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Martina Big | White Woman Turned Herself Into a Black Woman Over Night
King and Kandy Morning Show | #Transracial #Model #MartinaBig.White woman turns into a black woman by taking injections and her family embrace her.Contact us : kingkandyshow@gmail.comFor entertainment purposes only.
22:14 08/13/2022
P0rn ⭐tar Turned Pastor- I found God on my Knees 😛
P0rn ⭐ tar for years allegedly found  the holy spirit when  in the middle of Adult film Scene.#adultfilm #mature #pornstar
17:29 08/13/2022
Off-Duty Cop Charged After Neighbor's Dog Is Shot | Serena Williams Retires from Tennis
Serena Williams is rewriting retirement, calling it a "transition" and an "evolution" from tennis onto other things. #SerenaWilliams #SerenaWilliamsRetirement #Vogue  
24:55 08/12/2022
Tommy Lee Goes Nude On IG | Kodak Black Teams Up With Kendrick Lamar
Tommy Lee Goes Full Frontal for NSFW Nude Photo. Tommy Lee had the internet in a frenzy after posting a nude selfie on Instagram. #TommyLee  #KodakBlack #KendrickLamar
34:52 08/12/2022
Attention, Everyone Wondering if Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian Are Getting Back Together
Pete Davidson is reportedly in trauma therapy following his breakup with Kim Kardashian due to harassment by Kanye West. #PeteDavidson #KimKardashian #KanyeWest #21savage Visit us at www.kingkandyshow.comMessage us at
26:51 08/11/2022
Anne Heche under investigation for felony DUI After Car Crash | Wendy Williams sparks concern
Wendy WIlliams fans may have initially been excited to hear rumors of her return  to the mic on a new podcast, but their excitement quickly turned to serious concern after watching the Instgram video she made announcing her intentions.#WendyWilliams #WendyWilliamsPodcast #AnneHecheVisit us at www.kingkandyshow.comMessage us at
36:53 08/11/2022
Former Air BNB host fined $5000 for refusing Asian American guest
What's the world come to these days? In this episode, we discuss the former Air BNB  host that was deplatformed and fined $5000  for refusing to host an Asian American guest that had already paid for accommodations.  What would you do in this situation? Let us know!Visit: www.kingkandyshow.comE-mail: #racist #racistkaren  #AirBNB 
38:11 08/10/2022
Will Bill O'Reilly Return to Fox news?
Who do you believe? Bill O'Reilly, or the women who accuse him of sexual harassment? Unfortunately, this story is all too common and the stakes are high on all sides. Listen in to this podcast and tell us your thoughts!Visit us at www.kingkandyshow.comMessage us at  #mybodymychoice #toxicmasculinity  #foxnews  
32:30 08/10/2022
Couple Gets a Divorces so their Girlfriend doesn't get Jealous!
Ever heard of a Throuple? Well, that's when a couple add a third person into their romantic relationship. As far as throuples go, this one definitely takes the cake! The initial 2 members of the relationship decided to get a divorce to male their Girlfriend Happy! What would you do??#Divorce #breakup #Throuple #polygamy#poly #polylife #PolyamoryVisit us at www.kingkandyshow.comMessage us at
26:19 08/09/2022
Can White People Identify as Black? The Rachel Dolezal Story
Can White people identify as black, or is this cultural appropriation in it's lowest form? Judge for yourself after listening to this episode! Do you feel Rachel genuinely identifies as a black woman who was born into a Caucasian body, or is this just another case of a white person putting on black face for profit?#racheldolezal #culturalappropriation #criticalracetheory #racism #blackfaceVisit us at www.kingkandyshow.comMessage us at
39:01 08/09/2022
Why Couples Fight on Vacation
Why do couples fight on vacation? Has this ever happened to you? Want to learn how to avoid it and make your next getaway a dream vacation? Well listen in for more details, because you've come to the right place!#TheView #LATimes #Vacation #Vacation2022Visit us at www.kingkandyshow.comMessage us at
21:10 08/08/2022
Bill Maher Rails on Obesity and 'Body Positivity' Calling it a Catastrophe
Bill Maher has come under intense scrutiny lately for his critique of the "body positivity' movement, stating that the fat acceptance movement is 'Orwellian' and that supporters of the movement have "Blood on their hands". #BodyPositivity #FatShaming  #FatAcceptance #MyBodyMyChoiceVisit us at www.kingkandyshow.comMessage us at
14:43 08/08/2022
Jenette McCurdy - I'm Glad My Mom Died
This episode discusses the alleged abuse and trauma that Nickelodeon child star Jenette McCurdy suffered at the hands of a specific show creator - who most people assume is Dan Schneider. In her recent sit down with Vanity Fair, she opens up about her eating disorder, difficult relationship with her mother, and the unwanted advances  made by "The Creator". #JenetteMcCurdy #VanityFair #Nickelodeon #DanSchneider Visit us at www.kingkandyshow.comMessage us at
23:55 08/07/2022
Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson Welcome Baby Boy Via Surrogate!
Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson welcome a beautiful baby boy to keep their 4-year-old daughter, True, company. Despite the fact that Khloe and Tristan have not communicated outside of co-parenting for over a year now, they felt that it was of the utmost importance to provide True with a sibling so that she does not remain an only child.  Due to a miscarriage scare that took place with Khloe's first pregnancy, she and Tristan decided to bring their baby boy into the world via surrogate. #KhloeKardashian #KimKardashian #TristanThompson #TrueKardashianVisit us at www.kingkandyshow.comMessage us at
20:33 08/07/2022
Walmart Lay Offs!
Over 200 corporate jobs have been cut at Walmart, and now middle management is finding themselves jobless.  Also, have you heard of the blasphemous bikini?? You;ve got to check it out!!  Also, feel free to visit us at #walmart #WalmartLayOffs #BIkini #BlasphemousBIkini #AddisonRae #KingandKandyShow Visit us at www.kingkandyshow.comMessage us at
19:56 08/05/2022
WNBA Star Doing 9 Years In Russia Jail For 1 Drop of liquid Vap Weed | Brittney Griner
U.S Basketball Champion Brittney Riner has formally received sentencing for carrying less than 1 ounce of cannabis oil in her luggage while traveling to Russia. Tune in for details! Also, visit us at #Russia #Weed #CannabisOil #BrittneyRussia #kingandkandy 
18:18 08/05/2022
Lil Durk Injured in Stage Pyrotechnic Incident at Lollapalooza 2022 | King and Kandy Show
Lil Durk sustained an eye injury by pyrotechnics while performing on stage at  Lollapalooza 2022. While he was able to complete the show, he did confirm that he would be taking a break to focus on his health before resuming performances. #LilDurk #Lollapalooza #KingKandyShow #KingKandyMorningShow Visit us at www.kingkandyshow.comMessage us at
14:03 07/31/2022
Will Smith Breaks Silence After Oscars Slap | King & Kandy Show
King & Kandy Panel reacts to new video posted to Will Smiths Social media of him apologizing to Chris Rock for slapping the comedian at the Oscars earlier this year and saying he's "deeply remorseful.Subscribe to our New Podcast show.  #willsmith #chirsrock #oscars   #Willsmithslap Visit us at www.kingkandyshow.comMessage us at
09:24 07/30/2022