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Get exclusive insights from analysts and industry experts with IG Trading the Markets – a podcast that covers everything from forex to stock trading, helping you to get more from the financial markets. Any opinions, news, research, analysis, prices or other information contained does not constitute investment advice. Losses can exceed deposits, 76% of retail clients lose money.


China’s tech intervention: what is it trying to achieve? 24:32 09/22/2021
Tesla: the bull case 11:17 09/15/2021
Inflation: will the ECB act on warnings? 08:21 09/08/2021
UK prime property market: where now? 14:07 08/25/2021
Commodities complex: Citigroup's Morse expects lower oil after short-term spike 17:40 08/17/2021
Is the UK entering a period of stagflation? 12:32 08/11/2021
Supermarket sector: what's in store? 10:09 08/04/2021
Private equity: what’s causing London interest? 14:14 07/28/2021
Tesla: will Elon Musk signal strength for China deliveries? 07:10 07/21/2021
Why is China destroying its corporates in the West? 12:52 07/14/2021
Q2 earnings season: How big, and is it a turning point? 18:52 07/09/2021
BMO Capital and Income Trust positioned for dividend growth 24:01 07/07/2021
Investing in sustainable food 13:57 06/30/2021
Is US market volatility here to stay? 12:03 06/23/2021
Tokyo Olympics: stocks to watch 15:20 06/16/2021
UK house prices: growth to continue, albeit at lower rate 13:46 06/09/2021
Gold is in a bull market: Rick Rule 16:25 06/04/2021
Economic polarisation: ECB and EU likely to ‘fudge’ solution 18:11 05/26/2021
US stocks: What next after 'spectacular' earnings season? 17:04 05/20/2021
Could the computer chip shortage reverse in 2022? 13:21 05/12/2021
Inflation risks: 'too much complacency'? 18:56 05/05/2021
COVID-19: Are markets mispricing the risk? 24:29 04/28/2021
Reasons to consider small-cap stocks 24:04 04/20/2021
How to prepare for a market correction 13:28 04/15/2021
E-commerce: Investing beyond the pandemic 12:44 04/08/2021
SDCL: Seeking returns in a sustainable age 20:19 03/31/2021
Opportunities in UK commercial property after COVID 14:55 03/24/2021
How investors can profit from the growing video gaming and esports industry 14:09 03/17/2021
Oil: what is driving the price? 17:14 03/10/2021
UK stock picking with BMO GAM's Philip Webster 12:03 03/03/2021