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Welcome to Better Returns, where you will learn how to escape the volatility of the stock market by passively investing in real estate like a pro. 90% of millionaires earned, and maintain, their wealth by investing in real estate. We will share real life examples from savvy investors…so you can do the same.


Park It Right: A Hidden Investment Gem
Join us for our newest episode as we dive into the fascinating world of mobile home park investments with Shawn Dwyer, the visionary founder of Golden Oak Real Estate Investments. Discover Shawn's journey from single family home renovations to the thriving mobile home park niche. Explore the unique characteristics of this investment arena, its challenges, and the Mid-Atlantic region's appeal. Uncover the secrets to success in mobile home park investing, from syndication strategies to the power of long term holding. Learn why competition is heating up and why stability and low vacancy rates make this niche an attractive choice for investors seeking predictable returns. Don't miss this insightful conversation that unveils the hidden gems of mobile home park investments!LISTEN FOR THISSean's background in real estate, starting with single-family home renovations and diversification due to 401k volatility.Unique characteristics of mobile home parks: affordable housing, rarity of new park construction due to infrastructure costs.Challenges of mobile home park ownership, including utility systems, infrastructure maintenance, and varying amenities.Emphasis on market understanding, including housing costs, job market analysis, and mobile home financing.Increasing competition in the mobile home park market and strategies for sourcing deals.Stability and low vacancy rates due to the nature of mobile homes, resulting in consistent cash flow.Attractive features of mobile home park investing, including long-term holding potential and predictable returns.QUOTES“One thing that I would definitely look at is just look at what the supply and demand is… what the housing costs are for that given area.”“Know the asset class of what you're investing in and know the operator.”ABOUT Shawn is the founder of Golden Oak Real Estate Investments. He's focused on acquiring Mobile Home Parks and RV Parks. He improves those communities while helping investors diversify their portfolio outside of Wall Street. Shawn also has over 18 years of experience in the Information Technology world and has worked his way up to an Executive role within a Fortune Top 30 company. His strong experiences have made him a savvy investor.CONNECT WITH SHAWNWebsite: goldenoakrei.comEmail: shawn.dwyer@goldenoakrei.comCONNECT WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
25:39 9/12/23
Investing in Dreams with Dan Calonge
Dive into the world of real estate investing and discover how Dan Calonge, a seasoned executive with an MBA and a multi-family investor, is on a mission to help immigrants achieve generational wealth through real estate. Drawing from his family's journey of moving from Cuba to the US, Dan shares insights into the challenges immigrants face and how he's dedicated to guiding them through unfamiliar investment opportunities. Dan discusses his personal experiences in real estate, from his initial exposure as a limited partner to the critical factors he considers when choosing investments. The conversation also delves into the current state of multi-family commercial real estate and future predictions, highlighting the importance of strong operators and adaptability in navigating changing economic conditions. Join us for a rich exploration of real estate, integrity, and investment strategies in this informative episode.LISTEN FOR THISDan's initial interest in real estate dates back to the early 2000s, but it wasn't until the pandemic that he fully immersed himself in the field.Dan's background drives his commitment to assisting immigrants, as seen through his involvement in an advisory council aiding immigrants in Cincinnati.Dan's personal journey as an immigrant aids his commitment to overcoming challenges and achieving success in real estate.Emphasis on long-term commitment in real estate investing, appreciating the importance of investing with trustworthy teams in growth areas.Addressing the current challenge of finding profitable deals with rising interest rates.The dynamic nature of real estate and the importance of preparation for various scenarios.QUOTES“Given that the interest rates are going to be somewhat higher for a while, I have a feeling that in the next six months or so we're going to see a lot more distressed opportunities…distressed in terms of the financing and the way it was set up.”“Listening to this podcast is a great way to educate yourself because you hear from different people on their different perspectives and on real estate and investing.”ABOUT Dan is a seasoned executive with an MBA and also a multifamily investor focused on helping immigrants get exposed to power real estate investing. His family is from Cuba, so he identifies with the challenges of not knowing how things work in a new country. His mission is to assist other immigrant families in creating generational wealth.CONNECT WITH DANWebsite: avanzainvest.comFree Download: immigrantinvestorclub.comCONNECT WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
30:38 8/29/23
Unlocking Financial Freedom: A Physician's Journey
In this week’s podcast episode, Roderick Capelo, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon who has also successfully ventured into the world of real estate investing, shares his incredible journey. Tune in to discover how Roderick has built a portfolio of more than 2,600 units of multifamily properties across five states. His passion for empowering his colleagues, family and friends to achieve financial freedom through safe and cash flowing apartment investments is truly inspiring. In this lively conversation, you'll gain valuable insights into Roderick's experiences while exploring the importance of diversifying income streams. So, sit back, relax, and let's delve into this delightful chat that will leave you considering alternative investment opportunities for a more secure financial future!LISTEN FOR THISKey considerations for passive real estate investors focus include trusting individuals over deals, honesty, transparency, and adapting to uncertainties.Learn from mistakes and adapt to unforeseen challenges.Market selection is important with emphasis on fundamentals like job growth and affordability, and the potential for value-added improvements in chosen areas.The role of financial advisors is scrutinized, pointing out conflicts of interest and their potential to hinder unbiased financial decisions. Go beyond traditional advice and consider personal goals and risk tolerance when it comes to portfolio allocation and investing in different asset classes.QUOTES“You're not investing in the business, you're investing in people.”“Currently if your return is zero because you're not invested, I would say take action because your ROI will be better than zero–it'll be better than what you're doing now.”ABOUT Dr. Roderick Capelo is a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon and seasoned multifamily real estate investor. In the last few years, He and his partners have acquired over 2,600 multifamily units across five states and he is a General Partner in 1,100 of those units. Through Fortis Equity Group, he is now connecting physician colleagues, family and friends with safe, cash-flowing multifamily investments to help them achieve true financial freedom.CONNECT WITH RODERICKWebsite: Email: passiveincome@fortisequitygroup.comCONNECT WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
