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Altamar - Navigating the High Seas of Global Politics

Altamar is dedicated to curating an informative discussion on how global issues impact all of us. The show avoids the typical Washingtonian US bias and talks about accelerating changes from a global perspective by featuring diverse guests on a range of foreign policy topics. We aim to rise above the polarization that detracts from the public’s understanding of crucial global issues. Hosted by political analyst Peter Schechter and columnist Muni Jensen.


Nuclear South Asia: The World’s Third Tripwire [S5, E16] 28:14 08/12/2022
The End of Trade [S5, E15] 33:32 07/29/2022
Storm Clouds in Africa [S5, E14] 36:18 07/15/2022
Colombia Ousts the Center [S5, E13] 33:20 07/01/2022
Americas in Disarray [S5, E12] 32:40 06/17/2022
The Globalization of Food Insecurity [S5, E11] 31:03 06/03/2022
Extreme Autocracy [S5, E10] 29:04 05/20/2022
Corporations Cancel Russia [S5, E9] 31:44 05/06/2022
Serbia in the Middle [S5, E8] 29:39 04/22/2022
ASEAN Realigns [S5, E7] 33:11 04/08/2022
The Sanctions War [S5, E6] 32:33 03/25/2022
After A Century of Egyptian Independence, It’s Still Complicated [S5, E5] 33:59 03/11/2022
Sports or Politics? [S5, E4] 33:56 02/25/2022
The Italian Job [S5, E3] 29:33 02/11/2022
Europe's Extreme Right: How Real is The Threat? [S5, E2] 33:24 01/28/2022
The Rise of Latin America’s Young Progressives [S5, E1] 33:40 01/14/2022
Rocky Recovery: These Strange Economic Times [S4, E23] 27:36 12/17/2021
Russia Turns 30 [S4, E22] 29:42 12/03/2021
The US: A Nation at Risk [S4, E21] 40:23 11/19/2021
Is COP26 a Copout? [S4, E20] 26:16 11/05/2021
Dirty Money [S4, E19] 31:33 10/22/2021
Is there Life after Angela? [S4, E18] 30:09 10/08/2021
Woke Corporations and Cancel Capitalism [S4, E17] 35:30 09/24/2021
‘Friendshoring’ in the Caribbean [S4, E16] 30:52 09/10/2021
Cuba Libre? Not So Much. [S4, E15] 28:51 08/27/2021
Afghanistan: The Graveyard of Empires [S4, E14] 29:44 08/13/2021
COVID, Diplomacy and Populism [S4, E13] 32:18 07/30/2021
Sports, Money, and Politics [S4, E12] 31:48 07/16/2021
Europe’s Fault Lines [S4, E11] 30:13 07/02/2021
The World After Bibi [S4, E10] 27:53 06/18/2021