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Women Who Went for It! Podcast

Women Who Went for It! is a bi-weekly podcast, hosted by Certified Whole Person Coach and Career Change Agent, Sara McArdle. The show features inspiring chats with successful industry changers who share how they found the clarity, courage and momentum to step into a deeper vocation and a life of meaning and fulfillment. We hope you'll see just how many before you have GONE for it—and they're eternally grateful that they took the risk!


Episode 065: Podcast on Pause Announcement with Sara McArdle 07:16 06/07/2020
Episode 064: Career Change Signs and Synchronicities with Sara McArdle 53:38 05/24/2020
Episode 063: From Early Learning to Essential Oils with Jen Alonso 43:22 05/10/2020
Episode 062: From Corporate Sales Rep to Independent Grocer with Amanda Heins 50:51 04/26/2020
Episode 061: Creating Your New Normal During COVID-19 with Sara McArdle 45:40 04/12/2020
Episode 060: From Marketing to Scalp Micropigmentation with ChristinaMarie Cooper 48:27 03/15/2020
Episode 059: Career Change as the Ultimate Act of Self-Care with Sara McArdle 37:32 03/01/2020
Episode 058: From Lawyer to Life Coach with Former Client Susan Goodkind Wideman 46:31 02/16/2020
Episode 057: From Medical Administration to Real Estate with Jeanie Kendall 46:58 02/02/2020
Episode 056: Being an Empath in the Workplace with Sara McArdle 54:04 01/19/2020
Episode 055: From Educator to Monthly Subscription Box Creator with Sharon Podobnik Peterson 56:58 01/05/2020
Episode 054: From Admin and Customer Service to Graphic Design with Gillian Levine 44:56 12/22/2019
Episode 053: Being Highly Sensitive in the Workplace with Sara McArdle 49:43 12/08/2019
Episode 052: From Computer Programming to Career Mentoring with Toni Patterson 31:28 11/24/2019
Episode 051: From Physical Therapy to Firefighting with Christi Shibata 47:05 11/10/2019
Episode 050: Ten Ways Career Change is Like Dating with Sara McArdle 32:34 10/27/2019
Episode 049: From Investment Finance to Interior Design with Courtney McLeod 57:29 10/13/2019
Episode 048: From Mortgage Accounting to Reiki with Michele DeCamp 54:54 09/29/2019
Episode 047: Collaboration and Asking for Help with Sara McArdle 37:17 09/15/2019
Episode 046: From Marketing and Communications to Marriage and Family Therapy with Sara Wilson 31:09 09/01/2019
Episode 045: Career Catch-Up Convo with Massage Therapist and Self-Care Coach Kristen Jawad 43:06 08/18/2019
Episode 044: Cultivating a Community of Supportive Go-Getters with Sara McArdle 33:00 08/04/2019
Episode 043: From Lawyer to Dog Sanctuary Owner with Jen Dulski 56:38 07/21/2019
Episode 042: From Corporate Risk Manager to Novelist with Tikiri Herath 47:49 07/07/2019
Episode 041: Communication and Putting Ourselves Out There with Sara McArdle 37:22 06/23/2019
Episode 040: From Real Estate Agent to Personal Concierge with Sondra Firestein 53:22 06/09/2019
Episode 039: From Nonprofit to Coworking Art Studio Ownership with Jaki McQuiston 49:55 05/26/2019
Episode 038: Courage and Questioning Our Thoughts with Sara McArdle 29:28 05/12/2019
Episode 037: From Fashion to Farmers Markets with Sarah Dylan Jensen 47:35 04/28/2019
Episode 036: From Hospital Psychometrist to Thrift Stylist with Kelly Herzberg 47:23 04/14/2019