33:12 8/15/23
Breaking Barriers: Exploring Alternative Investments
Join Matt Hansen and Kunal Dewan as they delve into the world of alternative investing and uncover the reasons why many people shy away from it. Using private placement memorandums and real estate syndications as prime examples, they shed light on the primary factor behind the fear associated with these investment types. They also highlight the benefits of passive investing while stressing the importance of taking small actions to unlock the potential of alternative investments.CONNECT WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
12:59 6/7/23
Building Legacy Wealth: From Origin Story to Infinite Returns with Anjesh Dubey
Join Anjesh Dubey as he shares his inspiring journey in real estate, guided by his multi-family operator grandfather. With an engineering and data analysis background Anjesh navigates the market with informed strategies, emphasizing due diligence and assembling a reliable team. His investment philosophy focuses on cash flow, low-interest long-term debt, and infinite returns. Uncover the rare art of building long-term wealth in real estate through patience and strategic thinking.LISTEN FOR THISAnjesh has a professional background in engineering management and data analysis aiding informed investment decisionsAlways do thorough due diligence and build a reliable teamAnjesh’s philosophy on investing is prioritizing cash flow or appreciation based on goals and personal preferencesOne investment strategy includes long-term debt with low interest rates and the goal of returning capital while maintaining infinite returnsThere is a potential for long-term wealth through holding propertiesCash flow is important for covering expenses and desired lifestyle while allowing property appreciationConsider this approach with emphasis on patience and long-term perspective in building real estate wealthQUOTES"I make my decisions based on data...look at where the population is growing, where it makes sense to invest.""Do not let fear stop you from your homework, make a sound decision, and go for it."ABOUT Anjesh, the Co-founder of Dubey Investor Group, has a decade of experience in real estate investing across various markets in the US. Anjesh has a portfolio of over 1,700 units valued at over $90 million. He is driven by a desire to assist high-income tech professionals in reducing taxes and increasing wealth through real estate investment.CONNECT WITH ANJESHEmail: anjesh@dubeyinvestorgroup.comWebsite: dubeyinvestorgroup.comLinkedIn: WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
26:44 5/23/23
Brilliant Real Estate Investor Insights with Jin Wang
Are you struggling to understand the power of real estate investing? Tune in to this week's podcast episode to hear Jin Wang share her personal journey to uncovering the true potential of real estate investing. Learn how she changed her business structure, invested in real estate, and reduced tax liabilities to build a better future for her family and investors. Don't miss the discussion on the current preferences of investors in the real estate industry and the outlook for long-term holds. Tune in now!LISTEN FOR THISJin shares the power of passively investing in apartments that  come from asset appreciation, tax benefits as well as cash flow.Investors in the real estate industry have varying preferences for their money, with some looking for longer-term strategies and others seeking early exits.Opportunities for early exits may arise in the next three to six months, but there is currently not a lot of deal flow due to high interest rates and sellers expecting top dollar for their properties.QUOTES"If you want to change your tax, you've got to change your facts."" And so that's when we stumbled across passively investing in multifamily, and that was the second great discovery because now we're putting our money into these investments, and I don't have to deal with any of these problems.”ABOUT Jin is a former auditor and CPA who has been investing in real estate since 2014. She left her W-2 job in 2020 to become a full-time real estate investor and co-founded the Sage Investing Group. As a managing partner and head of investor relations at Sage, Jin is driven by her unwavering commitment to helping other first-generation immigrants grow and protect their wealth for future generations. With over 2,600 units across 7 markets today, Jin and her team exemplify the transformative power of strategic and purposeful investments.CONNECT WITH JINEmail: jin@sageinvestinggroup.comWebsite: sageinvestinggroup.comFacebook: WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
27:44 5/11/23
Engineering a Great Real Estate Deal with Marshall Sykes
We're at a bit of a crossroads when it comes to interest rates but fear not, engineer turned real estate investor, Marshall Sykes shares some great insights about what's going on in the world of real estate and what we might expect in the future. With some owners needing to sell, you could be in a great position to make a smart investment. And if you're worried about inflation eating away at your cash, real estate is a great option.LISTEN FOR THISMarshall grew up in a real estate development family, learned the trade, and helped his parents with their business as a teenager.Time spent in the military gave him a unique experience that he can now apply to real estate investing.He learned about multi-family syndications and became a passive investor before deciding to become a general partner in the industry.Within apartment investing, there are still diversification opportunities.Rising interest rates have caused significant impacts on multifamily investments. Rate cap is an insurance policy that allows investors to keep their interest rates within a certain range.QUOTES“There's so many ways to benefit from real estate.""I want to invest in different properties in each one of those categories so I have a good mix."ABOUT Marshall Sykes is the President and Owner of Capitano Investing Group. He is a real estate investor at heart, having grown up in a real estate investing and development family. He is a General Partner in 3500+ multifamily units and has owned single family rental properties for 25+ years.CONNECT WITH MARSHALLWebsite: capitanoinvestinggroup.comLinkedIn: WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
