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Tending Your Life

Tending Your Life is a podcast from Christy Tending—that’s me!—I’m an activist, self-care mentor, writer, artist, and mama. In this podcast, we’ll explore the spiritual and political practice of being human. Expect deep inquiry into activism, spirituality, nature, creativity, and relationships. Tending Your Life is designed to evolve our legacies, individually and collectively. This is where self-care and devotional service meet—and become friends. Together, we’ll embrace our whole, messy, beautiful selves—as we work toward this wish: May we all be free.


How to Be Inconvenient 38:45 06/04/2021
Marlee Grace: Getting To Center, How to Not Always Be Working, and Social Media Breaks 40:59 05/28/2021
Welcome to Season 5 of Tending Your Life 04:04 05/14/2021
Sustainable Self Care 38:58 05/14/2021
Vintage Episode: Sitting With Discomfort 41:11 04/23/2021
Vintage Episode: Imperfection is Awesome 37:33 04/16/2021
What it actually feels like to put yourself out there 39:23 04/09/2021
Jen Louden: Getting Your Bother On and Nurturing Creativity 42:51 04/02/2021
Digital Boundaries for People-Pleasers and Overachievers 34:26 03/26/2021
adrienne maree brown on Emergent Strategy, Pleasure Activism, and the Power of Imagination 39:57 03/19/2021
What to Know About Depression 09:38 03/12/2021
Elena Brower on Vulnerability, Sobriety, and Being You 39:52 03/05/2021
Sarah Von Bargen on Finding What *Actually* Makes Us Happy 41:17 10/23/2020
Reactive to Proactive 11:41 10/16/2020
On Celebration 37:39 10/02/2020
Vanessa Mentor on Anti-Capitalist Self-Care and Living Unrestrained 32:54 09/29/2020
Less But Better 26:11 09/25/2020
L'Erin Alta on Intuition and Power in Difficult Times 38:36 09/22/2020
We are Cyclical Beings 27:31 09/18/2020
Candice English of Sisters United + The Farmer's Daughter Fibers 29:28 09/15/2020
Imagination is a Political Tool 22:09 09/11/2020
Olwen Wilson on Visual Journaling 32:06 09/08/2020
How to Listen with Respect + Trust 25:16 09/04/2020
Paula Jenkins on Choosing Joy 36:25 08/31/2020
How to Cultivate Trust in Yourself 25:07 08/28/2020
It's Action Time! 25:58 08/21/2020
Developing a Courage Practice 26:29 08/14/2020
Self-Knowledge, Self-Care, Self-Advocacy 24:13 08/07/2020
Unraveling Urgency 30:24 07/31/2020
Embracing Pleasure 26:46 07/24/2020