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The Launch Network is all things invention, patents, licensing, product launching and manufacturing. Hosted by Carmine Denisco, founder of The Launch Network Changing the face of the invention industry and looking forward to helping inventors from all over the world move their ideas to that next Level.


MIAs2e1 - Chris Talks with Singer, Song Writer and all-around Great Guy Chris Trapper 49:15 09/02/2021
MIAs1e30 - Chris Talks with Steve "The Gadget Man" GreenBerg 41:29 08/31/2021
MIAs1e29 - Christopher Talks with The "Toy God" Mr. Matt Nuccio 30:27 08/03/2021
MIAs1e28 - Christopher Talks with Brian Pearson Author "The Warrior Inside" 45:41 07/27/2021
LPs6e35 - Do You Want to Be on TV, Christina Daves Shows You How! 31:36 06/14/2021
LPs6e34 - Get Your Product on TV with Joy Mangano and America's Big Deal 33:33 06/09/2021
GRRs4e19 - Jim Talks With David Frankel Inventor of the Perky Collar 36:41 05/31/2021
LPs6e33 - We Talk with Dara Trujillo about Joy Mangano' New Show "America's Big Deal" 33:31 05/28/2021
MIAs1e27 - Christopher Talks with Tree T-Pee Inventor Johnny George 41:21 05/26/2021
GRRs4e18 - Jim Talks with Inventor Extraordinaire Lisa Lloyd 36:56 05/25/2021
LPs6e32 - Do You Have a Product or Invention for the Lawn and Garden Show? 28:58 05/24/2021
MIAs1e26 - Christopher Talks with Tom Gray from Make 48 The Maker Competition Series 31:09 05/24/2021
GRRs4e17 - Jim Talks with Shark Tank Winner Mr. Christopher Guerrera 35:45 05/24/2021
MIAs1e24- Christopher Talks with Jim Trocchio Rock n Roll Picture Maker 50:23 05/24/2021
GRRs4e16 - Jim Answers Your Most Asked Invention Questions 38:07 05/24/2021
MIAs1e25 - Christopher Talks with Inventor Rescue Founder Mr. Chris Landano 22:35 05/24/2021
GRRs4e15 - Jim Talks about Why Inventing Your Product is not Free. 35:37 05/24/2021
MIAs1e23 - Christopher Talks with the Big Blade Inventor. 39:35 05/24/2021
GRRs4e14 - Jim Debetta Asks, What is the Name of Your Product? 34:09 05/19/2021
MIAs1e22 - Chris Talks with Mr. Kool CEO of Kool Kel Marketing 52:18 04/19/2021
GRRs4e13 - Jim Talks with Mr. Gadget Himself Steve GreenBerg 32:01 04/15/2021
GRRs4e12 - Jim Talks about Licensing and Selling to Retail or Maybe doing Both 33:40 04/15/2021
TFCs1e2 - The FootBall Crew Sports Show with Host Christian Debetta 39:03 04/15/2021
MIAs1e21 - Chris Talks to the Boss about Inventing and Taking Products to Market 52:04 04/15/2021
MIAs1e20 - Chris Talks with Child Be Safe Inventors Kelly and George 49:24 04/14/2021
MIAs1e19 - Chris Sits down with Comedian, Podcast Host and All-Around Great Guy Tom Kelly 55:31 04/14/2021
TFCs1e1 - The FootBall Crew Sports Show with Host Christian Debetta 38:21 04/02/2021
GRRs4e11 - Jim Gets Hung Up with Push-N-Hang Creator Mike Van Horst 43:16 03/30/2021
MIAs1e18 - What do you really know about Payment Processing? 40:03 03/30/2021
GRRs4e10 - Jim & Carmine Talk the Future of Retail and Product Sales 32:26 03/23/2021