26:28 4/25/23
What Your Financial Advisor Isn't Telling You
In this special episode of Better Returns: Invest Like a Pro, Matt and his friend, Kunal Dewan, have a little “Fireside Chat” to tackle the burning question: What are financial advisors not telling you? The conversation delves into the conflict of interest that some financial advisors face when selling investment products that they make commissions and fees from and how this can limit retirement investment options. If you want to avoid the pitfalls of the financial advisory industry, tune in to this must-hear podcast and learn how to take control of your investments.CONNECT WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
17:13 4/11/23
Inside Tips from a Very Prolific Real Estate Investor with Shaughn Daughtery
Join us as we hear from Shaughn Daughtery — a successful and very prolific real estate investor who went from single-family home rentals to investing in 17 apartment syndications. He focuses on doing due diligence on the markets, deals, and most importantly, the people involved. Learn about his investment strategy, how he evaluates potential investments, and his predictions for the market in 2023. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, this episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in real estate investing.LISTEN FOR THISShaughn initially invested in single-family homes before exploring multi-family syndications.His investment approach is to keep it simple by drilling down on the market, deal and team. When investing in apartments, use a hybrid strategy that involves having cash flow and reserves, while also doing value-add plays to increase income.Shaughn worked in the insurance industry and has used his insurance background to evaluate potential investments.Real estate investors are currently looking for opportunities in communities with diverse job opportunities and a strong market for business.Shaughn encourages new investors to take action and invest, emphasizing the importance of continuing to invest in the long term.QUOTES“It takes your money out of that roller coaster ride and puts it into something that's a little more stable.”“I want to have a good market, a good area and a solid complex that's serving the community.”ABOUT Shaughn Daugherty is a prolific real estate investor. He started investing in single-family homes and then discovered passively investing in real estate syndications. He’s now invested in 17 syndications with many different operators and markets throughout the U.S. He formed Daugherty Capital to share knowledge and opportunities for predictable, sustainable streams of passive income through strategic multifamily investments to help others achieve financial freedom. At Daugherty Capital, Shaughn oversees all capital-raising efforts, acquisitions and investor relations.CONNECT WITH SHAUGHNEmail: shaughn.daugherty@gmail.comCONNECT WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
25:58 3/28/23
Your Assets are Covered with Sean Thomson
Get ready to discover how to supercharge your apartment investment game! In this episode of Better Returns: Invest Like a Pro, we're spilling the beans on why an awesome asset manager is your secret weapon. Sean Thomson gives the juicy details on how asset managers work hand-in-hand with property managers to keep your investment on track. With their eagle-eyed focus on crucial performance metrics, these pros keep your investment risk at bay. Don't miss out on this insider info!LISTEN FOR THISSean started in real estate by buying a single family home franchise before moving into apartment syndications and asset management, which is a business he now runs with his wife and daughter.The essential functions of an asset manager is to optimize outcome and to mitigate risk.The asset manager works closely with the property manager to meet the goals of the business plan for the property. Sean is creating an asset management program where best practices and processes are developed and utilized for apartment syndications.An asset manager should be creating and sending monthly reports to investors and communicating all the aspects of the business plan.QUOTES“You're trying to take the investors' returns and the production of returns of that asset and that investment and maximize those. You're trying to get every ounce you can out of that return for your investors and at the same time you're trying to mitigate any sort of downside.”“You want to make sure your occupancy is at a certain level. You want to make sure your turnovers are happening at a certain rate. You want to make sure your rents are going the right direction. You know KPIs are critical and need to be talked about on every Property Management call.”ABOUT Sean Thomson has 13 years of experience in real estate and has moved from single-family residential investments to multifamily residential in the past three years. His approach and philosophy are informed by his passion for building wealth and achieving financial freedom for his family and his investors. The biggest risk to his investments is Asset Management, which is why Sean has made it his passion to develop a team to be “best in class” and help other independent owners asset manage.CONNECT WITH SEANWebsite: thomsonmultifamilygroup.comCONNECT WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
35:53 3/13/23
Heard it Through the Grapevine
