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We help Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members get the most out of their memberships by learning about other member's perspectives, experiences and personal preferences. We all do Disney differently. We're a positive show with a healthy dose of realism.


Using your DVC Points for Dream Vacation: Anna Maria Island
Being a Disney Vacation Club member lets your family experience years of magical Disney vacations. But what if you want to go to a new destination? Join us for this episode of My DVC Points Community Hall Live and learn all about enjoying Anna Maria Island through the DVC Rental Store Point Swap Program!
41:42 9/25/23
Pixie Dust and Practicality: Roxanne Steele’s Disney Vacation Club Adventures
Join us on a magical journey with our special guest, Roxanne Steele, as she shares her incredible Disney backstory and journey toward becoming a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member. Roxanne shares her humble beginnings and the determination that led her to frequently visit the magical kingdom more than she ever imagined as a kid. Listen in as she shares her secret strategy of making Disney an integral part of her lifestyle, making it an achievable dream. Roxanne specializes in Interval International Exchanges. Episode 264
37:43 9/20/23
DVC Points Challenge: EPCOT
Calling all Disney Vacation Club fans! Join My DVC Points Community Hall where this episode guests will “have” the cash to purchase 300 points worth of DVC points. They must choose between Beach Club, Boardwalk, and Riviera DVC resorts and tell us which one they Love, Like, or Never Stay There Again. So join the fun and let us know how you will rate these DVC resorts!
48:20 9/18/23
Destination D23 Announcements and more!
Peter and Sue discuss the announcements from Destination D23. Disney Vacation Club members and Annual Passholders will have a chance to experience Journey of Water before the official opening date. Disney Cruise Line announced an exclusive Disney Vacation Club exclusive cruise for the new Disney Treasure. The Villas at Disneyland Hotel will host an open house for DVC Members.
31:40 9/14/23
August DVC Resale Market Recap: Beaches Rise & Wilderness Falls
Join us for a lively conversation with Jody from DVC Resale Market as we explore the latest in the DVC resale market. We discuss Disney's Right of First Refusal (RoFer Monster) and how it's affecting contract sales. The ROFR Monster has only shown up seven times this year, a stark contrast to previous years. Listen in as we theorize that Disney might be diverting funds to pay off their Hulu bill and suggest that now is an ideal time to buy with the RoFer Monster in hibernation. Jody shares her insight into the RoFer process, and we chat about how Disney's decisions can sometimes be unpredictable. Episode 263
22:59 9/13/23
Must Do Disney: Parent-Child Solo Trips
Parent-child solo trips are a natural evolution of DVC Membership. We've gathered a panel of parents to discuss: What prompted this special vacation? What made this trip unique? What tips and best practices can you share?
44:47 9/11/23
Living the Disney Lifestyle with Sandy and Thomas
Get ready to embark on a magical journey as we sit down with our beloved friends and core community members, Sandy and Thomas, who will share their enchanting Disney Vacation Club (DVC) backstory. Be prepared to get swept off your feet as they reminisce about their initial Disney experiences, and reveal how the magic of Disney sparked a passion that now sees them visiting Disney Parks almost every quarter. Episode 262
55:59 9/6/23
Haunted Mansion expansion at Disneyland, DVC Halloween events, and more!
Peter and Sue discuss the upcoming direct price increase at The Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and Halloween events for Disney Vacation Club members on both coasts. Disney also announced deluxe evening hours in November at Disney's Animal Kingdom and an expansion of the Haunted Mansion grounds at Disneyland Resort.
22:17 9/2/23
Trams Return to EPCOT & DHS, Stormalong Bay Refurb announced
In this episode, Shannon, Peter, and Sue discuss the return of the parking trams to EPCOT and Disney's Hollywood Studios, an extended Stormalong Bay closure announced, changes to hotel early entry at Disneyland Resort, and new menus for Tiana's Palace and The Plaza.
25:05 8/27/23
Celebrating At Disney- Birthday Edition
There are many ways you can celebrate your birthday, but what if you were lucky enough to celebrate your birthday at Walt Disney World? Join My DVC Points Community Hall Live as we give ideas and plan a most magical birthday!
40:13 8/21/23
Opening Date for Tiana’s Palace at Disneyland Revealed
Shannon and Peter discuss two new additions to Disneyland Park - Tiana's Palace opening on September 7th and a new Ahsoka character experience beginning August 23rd. In other news, Disney exercised their right of first refusal for the first time in over six months, and Vanellope is no longer meeting at EPCOT.
20:48 8/19/23
The DVC Points Challenge: Which Resort Will You Choose?
Calling all Disney Vacation Club fans! Join us for a special My DVC Points Community Hall live stream where guests will “have” the cash to purchase 200 DVC points. They will be given 3 DVC resorts to choose from and tell us which one they will Love, Like, or Dump. So tune in to join the fun and let us know which DVC resort you would Love, Like, or Dump!
53:47 8/14/23
DVC Resale Market Update for July 2023 with Andy Berry
Andy Berry joins us to discuss the DVC resale market for July 2023. We discuss Right of First Refusal, Average Sales Prices, Inventory analysis, and the current Red Hot Promotions available at 261
21:22 8/9/23
Disneyland Holiday announcements, Disney Dining Reservation Systems updates, and more
Shannon, Peter, and Sue discuss recent Disney news, including the new menu at Trail's End and a limited-time discount for DVC Members on VIP tours. Magic Kingdom has a new interactive experience, Smellephants on Parade in Storybook Kingdom. Disney announced updates coming to their dining reservations system. Additionally, Disneyland Holiday events have been revealed!
