Show cover of is a Minneapolis-based podcast about economic and urban development, local politics, race, class, wealth, and culture from a working-class leftist perspective. Our entry point was the Upper Harbor Terminal Development, a project slated for North Minneapolis' river front, and continues to be core to our conversations and interviews.


16. Curated Tolerance: the aesthetics of gentrification w/ Amber Delgado
We talked with writer and filmmaker Amber Delgado about her recent essay in Scalawag Magazine and collaborative project "Curated Tolerance: the aesthetics of gentrification". It was great to compare reflections on our experiences of gentrification, housing justice, race, class and art between Amber's base in Durham, North Carolina and us up here in Minneapolis. Check out the fire essay in Scalawag Magazine and follow the IG handle @curatedtolerance to participate in the project - we want to see some MPLS submissions!
66:18 03/12/2020
17. The Social Distancing of Medtronic
For today's special quarantine edition we are shifting our focus to the political economy of Minnesota's Billion dollar Medical Technology industry in light of the Corona virus pandemic. In 2014 Medtronic executed the largest "Tax Inversion" in history, shifting its legal headquarters to Dublin, Ireland in order to take advantage of Ireland's low corporate tax rate. There is a profound connection between Medtronic's tax offshoring and our gutted public health infrastructure in the United States. We look at Medtronic and beyond to ask how MN can have some of the most prosperous Medical companies in the world but not enough tests, masks, beds or ventilators?  As always, shout out to our producer Issac Specktor 
19:41 03/26/2020
18. The Wellness of All of Us w/ Sarah Jane Keaveny
We are shifting gears and releasing an intermediate season 1.5 of the podcast to cover the Covid-19 pandemic. In today's episode we orient ourselves to this new reality and focus in on the impact of the coronavirus on the unsheltered homeless community in the Twin Cities. We sat down with public health nurse Sarah Jane Keaveny for a report from the front lines of the response to this public health crisis and some reflections on the political, spiritual and cultural dynamics of health. 
48:22 04/14/2020
19. Spindazzled Over South with Mark Eliason
We sat down with working class artist Mark Eliason to continue our exploration of the impacts of Covid-19 on the Twin Cities. Mark and i had a rich discussion about music, housing, homelessness, drugs, health, class, creativity, gentrification and more.  Shout out Isaac for salvaging my rough recording. The band Mark is looking for the name of is Weather Report.  Can't Stay Home Without Housing  
49:21 04/23/2020
20. Cancel Rent with Vanessa Del Campo Chacon
Join us Friday, May 1st for the Cancel Rent and Mortgages Caravan! Meeting 12pm in downtown Minneapolis at U.S. Bank Plaza and rolling out to the Governors Mansion in St. Paul In our first bi-lingual episode we talked with Renters United for Justice member and leader in the Sky Without Limits Community in South Minneapolis Vanessa Del Campo Chacon.  Vanessa shares with us stories and lessons from her and her neighbor's years long effort to hold their abusive landlord accountable and convert their 5 apartment buildings into tenant owned cooperative housing. We also check in about the impact of Covid19 on the community and the urgent need to Cancel Rent and Mortgage payments during this pandemic.  *Shout out to friend of the show DJ Terrell Lamar from Radio Pocho for the Spanish version of the intro and Renter United for Justice organizer Arianna Feldman for translation and coordination *That fly music on this weeks intro is a fresh cook up from our producer Isaac Specktor, sampling Weather Report inspired by our last episode 
42:54 04/29/2020
21. Save the USPS with postal worker Tyler Vasseur
We are joined by mail carrier and Socialist Alternative member Tyler Vasseur to talk about the Neo-Liberal attack on the United States Post Office and the impact of Covid-19 on postal workers. Tyler traces the impacts of the 2006 "Postal Enhancement and Accountability Act" and sketch ideas for the future of a healthy post office. We also reflect on the whirlwind timeline of 2020 and the Democratic Party presidential primary makes it first appearance on the pod. 