Don’t just “wine” about it - invest! In this week’s episode, Keeley shares her fascinating endeavor of starting a vineyard and how it will impact the wine industry. Don’t miss hearing about this unique alternative investment opportunity — the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.LISTEN FOR THISEven though Texas is a top wine drinking state, there isn’t enough Texas grown grapes for a lot of wine to be made there. Keeley and her father Tracy, saw there was demand for Texas vineyards and now offers investors the opportunity to invest in them.With vineyard syndication, the investor’s return is based on the appreciation of the value of the vineyards. Depending on the deal, this could include annual shares from the vineyard’s winery production and other products. This investment covers a long period of time and has been developed through careful research and development.The vineyards will use the latest technology to grow and harvest. Hear about all the agricultural elements and processes that are put in place to grow wine grapes effectively.The vineyards are helping to build a wine making legacy for Texas. As the vineyards grow, Keeley will also be expanding their services to help Texas winemakers.QUOTES“There are always curveballs in investing but people trust your leadership and your ability to execute a business plan and take care of people to the best of your ability and protect their money. So it is always about the person you're investing with more than the investment itself.”“We're in an impact business. This is not just about making money. It really is about transforming lives and how people feel about themselves and their future.”ABOUT KEELEY HUBBARDKeeley Hubbard is a Managing Partner of Hubbard Capital Group and runs her real estate business with her fantastic father, Tracy. She is passionate about helping people gain financial peace of mind through unique investments like multifamily and Texas vineyards.CONNECT WITH KEELEYWebsite: www.keeleyhubbard.comLinkedIn: WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
34:23 2/28/23
Get into the Real Estate Mindset with Eric Nelson
From engineering to creative real estate endeavors, Eric Nelson has found his groove in multifamily apartment investing. He uses his expertise to help new investors get into the real estate mindset. If you are hesitant about passively investing in real estate, Eric will encourage you to take action.LISTEN FOR THISEric first got into the real estate investing biz by buying a house where he was going to college and renting it to his college friends. After a few more single family home investments, he bought a six unit multifamily apartment from a man putting up a “For Rent” sign and the rest is history!Two hurdles for new investors in apartment investing is assuring them it’s not a pyramid scheme and then to help eliminate the fear of trying something new. What a lot of new investors don’t realize is apartment and real estate investing like this has been around for a long time but it was only accessible to the ultra wealthy. It’s how the rich earned most of their wealth. When your investment is in the stock market, you don’t have access to the people who are running the companies you have stock in. You can’t ask them questions or get updates on what’s happening. When you invest in a real estate syndication, you have access to the very people who are managing it. You’ll get updates and get answers to all your questions.It’s a good idea to understand the timeline of an apartment investment as it’s different from investing in the stock market. What is the “worse case scenario” in an apartment investment? QUOTES“Be patient and don't be afraid to spread your money out over a couple deals.”“Maybe you just want a little bit safer investment… that's kind of where I encourage people to step away from the traditional path of the 401K…believe in real estate .”ABOUT ERIC NELSONEric has been investing in real estate since 2007 and for two years in larger multifamily apartments. Eric and his team at Wild Oak Capital offer investment opportunities in multifamily syndication.  Eric is the host of the Real Estate Mindset podcast. He has found a passion for coaching and sharing tips to success.CONNECT WITH ERICWebsite: wildoakcapital.comPodcast: WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
37:26 2/14/23
Your "Why" Will Drive Success with Jennifer Falloon
Inspiration for investing in real estate can come in many ways. In this episode, Jennifer Falloon talks about what led her and her family down this path and how they continue to capitalize on real estate investing opportunities. She shares her no-nonsense approach to building generational wealth.LISTEN FOR THISJennifer’s reason “why” is one of the most compelling reasons to build a real estate investing business.There is no problem “sleeping at night” when you’ve done your due diligence on an apartment investment. If there is a hurricane or fire, the building is insured. Also, everyone else involved in the buying process - the property management company, insurance company and lender - have all signed off on it being a good investment.Jennifer takes a careful approach when evaluating the apartment investments she presents to investors, ensuring they're as safe as possible.When looking at housing markets, it’s important to know that single family homes are in a completely different market than multifamily apartments.Financial advisors are not telling you all the ways to build your wealth but only about the investments that build their wealth regardless if it does yours.QUOTES“You need to just get over that fear and turn that fear into an excitement.”“If you have any dormant money at all, especially in old IRA and 401K accounts, you are losing money. You need to pull that out right now, put it in a self-directed account so it's a rollover — so it's non-taxable, and get it in real estate. I don't want to say ‘I told you so’ three years from now.”ABOUT JENNIFER FALLOONJennifer is the owner of Vorsa Investments. She currently owns and operates over 900 apartment units nationwide. She partners with her investor to offer alternative investments outside of the stock market.CONNECT WITH JENNIFERWebsite: https://www.vorsainvestments.comCONNECT WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
33:45 1/31/23
The Prescription for a Healthy Investment with Harry Nima Zegarra, MD
Come along on a journey that takes us from Peru to the United States — from becoming a physician to investing in real estate. Harry Nima Zegarra reveals what he’s learned along the way and how he helps others grow their wealth by investing in apartments.LISTEN FOR THISHarry is a physician who also has a passion for investing in real estate. Starting with single family homes, Harry and his wife now invest in multifamily apartments.He got involved with a real estate investing group consisting of experts who have been running apartment investment syndications and know all the ins and outs. Leveraging their expertise creates more secure investment opportunities.Once an apartment building is purchased by investors, it’s important to have an outstanding and reliable asset manager to make sure the business plan stays on track. It’s important to become educated on what apartment investing is and all of the people who are involved in the process. This education will make you feel comfortable and confident with the investment. QUOTES“We decided to join forces with other people who were experts in the field and who have been doing this for years and some of them through different cycles.”“Invest in yourself. That's the most important thing.”ABOUT Harry is a full time Pulmonary & Critical Care doctor from South America. He started in real estate about five years ago and has invested in residential and commercial real estate. Harry is the founder of Nima Equity. He educates other doctors about passive real estate investments and helps them to build wealth outside Wall Street. Harry has an excellent Youtube channel called Nima Equity.CONNECT WITH HARRY  Website: Nima EquityCONNECT WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
