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Research TIME!

Research TIME! is a podcast from the Translational Institute of Medicine (TIME) at Queen’s University designed to showcase translational research. The goal of these podcasts will be to focus on the researcher and their journey from lab to discovery. Each episode will focus on a single, high-impact publication where the principal investigator and their team will explore and help you understand their cutting-edge discoveries in biomedical science and how their work is transformative in terms of healthcare, understanding the mechanisms of disease, or proposing novel treatments.


From cardiology to coronavirus; how a team of international scientists pivoted their research to rise to a global challenge
Synopsys: In early 2020, Dr Archer (Queen’s University, Canada) proposed a novel mechanism for the way in which the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for COVID-19 might affect our lungs. He proposed that this virus causes damage to cells by targeting the powerhouse of the cells, structures known as mitochondria. Dr Archer has spent the last two years building an […]
32:02 12/13/22