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Host: Navy Veteran Janae Sergio. Has there ever been a time in your life when you realized no one was coming to save you? And you acknowledged that you were going to have to step up and BE YOUR OWN HERO! On the Perfectly Flawed Podcast, we want to hear your story for two reasons: 1. It’s important for YOU to pause and applaud yourself for how far you have come. You are a work in progress and you deserve to celebrate every milestone, no matter how small or big they seem. 2. Your story of perseverance may be exactly what someone who is currently struggling needs to hear in order for THEM to take the first step towards being their own Hero. No one owes you anything in life. People tend to act in their own best interests so when they fail you, don’t take it personally. You take ownership of your own life and transform yourself from a victim into a victor. It is never too late to take the first step towards becoming the hero you have always needed.


EP-5 | The Enemy Inside Me with Army Veteran Brandi Benson
In 2009, after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Ewing Sarcoma, Brandi fought to overcome her diagnosis, heal after her treatments, and reclaimed her life through therapy, physical activities, and other healthy-living practices.Through her speaking engagements and signature topic “Overcoming The Enemy Inside You” culled from the title of her acclaimed book, Brandi transforms the lives of her audience by encouraging them to pursue different avenues of physical and mental therapy to take charge of their healing and wellness, and highlights the importance of a strong support system, and resiliency. Brandi has had the pleasure of speaking for Rolls-Royce, Guy Carpenter, Subsea 7, SNOW Companies, Bristol Myers Squibb, Kevin Hines, Smith & Nephew, LSP3, Salesforce and many more.Her mission is to provide an effective blueprint of strategies and resources that survivors, their loved ones and anyone struggling with “an enemy” in whatever form, take charge of their healing and wellness.Full podcast episodes found here video available at YOUR OWN HERO Merch and Perfectly Flawed Book Visit: Instagram: @BrandiL.BensonTwitter: @BrandiLBensonSupport the Show.
51:49 2/13/23
BONUS EPISODE | Teen Describes being Kidnapped and Raped in Fort Bliss Barracks
17 year old Kheilani Castaneda describes allegedly being drugged, kidnapped and raped in an empty barracks room on Fort Bliss.  According to Kheilani, she was out at a bar on September 10, 2022 when she suddenly blacked out and woke up as three Fort Bliss soldiers were trying to put her in the trunk of their car to smuggle her on base where she would later be raped multiple times by one of the soldiers.  The incident was recorded and distributed by this soldier.  Kheilani describes reporting the rape to Army CID, but felt like they spent more time investigating her than they did the soldier.  At one point, they attempted to blame the bruises she had on an innocent soldier as well as threatened to press charges against her if she shared her story publicly.  Multiple people have since reached out to Kheilani describing similar situations with the accused soldier and his friends group.  She is sharing her story in hopes that the Army will reopen the case so that justice may be served and to prevent other women from experiencing the same.Full podcast episodes found here video available at YOUR OWN HERO Merch and Perfectly Flawed Book Fort Bliss Has a Problem with Sexual Assault. How Do Its Leaders Plan to Fix it? the Show.
49:21 2/13/23
EP-4 | Why are we less equipped to handle ourselves than the enemy we trained to fight?
Brandon Childers enlisted in the Marine Corps as a 17 year old from a small town in Georgia. During his time in service, he deployed to Afghanistan as a Huey crew chief (mechanic/gunner) and participated in hundreds of combat sorties. When his enlistment ended in 2015, he used the GI bill to become the first veteran to earn a Masters degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Southern California. During his time on campus, he realized the most common link to the social issues he and his peers were working so hard to solve - Debt.Equipped with his hard earned combat experience and advanced degree in human behavior, Brandon founded Freelance Corporal - a gamified financial fitness app for junior service members. Today, Brandon is a:Stay at home dad to his daughter, Layla,Loving husband to his wife, Lauren, and aHard working start-up founder, building software in the garage of his California home. Full podcast episodes found here video available at YOUR OWN HERO Merch and Perfectly Flawed Book Freelance Corporal the Show.
