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Whole Life Stewardship: Financial Planning, Investment Management - Money, Abilities, Time, Health

Certified Financial Planner, Ashley Hodge shares his expertise about the stewardship of not only your finances, but your life in every episode - focusing on 4 areas: Money, Abilities, Time, Health. Subscribe now so you don't miss an episode. Find out more at


Rates, Inflation, Recession, Hope
On this episode, Ashley comments on the current state of financial markets, including rising interest rates, inflation, and recessionary pressures that are building. He also shares timely information from thought leaders in the industry.   shares information from some of the thought leaders he respects
22:08 09/30/2022
Inflation, Markets, Book Reviews
On this episode, Ashley discusses the impacts of inflation, the current state of the financial markets and summarizes the main points of three books on stewardship.
26:07 06/20/2022
Markets, Inflation, Valuation
On this episode, Ashley discusses the current state of the various markets, what to expect concerning inflation and best practice as to valuations for the future.
26:39 05/13/2022
War, Inflation, Valuations
This week Ashley discusses how the global financial markets, rising oil prices, and the war in Ukraine affect investors.
21:22 03/11/2022
Markets, I Bonds, Calm
This week Ashley explores asset prices and discusses projections by the end of the year.  He also talks a little bit about I Bonds and shares some thoughts on calm.
18:14 01/27/2022
Sandy Jones
This week Sandy Jones of Someday Organizing joins Ashley to discuss some tips for getting organized in 2022.
28:48 12/17/2021
Millionaire Next Door, Second Homes, Consistency
This week Ashley reviews some of the concepts presented in the classic book Millionaire Next Door.  He also discusses his thoughts on whether or not you should buy a second home and the power of consistency.
15:29 12/03/2021
David Meece
This week David Meece joins Ashley to discuss his career building dental practices, time as a lawyer and stewardship perspectives.
21:28 11/12/2021
Halloween Stewardship Tips
This week Ashley has a special Halloween edition of Whole Life Stewardship, highlighting 4 Monstrous Money Decisions, 4 Appalling Ways to Waste Your Abilities, 4 Terrifying Time Wasters and 5 Horrifying Health Decisions!
19:21 10/29/2021
Inflation, Encouragement, Kid Finances, Telecommuting
This week Ashley discusses the current state of inflation, as well as touches upon topics like the value of encouragement, tips on teaching kids finances and the future of telecommuting.
21:21 10/15/2021
Sam Taylor
On this episode Ashley is joined by Sam Taylor to discuss his experience and outlook as a volunteer youth minister.
41:17 10/01/2021
Taxes, Valuation, Legacy, Centenarians
On this episode Ashley discusses Joe Biden's tax plan and what the effect might be on the market and economy.  He also updates his market valuation and covers topics concerning living with eternity in mind and the common practices of centenarians.
18:31 09/17/2021
Health, News, Financial Routines
On this episode Ashley shares his person experience with having COVID, the importance of controlling what you can control with your health,  what value does news add to your life, and then the importance of following financial routines.
14:19 08/27/2021
Adam Weathers
This week Lt. Colonel Adam Weathers of the United States Marine Corps joins Ashley to shares his experiences, including what motivated him to join the Marine Corps and the leadership lessons he learned along the way.
29:45 08/13/2021
COVID vs Growth, Sleep, Boring Habits
On this episode Ashley reviews some of the latest data on COVID, and discuss whether the variants could derail economic progress.  He also looks at the important of sleep in recent research and boring habits that can lead to freedom in stewardship.
11:48 07/30/2021
Carl Vellenga
This week Ashley interviews his good friend Carl Vellenga.  Carl is a Senior Account Executive at IStation, a company that specializes in education assessment and delivery.  Together they discuss areas of education that include the affect of the pandemic, school choice, and what their research has shown about student outcomes.
23:32 07/16/2021
Financial Markets Mid-Year
In this episode Ashley reviews the current state of the various financial markets at mid year, as well as the risks and rewards for investors as we look to the future.
23:51 07/02/2021
Chris Scott and Lisa Adam
This week Ashley interviews Chris Scott and Lisa Adam, two documentary filmmakers who are currently working on a movie about Baylor Basketball called Ode to Joy.
40:21 06/18/2021
Four Book Reviews
On this week's episode Ashley shares some ideas from four books that cover investing, future trends, living an unoffendable life and MoveNat.
21:32 06/04/2021
Sean Urich
This week Ashley is joined by his friend Sean Urich, an employment attorney.  Sean has over 15 years of experience in employment law and shares some insights on creating great cultures to avoid employment law issues.  They also discuss Baylor sports, Pearl Jam and differences in automobile purchases!
26:12 05/21/2021
Market Valuation, Fasting, and Faith
In this episode of Whole Life Stewardship Ashely offers his view on the current state of financial markets and their future, tips concerning fasting for health benefits, and the importance of faith on your health.
16:31 05/07/2021
David Kaye
This week Ashley interviews David Kaye, the Assistant Athletic Director for Communications at Baylor University.  Not only does David discuss his experience in the military and decision to selflessly donate a kidney to a friend, but he also gives an inside look into a championship culture built on Christian principles.
32:12 04/23/2021
Indy and Four Examples
On this episode Ashley discusses his time in Indianapolis watching Baylor's basketball team win the national title.  He also discusses people who embody the four principles of stewardship.
12:02 04/09/2021
March Madness
March Madness is the theme of this week's episode. Ashley presents 16 Sweet Stewardship tips, 8 Elite Habits, 4 Final Principles, 2 Championship Mindsets and one winning idea!
23:05 03/26/2021
Mark Cowart
Long time listener Mark Cowart joins Ashley to discuss how finances, education and stewardship fit into his life.
20:02 03/12/2021
Texas Storm, COVID, Tax Savings
This week Ashley discusses the recent storm in his home state of Texas.  He also gives an update on the market's outlook in regards to COVID and discusses several tax saving investment methods.
19:03 02/26/2021
Market Valuation, Complaining, Tom Brady
This week Ashley discusses whether the current market valuation is is accurate.  He also presents health related topics, including how complaining can affect health and a review of Tom Brady's health related routine.
18:20 02/12/2021
Bill Rosenberry
This week Bill Rosenberry joins Ashley to discuss the stewardship lessons he has learned as an attorney and Christian, focusing on estate planning and his life in the church.
31:00 01/29/2021
4 Books, 4 Podcasts, 4 Videos
This week Ashley discusses some of his favorite places to get information on stewardship, sharing four books, four podcasts and four videos.
17:54 01/15/2021
2020 vs 1920, Future Trends, and Four Tips
For the first episode of 2020 Ashley compares our current world to what life was like in 1920, focusing on many of the changes and similarities.  He then discusses possible trends that will make life different in the future, as well as four tips to start 2021 off with a stewardship mindset.
17:05 01/01/2021