57:31 05/05/2020
22. An In-Depth Interview w/ Dayna Frank, Owner and CEO of First Ave
We sat down with CEO of First Avenue Dayna Frank for an in-depth and critical discussion of the Upper Harbor Terminal development. First Avenue is co-developer of the contested Upper Harbor Terminal re-development project in North Minneapolis. We planned on sharing this interview as a part of Season 2, but with the $20 Million State bonding request for the proposed concert venue at the Upper Harbor being included in the first draft of the bonding bill at the state legislature this week it feels important to share now. We start with an analysis of the 20 Million dollar state bonding request and share reflections on the interview before we get into the conversation with Dayna. This episode is once again beautifully produced by our very own Isaac Specktor and our creative collaborator Diana Siegel-Garcia helped to prepare for the interview. We all send our thanks to Dayna Frank for joining us and thanks to the listeners for tuning in.  Please like, rate and review the show and support us on Patron Here are some other sources and perspectives on the UHT
65:52 05/15/2020
23. Sometimes You Just Have to Do A Thing w/ Rosemary Fister
Continuing our reporting on the impacts of Covid19 we have an interview with public health worker Rosemary Fister. We talked with Rosemary about the relationship between mutual aid and the State, housing, public health and the impacts of Covid19 on the unsheltered community in Minneapolis  The Money Power Land Solidarity is produced by Isaac Specktor  Get plugged into Mutual Aid efforts  supporting the unsheltered community in MPLS at @mncovidoutreach on IG  Support us on Patreon at
51:29 05/22/2020
24. Enough is Enough: a 150 year performance review of the Minneapolis Police Department
In todays episode we re-post the MPD 150 audio report Enough Is Enough: a 150 Year Performance Review of the Minneapolis Police. Formed in 2017 to mark the 150 year anniversary of the creation of the Minneapolis police department, the MPD 150 project fertilized the soil that produced the Minneapolis uprising in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. We offer our deepest respect to everyone who worked on MPD150 and all who have been in the streets these past few weeks. Justice for George Floyd and all victims of MPD violence.  About MPD150: MPD150 is a participatory, horizontally organized effort by local organizers, researchers, artists and activists. It is not the project of any organization. We stand on the shoulders of the work that many organizations have been doing for years and welcome the support of everyone who agrees with our approach. We hope that the process that we are developing will help organizers in other cities develop practical abolitionist strategies. Please visit        
97:07 06/12/2020
25. Nip This in the Bud RIght Now w/ Miss Linda Taylor
In the weeks before the murder of George Floyd we had the honor to sit down with Black elder Miss Linda Taylor. Miss Linda joined us to talk about the demand to cancel rent during the Covid19 pandemic and the struggle against gentrification and displacement in South Minneapolis. Miss Linda shared her hard fought wisdom on issues of housing, race, class, ecology, economy and more. In our introduction we mourn the murder of George Floyd and reflect on the connection between police murder and the violence of the capitalist, white supremacist political and economic order of the Twin Cities.  The Money Power Land Solidarity podcast is produced by Isaac Specktor.
