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Audio Tidbits is more of an audio blog than a real podcast. I share my opinions, point of view and perspective on whatever is demanding my attention today. If you like to listen to others debate and argue, Audio Tidbits is for you, except it’s me mostly debating and arguing with myself, unless you choose to join in.


Vanity: A Not Well Hidden Virtue? 14:50 07/21/2021
Just One of Those Things 03:20 07/16/2021
There Be Monsters 10:58 07/14/2021
A Perfect Pick 08:30 07/06/2021
The 4th of July Edition 14:58 07/03/2021
The Person We Are and Others We Have Been 18:55 06/30/2021
Your Bad Day Shouldn’t Prevent Doing Good 13:03 06/25/2021
It’s Easier to Believe 17:16 06/23/2021
No One Much Cares About Your Bad Day 19:04 06/22/2021
Asking Me for Advice is either Brilliant or Ridiculous 12:17 06/20/2021
Can’t See? Do The Math 05:28 06/09/2021
Global Warming, Conspiracy, voter fraud and Moderation 28:31 06/07/2021
Can’t See? Consider OCR, AI and Mountain Climbing 05:50 06/03/2021
Consolidation and SONOS Roam 21:34 06/02/2021
Can’t See? Be My Eyes and AIRA are not Favors but Services 08:01 05/27/2021
Can’t See? Let Aira Take a Look 05:27 05/20/2021
The Straight Line Myth 15:39 05/15/2021
Can’t See? Let’s Communicate 08:07 05/13/2021
But What Now … And a small alien invasion 18:49 05/09/2021
Confessions and The National Debt 16:12 05/06/2021
Can’t see? Safari and the App Store Have You Covered 07:18 05/05/2021
Can’t See? An iPhone and Podcasts are For You 05:58 05/01/2021
Times They Are Changing 18:34 04/30/2021
Can’t See? Get Your iPhone Talking 05:18 04/24/2021
Can’t See? Time to Tech It Up 05:42 04/22/2021
Blind How … The Basics 84:25 04/18/2021
Can’t See? Good Enough is Good Enough 05:17 04/14/2021
Can’t See? Give a Little Braille a Chance 03:17 04/11/2021
Can’t See? Try Rubber Bands, Paper Clips and Safety Pins 04:26 04/08/2021
Can’t See? Try a Dog and The Google Guy 04:26 04/07/2021