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Mental Radio features practical patient-powered content about healing and managing mental illness. We focus on stories of recovery and concentrate on all of the ways there are to get better. While most mental health organizations focus on meds and talk therapy we believe patients deserve to have access to information about ALL of the ways there are to recover. We believe the best way to smash stigma is to tell stories of patient self-empowerment, and healing.


How do you get free or low cost mental healthcare? Medicare, Medicaid and disability? 33:44 01/03/2021
How to choose a philosophy to aid in your recovery 3/3 36:15 10/21/2020
Jesse's Recovery From Bipolar, Depression, Mental Illness 2/3 35:50 10/08/2020
Grace hope and patience in recovery 1 of 3 28:40 10/01/2020
Can space aliens end white supremacy? Are psychedelic drugs. Managing social media stress and protect yourself against the algorithm 68:13 09/22/2020
Colin Thomas Frangicetto of Circa Survive on Psychedelics, Therapy and Recovery 71:40 08/13/2020
Dr. Broderick's last day on Mental Radio! What's next? 👁 🆚 👁 33:00 07/22/2020
How to Manage Relationships in Recovery and Date with Depression 69:07 07/15/2020
How To Stop Being Lonely And Find Your People with Jillian Richardson 72:11 07/08/2020
On Loneliness 92:47 07/01/2020
Introduction to Meditation 3: Compassion 70:11 06/23/2020
Thriving in a Time of Protest... Even With Mental Health Challenges 74:34 06/16/2020
Intro to Meditation 2: Mindfulness, Becoming the Observer and Finding Freedom Within 45:57 06/15/2020
Intro To Meditation 1: Breathwork with Dr. Broderick Sawyer 26:11 06/08/2020
Dr. Broderick Sawyer on Processing, Grieving and Grounding During The Rebellion 67:06 06/04/2020
MENTAL RADIO x VERY APE: Corona Time 76:33 03/19/2020
Wrestling With Anxiety: Randy Myers 63:28 02/27/2020
Depressed While Black: Imade 101:12 02/20/2020
All About The Mental Hospital: Jesse Zook Mann 77:43 02/06/2020
Men's Healing and Managing Bipolar 2 w/ Jonathan Narmita 64:38 01/24/2020
Healing From Benzo Withdrawl w/ Dr. Christy Huff 47:23 01/07/2020
Surviving The Holidays and Shopping Ideas For Depressed Friends w/ Tall Paul Marlow 63:33 12/20/2019
Overcoming Childhood Abuse with Michael Unbroken 62:39 12/07/2019
My Journey With EMDR Trauma Therapy: Jesse Zook Mann 40:36 11/22/2019
Getting Out Alive: Overcoming PTSD w/ Nikki Lynette 63:13 11/14/2019
Heavy Metal Therapy / Managing Mental Illness With Creativity: Nick Cavalier 168:54 11/07/2019
Hacking Loneliness And Creating Community With Jillian Richardson 89:02 10/29/2019
Working Out For Depression/ MDMA Therapy with Tall Paul “Mr. Vancouver” Marlow 80:13 10/18/2019
Psych Med Withdrawl: Chaya Grossberg 120:26 10/11/2019
Staying Healthy Online: Aubrey Good 131:56 10/03/2019