64:59 06/19/2020
26. Summer Solstice w/ Kswiftly
We are debuting a new format this week. The Money Power Land Solidarity team sat down with Minneapolis activist, organizer and Twitch streamer Kswiftly on the summer solstice for a wide ranging discussion. We talked about the Upper Harbor, reflected on local luminary Ricardo Levins - Morales concept of Sun and Moon spaces in the context of the Minneapolis uprising and react to some pieces of writing from Minneapolis City Council members.  0:00 - 13:00 - Introduce Kswiftly & UHT // 13:00 - 27:00 - Robin Diangelo and the ally industrial complex // 27:00 - 54:00 - Sun and Moon Spaces // 54:00 - 1:20 - reacting to Steve Fletcher's piece in Time magazine // 1:20 -1:48 reacting to Andrew Johnson's FB post  Follow Kswftly at Support us on Patreon -
109:06 07/01/2020
27. Jack Boots and Bow Ties
Today we are looking deeper into MPD terrorism and brutality by going beyond the visible players and shining light on some of the behind the scenes power brokers that prop up the status quo. The law firm Rice, Michels & Walther were long time legal representation for the Minneapolis Federation of Police, representing them in collective bargaining, arbitration and as lobbyists at the state capital. We do a basic overview of the firms role protecting killer cops and do a deeper dive into a founding partner and DFL political operative Brian Rice.  Huge shout out to our producer Isaac Specktor for crafting the intro from live audio captured at a NE Minneapolis Solidarity Vigil for George Floyd, the speakers you hear are Marie and Porscia, salute to them and everyone else who came out.  The song you here on rally audio is Nurture and Neglect pt 2 by Jayanthi Kyle, a part of the Dismembered and Unarmed project executive produced by Resmaa Menakem, I Self Devine and Medium Zack.  Please support us on Patreon  
19:39 07/10/2020
28. Police Brutality, Land Ownership and the Upper Harbor Terminal w/ Rev Dr. Robin Bell
We are joined by Rev Dr. Robin Bell who reads the powerful letter submitted to city and state level elected officials by members of the North Minneapolis faith community calling for a complete overhaul of the Upper Harbor Terminal Development.  Please email, call and tweet state Representatives Fue Lee and Raymond Dehn and ask that the 5 Million dollar Upper Harbor Terminal request be removed from the state bonding bill before Monday's special session  Rep. Fue Lee  651-296-4262 E-mail: @RepFueLee Rep. Raymond Dehn 651-296-8659 E-mail: @raymonddehn
18:45 07/16/2020
29. Tattersall Local 17
We sat down with Krystle D'Alencar and Linda Moncada, workers at Tattersall Distilling who are in the midst of a unionizing effort. Linda and Krystle walk us through the story of their union organizing, discuss the issues and desires that are driving the union and how workplace organizing fits into this social movement moment.  Follow the Tattersall workers on IG @tattersallworkers  If you appreciate the show please rate and review us on apple podcasts and subscribe to our Patreon page. 
55:48 07/24/2020
30. Antone's Oligarchs
We dive into the tricky waters of electoral politics with a special report on the eve of the CD 5 primary.  The squad looks into the donations from members of the Billionaire Pohlad family to Antone Melton-Meaux in his effort to primary Ilhan Omar, contrast the visions of the two candidates and the discuss the battle between the forces of reaction and progress playing out in the CD5 race. Isaac also reports on the Pohlad's hefty donations to Mayor Jacob Frey and tracks donations from other big money real estate interests at the city level. Season 2 coming soon!  Please rate, review and subscribe us on your podcast app and become a patron:)
45:49 08/10/2020
30. Season 2 Preview: The Seeds of Capitalism w/ Ricardo Levins-Morales
The final Upper Harbor Terminal Re-Development plan will go before the city council for approval this fall. Season 2 dropping imminently.   
04:13 08/31/2020
Season 2 Premier: A Struggle for Land and the Future
Today we launch Season 2 with a reflection on the core issues of land, labor, wealth and power at play in the Upper Harbor Terminal development. We also re-orient ourselves to the UHT after the George Floyd uprising and set the context for the UHT city council vote coming this fall. Please subscribe, rate and leave a review of the show to help us reach a broader audience for Season 2 and support the show on Patreon.   The following track was used in this episode, check it out"The Spring (Instrumental)" by Chad Crouch License: CC BY NC (  
22:33 09/07/2020
PATREON PREVIEW: Welcome To Minnesota w/ Amber Delgado
We are going to be sprinkling in some Patreon exclusives throughout season 2. Become a subscriber on Patreon to hear our whole conversation with writer & filmmaker Amber Delgado  Also subscribe to Amber's Curated Tolerance Patreon for really insightful reflections on Gentrification 
03:52 09/11/2020
