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Episode 25 – Boonty Box
In this episode, we called people with crazy stories and requests, membership payments, and making friends. Includes calls by: TakeThePen, Tedwwweb, Dwight the Janitor, Akspa, Ruin, Otter Poppers and many more!
101:10 09/27/2022
Episode 24 – Unstable Diffusion
In this episode, we encountered a lot of uptight people, knee-jerk reactions, and stupidity. Also, the edit got all sorts of messed up and had to be re-edited 3 times and might still be messed up. During the show, Akspa created a bunch of artwork using StableDiffusion based on things people said during the calls.
93:39 09/20/2022
Episode 23 – Unhinged Chaotic Calls
We called lots of folks selling stuff, and hotels. The night was a blur of chaos. Includes Miriam’s tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, as well as musical pieces written throughout the week.
130:49 09/13/2022
Queen Elizabeth II
Miriam has a special announcement for everyone! RIP Queen Elizabeth II
01:00 09/08/2022
Episode 22 – A hill0ck666 Adventure
For some reason, Patreon keeps crashing my browser tabs with ‘out-of-memory’ errors when I try to type the 3 6’s in hill0ck’s name. Take from that what you will. This episode has a ton of Matt ‘Fuckin’ Hill0ck in it, both doing calls and background voices. We called a bunch of folks selling and giving […]
129:24 09/06/2022
Episode 21 – Laughter Is Music
In this long show, we got some hilarious reactions from unsuspecting folks when we tried offering more for items than they were worth. Lots of fun, weird calls were had. We’re releasing a short music album on bandcamp, featuring all the Intro and Outro music from the first 20 episodes of the show, and a […]
135:43 08/29/2022
Episode 20 – A Family Affair
In this wild episode, we talked with a lot of odd folks about purchasing items they were trying to sell. We look for better comedy material, but come up empty. Hotels put us on hold, so we reciprocated on multiple occasions, with varying results. Features calls by: TakeThePen, DTB, Cat_Astroph3, Akspa, Dwight The Janitor, Tedwwweb, […]
108:01 08/23/2022
Episode 19 – Blame The Network
In this extended episode, we start out with some nice music I wrote a few days after the show as an intro, then we move on to some of the most high-energy calls ever. We called up folks selling stuff, but ended up leaving more hysterical/bizarre voicemails than talking with folks. Moving on, later that […]
137:40 08/17/2022
Episode 18 – The Situation Has Changed
In this short episode, we try to farm for laughs and get quite a bit of good reactions. While the show was a full 3 hours, the wheels fell off a bit early, and we had a lot of ringing phones that have been removed from the final edit. What’s left after editing is the […]
60:29 08/08/2022
Episode 17 – Please Hold
In this wild show, we called a bunch of folks about stuff they were selling, put a bunch of people on hold and entertained them with our traveling circus, and confused the world. Features calls by TakeThePen, Tedwwweb, Akspa, Dwight the Janitor, LuLu, Ruin, DTB, and many more folks from the community. The show ends […]
100:48 08/01/2022