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Each season of Podcast on Purpose, we go “behind the scenes” with seasoned show hosts of popular podcasts and share the latest and greatest of what you need to know for your podcasting journey. As an extra bonus, if you want to find some great new shows to listen to, you’ll find at least a few that you LOVE here!


S2 044: Debbi Dachinger of Dare to Dream Radio 56:43 12/11/2019
S2 043: Kim Sutton of Positive Productivity Podcast 39:55 12/04/2019
S2 042: Sean Douglas of Life Transformation Radio 52:58 11/27/2019
S2 041: Daniel Bruce Levin of The Mosaic Podcast 40:18 11/20/2019
S2 040: Adam Schaeuble of Casting the Pod Podcast 59:07 11/13/2019
S2 039: Allana Pratt of Intimate Conversations Podcast 60:29 11/06/2019
S2 038: Ruby Fremon of Today's Thought Leader Podcast 41:25 10/30/2019
S2 037: Marie Ruzicka of Magickal Land of Awesome Podcast 36:10 10/23/2019
S2 036: (International Podcast Day) Dov Baron of Leadership and Loyalty Podcast 53:51 10/16/2019
S2 035: (International Podcast Day) Kim Seltzer of The Charisma Quotient Podcast 28:48 10/15/2019
S2 034: (International Podcast Day) Lou Diamond of Thrive LOUD Podcast 38:01 10/14/2019
S2 033: (International Podcast Day) Debbi Dachinger of Dare to Dream Radio 29:29 10/13/2019
S2 032: (International Podcast Day) Michael Neeley of Consciously Speaking Podcast 29:57 10/12/2019
S2 031: (International Podcast Day) Doug Sandler of The Nice Guys on Business Podcast 31:07 10/11/2019
S2 030: (International Podcast Day) JJ Flizanes of Fit 2 Love, Spirit Purpose and Energy, Women, Men & Relationships Podcasts 49:56 10/10/2019
S2 029: (International Podcast Day) Amy Schuber of Inspired Conversations Podcast 25:02 10/09/2019
S2 028: (International Podcast Day) Scott Carson of The Note Closers Show Podcast 34:42 10/08/2019
S2 027: (International Podcast Day) Melanie Benson of Amplify Your Success Podcast 29:57 10/07/2019
S2 026: (International Podcast Day) Joe Fier and Matt Wolfe of Hustle and Flowchart Podcast 49:38 10/06/2019
S2 025: (International Podcast Day) Emerald GreenForest of Men on Purpose Podcast 29:35 10/05/2019
S2 024: (International Podcast Day) Debra Kasowski of The Millionaire Woman Show 30:24 10/04/2019
S2 023: (International Podcast Day) Kim Sutton of Positive Productivity Podcast 27:02 10/03/2019
S2 022: (International Podcast Day) Devi Adea of Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast 25:14 10/02/2019
S2 021: (International Podcast Day) Molly Mahoney of Elevate Your Awesome! Podcast 30:35 10/01/2019
S2 020: (International Podcast Day) Sean Douglas of Life Transformation Radio 25:21 09/30/2019
S2 019: (Unplugged) Icon Posse Special Episode at New Media Summit in San Diego 44:07 09/26/2019
S1 018: Scott Carson of The Note Closers Show Podcast 44:52 06/14/2019
S1 017: Wade Galt of The 4-Day Work Week Entrepreneur Podcast 39:34 06/07/2019
S1 016: Joshua Spodek of Leadership and the Environment 51:50 05/31/2019
S1 015: Joie Cheng of The Naked Truth Movement 30:31 05/22/2019