Season 2: Deep Truth Telling and Dramatic Action w/ Waziyatawin
We were honored to interview Dakota professor, author and activist Waziyatawin.  Land and power are the core of capitalist development projects like the Upper Harbor Terminal and there is no way to understand the dynamics of land ownership and power in Minnesota without understanding the genocide of the Dakota people and the dispossession of their homeland. Waziyatawin discusses this history, the present state of settler colonialism in Minnesota and potentials for liberation both in Minnesota and beyond.  Please donate to the Dakota Land Recovery Project  Waziyatawin is a Wahpetunwan Dakota from the Pezihutazizi Otunwe (Yellow Medicine Village) in southwestern Minnesota. She received her Ph.D. in American history from Cornell University in 2000 and earned tenure and an associate professorship in the history department at Arizona State University where she taught for seven years. Waziyatawin currently holds the Indigenous Peoples Research Chair in the Indigenous Governance Program at UVic. Her interests include projects centering on Indigenous decolonization strategies such as truth-telling and reparative justice, Indigenous women and resistance, the recovery of Indigenous knowledge, and the development of liberation ideology in Indigenous communities. She is the author or editor of five volumes including: Remember This!: Dakota Decolonization and the Eli Taylor Narratives; Indigenizing the Academy: Transforming Scholarship and Empowering Communities; For Indigenous Eyes Only: A Decolonization Handbook; In the Footsteps of Our Ancestors: The Dakota Commemorative Marches of the 21st Century; and, her most recent volume, What Does Justice Look Like? The Struggle for Liberation in Dakota Homeland.  She is a compelling speaker and is often invited to give talks and interviews, appearing on many radio and television programs.
46:41 09/14/2020
Season 2: From Protest to Power
On today's episode we step back to analyze our strategies for creating the structural changes we need in our political economy. The Upper Harbor Terminal project inspired strong resistance that has so far been unable to defeat the Billionaire agenda moving the development. Years of strong mobilization aimed at defunding the MPD have not yet been able to accomplish that goal. How do we learn from these efforts to become more effective? How do we break the cycles of capitalist oppression? How do we organize to exercise power over billionaire developers at city hall and racist police on city streets?  We hope these reflections are useful and would love to hear your thoughts. 
15:57 09/21/2020
BONUS: Solidarity with the Spyhouse Union ft Sidejob Spence
Special guest Sidejob Spence joins us for a conversation on the exciting unionizing burst in Minneapolis this summer and how it can relate to the fight against gentrification. We attended the inspiring picket at the NE Minneapolis Spyhouse last saturday, which was a part of an unfair labor practice strike called by the Spyhouse union. Walking up the the picket we were reflecting on the role of "The Broadway" in the gentrification of NE MPLS and the possibilities for solidarity opened up by these brave workers, figured it might be cool to share some of those thoughts with our listeners Support the Spyhouse Union @spyhouseunion and the incredible work of UNITE HERE local 17.  Season 2 continues Monday with one of our best interviews to date
21:26 09/25/2020
Season 2: Gentrification and The Real Estate State with Samuel Stein
Today we talk with Samuel Stein author of Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State. Sam's book is a great analysis of the forces behind the global phenomenon of Gentrification and the relationship between the capitalist real estate market, urban planning and municipal governments. In our interview we talk through some of the key concepts in the book to help us better understand what is happening with housing in Minneapolis and how the "Real Estate State" shows up in the Upper Harbor Terminal development. We cant recommend Capital City  highly enough for people looking to make sense of life in the city and thank Samuel for his generosity for coming on the show.  Help us reach our goal of 200 Patrons!
66:50 09/28/2020
Gueros con Perros with The Alliance of Hornig Tenants
We are taking a short detour from Season 2's coverage of the Upper Harbor Terminal today to sprinkle in a bonus episode. We were honored to talk with two tenants and organizers with the Alliance of Hornig Tenants, a tenants union fighting for each other and housing justice. We talked about the issues that kick started their organizing, learn about the powerful landlord lobby and generally reflect on the growing tenant's movement. We will continue our housing justice focus next week as we continue Season 2.  Subscribe to the Money Power Land Solidarity Patreon to get access to exclusive material and merch.   