28:16 1/17/23
13. Navigating the World of Commercial Real Estate with Sam Wilson
In this episode, get a peek at unique commercial real estate investment opportunities from expert and enthusiast Sam Wilson. From RV resort parks to fitness center partnerships, Sam has an excellent track record of success and is passionate to help others seek profitable investment opportunities.LISTEN FOR THISSam bought a house, sold it for a profit and has been exploring investments outside of the stock market ever since. The challenge with investing only in single family homes is they aren't scalable, and if one thing goes wrong you can blow the profits for the entire year.The pandemic caused the outdoor hospitality space to explode which led to an increase in the RV resort market. Sam has currently been focusing on this real estate investment opportunity and highlights all the ways RV resorts can be profitable for investors.Sam would like to be able to serve every demographic and every economic cycle in some meaningful way that produces revenue. Among other things, this has led to successful endeavors in laundry services and the fitness industry.QUOTES“My new thing is that health is wealth. If you don't have health you don't have wealth.”“I'm a cash flow investor. I want to buy something today that produces an income consistently for the foreseeable future.”ABOUT SAM WILSONSam is an active and passive investor in nearly every commercial real estate asset class. He is the founder of Bricken Investment Group, a real estate investment firm. Sam focuses now on RV resort investments. He also hosts the popular podcast “How to Scale Commercial Real Estate” with over 700 episodes. CONNECT WITH SAMWebsite: brickeninvestmentgroup.comInvesting Checklist: WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
36:17 1/10/23
12. The Ripple Effect of Investing with Vinki Loomba
Using her experience and expertise in real estate investing, Vinki Loomba would like to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people in need. This episode highlights the investing path of following your heart.LISTEN FOR THISThe desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others led Vinki to concentrate her financial efforts into multifamily apartment investing.Vinki’s main goal is to be able to help women and children all over the world in a way where those helped may also have the means to continue helping others, creating a ripple effect of lifting people up.Do your own research and due diligence on your investments, regardless of what the media or others are saying. Educating yourself will help make the right investing decision for you.Learn the difference between class A and class B apartments and the pros and cons of investing in each.Apartment investments Vinki likes to be involved in are ones that add value to the apartment complex, giving the residents a better place to live.QUOTES“I have the ambitious goal of helping one million people. I'm ready to touch one million lives in a meaningful way and that's what my goal is.”“Become a smart investor, a savvy investor. Ask a lot of questions, educate yourself on the process and do your due diligence.”ABOUT VINKI LOOMBAVinki Loomba is the founder & CEO of Loomba Investment Group, a private equity/investment firm specializing in real estate syndications. She is also the host of the successful podcast The Real Estate Vibe. She is a former IT professional and a professor who turned into a full-time real estate investor. The goal of her work is to provide investors with the right knowledge to be able to make wise investing decisions aligned with their long-term financial goals in order to achieve financial success.CONNECT WITH VINKIWebsite: for free guideLinkedIn: WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
29:09 1/3/23
11. Musician to Mega Multifamily Investor with Rick Martin
Get the inside scoop on how real estate investors get into the biz from Rick Martin. He shares all the ways apartment syndicators are making sure investors get great returns for their money. LISTEN FOR THISRick’s journey from a one house rental to investing primarily in large multifamily apartments.There’s currently a shortage of housing in the U.S. and with 1 in 7 houses purchased by a corporation, more people are turning to apartment rental. Even compared to the current “sale” in the stock market, apartment investing still provides more consistent and higher returns.What apartment investing syndicators are currently doing to offer the best opportunities for investors.QUOTES“Don't suffer from paralysis by analysis. Don't wait for the perfect deal. Definitely do your homework. Do your due diligence on who you're investing with and where they're investing. But I see people let five years go by and they still haven't invested."“Slowly but surely, real estate kind of became my side gig because I could see the big payoffs.”ABOUT RICK MARTINRick has been investing in real estate since 1997. He is the founder of Fortress Federation Investments, which provides value-add, multifamily investment opportunities in the Southeast, Texas and Arizona. He helps investors build generational wealth and multiple income streams. Fortress Federation is currently a General Partner in over 2,200 units. Rick is also a limited partner across multiple syndications giving him insight into how powerful passive investing can be.CONNECT WITH RICKWebsite: fortressfederation.comFree Guide: WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
31:45 12/27/22
10. What’s Your Portfolio Theory with Kent Ritter