40:07 2/2/23
EP-3 | Spouse-ly Founder “Our community’s superpower is support”
Military life often requires wearing lots of hats, and that’s especially true for Spouse-ly’s founder, Monica Fullerton. Monica, who was named a Trailblazer in Tech by Military Spouse Magazine, is an ambitious entrepreneur, twin mom, Air Force spouse and recently quit her six-figure career to focus on growing her company. She has long dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, but she wanted her efforts to support a greater purpose than just starting a business. In an effort to provide highly transient military families, as well as those that have previously served, a space to market their products and services regardless of their duty station, Monica launched Spouse-ly. Monica and her team remain diligently committed to nurturing a community that emphasizes learning and income-generating opportunities for the creators, service providers, and entrepreneurs within the military and first responder family.Full podcast episodes found here video available at YOUR OWN HERO Merch and Perfectly Flawed Book Spouse-ly the Show.
38:51 1/29/23
BONUS EPISODE | "Leave me the fuck alone"
In this exclusive interview, Nicole Arbour opens up for the very FIRST TIME about the torment she has experienced over the course of nine years.  According to Nicole, four men who had a previous romantic interest in her have formed an alliance to smear her reputation causing her to live in fear.  Her hope is that by sharing this, they will finally leave her alone and let her live in peace.  But also to empower others who are experiencing the same to finally speak out against their abusers.The first line of defense against cyberbullying could be you.Full podcast episodes found here available on YouTube YOUR OWN HERO Merch and Perfectly Flawed Book Support the Show.
64:47 1/18/23
EP-2 | USA Gold Medalist: “You are not your diagnosis.”
Army Veteran and USA Gold Medalist, Lia Coryell, holds the record as the USA’s first and only women W1 archer.  Overcoming childhood trauma, her MS diagnosis, numerous health battles in the global pandemic, and giving it everything to shoot on the world stage at two Paralympic Games, Coryell doesn’t talk of winning, just of showing up, shooting her shot, and leaving her mark.  Lia is a proud Army veteran, Wisconsin native and current Texan.  She is an active community leader, advocate coach and educator.  Lia did not begin her athletic journey until the age of 49 through a DoD/VA Adaptive Sports program.  Lia is currently USA Indoor Champion, USA Outdoor Champion, World Champion, Continental Champion and Pan American Champion in the W1 Para Archery class. In the USA - Lia competes in the men’s division. Lia is America’s first and only competitive female W1 due Progressive MS which classifiers her as a Neuro-quad (impairments in all 4 extremities and core).  She is currently ranked #1 in the world, has been ranked in the top 10 for 7 years, a member of four World Championship teams and is a two time Paralympian in the sport of Para Archery.  She holds multiple world, continental and national records.  Lia has made American and World History by challenging stereotypes and defying limited expectations. She is the very first para athlete to be elected by able bodied Olympians to represent them as a member of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committees Board of Directors and as a member of USA Archery Board of Directors.  She was the very first person to use a wheelchair to gain certification as a Level 4 World Class Elite coach. She has never had intentions of coaching in any other country than her beloved USA - she just wanted to prove that a coach does not need to stand or walk to build amazing, talented, winning and record breaking athletes - para or able bodied. Full podcast episodes found here available on YouTube BE YOUR OWN HERO Merch and Perfectly Flawed Book The Pink Beret Archery Team Support the Show.
42:06 1/13/23
EP-1 | Kidnapped in Base Housing
Army Veteran, Valerie Foglesong, speaks out publicly for the very first time in this exclusive interview about being held hostage and assaulted multiple times in base housing.  How the military police found her will leave you in absolute shock!  She recently attended a healing retreat with The Pink Berets and decided she is not a victim, she is and always was her own HERO.  Valerie is courageously sharing her story in hopes that she helps others.  BE YOUR OWN HERO Merch and Perfectly Flawed Book What is Military Sexual Trauma (resources inside) the Show.
66:11 1/12/23