42:16 10/05/2020
*Unlocked* Back Porch Sesh: The Daily Copaganda
Thank you for helping us hit the milestone of 150 subscribers on Patreon! In celebration we are unlocking our recent Patreon exclusive episode breaking down the late September New York Times podcast and front page coverage of Minneapolis and the city council "pledge" to dismantle MPD. We really appreciate you tuning in, help us hit our goal of 200 Patrons and lets keep this thing going:)  
49:58 10/09/2020
Season 2: We Can House Every Single Person
The potential for building housing onsite has been one of the most hotly contested elements of the proposed Upper Harbor Terminal re-development. On today's episode we take an overview of the capitalist housing policies that have facilitated gentrification and housing insecurity and then sketch out a vision for socialist housing policies that we could employ to achieve housing justice.  Produced by the one and only Isaac Specktor  Subscribe on Patreon for exclusive content and merch
24:08 10/12/2020
Season 2: Music, Housing, Police and the Upper Harbor Terminal w/ Koo Keem
We were honored to sit down with Northside artist and youth worker Koo Keem to reflect on the dynamics of real estate, gentrification, the music industry, housing policy and police power at play in the Upper Harbor Terminal redevelopment. We also talk through some of our experiences with the Minneapolis uprisings in the wake of the MPD lynching of George Floyd in light of Derek Chauvin posting bail the day this interview was conducted.   Follow Keem on socials at @keem_exm and stream his music.  We close with the song "City Pages" By Koo Keem ft G.P. Jacob off Keem's 2016 project "It'll All Be Worth It" Help us get to 200 subscribers on Patreon 
56:24 10/19/2020
Season 2: On What Foundation?
Today's episode is a reflection on the role of foundations and non-profit organizations in the political economy of Minneapolis. We take a close look at the McKnight Foundation's interjection of a $250,000 grant at a critical moment in the struggle over the Upper Harbor Terminal, assessing the implications and impacts of that grant. We also use Blue Cross Blue Shields Foundation and the Pohlad Foundation as case studies for how foundations and non-profits consolidate ruling class power. We close with some thoughts on organizing within, against and beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex. Isaac goes off with a soundscape that brings it all together and gives it life.  Produced by Isaac Specktor.  Help us reach 200 Patrons
24:52 10/26/2020
Resilience is a Tremendous Force with Ricardo Levins Morales
We had the good fortune to sit down with movement artist and luminary Ricardo Levins Morales to put gentrification into deep historical context. We start with a brief history of how Ricardo set on the path of 50 years of activism and then transition into a wide ranging discussion on the roots of capitalism, the relationship between real estate and police violence and much more. Immense thanks to Ricardo for the decades of art and organizing he has shared with Minneapolis and the world. Check out RLM arts for great social justice posters, shirts, buttons, card and more  Please support on on Patreon
58:54 11/02/2020
Minneapolis City Budget Breakdown with Reclaim the Block
We were joined by 2 organizers from Reclaim the Block who walk us through Mayor Jacob Frey's proposed 2021 city budget and the fight to defund the Minneapolis Police Department. Sheila and Corenia give us an overview of the budgeting process, put the 2021 budget in historical context and dig into the ways we can move money away from the police state and into our communities.  Follow @reclaimtheblock on social media and join the effort to defund the Minneapolis Police department.  Please rate and review us on your podcast app and help us sustain the show by subscribing on Patreon 
57:55 11/09/2020
Reflections from the Front Lines w/ Niko Georgiades of Unicorn Riot
We take the first 10 minutes of today's episode to give an update on the Upper Harbor Terminal re-development struggle, then we dive into a wide ranging interview with Niko Georgiades of the incredible independent media collective Unicorn Riot. Niko reflects on 5 years of movement reporting since the 2015 occupation of the 4th precinct in response to the MPD murder of Jamar Clark and invites us into Unicorn Riot's investigations into white supremacist organizing in Minnesota and law enforcements efforts to repress resistance to the Embride Line 3 tar sands pipeline project. Check out Unicorn Riot's essential 5 episode series George Floyd Uprising: Reporter Reflections. Episode 3.2 drops tonight!  Produced by Isaac Specktor  Plug In with Unicorn Riot's here  Help us get to 200 Patreon subscribers , we are real close!   
88:31 11/18/2020