Show cover of How To Get A Job: College Student Edition

How To Get A Job: College Student Edition

In this podcast, I focus on helping minority college students land internship/job offers from Fortune 500 Companies. We explore topics such as networking, interviewing, resume writing, and many more. Not only do I speak on these topics, but I also interview other subject matter experts including CEO’s, University Presidents, and Industry Experts. I also interview college students as well in hopes that you will relate to at least one of their stories. If you're a minority college student looking to get ahead, look no further!


Ep. 219 "Part 5: Interviewing" 18:46 09/16/2021
Ep. 218 "Part 4: Networking" 26:27 09/10/2021
Ep. 217 "Part 3: Visibility" 14:39 08/31/2021
Ep. 216 "Part 2: Clarity" 15:55 08/24/2021
Ep. 215 "Part 1: Mastering College to Career Overview" 10:25 08/17/2021
Ep. 214 "Vision Boards: How to Make Your Dreams a Reality" with Daniel Botero 16:55 08/10/2021
Ep. 213 “Why Candidates Have More Leverage Than They Think” with Katie O’Malley 31:17 08/03/2021
Ep. 212 "How to Hack Your Resume" with Eugene Hayden 40:49 07/20/2021
Ep. 211 "What If You Have an Offer but Are Waiting for Another Interview?" with Daniel Botero 30:42 07/13/2021
Ep. 210 "How to Get Ready For a Last Minute Interview" with Daniel Botero 43:11 07/06/2021
Ep. 209 "How to Stand Out as a Diverse Candidate" with Maya Grossman 25:40 06/29/2021
Ep. 208 “How You Can Master Your Internship” with Daniel Botero 32:10 06/22/2021
Ep. 207 "Mastering the Interview" with Daniel Botero 19:31 06/15/2021
Ep. 206 "#MenteeSuccessStory: How Networking Got My Job at Disney" with Maria Castro 14:03 06/01/2021
Ep. 205 “How to Get Hired as an International Student” with Robert Bouchard 40:16 05/25/2021
Ep. 204 "#MenteeSuccessStory: How I Got My Internship at Amazon" with Michelle Prudent 11:39 05/18/2021
Ep. 203 "People Skills for Analytical Thinkers" with Gilbert Eijkelenboom 20:30 05/11/2021
Ep. 202 #MenteeSuccessStory with Chris Estrella 13:49 05/04/2021
Ep. 201 “Remote Work: Traveling in a New Age of Employment” with Mike Swigunski 23:38 04/27/2021
Ep. 200 "200th Episode All-Star Panel" with Austin Belcak, Maya Grossman, and Emily Melious 55:42 04/20/2021
Ep. 199 "Let's Talk About Money" with Angel Radcliffe 29:05 04/13/2021
Ep. 198 "How We Got Our Dream Jobs And You Can Too" with Silvana Bastante, Adrian Alvarez, Jordan Alford, and Trist'n Joseph 72:22 04/06/2021
Ep. 197 "The Ripple Effect" with Joe Knopp 26:54 04/01/2021
Ep. 196 "How to Get a Job Not Related to Your Major" with Max Chan 28:19 03/23/2021
Ep. 195 "Empowered Women in the Workplace" with Jessica Botero Frances Rios and Dr. Jeanette Winters 62:48 03/16/2021
Ep. 194 "Q&A About Work Visas" with Immigration Attorney Pedro Dearaujo 32:32 03/09/2021
Ep. 193 "CHLI Global Leaders Program" with Mary Ann Gomez Orta 32:57 03/02/2021
Ep. 192 “JobSeer: The Best Free Tool on the Internet to Help You Apply for Jobs” with Rene Cheng 32:58 02/23/2021
Ep. 191 "Advice for First Generation and Low Income Students" with Heather Ianuale 21:41 02/16/2021
Ep. 190 "How to Build a Successful Mentor/Mentee Relationship" with Carlos Gregory 31:30 02/09/2021