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Fed up with tech hype and buzzwords? Looking for a tech podcast where you can learn and be inspired by real-world examples of how technology is transforming businesses and reshaping industries? Keep informed of the latest business and tech trends by listening to stories of other people in your field and how they are overcoming challenges with emerging technologies. Learn from the guest's actionable tips, and lessons learned to obtain greater clarity and how you can leverage technology. In this daily tech podcast, Neil interviews tech leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, futurists, technologists, thought leaders, and celebrities. We discuss how tech trends such as AI, machine learning, 5G, IoT, AR, VR blockchain, crypto, and the digital transformation are already reshaping our world. Guests from every industry educate listeners through sharing their road to success, startup stories, and how technology transformed their business and life. Join me for a daily dose of optimism and motivation as I prove that technology really does work best when it brings people together.


1724: Preparing for BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) 26:49 09/20/2021
1723: The Tech Transforming Reservations and Ordering in Hospitality 20:50 09/19/2021
1722: NOK NOK - Talking Metal Payment Cards and Passwordless Authentication 30:11 09/18/2021
1721: How FIDO is Accelerating the Global Charge Past Passwords 32:58 09/17/2021
1720: How Tech is Transforming Wealth and Asset Management 23:05 09/16/2021
1719: Meet BUX, Europe's Fastest-Growing Neobroker 26:27 09/15/2021
1718: The Tech Combining Data, Influencer Strategy, Social Insights, and Brand Storytelling. 22:35 09/14/2021
1717: How Businesses are Impacted by Employee Identity Theft 27:02 09/13/2021
1716: Why IT Needs Closer Collaboration Between Business and Academia 38:12 09/12/2021
1715: How the Human-AI Relationship Will Define the Future of Work 19:21 09/11/2021
1714: How Tech Is Building & Monetizing Communities 25:47 09/10/2021
1713: The Tech Changing In-Store Shopping Experiences 28:09 09/09/2021
1712: The AI-powered Candidate Search and Data Hub Transforming Recruitment 30:23 09/08/2021
1711: The FinTech Supporting Families in Their Home Countries 29:07 09/07/2021
1710: Why MPC Will Revolutionise Blockchain 20:11 09/06/2021
1709: Integrating Cutting-Edge Technologies into Human-Centered Solutions 32:20 09/05/2021
1708: Neurotechnology and Biohacking 37:36 09/04/2021
1706: How iOS 15 Updates Are Affecting Email Marketing 22:07 09/02/2021
1705: Digital Health Tech For Chronic Conditions 23:44 09/01/2021
1704: How COVID Permanently Changed the Role Of The Startup CFO 15:43 08/31/2021
1703: Oishii and the Future of Indoor Vertical Farming 24:08 08/30/2021
1702: The Tech Updating Modelling for the Digital Age 25:51 08/29/2021
1701: Olyseum - Can Non-Fungible Tokens Bring Fans and Stars Closer? 19:41 08/28/2021
1700: How Simulation Tech is Powering the Next Wave of AVs 35:12 08/27/2021
1699: Exploring Conversation Intelligence With Invoca CEO 36:21 08/26/2021
1698: Michel Tricot, CEO of Airbyte, (Big Data Startup to Watch) 20:00 08/25/2021
1697: AWS and Symantec leader Joins Pindrop as New CTO 27:16 08/24/2021
1696: Adopt CaaS or risk losing customers, Quadient Warns 21:44 08/23/2021
1695: Transforming Live Events Into Digital Experiences 40:21 08/22/2021
1694: Postoplan - AI-Powered Marketing Automation in Social Networks. 16:44 08/21/2021