35:17 8/3/23
The One Where They Went to Victoria and Alberts
We had mixed reviews at Victoria and Alberts, Boathouse, and have an update on our Unfortunate Attendance Mix Meetup.
46:36 8/2/23
Aulani – A Disney Resort For All Ages
Disney’s Aulani Resort is like no other. The resort is located on Oahu’s beautiful North Shore and has many family-friendly amenities, such as Waikolohe Stream, Ko Olina Beach Club, and the Makihiki-Character Breakfast. We will discuss where to eat on and off the property and must-do activities while visiting. Join My DVC Points Community Hall Live as we talk about Aulani, a resort for all ages, as experienced by members of our community who have recently visited.
54:45 7/31/23
From Childhood Dreams to Owning Grand Floridian: Megan Johnson’s DVC Journey
Megan Johnson shares her experience as a Disney enthusiast researching and buying into the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). She discusses the positive changes and opportunities that DVC ownership has brought to her Disney experiences, including frequent trips to Disney World and Disneyland. Megan also expresses interest in adding other DVC resorts to her portfolio and discusses the differences between Genie Plus at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Episode 259
35:06 7/26/23
Disney Snack Showdown!
Walt Disney World has some of the best snacks - many of which we must have when we go to the parks.  Tonight we will be giving 3 snacks at each Walt Disney World park and our panel will need to rate them to either Keep, Toss or Share.  So join in the fun on My DVC Points Community Hall and let us know how you rate the snacks!
51:38 7/24/23
Disney100 and extended evening hours at Hollywood Studios
Peter and Sue discuss the latest Disney New, including items announced for Epcot as part of the 100th celebration, Extended evening hours at Hollywood Studios, and a new restaurant announced for Disney Springs. All this and more!
25:08 7/23/23
Exploring the Magic of DVC Membership: A Journey with Andy and Kelly Reese
Join Andy and Kelly Reese as they share their Disney and DVC journey, discussing their experiences, the benefits of resale and direct membership, and their plans for future vacations. They also touch on the competition between Disney and Universal, the absence of annual passes at Disney, and potential future changes in the DVC system.
25:50 7/19/23
Best Tips for Disney Dining Plan
The Disney Dining Plan is coming back! Is it a good deal? Best Table Service? Best Quick Service? Best Snack Credit? Brush up on your snack credit options for Moonlight Magic.
50:24 7/17/23
Bob Iger to remain as CEO through 2026
Peter and Vicky discuss Disney's extension of Bob Iger's contract for an additional two years. Disney Vacation Club is offering a chance for Members to be part of a collage that will be revealed at the grand opening of the Villas at Disneyland Hotel. Dining plans can now be added to DVC reservations online on or after January 9, 2024.
29:15 7/14/23
Red Hot Deals Return – July 2023 DVC Resale Market Update
o Red Hot Deals are back! If you're looking to buy some points below market value at haggle-free buy-it-now prices, has listings available. Zero ROFR in June. Prices varied with modest increases. Inventory is slightly up but supply is still limited to a couple of weeks of inventory.
22:53 7/12/23
How Would a Former Imagineer Revamp Star Wars Hotel?
C. McNair Wilson joins Derek from Rope Drop Radio for an innovative review of the Galactic Star Cruiser. What went well? What would you change? What would you like to see going forward? Episode C129
59:57 7/10/23
Tom and Theresa a Siblings Story of DVC Membership
Tom and Theresa have been doing tag-team DVC vacation planning for years. Tom handles DVC and airfare. Theresa handles dining, fast passes, and organizing family members on their trips. This is a DVC family story you do not want to miss. Episode 256
32:16 7/5/23
Disney reveals new park-specific pricing for Genie+
Peter and Sue discuss Walt Disney World's announcement of park-specific pricing for Genie+ and the impact on guests. Disney Vacation Club will offer extra festivities at Disney's Jollywood Nights and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party on select days this holiday season.
30:28 6/30/23
7 Tips for First Time DVC Buyers – Summer Incentives 2023
We're looking at the Disney Vacation Club sales incentives for Summer of 2023. We're sharing our thoughts, opinions, and insights on the incentives to help you make better decisions about Disney Vacation Club across 7 tips for buying DVC.
34:05 6/28/23
My DVC Points June 2023 Meetup Recap
The My DVC Points June meetup is over, but what happened? Join us on My DVC Points Community Hall Live and learn about new things we tried, snafus and our favorite moments!
35:00 6/26/23
DVC Incentives for Existing Members – Summer 2023
We're giving tips for Buying from DVC Direct. This is a brand new show format we're calling Incentives Insights. It's all of our tips and tricks for buying direct. Episode 254
45:07 6/21/23
New Holiday party announced for Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Shannon, Peter, and Sue discuss the holiday announcements at Walt Disney World, including Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and the new Disney Jollywood Nights. Disney Vacation Club direct sales are strong for May 2023, driven primarily by the debut of the Villas at Disneyland Hotel and continued popularity of the Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort.
36:38 6/17/23