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How To Be A Better Person with Kate Hanley

Start your day with one simple thing you can do in the next 24 hours to grow into your best self. More people than ever admit that they want to be a better person (in fact, it has recently topped the list of most popular New Year's resolution--a first!). The How to Be a Better Person podcast with Kate Hanley is based on my book of the same name, breaks this big, amorphous goal into doable daily bites. My mission is to give you one year's worth of small but mighty ways to consciously evolve into the person you know you're capable of being. Let's do this, together!


Spring Clean Your Life: What Are You Releasing? EP: 421 06:14 04/09/2021
Spring Clean Your Life: Figure Out Where Energy Is Festering EP: 420 07:07 04/08/2021
Spring Clean Your Life: Refresh Your Space (in a Day) EP: 419 13:49 04/07/2021
Spring Clean Your Life: Let’s Talk About that Inbox EP: 418 07:59 04/06/2021
Spring Clean Your Life: 4 Ways to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts EP: 417 08:06 04/05/2021
Money Mantras: Pay Yourself First EP: 416 08:20 04/02/2021
Money Mantras: Buy What You Need, Pay What It Costs EP: 415 07:34 04/01/2021
Money Mantras: Think Like a Breadwinner EP: 414 17:00 03/31/2021
Money Mantras: A Mental Reframe for Money (or Lack Thereof) EP: 413 05:51 03/30/2021
Money Mantras: There’s More Where That Came From EP: 412 05:51 03/29/2021
Pandemic Real Talk: End of Quarantine Blues? EP: 411 08:48 03/26/2021
Pandemic Real Talk: The Only Way to Build Endurance Is to Endure EP: 410 06:40 03/25/2021
Pandemic Real Talk: How to Spend Your Stimulus Check EP: 409 14:39 03/24/2021
Pandemic Real Talk: The Cost of Making Impossible Choices EP: 408 07:12 03/23/2021
Pandemic Real Talk: The Guilt of Doing OK EP: 407 09:11 03/22/2021
Re-Emergence: This One Question Will Help You Re-Emerge Mindfully EP: 406 05:45 03/19/2021
Re-Emergence: An Easy Spring Detox (that Helps with Seasonal Allergies, Too) EP: 405 07:34 03/18/2021
Re-Emergence: Update Your Style to Reflect the New You EP: 404 19:54 03/17/2021
Re-Emergence: We Have Forgotten How to Talk to People IRL EP: 403 06:23 03/16/2021
3 Hacks to Adapt to Daylight Savings Time EP: 402 07:48 03/15/2021
Building New Habits: Avoiding the Dreaded Backslide EP: 401 08:35 03/12/2021
Building New Habits: The Special Sauce for Making It Stick EP: 400 06:08 03/11/2021
Building New Habits: How to Finally Start Doing the Things that Improve Your Health EP: 399 16:39 03/10/2021
Building New Habits: Pro Tip for Staying on Track EP: 398 06:34 03/09/2021
Building New Habits: The Secret to Making Things Easier for Yourself EP: 397 06:31 03/08/2021
Breaking Old Habits: Don’t Let Your Ego Do This To You EP: 396 05:39 03/05/2021
Breaking Old Habits: Be Real About the Costs EP: 395 06:58 03/04/2021
Breaking Old Habits--Getting Off Sugar, an Interview with Dr. Daryl Gioffre EP: 394 20:08 03/03/2021
Breaking Old Habits: You Need a Plan (Plus, What to Do When That Plan Fails) EP: 393 07:17 03/02/2021
Breaking Old Habits: It All Starts with This One Thing EP: 392 09:06 03/01/2021