Do you get a sense of community, transparency and a low risk/high return product in the stock market? Probably not! In this podcast, Kent Ritter, Multifamily Investor and Entrepreneur explains how investing in multifamily apartments provides all this and more.LISTEN FOR THISKent became a real estate investor because he recognized the need to diversify his investment portfolio and found real estate to be the best option.After investing in many different real estate assets, Kent landed on multifamily apartments because the investment can be scaled, there is a high demand for a place to live, its value increases, it keeps up with inflation and it has the flexibility to adjust to different market conditions. With apartment investments, the risk involved is considered and factored into projected returns. This makes the chance of getting the returns stated much higher than other types of investments.It is becoming more costly to own a home than it is to rent. As this gap widens, so does the need for apartment living.Three things that multifamily apartment sponsors should deliver to investors is community, investor experience and product performance. It can be lonely to become an investor outside of Wall Street but when you invest in multifamily apartments, you become part of a community of like-minded people where you can find reassurance and a lot of help along the way.QUOTES“I was looking for a way to diversify my assets. I had everything in the stock portfolio so I felt like I was sitting there with all my eggs in one basket. And I knew, because I was a finance major in college and I learned about portfolio theory, that that wasn't the right way to set up your allocations…Ineeded to find a way to diversify and find something that could provide some great returns and then some tax savings and real estate was checking all those boxes for me.”“It's about more than just providing properties but it's about creating a community of like-minded folks. I think being an investor, especially investing in alternatives, can be a lonely endeavor. There's not a lot of people that understand it. There's not a lot of people that do it. There are not a lot of friends you can talk to about it that understand.”ABOUT KENT RITTERKent is a former management consultant, corporate executive and startup owner. After successfully exiting his first company, Kent turned his focus to real estate. Now, Kent is the CEO of Hudson Investing, a multifamily investment firm which helps busy professionals scale and diversify their real estate portfolio with cash flowing, wealth building assets. He is also the host of the popular podcast called Ritter on Real Estate.CONNECT WITH KENTWebsite: kentritter.comPodcast: WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
32:25 12/20/22
9. Know Thyself Before Investing…Tips from Pros with Rachel & Dylan Grunn
What type of real estate should you NOT invest in? Get the answer to this question and more as Matt chats with Rachel and Dylan Grunn — experienced active and passive investors in multifamily apartment syndications. They’ll also share why you need to be clear on your investing criteria and goals.  LISTEN FOR THISThere is not a lot of advertising that goes on in the space of multifamily investing so a lot of people find out about it through word of mouth. Rachel made her first passive investment in 2015. When she started to see the returns and the cash flow, she was hooked. Dylan had a good understanding of stocks, mutual funds and 401ks but didn't really understand there was another path to take that was a lot more lucrative — apartment investing.Key things to look for when evaluating an apartment investment will not always be the same depending on the investor’s phase of life. However, communication, transparency and market research are key elements to look for in any apartment investment.A big difference between apartment investing and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) is REITs’ lack of transparency and communication. In a typical apartment investment, your sponsor will answer your questions as soon as possible and be transparent with financials. Also, unlike REITs, with an apartment investment you actually own the real estate and have a lot more control over which properties you’d like to invest in.QUOTES“I understand it's a lot of money that you're investing and we've been there before. It's scary at first, but after the first cycle of a deal you're suddenly addicted and there's no rehab out there for you.” :)“I ask investors what their biggest regret is and it's always that they didn't start earlier. The perfect time to invest was 10 years ago. The second best time is right now and I think to get better returns you really just gotta commit.”ABOUT RACHEL & DYLANRachel and Dylan Grunn are the co-founders of Third Coast Capital, which is an innovative investment company offering passive investors the opportunity to become co-owners of large multifamily apartment buildings. From Airbnbs, to mobile home parks, to development, and commercial real estate funds, Dylan and Rachel have done it all — but multifamily remains their favorite asset in their portfolio!CONNECT WITH RACHEL & DYLANWebsite: thirdcoast-capital.comPodcast: GoodGood InvestingCONNECT WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
28:09 12/12/22
8. You Don't Need to Invest in Your Own Backyard with Yuri Gomez
Today’s guest is Yuri Gomez — a seasoned investor who offers wisdom to new apartment investors. Yuri explains how he’s bringing massive value to South America investors, the benefits of scaling up in U.S. multifamily apartments, overcoming fears as an apartment investor, and why anyone can succeed in real estate with the right knowledge and effort.LISTEN FOR THISOne of the benefits of apartment investing is that you can invest anywhere when you have property managers who are handling the day-to-day operations. They are local people who know the market and represent the investors.Yuri specializes in helping his Hispanic audience invest in large multifamily apartments in the United States.Through education, Yuri strives to eliminate the fear of apartment investing. Understanding the strategy and process is what encourages investors to take action and invest.Questions to ask about an apartment investment include “What is the break even point?”, “Is it a market with high appreciation?” and “Is there a high population growth in the area?”When vetting someone to invest with, find out how many deals they have done, have they gone “full cycle” with an investment and if they have invested their own money into the deal. There are great benefits to investing with someone who belongs to an apartment investing group. Yuri and Matt both belong to “Think Multifamily” which is a group of people who are extremely experienced in multifamily apartment investing. The group provides all the resources to ensure successful investments.QUOTES“Define what are the most important next steps and start doing them you know right away."“One thing I have learned is diversification. Diversify, diversify, diversify. If you have three deals in the same city I recommend your next deal should be in a different city.”ABOUT YURI GOMEZYuri Gomez is a Real Estate investor, actively involved in small and large multifamily apartments. Yuri is passionate about teaching his experience to others while always learning how to become a better Real Estate investor.CONNECT WITH YURIWebsite: @yurialexinvestor on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and TikTokCONNECT WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
31:40 11/27/22
7. The Critical Three P’s in Real Estate Investing with Kunal Dewan
