021
How to Find and Choose a Co-host for Your Podcast 37:38 05/03/2021
Who Will Win the Battle of Paid Podcast Subscriptions? 38:40 04/26/2021
Podcasting Can Give Your Audience Something They Are Dying To Hear: The Truth 40:54 04/19/2021
Impacting People From Your Bedroom: Collin From Pet Sitter Confidential 33:22 04/12/2021
Where Will Your Podcast Take You in Five Years? 34:38 04/05/2021
I Wish I Had Known This When I Started Podcasting 44:18 03/29/2021
The Riches are in the Niches With Harry Duran 30:12 03/22/2021
How to Get Booked on Podcasts: Figuring out Who and How to Pitch with Kristin Molenaar 50:54 03/15/2021
Creating a Personal Podcast Brand That Resonates with Your Audience 49:29 03/08/2021
Podcasting Consequence: Can You Break Your Podcast? 43:04 03/01/2021
You're Too Close to Be Your Own Coach 36:40 02/22/2021
How To Be Amazing and Leave Them Wanting More - with Valerie Geller 41:50 02/15/2021
Three Tools To Boost Your Podcast Brand 29:46 02/08/2021
How Shane Whaley Navigated a Travel Podcast Through a Pandemic 57:10 02/01/2021
How Podcasters Can Use the Clubhouse App To Build Their Audience 45:39 01/25/2021
How Jack Rhysider's Darknet Diaries Podcast Gets 300,000 Downloads Per Episode 63:14 01/18/2021
Fine Tuning Your Podcast Growth With Listener Surveys 37:31 01/11/2021
14 Steps To Start a Successful Podcast in 2021 50:05 01/04/2021
My Favorite Podcast Is.. 2020 Edition 54:57 12/28/2020
A $4000 Podcast Auditor Ambush 39:08 12/21/2020
Removing Randomness Results in 8K Downloads Per Episode 43:49 12/14/2020
Podcast Editing as a Business 32:52 12/07/2020
Is Your Podcast Future Proof? 32:32 11/30/2020
You Can't Buy An Audience If Your Podcast Sucks 40:10 11/23/2020