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How To Be A Better Person with Kate Hanley

Start your day with one simple thing you can do in the next 24 hours to grow into your best self. More people than ever admit that they want to be a better person (in fact, it has recently topped the list of most popular New Year's resolution--a first!). The How to Be a Better Person podcast with Kate Hanley is based on my book of the same name, breaks this big, amorphous goal into doable daily bites. My mission is to give you one year's worth of small but mighty ways to consciously evolve into the person you know you're capable of being. Let's do this, together!


DAY ONE of the First Ever Give a Shit Challenge EP: 542 08:02 09/27/2021
Ask Yourself This Question to Figure Out What Your Anger Is Trying to Tell You EP: 541 08:36 09/24/2021
What’s Your Anger Story? EP: 540 08:05 09/23/2021
Breaking the Cycle of Anger, an Interview with Andrea J. Lee EP: 539 23:33 09/22/2021
Reasons Why You Might Feel Angry All the Time EP: 538 10:56 09/21/2021
Is Anger Good, or Bad? Both EP: 537 07:39 09/20/2021
How Do You Feel When You’re Having Fun? EP: 536 06:47 09/17/2021
Using Fun to Motivate You--It Is Possible EP: 535 06:19 09/16/2021
Feeling Fried? Might Be Time for the Healing Power of Pleasure EP: 534 15:14 09/15/2021
So, What ARE You Doing for Fun? EP: 533 08:53 09/14/2021
Let’s Have Some Fun EP: 532 09:19 09/13/2021
How to Make Multiple Meals Out of One Cooking Session (without Being a Meal Planner) EP: 531 06:15 09/10/2021
Cooking Doesn’t Start in the Kitchen...It Starts in the Grocery Store EP: 530 06:37 09/09/2021
How to Figure Out What the Heck to Have for Dinner EP: 529 17:45 09/08/2021
Cooking Strategies that Have Saved Me Weeks of Time Over the Years EP: 528 06:29 09/07/2021
Food Week: 7 Easy Ways to Eat More Vegetables EP: 527 09:49 09/06/2021
What Fall Is REALLY About EP: 526 05:57 09/03/2021
How a Supportive Schedule Is Like a Song EP: 525 07:56 09/02/2021
Self-Care for a Less Stressful Fall Transition, an Interview with Mary Sheila Gonella EP: 524 16:34 09/01/2021
Let’s Face It. Transitions Suck EP: 523 06:15 08/31/2021
Getting Back in the Healthy Swing After the Excesses of Summer EP: 522 05:51 08/30/2021
The Things We Feel Shame About EP: 521 10:03 08/27/2021
Why Can’t I Stick With My Healthy Habits? I Know Why: I Suck. EP: 520 09:02 08/26/2021
Does Lying Make You a Bad Person? EP: 519 15:36 08/25/2021
I’m Always Running Late and Forgetting Stuff--Am I a Bad Person? EP: 518 09:35 08/24/2021
Are You a Bad Person If You’re Impatient? EP: 517 09:04 08/23/2021
Finding Your Way to Self-Acceptance EP: 516 07:55 08/20/2021
Refilling Your Attention Deficit EP: 515 08:52 08/19/2021
How to Cultivate Grit with Shannon Polson EP: 514 11:23 08/18/2021
Strengthen Your “Keep Going” Muscles EP: 513 08:50 08/17/2021