So, how does one become a savvy investor in real estate? In this show, Kunal Dewan shares his real estate investing journey and offers helpful tips for those looking to do the same. He shares how he evaluates and mitigates potential risks.LISTEN FOR THISAs an active and passive investor in real estate, Kunal recommends looking for investment opportunities that create cash flow. If you have a cash flowing asset, like apartment buildings, you're not bound by a time frame to exit. He believes it’s the best way to preserve capital and minimize risk.When reviewing an investment opportunity, something to consider is the “margin of safety.” This is the gap between what you think can go wrong and what actually happens. Look for the reasons why the deal won’t work and assess the risk of those reasons.Consider the three P’s in apartment syndications — the people, the property and the plan. Who's the team and their background? Do market research on the property. And know the plan — how is the value being created throughout the investment period.QUOTES“I truly believe real estate is the way to actually achieve what you want in your life.”“Those who focus on returns get the risks and those who focus on risks get their returns.”ABOUT KUNAL DEWANEngineer by education. Entrepreneur by choice. Real Estate Investor by passion.CONNECT WITH KUNALWebsite: libertycre.comKanul Dewan on Facebook & LinkedInGet your free Due Diligence Checklist: Click Here WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
32:14 11/27/22
6. What Wall Street Does NOT Want You to Know with Josh Plave
Although many investors don’t know this, it’s possible to invest in real estate using a retirement account. It’s a great tool to make your nest egg work for you. Here to shed light on this topic is Josh Plave. In this episode, we hear how inheriting IRAs when Josh was young led to a fascination with retirement plan investing.LISTEN FOR THISThrough careful research and structuring, Josh has learned how to successfully pivot existing retirement accounts invested in the stock market into commercial real estate and shares how to do this.By creating the real estate industry’s only UBIT Calculator, Josh is able to provide investors with an idea of what total take-home returns might look like when investing in apartments with an  IRA.Josh explains what type of apartment investment deals are best for those who are using retirement account funds and also which markets he is looking in for new apartment deals.When vetting who to invest with, keep in mind their track record, if they have taken deals full cycle and if they provide consistent communication.Most apartment investments now use an investor portal. Through this tool, investors can view all the details of their investment at any time.QUOTES“I started looking into what I could do with the inherited retirement accounts. I realized that there was this world of self-directed IRAs. I started looking into real estate and as I was kind of doing both those simultaneously, I learned that I wanted to passively invest in multi-family with my retirement accounts. That's what I ultimately landed on.”“Getting the full understanding of one topic at a time is a key aspect to, not just being a business person, but also an investor.”ABOUT JOSH PLAVEJosh is an apartment owner and operator who specializes in helping investors use their retirement funds to passively invest. As a general partner on over 1,500 units across the country, Josh runs Wall to Main, where he provides education and investment opportunities structured specifically for IRAs, 401k's and everything in between.CONNECT WITH JOSHWebsite: walltomain.comUBIT Calculator: WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
27:05 11/27/22
5. Who's Got Your Back? with Matt Sutika
Discover the incredible benefit of having your investment insured! In this episode, Matt Sutika from Obie insurance brokerage gives a fascinating, in-depth look at large multifamily apartment insurance and highlights the important protection it provides to investors.LISTEN FOR THISIn order for insurance brokers to provide accurate quotes, there will be a lot of analysis and communication between all the parties involved during the acquisition phase of purchasing the apartment.It helps to have an insurance broker like Matt who understands the apartment buying process from start to finish and can speak the language. The lender in an apartment deal hires consultants and their responsibility is to make sure the insurance meets the requirements of the lender. This is a good thing from an investor standpoint because this consultant is making sure the asset is covered correctly. A benefit of using an insurance broker, as opposed to deal sponsors trying to source it themself is that you will have experts in the field dissect every line item and guarantee you are getting the right insurance for your specific property.Matt gives a brief overview of all the types of insurance that is needed. The general rule of thumb is having enough coverage to offset all your assets.The main takeaway from this episode is that your investment is insured.QUOTES“So the good thing, from the investor standpoint, is anytime you're dealing here, you have this consultant who is making sure this asset is covered correctly.”“I'm sure at this point after your audience just heard “taxes and insurance,” they are just super excited of what we're gonna chat about today. But hopefully if they're listening to this, they'll understand that these are recession-proof necessary evil items, if you will. It's part of the overall deal and there are benefits to having some knowledge in these particular areas.”ABOUT MATTHEW SUTIKAMatthew Sutika is the Chief Insurance Officer for Obie, an insurtech startup that is leading the industry through tech integrations and broker partnerships to deliver a simple and transparent process for real estate investors to obtain insurance. Matt is an award-winning entrepreneur and business owner in the multifamily and insurance sector.CONNECT WITH MATTWebsite: obierisk.comEmail: matt@obierisk.comFind Matthew Suitika Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & TwitterCONNECT WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
40:50 11/27/22
4. Your Biggest Business Partner with Julie Peterson
Who is your biggest business partner in apartment investing? Your lender! In this episode, go behind the scenes with Julie Peterson of Old Capital to discover how profitable deals get successfully funded. LISTEN FOR THIS60-75% of funds to purchase an apartment complex come from lenders.Lending brokers are doing their due diligence to only fund apartment deals that will be profitable. Lending brokers are like traffic controllers who keep track of what is going on through strong relationships with general partners, real estate brokers, banks, etc. A lending broker will find the right loan for each specific property and vet the general partners you’re investing with to make sure they have a good track record and boots on the ground — helping to protect the investors’ interests.  The general partners bringing the deals to investors use their own money to secure deals, spend time finding the deal, underwriting the deal and building relationships to put the deal together. After lenders provide funding, they continue to monitor how the property is being managed.ABOUT JULIE PETERSONWith 30 years of Real Estate transaction experience, Julie Anne Peterson knows how to place debt, invest passively, syndicate as a general partner and capital raise for Commercial Multifamily properties. She specializes in helping new investors understand the debt requirements and connects them with sponsors who will take them to close. Julie is also the host of the wildly successful weekly ZOOM @ 8pm EST platform that brings industry professionals in to help educate new investors.QUOTES“We are your biggest partner in this deal. We're bringing the largest amount of capital to it. So, you want to have a relationship where you know, like and trust, not only the people that you're bringing in as partners, but also the lender.”“We’re going to give you an understanding of: What is the debt? What is your business plan? How do you marry those and figure out if this makes sense from a product perspective?” CONNECT WITH JULIEWebsite: oldcapitallending.comJulie Anne Peterson on Facebook, LinkedIn, InstagramZOOM @ 8pm EST: Free networking with professionals in the industry - Register HereCONNECT WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
37:46 11/27/22
3. Leave it to the Pros to Maximize Profits with Luke Leins
Unravel the mystery of how we decide the profitability of an apartment investment. In this episode, Matt and Luke use an apartment deal under contract as a case study to demonstrate the value of a property management company. WHAT TO LISTEN FORLuke’s company, ResProp Management, is using technology to provide more advanced property management services.In addition to your own due diligence, it’s best to have a property management company assess the deal because they have more access to data than your average investor.Your property management company should thoroughly evaluate all ways to increase cash flow.Due diligence from your property management should be strong and include a full walk through of every unit — taking inventory, doing a full lease audit, looking at financials and getting quotes from service providers.ResProp has about 15 people that work on each deal: procurement, accounting, marketing, construction, staff interviews, etc. They also do a lot of pre-sourcing and relationship building with vendors so there are no delays in renovations.The property management company should work closely with the deal’s asset manager to make sure the business plan is staying on track.Luke explains his search for good investments and finding apartment buildings to be the best for his financial goals.QUOTES“We know we have firm bids. We have all our vendors out there. We've got estimates. We know exactly what the capital requirements are with the deal.”“It's like, man, if you can find a good sponsor that you really trust and do deals with, you can do really well. So, it's been a lot of fun seeing that.”ABOUT LUKE LEINSLuke Leins is a Senior Director at ResProp Management and oversees Third Party Management growth and expansion in the Florida market. Luke's background includes development, acquisitions, private-equity raising, and third-party management. Luke's strategic approach is to partner with ownership groups looking to develop multifamily portfolios by assisting with deal sourcing, underwriting, capital planning, and market research. He also works on strategic management changes to maximize property values for owners. Luke holds a BSBA from Colorado State University and is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) and Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF).CONNECT WITH LUKEWebsite: respropmanagement.comCONNECT WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
35:48 11/27/22
2. The One Billion Dollar Man with Mark Kenney
In this show, you’ll hear Mark’s relatable and successful journey as a real estate investor. He discusses the benefits of investing in large apartment complexes and the lessons he has learned throughout his 25+ years experience purchasing over one billion dollars in assets.  WHAT TO LISTEN FORBuilding relationships with brokers and investing in the right locations are key elements in purchasing multifamily properties.It’s important to be flexible and adjust your investment strategy based on current market trends.Look at where lenders are investing their money. They are lending money for apartment deals because the profit margins are phenomenal. If that is where lenders are putting their money, that’s a good place for an investor to put their money.Communication and transparency are of utmost importance for investors.Every apartment investment will have some sort of challenge. Look for the opportunities where the potential issues are addressed by an experienced investor.Mark’s number one piece of advice for new investors is to become educated in the apartment investing process and to learn from others who have been doing it longer than you. This will help you feel comfortable in your investment decision.QUOTES“I think you owe it to your investors to sell after you met the business plan. We kind of got a fiduciary responsibility to say, 'Okay, the velocity of money comes in, now we've accomplished what we wanted to do, we did it in half the time so let's give your money back and now you can do something else with it.'"“We're going to get the highest, generally speaking, the highest leverage, the best terms, non-recourse debt without personal liability and things like that on multifamily than virtually any other investment, period.”ABOUT MARK KENNEYMark is a seasoned real estate investor, coach, two-time best-selling author and co-founder of Think Multifamily — an apartment investing group that he runs with his wife Tamiel. Mark started his apartment investing career over 25 years ago as a side hustle, while working 80+ hours per week in the corporate world. He has now purchased over 16,000 units totaling over $1 billion in assets across 13 states. He is one of the most respected authorities on acquiring and managing multifamily apartments assets.CONNECT WITH MARKWebsite: thinkmultifamily.comEmail: mark@thinkmultifamily.comCONNECT WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
33:40 11/26/22
1. Welcome to Better Returns!
Welcome to Better Returns where we will help you invest like a pro!CONNECT WITH USLearn more about passively investing in apartment buildings:Website: hansenholdings.comFree Webinar Training: Call with Matt: Schedule Intro Call Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
03:13 11/26/22